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Mission Critical in Auto SoC: Interconnect IP
10/22/2016   Post a comment
The average number of IP cores integrated into automotive SoCs is growing from about 20 today to more than 100 within the next five to ten years.
Incandescent Lamps and Service Life
10/21/2016   Post a comment
Why would this incandescent light bulb still work after 100 years? What keeps it going and what design lessons can we learn?
Signing Off
Break Points  
10/21/2016   3 comments
Embedded systems columnist and EE Times ACE Award Contributor of the year Jack Ganssle says: "Adieu dear friends. It's time to move on."
Friday Quiz: Max the Magnificent, Part 2
10/21/2016   4 comments
Did you actually think that with our first Max quiz, we had Maxed out on Max questions? Fear not, for he gives us so much material to work with.
Look Kids, It's an iPhone 4S
10/19/2016   18 comments
Kids today think having a phone that doesn't run the latest OS is like living in the dark ages, but engineers like to keep "old" technology running.
When the Bots Take Over
10/18/2016   1 comment
Even the highest-paid occupations, such as financial managers, physicians, and CEOs have a significant amount of activity that can be automated, according to one report.
Steve Jobs Heard in Supreme Court
10/18/2016   Post a comment
In last week's Supreme Court hearing of the design patent case of Apple v. Samsung you could almost feel the presence of Steve Jobs.
How One Researcher Cracked iPhone 5c
10/17/2016   4 comments
Larry Desjardin describes how one researcher cracked the iPhone 5c using test and measurement equipment.
IEEE Constitution Vote Fails to Pass
10/17/2016   2 comments
IEEE members have voted down changes to the organization's constitution.
Book Review: Algorithms to Live By by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
10/14/2016   4 comments
The algorithmic strategies that have been honed for computers turn out to be applicable to our daily lives.
Friday Quiz: Accelerometers
10/14/2016   Post a comment
Accelerometers let you measure motion from vibration and shock.
Power Tips: USB Power Delivery for Automotive Systems
10/13/2016   Post a comment
The new USB Type-C standard has a power delivery portion that could enable portable devices to charge faster.
The Cyber Grand Challenge
10/13/2016   1 comment
Creating an autonomous Cyber Reasoning System capable of playing in a "Capture The Flag" hacking competition.
Chaotic Circuits Can Mimic Brain Function, Aid Computing
10/12/2016   Post a comment
Ludovico Minati, an academic researcher into non-linear systems, discusses the potential of analog circuits to be used to enhance performance in such fields as neuromorphic computation, sensor fusion and secure communications.
Oculus Touch VR Controllers Available for Preorder
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/11/2016   Post a comment
Tightly integrated virtual reality controllers add a whole new level to the overall immersive experience.
Samsung Needs to Get Transparent
10/11/2016   4 comments
Samsung owes its customers and the tech community a clear explanation of what happened with the lithium ion batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.
Mirror, Mirror: Outlandish Proposals to Revive Dead Malls
10/11/2016   6 comments
Semiconductor electronics, we believe, offers solutions for everything. Could it be used to generate department store traffic, bringing suburban shopping malls back from the dead?
Tektronix Classic Current Probe Teardown
10/11/2016   1 comment
Takes a look inside the Tektronix P6042 current probe, a 1969 classic.
Self-Driving Vehicles -- Are We Nearly There Yet?
10/10/2016   Post a comment
Single-chip solutions can unlock the automobile's autonomous future.
Walking Among Giants of Semiconductor Industry
Capitol Connection  
10/10/2016   1 comment
Hobnob with semiconductor industry giants at SIA's awards dinner.
3D Printers Get New Material
10/10/2016   Post a comment
New materials are becoming available for industrial 3D printing, expanding what is still a limited range and key hurdle to the technology’s adoption.
AC/DC Power Supplies: Four Questions to Ask
10/10/2016   Post a comment
With power becoming both a high priority and more complex, ask the right questions to be sure you get the right supply.
Friday Quiz: Jitter Decomposition
10/7/2016   Post a comment
Jitter is the nemesis of any digital data stream.
Why 2016 Is a Little Like 1984
10/7/2016   2 comments
The vision of artificial intelligence is becoming a reality in a different and more nuanced way than technologists once imagined.
Caveman Diorama Appears in Modelling Competition
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/6/2016   4 comments
On Saturday September 24, 2016, Max and Mike presented their caveman diorama at the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society's annual competition.
Nobel Prize: Why Superconductivity?
10/6/2016   16 comments
Why you should care about superconductivity and this year's Nobel Prize in Physics.
EVs Carry Big Impact, Big Risks
10/6/2016   8 comments
Electric vehicles are on the cusp of making a huge impact worldwide, but the road ahead entails big risks and will be bumpy.
