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Winner-Takes-All Strategy at Customers' Expense?
9/21/2017   Post a comment
Competitors, partners, and customers in our interdependent semiconductor industry often have mutual interests that could benefit from cooperation. By offering customers efficiency, we’d all win. Sadly, that’s not how things often work.
The U.S., China and the Chip Industry
Semi Conscious  
9/19/2017   12 comments
Beijing cried foul over Trump's decision to block the acquisition of Lattice Semiconductor. It should be prepared for more of the same.
Left Unsaid in Waymo-Intel Deal
9/19/2017   12 comments
Left unsaid in the announcement is what this new partnership entails, and on whose chip Waymo is running the heavy-duty deep-learning algorithms.
Engineers Developing High-Tech Solutions To Mitigate Natural Disasters, Aid Relief Efforts
Publisher's Perspective  
9/18/2017   Post a comment
In the coming months, AspenCore will be publishing a series of features online and in print profiling some of the engineer-initiated disaster relief programs that we like and recommend to our readers.
Conductive Paint Is Not Just a Toy
9/15/2017   Post a comment
Spurred by the growth of low-cost, additive 3D- printing, conductive inks have regained attention in recent years despite having existed for quite some time.
Why Hardware Emulation's OS is Like a Computer System
9/13/2017   3 comments
Mentor's Charley Selvidge has been thinking that the operating system of a hardware emulator is a natural evolution of the way software systems are built for emulators.
Reduce Time to Market for FPGA-Based Communication and Datacenter Applications
9/13/2017   Post a comment
As FPGA-based realizations become bigger and more complex, synthesis tools that deliver an automated flow are the obvious choice for creating optimized designs in a timely manner.
Dawn of the $1,000 Smartphone Era
Semi Conscious  
9/13/2017   4 comments
While nearly all consumer electronics goods decline in price over time and most of the smartphone industry is scraping by on razor-thin margins, Apple and rival Samsung are upping the ante with flagship handsets that cost $1,000 and up.
Industrial IoT Sounds Easy, But Here’s How To Do It
9/13/2017   1 comment
The industrial IoT (IIoT) has moved from interesting concept to full-fledged revolution, yet embedded developers and industrial engineers are caught between keeping things working and making the “big leap.” Charles J. Lord is here to help.
Engineering and Origami: Both Based on Math
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/11/2017   Post a comment
Andrew Anselmo works by day as an engineer and by night performing origami. Math is the key to both.
Woodie Flowers: "Working with" Beats "Talking to" in Engineering Education
9/8/2017   Post a comment
In Part 3 of EE Times' interview with Prof. Woodie Flowers, we see how artificial intelligence could replace teachers in teaching codified material. Mentors will teach the creative process that machines can't teach.
3D Face Recognition is Here
9/8/2017   7 comments
Mobile device makers are eyeing 3D cameras to power augmented reality apps and security via 3D face recognition.
Funny Money is an Old Tech Joke
9/8/2017   6 comments
Strange transactions among some tech giants are getting a little less scrutiny than I would like.
Modeling of Wide Band Gap Devices for Accurate Simulation
9/7/2017   1 comment
Creating accurate models for Wide Band Gap (WBG) power devices representing their complete behavior is vital to the system simulation for ensuring that the simulation results are highly accurate.
Women in Tech: Profiles in Persistence
9/6/2017   52 comments
EE Times will shine a spotlight on “women in tech” in our special edition, illustrating the technical achievements, leadership and integrity demonstrated by female engineers and scientists.
In DARPA’s Colosseum, the Combatants are RF Signals
9/5/2017   Post a comment
DARPA’s testbed replicates RF-spectrum chaos, taking test and algorithm evaluation beyond basic link testing.
Waiting Game Could Strengthen Toshiba's Hand
Semi Conscious  
9/1/2017   2 comments
Would a delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange really be the end of the world?
Why Memory Prices Are Heating Up
8/30/2017   37 comments
The issue of increasing memory prices is more complicated than many people think.
Silicon Development Taking on Larger Role in Europe
8/29/2017   Post a comment
August is a good time for business in Europe, as activity doesn’t start ramping up until September and the trade show cycle picks up again in the fall.
Evolution of Zoom Camera in Smartphones
8/29/2017   7 comments
From early days of the Samsung Galaxy K-zoom, through recent iPhone and Samsung Note8 dual cameras, to the future of folded zoom cameras: the technology evolution explained.
Will We Know the Next Big Thing Before It Arrives?
8/29/2017   12 comments
Few can predict the next big thing that will transform lives. We've already had radio, television, phone, and now cellphones. What's next and will you see it coming?
Analysis vs. Analytics: Past vs. Future
8/28/2017   1 comment
What's the difference between analysis and analytics? One looks at the past while the other tries to predict the future.
IoT Must Escape Silos of Things
8/25/2017   8 comments
A paradigm shift in how we represent data objects is needed to avoid building Silos of Things.
Eclipse, Astronomers Descend on Small Town America
8/25/2017   4 comments
During the eclipse, big city astronomers do some good work in a tiny rural town.
The Way I Work: Interview with Adam Carlson, Aerospace Engineer at GE
Engineering Pop Culture!  
