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There’s No Shame in ReRAM
7/29/2015   2 comments
Intel and Micron say they’ve developed a new class of memory technology, but there’s more talk about all of the things 3D XPoint memory might be able to do, and little detail of what it actually is. Speculation is inevitable.
Multi-layer security needed for Industrial IoT
7/29/2015   1 comment
Industrial networks are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Their security requires a multi-layered approach.
What's Next for Wearables?
7/29/2015   Post a comment
Wearables have the power to transform the world around us--to interact on our behalf with other 'smart' devices that are increasingly common.
Chips in Space -- MacSpace, A Record Throughput Multi-Core Processor for Satellites
7/28/2015   Post a comment
MacSpace is a collaborative R&D project aiming to research and develop a many-core DSP chip and computer for use in space.
Your Favorite SciFi in Audio Form for Free
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
7/28/2015   Post a comment
Web sites such as Open Culture and the Internet Archive are good sources for free audio versions of science fiction books such as Issac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.
7 Tips for Overcoming PCB Electromagnetic Issues
7/28/2015   4 comments
Faced with the challenges of new materials and new components, PCB designers must also deal with continuing electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems.
5 Biggest IoT Security Blunders
7/28/2015   Post a comment
A Bluetooth expert debunks myths and untangles messy methodologies that have resulted in security snafus in the Internet of Things
Software IP Protection in a Complicated World
7/28/2015   Post a comment
With software becoming a competitive differentiator even in hardware designs, it is important to use behavioral analytics tools that protect proprietary software IP from theft.
India’s “Missile Man” Passes Away
India Chip Chat  
7/27/2015   5 comments
"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us." Kalam's legacy will continue onward through generations of Indian engineers, scholars and students.
Arsenic and Old Lace
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/27/2015   8 comments
You often hear that arsenic has no taste, but how do we know this to be true?
The Intelligent Soldier System: Military Wearables
7/27/2015   Post a comment
When it comes to wearable technology for military applications, the needs of the users equate to life-or-death situations.
Hats Off to Hynix: Inside 1st High Bandwidth Memory
7/27/2015   1 comment
TechInsights reveals the innards of SK Hynix's high bandwidth memory, in AMD's Radeon 390X Fury X graphics card.
Disruption in Focus at IIT Event
7/27/2015   1 comment
Tech leaders need to believe in their vision while not ignoring their failures, according to speakers at this year’s Global Leadership Conference organized by alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Speakers also encouraged attendees to combine technological vision with a focus on giving back to society.
SiGE, Nanometer ICs and Multivalued Logic
7/27/2015   1 comment
As the semiconductor industry moves closer to 7nm and below, what options are available to keep Moore's Law in place?
Agile Design for Hardware, Part I
7/27/2015   3 comments
In the first of a three-part series, two Berkeley professors suggest its time to apply Agile design techniques to hardware.
The History of Jitter
7/27/2015   2 comments
Jitter, that pesky little timing error in high-speed serial links, has a history that longer than billions of unit intervals.
What's the best way to store Morse code dots and dashes in C?
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/24/2015   16 comments
When it comes to representing Morse codes dot and dashes in C, every approach Max can think of is less than optimal or incongruous.
IBM's First Novel PCM Fix
7/24/2015   2 comments
Keeping phase change memory (PCM) hopes alive at the recent VLSI 2015 in Kyoto were two joint IBM/Macronix papers that explored completely different and very innovative approaches to the solving data retention problems created by drift in multi-level cell (MLC-PCMs).
Friday Quiz: The I²C Bus
7/24/2015   3 comments
So, you think you know all electrical characteristics of the I²C bus? Then see if you can correctly answer all five questions.
Making a Difference Still Does Make a Difference
7/24/2015   Post a comment
The quality of products engineers and designers can make is only limited by the quality of tools that are available to them. Making a difference in the quality and productivity of ASIC and FPGA designers is key.
Q’comm Layoffs Spawned by Letter
7/23/2015   14 comments
A smart and well-heeled investor pulled hard enough on Qualcomm to help bring down some 4,700 employees.
Gaming PCs Gobble Energy
7/23/2015   6 comments
It’s time for gaming PCs to go green, according to a recent study.
007 Movie Inspires Concept Cars
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/22/2015   6 comments
The new James Bond 007 movie inspires a never-before-seen concept car from Aston Martin, which engages on screen in a car chase against the hybrid Jaguar C-X75 concept supercar.
Semicon West: The Roadmap is 3D IC
7/22/2015   4 comments
Semicon West: all roads lead to 3D IC, and 'More than Moore.'
Engineers Used to Live in Cities
7/22/2015   20 comments
There was a time when electronics companies were located in core cities. Here's proof.
Selecting Synchronous Rectifiers in Isolated Supplies
7/22/2015   Post a comment
Have you ever selected what appeared to be an awesome low-resistance and fast-switching FET as a synchronous rectifier (SR) and then wondered why your power supply’s efficiency is much lower than expected?
Free-Space Optical Test: Your Next Challenge?
7/21/2015   6 comments
Optical links may soon complement Wi-Fi in some situations, with higher data rates, security, and RFI resistance, but are engineers ready for the world of advanced optical test and measurement?
