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The Basics of the CE Marking, Continued
4/27/2015   Post a comment
Products that fall under a CE marking Directive cannot be imported into the EU unless they show the CE marking, which is simply a manufacturer's self-declaration that the product complies with the relevant European legislation.
Make Field-oriented Motor Control Affordable
4/24/2015   2 comments
Shaft sensors and their wiring make field-oriented motor control pricey, but sensorless alternatives are available.
Why Connect Cars?
4/24/2015   8 comments
EE Times will host a radio show on "Why Connect a Car?" at 1:00p.m. eastern, May 11.
Time Flies Like an Arrow & Fruit Flies Like Bananas
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/24/2015   7 comments
Using a computer to translate something like a technical article from a foreign language into English can result in complete gobbledygook.
Basic University Research Key to Industry Progress
4/24/2015   1 comment
A basic, precompetitive research base is required to continue to advancement of the semiconductor industry, says SRC president.
MEMS Seeks its Moore’s Law
4/24/2015   Post a comment
MEMS provide an alternative route to scaling technology beyond Moore’s Law that could have benefits in markets such as the Internet of Things.
Friday Quiz: EMI and EMC
4/24/2015   2 comments
EDN's Designer's Guide to Electromagnetic Compatibility, written by Bill Kimmel and Daryl Gerke, provides many tips for minimizing emissions and immunity. It's also a great source for quiz questions.
Wave of 100th Birthday Celebrations Rolls Around the World
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/23/2015   2 comments
Following the party Max's family held to celebrate what would have been his dad's 100th birthday, a number of other people have decided to host similar events.
Electricity, Energy and Global Warming By the Numbers, Part 2
4/23/2015   6 comments
Numerous factors contribute to climate change. In Part 2, we explore remedies, and the merits of each.
Minimizing Standby Power Consumption
4/23/2015   Post a comment
AC/DC adaptors spend most of their life plugged into a wall socket with no external loading. It has long been recognized that the cumulative effects of millions of adaptors tax the power grid and have a significant impact on the environment.
“Booting Up” California Computer Efficiency Standard
4/22/2015   Post a comment
In March, the California Energy Commission (CEC) published their proposed minimum energy efficiency requirements for computers and displays.
Sensor-Heavy Capriciously Cunning Chronograph
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/22/2015   22 comments
I'm going to augment my capriciously cunning chronograph with so many sensors it will make your head spin; and when it does, my clock will detect it!
Medical Device Implants: Wireless Charging Makes Sense
4/22/2015   1 comment
Wireless charging may be ideal for medical devices.
Cold Fusion: Alive & Kicking Without the Fusion
Engineering Investigations  
4/22/2015   1 comment
The history of scientific discovery is littered with examples of "pathological science." Just because we want something doesn't make it so.
We Are Not Them
Break Points  
4/22/2015   2 comments
IT people live in a different world from firmware developers.
Electricity, Energy, and Global Warming By the Numbers, Part 1
4/22/2015   23 comments
Measurement data shows a correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and a rise in temperatures. We will review the problem, by the numbers, and in Part 2 discuss possible solutions and their merits.
Remove the Moore's Law Blinders
4/21/2015   2 comments
The best is yet to come as new materials, logic architectures and software portend to deliver performance gains far beyond Moore’s Law scaling limits.
Top 10 3D Printing Projects on Kickstarter
4/21/2015   Post a comment
3D printing has captured the hearts, and pocketbooks, of technologists all over the world. Here are some Kickerstarter success stories.
Last Man on Earth: How Would You Behave?
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/20/2015   29 comments
How do you think you’d behave if you were the last person on earth? Would you run wild and free, or would you try to maintain some sense of decorum?
Channel Consolidation & Conflict: Back to the Future!
4/20/2015   Post a comment
The fear and conflict once part of ordinary business in the distribution channel emerges as commonplace in the manufacturing rep community today.
Is Formal Verification Artificial Intelligence?
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
4/20/2015   Post a comment
Artificial intelligence or not, formal verification is a technology that has become a must-have in the modern verification flow.
Resistive RAM Memory is Finally Here
4/20/2015   3 comments
Resistive RAM's low power consumption and small cell area make it a no-brainer for non-volatile memory.
Moore’s Law Demise: Maybe It's a Good Thing
4/20/2015   Post a comment
The efforts we put into making Moore’s Law happen from year to year might better redirected with solving other problems and challenges in electronics.
The GaN Era Approaches
4/20/2015   Post a comment
Gallium nitride possesses many characteristics that will allow production of power transistors that outperform silicon devices.
Moore’s Law @50 in the News
4/20/2015   2 comments
Here’s a sampler of some of the best of the reports that marked the official anniversary of Moore’s Law on Sunday, April 19.
When Blueprints Were Really Blue: Is Engineering Becoming Less Satisfying?