8/25/2017   9 comments
Adam Carlson, an aerospace engineer at GE, talks about how he got interested in engineering and writing about engineering. Adam now runs the Electronics Tutorials web site.
Intel Probes Man-Machine ‘Trust’
8/24/2017   12 comments
Acceptance of a self-driving car isn’t just a question of trust versus control. Why should I want one? What values and benefits does it deliver?
Testing With the Cloud: Keep Your Data Secure
8/23/2017   Post a comment
By taking the right steps, you can calm security fears and move test data to the cloud.
Vehicle Cybersecurity: Where Rubber Meets Code
8/23/2017   3 comments
Take a recent example of Fiat Chrysler’s recall of 1.3 million pickups due to a software bug. Imagine if hackers found that code first and began exploiting it.
Looking Back at Yesteryear's Measurement Tools
8/22/2017   5 comments
The flotsam and jetsam of gadgetry, especially old tools, can tell us interesting things about the times, the tech, and the people responsible for creating and maintaining it.
Flex Electronics Approach an Inflection
8/18/2017   1 comment
The next five years in flexible electronics can be the most exciting we have witnessed if we can seize a bounty of opportunities and overcome remaining challenges.
Trump, Truth and American Manufacturing
Semi Conscious  
8/18/2017   20 comments
The President's strained credibility and controversial stance on the ugly incident in Charlottesville has imperiled potential opportunities to revitalize high-tech manufacturing in the U.S.
API Paves Road for Multicore SoCs
8/17/2017   Post a comment
A new API from the Multicore Association eases the job of programming increasingly heterogeneous embedded processors.
Engineer Looks to Crowdfunding to Stoke Kids' Interest in Electronics
Semi Conscious  
8/16/2017   Post a comment
A veteran software engineer is looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to get his pet project -- an intuitive, digital circuit design kit aimed primarily at kids -- off the ground.
Celebrating the Engineer
8/16/2017   8 comments
You would think my inbox would be flooded with stories of unsung engineers who have done cool things. Nope.
Auto Security: Do Feds Have Our Back?
8/14/2017   1 comment
Government agencies in the U.S. and the U.K. are working to get ahead of the curve and let the public know that they are concerned about vehicle cybersecurity.
Blockchain Fortifies Supply Chain
Publisher's Perspective  
8/11/2017   Post a comment
Thanks in part to increasing globalization, supply chain for consumer and industrial goods alike has over time become convoluted and opaque. Enter the concept of blockchain.
Aloha from EEWeb
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/10/2017   Post a comment
New content is posted on daily, so please take the time to visit. Don't be shy. Sit down, pull up a chair, and say 'Aloha.'
EEWeb's August Cartoon Punchline Competition
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/10/2017   Post a comment
The winner of this month's contest will receive a full-size copy of the original cartoon, adorned with his or her caption and signed by the artist.
Fired Googler: Hoist with His Own Canard
8/9/2017   117 comments
What we must ask about the fired Googler who wrote a 'diversity' memo is this: Did he know his job as an engineer?
Engineers Must Build the RoI for IoT
8/7/2017   1 comment
Devices and engineers themselves must become more flexible and focused on return on investment to succeed in an era where a software-defined Internet of Things has become the new normal.
In DARPA’s Colosseum, the Combatants are RF Signals
8/7/2017   1 comment
DARPA’s testbed replicates RF-spectrum chaos, taking test and algorithm evaluation beyond basic link testing.
Siggraph ‘17, Virtual Mike and Me
8/6/2017   Post a comment
Take a virtual tour of last week’s Siggraph with Jon Peddie, a veteran graphics market researcher.
Brexit and European Auto Manufacturing
8/4/2017   2 comments
It is worth noting that Brexit will impact automotive manufacturing in Europe significantly.
Arduino Goes Hybrid, Flexible
8/4/2017   8 comments
Flexible hybrid electronics are poised to enable the Maker movement with flexible Arduino microcontroller boards.
More Funding Needed for U.S. Supercomputer Research
8/3/2017   1 comment
The recent news that the United States has slipped further in the rankings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers is a stark reminder America’s global technology leadership is not preordained.
Woodie Flowers: Nobody Ever Perfects a Design
8/3/2017   3 comments
In Part 2 of this series, Prof. Woodie Flowers talks about the importance of first working on your own because working as part of a team is much harder.
Wearables Need Fresh Design Style
8/3/2017   11 comments
Current wearable technology falls far short of its potential because of a siloed approach to design, a lack of interdisciplinary R&D and a general inability of product designers to solve real human needs.
Fab: Millstone Around Your Neck. Or Pearls?
8/1/2017   4 comments
Our blind faith in fabless strategies must be challenged. Why does ST value its Rousset Fab, and why on earth is Apple sending a design team to Grenoble?
Find Hidden Insights in Manufacturing Data
7/31/2017   Post a comment
By analyzing data across several manufacturing operations, engineers at semiconductor companies could identity the root causes of defects.
Mercedes Dumps DTM for Formula E
7/31/2017   17 comments
Mercedes is the latest car maker to shift gears to Formula E racing, signaling disruptive change in the automotive space.
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