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Apollo 11 Inspired Generations of Innovators
7/23/2014   2 comments
Neil and Buzz were on the moon. Orbiting above, there was Michael Collins. For a teenager, that summer posed no limits on the reach and social benefits of applied engineering and technology.
Future Engineers: Donít 'Trip Up' on Your College Road Trip
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/23/2014   Post a comment
A future engineering student gives his advice on making the most of the time-honored tradition of the college visits road trip.
Juggling a Cornucopia of Projects
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/23/2014   3 comments
Max is juggling so many hobby projects that it's no wonder his head is spinning like a top.
Develop & Share Open-Source Hardware Projects
7/23/2014   5 comments
Matlab and Simulink are finding use in projects that don't necessarily require high-end math and signal processing.
Android Open-Source for ARMv8-A Starts 64-Bit Avalanche
7/22/2014   Post a comment
Mobile devices will need a big boost in processing power to provide new features such as UltraHD video, LTE-Advanced, and 3D products (Google's Tango).
Find an Entrepreneurial Mentor
7/22/2014   3 comments
As Luke had his Yoda, so does a startup CEO need a mentor. Here are some tips for what to look for in a mentor.
Are We Ready to Give Up Driving?
7/22/2014   39 comments
In a Strategy Analytics survey, 40% of Americans said they were not at all interested in fully autonomous driving. It's hard to picture those opposing gun control abdicating the freedom of turning their own steering wheel.
The Risks & Rewards of Early Tapeout
7/22/2014   9 comments
Verification remains a key issue in system-on-chip development. The time taken to verify a high-density SoC design to a high level of confidence can lead teams to think the unthinkable. One of these counterintuitive options is to not exhaustively verify a chip before taping out but use the resulting silicon itself as a cornerstone of the verification process.
Nikola Tesla, Vincent Van Gogh & the Second Renaissance
7/22/2014   Post a comment
Tesla was alive at the same time as Vincent! Both drove cultural and technological advancement. It was like a second Renaissance.
Future of PCM: Optoelectronic?
7/22/2014   2 comments
Work by a team at the University of Oxford and the University of Exeter may well become recognized as the first steps on the road to a new and bright optoelectronic future for phase-change memory materials.
Nvidia Raises Android Gaming Ante
7/22/2014   4 comments
The Nvidia Tegra K1 inside the Xaomi MiPad and now Nvidia's own Shield Tablet will drive Android toward being a gaming platform comparable to PCs and consoles.
Is Your Processor IP ISO 26262-Compliant?
7/21/2014   3 comments
With the growth in ADAS and the growing demand for more safety-related SoCs and systems, it is important for semiconductor industry to have access to more ISO 26262-targeted IP products.
NIís System-on-Module Technology Aims to Reshape Embedded Market
7/21/2014   Post a comment
National Instruments has just released a complete middleware solution for embedded technology across verticals that it claims will help drastically cut down the time and cost required for developing embedded solutions.
Engineers Should Study Finance: 5 Reasons Why
Engineerís Bookshelf  
7/21/2014   29 comments
Engineers make design decisions that affect the company bottom line, often without understanding how.
Micro Python Preps for Mass Production
7/18/2014   2 comments
Micro Python is priming the presses. After smashing its Kickstarter funding goal, the programming platform is almost ready to release its boards into the public market.
Do You Really Need 4 GB of RAM to Type a Letter?
7/18/2014   15 comments
The recent decision by the German parliament to consider a move back to typewriters may serve as a lesson, not only in the need for secure products, but also in the dangers of overdesign.
Smart Grid Lessons From a Utility
7/18/2014   3 comments
A smart grid project in Sacramento provided many lessons, especially in ways to test and select consumer energy systems, said a lead technical adviser on the project.
Friday Quiz: Temperature Measurement
7/18/2014   18 comments
Try your hand at these questions about using temperature sensors and how they work.
MSGEQ7-Based DIY Audio Spectrum Analyzer: Testing
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/17/2014   13 comments
Here's a step-by-step guide for testing a simple 14-band (2 x 7) audio spectrum analyzer using two MSGEQ7s and a chipKIT or Arduino microcontroller development platform.
Telemedicine Guidelines Leave Plenty of Questions
7/17/2014   7 comments
Federation of State Medical Boards and American Medical Association telemedicine standards provide a good starting point, but their definitions are too narrow.
Apple-IBM Deal: Trouble for Google, Microsoft
7/17/2014   2 comments
Apple's alliance with IBM will make it harder for Android and Windows Phone to carve a niche in the workplace.
Android Wear Buzzes Sans Babak
7/17/2014   4 comments
Babak Parviz, one of the fathers of Google's Project Glass, left the company for Amazon this week, presumably spreading the DNA of wearables. Meanwhile, Android Wear continues to gain buzz if not market traction yet.
Boost & Modify Square Waves
7/17/2014   Post a comment
Build your own signal-conditioning modules to provide the amount of voltage, current, and power you need. See schematics for the circuits.
VoLTE Rises, Riding Software
7/17/2014   2 comments
Service providers are spending on systems for voice services again, thanks to the move to 4G LTE, but the spending comes with demand vendors embrace network virtualization.
All I Need Now Is a Pair of Leather Chaps
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/16/2014   27 comments
Max Maxfield cannot stop himself from adding to his collection of items from Saddleback Leather.
AI Fits Best in Your Pocket
7/16/2014   11 comments
Artificial Intelligence is mainly run in massive datacenters these days, but some of the best emerging thought on the subject suggests it should be done at the edge of the network, close to where data is collected.
An Engineer's Field Day
7/16/2014   14 comments
What could be better than combining camping and radio with plenty of food and drink in the company of friends?