4/20/2015   6 comments
Back then, working as a professional EE was like being a home hobbyist on steroids. Much of what we did, at least on the hardware side, wasn't too far removed from what you might do tinkering at home in your garage.
The Basics of the CE Marking
4/20/2015   Post a comment
Products that fall under a CE marking Directive cannot be imported into the EU unless they show the CE marking, which is simply a manufacturer's self-declaration that the product complies with the relevant European legislation.
Qualcomm to Leverage Monolithic 3D for Smartphones
4/17/2015   23 comments
Qualcomm is looking to leverage Monolithic 3D IC technology to win market share in the 8 billion dollar smart phone market.
Full Human Head Transplant May Be Closer Than You Think
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/17/2015   9 comments
Suddenly, some of the things we read in science fiction books don’t seem quite so far-fetched as once they did.
When Coding Errors Can Kill
Engineering Investigations  
4/17/2015   7 comments
Under a mild-sounding title, software safety expert Sean Beatty will be presenting a design teardown for a detonator at ESC Boston.
Friday Quiz: Power Circuits & Measurements
4/17/2015   Post a comment
Learn from power-integrity expert Steve Sandler through his thoughtful questions on measurements.
Vision for Machinery Becoming More Affordable
4/17/2015   Post a comment
Machines that can see and act on that information are fitting into more applications, thanks in part to the Internet of Things.
Tiny Pacemaker for Tiny People
4/17/2015   Post a comment
Micropacemaker is but another example of the how the trend of miniaturization is gaining momentum in healthcare.
Five Fascinating Power Facts About Supercomputers
4/17/2015   1 comment
Supercomputers do more than predict the weather, model nuclear reactions and help develop new drugs.
How Tesla Disrupts Infotainment Supply Chain
4/16/2015   Post a comment
Automaker Tesla moves away from Tier-One designers on infotainment and does its own design work.
Improving Touchscreen Products Using Silver Nanowire Conductors
4/15/2015   Post a comment
The use of silver nanowires is cost-effectively accelerating the transition to next-generation flexible and wearable devices and -- beyond that -- to products we can only imagine.
FPGA-Based NVM Express Flash Storage Cards in the Data Center
4/15/2015   Post a comment
The advent of FPGA-based flash storage cards enables data centers to customize their solution for maximum performance, storage capacity, and flash durability.
Con Min Compliance No Easy Task, But Doable
4/15/2015   Post a comment
The trading of illegal minerals to finance conflicts, particularly in central Africa, is an ongoing concern for us all. However, meeting the demands of the Dodd-Frank Act has proven easier said than done.
Would MediaTek Dare Take on Intel in PC Business?
4/15/2015   Post a comment
MediaTek, the world’s third-largest chip designer, is rumored to take on Intel in the PC business this year.
Shining Spotlight on Graphene’s Lightbulb Moment
4/15/2015   2 comments
Claims that graphene may be available soon in more efficient bulbs delights and puzzles technologists in equal measure.
Moore from the Archives
4/14/2015   1 comment
Moore's law at age 50 continues to be viable but for how long? Here's a look into EE Time's archives, including a link to what Gordon Moore thought of his own law's chances for longevity.
Hands On at an Instrument Workshop
4/14/2015   9 comments
Test & Measurement editor Martin Rowe attended a Core Bench Workshop sponsored by Keysight Technologies on April 1, 2015
Software Testing Needs More Automation
4/13/2015   1 comment
As software and hackers get more sophisticated, QA testing will gain importance. That will require more software QA engineers and more test automation. Software QA budgets are on the rise.
LED Luminaire Design Change May Hamper Repairability
4/13/2015   19 comments
Separating the AC/DC driver from the LED load in a lamp fixture brings new freedom in design, but also may greatly reduce the possibility of repairing the unit many years later.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is In Short Supply
4/13/2015   1 comment
Samsung's mobile chief warned its flashy Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone will be in short supply at launch due to manufacturing difficulties.
Capture the Waveform You Want & Skip the Rest
4/12/2015   Post a comment
With these handy hints, you can use an oscilloscope to measure what you want and ignore the rest.
Friday Quiz: Near-Field Communications
4/10/2015   Post a comment
NFC lets devices exchange data for short distances. Test your knowledge of its technology.
IIoT Ecosystem Beginning to Emerge
4/9/2015   Post a comment
Internet of Things (IoT) application deployment in industry is lagging expectations, as engineers deal with the networking and software complexities of serving field data to multiple applications and clients.
Samsung Delivers Its 14 nm
4/9/2015   9 comments
How makers' marks on Samsung's Exynos 7420 reveals that Intel’s lead is shrinking.
Superstar Programmers
Break Points  
4/9/2015   3 comments
A talent agent for the power programmers and superstar engineers makes sense.
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