Art Appreciation for Engineers
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
7/21/2015   2 comments
If you want to learn more about major trends in both art and physics, Leonard Shlain’s book is a good resource.
Nokia Wants Another Run At Making Phones
7/21/2015   Post a comment
Nokia looks to regain relevancy in the mobile device business in its post-Microsoft life.
Cheaper, Denser NAND Requires Better Error Correction
Memory Designline Blog  
7/20/2015   Post a comment
Here's why PMC-Sierra switched from Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem codes to low-density parity check (LDPC) codes for error correction in its solid-state drive controllers.
5 Storage Trends to Transform Mobile
7/20/2015   3 comments
Mobile phones will continue to increase in storage size, speed and imaging capabilities as the global market expands for powerful phones.
A Glimpse of the Graphics Grail
7/20/2015   1 comment
Imagination Technologies showed results of its approach to ray tracing and it looks promising, says a veteran graphics analyst.
Powering the Autonomous Car
7/20/2015   1 comment
The sensors and algorithms of the driverless car get lots of attention, but the equally important power requirements and subsystem remain much more of a mystery.
Why I Won't Do Another Kickstarter Campaign
7/20/2015   51 comments
The survivor of a crowd-funded hardware project shows his scars and tells his cautionary tale.
IoT Promises Big Steps to a Better World
7/20/2015   Post a comment
Element14 asked consumers what they want out of the Internet of Things push--and their answers were illuminating.
Managing Waivers Throughout Custom Design Lifecycle
7/20/2015   Post a comment
How to get the most out of Calibre RealTime verification tools to quickly and easily create and manage waivers at different stages of the custom design cycle.
5 Solar Power Tech Trends To Watch in 2015
7/20/2015   1 comment
Increasing the proportion of energy produced by solar power, also known as photovoltaic (PV) technology, is widely touted as a key component in the worldwide drive to slow down or even reverse global warming and reduce our carbon footprint. Here are five technology trends to watch in the solar market for 2015.
Which of 'The Big Bang Theory' Characters Are You?
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/17/2015   9 comments
Want to know which of the 'Big Bang Theory' characters you're most like? Here's a fun little online quiz that will reveal all.
Big Chips, Coffee Prices and Profits
7/17/2015   5 comments
An entrepreneurial engineer with experience in lean chip development runs the numbers on semiconductor economics.
Friday Quiz: Embedded Systems Testing
7/17/2015   Post a comment
ESC Silicon Valley is days away. If you don't have embedded systems on the brain, you should.
Maze-Running Micro-Mice
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/16/2015   6 comments
These little rascals are surprisingly fast and extremely good at solving mazes -- maybe we should design an EETimes.com version.
Smartphones Feel the Heat
7/15/2015   4 comments
Premium smartphones are a delicate balance between performance and battery life. With increases in performance, are phones getting too hot?
Duck! Free Silego development kits are winging their way!
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/15/2015   2 comments
Free Silego GPAK4 mixed-signal FPGA development kits will soon be winging their wat to the folks who tempted Max with the tastiest application ideas.
15% Discount for ESC Silicon Valley 2015
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/15/2015   Post a comment
Max has wangled a top-secret-squirrel code for the forthcoming ESC Silicon Valley 2015; this little scamp grants 15% off All-Access, Conference, and Hardware Startup passes.
Kick the Gearshift Habit
7/15/2015   27 comments
High-performance cars are beginning to be offered only with paddle shifters, the Porsche GT3 as an example. Why on earth does any high-performance road car need a manual transmission?
Will Scriba be the Computer Stylus for the 21st Century?
Max’s Cool Beans  
7/14/2015   4 comments
By combining a traditional touch-screen interface approach with a Bluetooth Low-Energy capability, Scriba can enhance the user experience.
Help! I'm Trapped in an Oscilloscope
7/14/2015   3 comments
See how EE Times editor Martin Rowe took on Max Headroom characteristics by being embedded in an oscilloscope screen. Will he ever get out?
DIY Boards, Application Enthusiasts, and Domain Specialists
7/14/2015   1 comment
Do-it-yourself boards make possible countless research projects at universities and technical institutes that would not have been possible previously.
UHD TV, Mobile TV, Emergency Data Broadcast Tested in Ohio
7/14/2015   2 comments
ATSC is headed towards a key member vote to approve common technologies necessary for ATSC 3.0 candidate voting ratification.
Top 10 Cool Little Gadgets that Got a Kickstarter Push
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/14/2015   Post a comment
Everyone loves the coolest new electronic gadget. Here's the list of the most popular ideas that showed up on Kickstarter this year.
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In conjunction with unveiling of EE Times’ Silicon 60 list, journalist & Silicon 60 researcher Peter Clarke hosts a conversation on startups in the electronics industry. One of Silicon Valley's great contributions to the world has been the demonstration of how the application of entrepreneurship and venture capital to electronics and semiconductor hardware can create wealth with developments in semiconductors, displays, design automation, MEMS and across the breadth of hardware developments. But in recent years concerns have been raised that traditional venture capital has turned its back on hardware-related startups in favor of software and Internet applications and services. Panelists from incubators join Peter Clarke in debate.
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