Another Tool in the Box to Deliver Better Energy Efficiency
7/16/2014   1 comment
An increasingly interesting approach now evolving in the industry is the use of adaptive voltage scaling (AVS), which is a powerful technique to optimize supply voltages and minimize energy consumption in modern high-performance microprocessors.
Engineering Ethics Into A Robot
7/16/2014   4 comments
Researchers are exploring how to engineer ethics into artificially intelligent beings that would interact and help humans as socially assistive robots.
Wear Shorts to Work, It's OK
7/15/2014   39 comments
While visiting a software company, Martin Rowe saw many people wearing shorts to work. Can you or would you do that?
I Canít Keep Up Ė What TV Should I Watch?
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/15/2014   51 comments
There are a lot of science fiction programs on TV at the moment -- Continuum, Defiance, Dominion, Falling Skies, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, The 100 -- but which are worth watching?
Silicon 60 Reveals Shifts in Technology Focus
7/15/2014   3 comments
Silicon Valley, while still dominant, is not the only center of startup activity in the electronics and semiconductor domain anymore.
Monolithic 3D: A Disruptive Approach for Further Scaling
7/14/2014   6 comments
Clearly, monolithic 3D integration has a very important role for the future of the semiconductor industry.
All About Batteries, Part 9: Sodium Sulfur (NaS)
7/14/2014   7 comments
In this article we focus on Sodium Sulfur (NaS) batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, chemistry, and so forth.
Ethical, Autonomous Robots of the Near Future
7/14/2014   18 comments
Morally competent robots might be perfectly programmed to be "better moral creatures than we are" -- or at least better decision makers with fewer inconsistencies.
Open-Source Will Make Real-Time Measurements Affordable
7/14/2014   1 comment
Open-source hardware will reduce the cost of real-time measurement systems, making them more cost effective.
Testing ReRAM Structures
7/14/2014   2 comments
This article by Peter J. Hulbert addresses issues related to characterization and forming, as well as endurance testing for 1R ReRAM structures.
All Hail the Mighty Hamster
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/14/2014   23 comments
The Mighty Hamster (a.k.a. Mike Field) will favor Huntsville, Ala., USA, with his august presence.
Convince Me Why Washer Must Talk to Grill
7/13/2014   84 comments
When I think about IoT devices at home talking to one another, doing stuff without my intervention, and talking about my habits to a total stranger behind my back, the very idea just creeps me out.
Max's Secret Garden of Desires
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/12/2014   10 comments
Max Maxfield spent the recent holiday weekend cogitating and ruminating about things he could do with his back yard.
The Growing Popularity of Emulation Design Datacenters
7/11/2014   Post a comment
If loaded with enough resources, a modern emulator can be accessed 24/7 and shared among tens of concurrent users distributed on a vast territory covering multiple continents.
Friday Quiz: All Oscilloscopes
7/11/2014   4 comments
Test your oscilloscope knowledge with the five questions submitted by Arthur Pini.
Efficient Buildings to Be 100% Sensed
7/10/2014   3 comments
Sensing and control technology in the built environment will make for an energy-efficient future, says DOE researcher.
Want Your Own Desktop PCB Printer?
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/10/2014   19 comments
The BreadBox PCB printer controls things like timing, mixing of chemicals, and agitation to produce really professional looking, predictable, and repeatable boards.
IBM Turns PCM Cell Into Nano-Sized Lab
7/10/2014   Post a comment
For the first time, researchers have provided actual crystallization and melting temperatures from inside the memory cell.
Menta's Embedded FPGA Fabric for SoC Designs
7/10/2014   13 comments
Using Menta's technology -- which is front-ended by Verific's parsers -- you can generate FPGA IP cores for use in your SoC designs.
Patented Software, the Supreme Court & Abstract Idea Hearings
7/10/2014   6 comments
The Supreme Court has just ruled on the patentability of software. Well, sort of. It's all very abstract. Here's a way to look at the problem.
Meet the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Camera
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/9/2014   21 comments
This amazing quadcopter follows you around capturing the most amazing videos of you doing your thing and strutting your stuff.
Tackling the Racial Diversity Challenge in Tech
7/9/2014   12 comments
A notable expert in science and technology outlines his plan for encouraging inner-city kids of color to aspire to be the next Steve Jobs, not Jay Z.
Test Power ICs to Survive Radiation
7/9/2014   2 comments
In space, power-management ICs can be subjected to radiation. Testing can assure that a part will still function, even if the silicon structure is altered.
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Rishabh N. Mahajani, High School Senior and Future Engineer

Future Engineers: Donít 'Trip Up' on Your College Road Trip
Rishabh N. Mahajani, High School Senior and Future Engineer
Post a comment
A future engineer shares his impressions of a recent tour of top schools and offers advice on making the most of the time-honored tradition of the college road trip.

Max Maxfield

Juggling a Cornucopia of Projects
Max Maxfield
I feel like I'm juggling a lot of hobby projects at the moment. The problem is that I can't juggle. Actually, that's not strictly true -- I can juggle ten fine china dinner plates, but ...

Larry Desjardin

Engineers Should Study Finance: 5 Reasons Why
Larry Desjardin
I'm a big proponent of engineers learning financial basics. Why? Because engineers are making decisions all the time, in multiple ways. Having a good financial understanding guides these ...

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July Cartoon Caption Contest: Let's Talk Some Trash
Karen Field
Steve Jobs allegedly got his start by dumpster diving with the Computer Club at Homestead High in the early 1970s.

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