Inside iPhone7's SanDisk/Toshiba 48L 3D NAND
10/6/2016   8 comments
TechInsights takes a first look at the SanDisk/Toshiba 48L 3D NAND's cell structure, as found in the iPhone 7, compared with Samsung 48L 3D TLC V-NAND.
Unlocking the Power of AI for All Developers
10/6/2016   1 comment
The Bonsai platform offers a fundamentally different approach for developers looking to build intelligent systems -- no machine learning expertise is required.
What Makes a Good Manager for Engineers?
10/5/2016   5 comments
Over my 30-plus years in the semiconductor industry, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work for some great managers, manage exceptional people and build stellar teams. Here's what I've learned.
Engineers Must Balance IQ and EQ
10/5/2016   8 comments
Although you want people with the best technical skills on your team, watch out for those with great technical skills who don't work well with the rest of the team. There's always a tradeoff.
Flex Circuit Design Primer for Wearable/IoT Device
10/4/2016   Post a comment
It's a brand new ballgame with flex circuitry and wearable/IoT devices, so you have to add to your existing knowhow re conventional PCB design.
IoT security: when X.509 certificate authentication may not work
10/4/2016   Post a comment
Security is complex and requires manufacturers building IoT devices to carefully analyze all software/hardware components in the solution.
Liar, Liar, Phones on Fire!
10/3/2016   2 comments
The story behind the Galaxy Note 7.
Microsoft Puts Stamp on Private Cloud
10/3/2016   2 comments
In a one-two punch of private cloud hardware and software, Microsoft showed insight and innovation in cloud computing at its Ignite event.
A Practical Perspective on the FFT
10/3/2016   Post a comment
With fast Fourier Transforms, most oscilloscopes let you display signals in the frequency domain. Here's how to take advantage of the FFT and get the most from it.
Bigger Sound from Smaller Enclosures
10/3/2016   Post a comment
Intel’s development partners have shown some interesting material on immersive digital audio processing this year. Time to look again at what’s being packed into modern laptops.
Why, Windows 10, Why?
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/30/2016   57 comments
Does your computer run the Windows 10 operating system? Have you noticed that it always seems to be busy when you aren’t doing anything?
Tablet, Phone Makers Get Behind Universal Stylus Spec
9/30/2016   Post a comment
Use of USI standard (1.0), developers believe, will dramatically expand to use of stylus-dependent applications.
Friday Quiz: Interconnects and Transmission lines
9/30/2016   Post a comment
It doesn't take much in the way of frequency for interconnects to take on transmission-line characteristics.
What's the Best Way to Depict 1-to-5 in PY (People Years)?
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/29/2016   25 comments
Can you think of a suitable graphic to contrast the life of a 20-year-old student with a 100-year timespan?
Free Webinar: Introducing the XLR8 FPGA-based Arduino Uno Clone
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/29/2016   Post a comment
The FPGA-based XLR8 has the same footprint as an Arduino Uno, but it runs like an Arduino Uno on steroids.
Learning how to learn: Toddlers vs. neural networks
9/28/2016   Post a comment
The future could hold some scary scenarios as well as extremely exciting possibilities that may enable humankind to achieve new heights.
Virtual Reality-Capable Notepad Computers
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/28/2016   10 comments
The folks at MSI have introduced some drool-worthy virtual reality-capable notepad (laptop) computers and PC backpacks.
Qualcomm Mobilizes in Embedded Processors
9/28/2016   Post a comment
While Qualcomm may be late to the embedded market, it brings with it some interesting attributes that will appeal to a number of designers.
EDICON 2016: Resolution Bandwidth
9/28/2016   Post a comment
The first EDICON, covering RF, Signal/power integrity, and EMI, was a bit flat. But then, it was the first in the U.S.
5 Challenges for 25G Ethernet
9/28/2016   3 comments
Here’s a list of the five biggest challenges facing the new generation of 25G Ethernet products in hopes they will be addressed sooner rather than later.
iPhone 7, No Headphone Jack Creates a Recipe for e-Waste
9/27/2016   9 comments
Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5 mm headphone connector on the new iPhone 7, while continuing to use their proprietary Lightning connector, could mean more electronic waste as users discard their old headsets and many OEMs rush to develop new ones using Apple’s connector.
Custom Magnetics: When Do You Need Them?
9/27/2016   Post a comment
For electronics designers, it's important to know what custom magnetics are, how to determine if they are needed, and how to engage with a custom magnetics supplier.
7 Ways 3D Printing Adds to Supply Chain
9/26/2016   Post a comment
Here are a few of the ways 3D printing is impacting the electronic supply chain.
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