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Visualizing Better Protocol Debug
5/6/2015   Post a comment
The many wheels of technology, as much as we’d like them to, don’t move ahead in lockstep fashion. Sometimes the demands of one technology outrun the benefits of an enabling technology.
How Close Can We Put Different Voltage Regions Together?
5/5/2015   Post a comment
How best to deal with the impact of multiple voltages on the integrity of your layout and your circuit
Why LTE-A Carrier Aggregation Now?
5/5/2015   Post a comment
Stop-gap measures like combining LTE and Wi-Fi carriers can help increase download speeds. But what about uploads?
Moore’s on at 28nm
5/5/2015   9 comments
Moore’s Law is not ending soon, yet it is not going to be the simple brute-force x0.7 dimensional scaling that dominated the industry for the last 5 decades.
Computing Needs a Reboot
5/5/2015   2 comments
Engineers need to explore new computing paradigms to fuel future performance advances.
Miracle of Miracles: Grandpa to Keep DSL
5/5/2015   2 comments
My father-in-law has decided that DSL is worth the money. Dialup is finished.
Dirk Gently (Happy Face) & NASA (Sad Face)
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/4/2015   5 comments
On the one hand, some of the 'powers that be' have done something right; on the other hand, some of those who stride the corridors of power are shooting us all in the foot.
The Future of Personal Communications: A Holistic Approach to Keeping up With Consumer Demand
5/4/2015   Post a comment
The leaders in the digital race will be the ones who develop a holistic approach to digital communications and truly empower, engage, and satisfy the digital consumer.
2-Port Impedance Measurements Get a Boost in Range
5/4/2015   Post a comment
Using the method described here, you can better characterize op amps, low-power voltage references, and linear voltage regulators.
IoT Security Calls for Action
5/4/2015   Post a comment
To enable the full potential of the Internet of Things, engineers need to address the security challenge through a combination of interoperability, education and good design.
China Advantage Wanes for OEMs
5/2/2015   2 comments
Once the clear winner for OEMs in terms of low-cost manufacturing, China may soon be less compelling for electronics OEMs.
Engineering Congress
Break Points  
5/1/2015   5 comments
Congress needs an engineering mindset.
IoT and Services are Transforming Manufacturing
5/1/2015   Post a comment
Manufacturing will evolve in the IoT era from simply producing objects to creating platforms and services that yield customizable products.
Mega-Cool Breadboarding Multi-Tool Kickstarter Project
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/1/2015   8 comments
Even though Max considers himself to be something of a breadboarding hero, he still thinks one of these tools would save him a lot of time and effort.
Introducing FPGAs to MCU Gurus
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/1/2015   8 comments
Hardware guys and gals know how all this stuff works "in our bones" and we don’t understand why MCU guys and software weenies don't (LOL).
Friday Quiz: Capacitors
5/1/2015   37 comments
Capacitors are fundamental electric-circuit components, but there's more to using them properly than you might think.
H-1B Visas Tougher To Come By In 2015
4/30/2015   3 comments
Demand for new H-1B visas far outpaces supply in the 2015 application cycle. Don't expect that to change in the near future.
RCA Taiwan Workers’ Victory: Too Little, Too Late
4/30/2015   4 comments
Taiwanese workers win settlement against famously defunct U.S. electronics company, RCA, for exposure to hazardous chemicals in 1970s.
WiGig, Innovation and the Analog IP Challenge
4/30/2015   Post a comment
WiGig improves WiFi (802.11) wireless protocol, but the path to glory is fraught with design challenges.
Managing the Team: Hygiene First, Motivation Next
4/30/2015   Post a comment
Keeping the team motivated and enthusiastic about an entrepreneurial company could be the difference between success and failure. It is also an aspect of the job for a founding CEO that can be puzzling.
How Royal Caribbean Keeps Customers Connected
4/30/2015   2 comments
Royal Caribbean Cruises is meeting modern customer expectations with wireless connectivity at sea.
Samsung Handily Reclaims Smartphone Crown From Apple
4/30/2015   1 comment
Shipments of Samsung's smartphones roared back to life during the first quarter, putting the company ahead of Apple. However, profits remain elusive for the world's largest maker of phones.
Intel Loses Mobile Vet in Reorg
4/29/2015   Post a comment
In its latest reorg, Intel said goodbye to veteran Mooly Eden who helped pioneer the x86 giant's move into low power processors.
High Costs Hint IoT SoC Design Shakeout?
4/29/2015   10 comments
Semico hopes to identify features and technologies that are “exclusive to IoT applications."
Star Trek (The Original Series) New Episodes!
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/29/2015   25 comments
Do you miss the original Star Trek series? Would you like to see some more episodes? If so, this is your lucky day!
Industry Doesn't Like Change
4/29/2015   7 comments
Change is inevitable in any industry, especially electronics. Leadership at the top can make companies successful, even amid constant change.
Arris Sets Pace in Set Top Boxes
4/29/2015   7 comments
The demise of UK's indigenous electronics sector continues apace. Here's another sign of the downhill trend.
Is This the Most Disturbing Science Fiction Film Ever?
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/28/2015   47 comments
Have you seen the film 'Snowpiercer'? If so, do you think it counts as one of the most thought-provoking and/or disturbing science fiction films you've ever seen?
The Problem with Big Data, Part 2
4/28/2015   6 comments
We need some mechanism to lower the temperature in political and social screaming matches, an also as a way to undermine echo chambers.
Soft Starters Spare Wear & Tear on Motors, Help Control Peak Energy Usage
4/28/2015   Post a comment
Soft starter technology has become a way to mitigate startup stressors by moderating a motor's voltage supply during the machine start-up phase, slowly ramping it up and effectively adjusting the machine's load behavior to protect mechanical components.
The Changing Face of Computer Storage
4/28/2015   Post a comment
The newest storage innovations will change how things are done for the logistics chain, both upstream of the drive and array makers, and downstream in channels of distribution of their products.
Multicore Basics for Single Core MCU Developers
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
4/28/2015   Post a comment
A multicore reference with the latest in software and hardware tips that is easy to navigate, no matter what your interest area.
The Basics of the CE Marking, Continued
4/27/2015   Post a comment
Products that fall under a CE marking Directive cannot be imported into the EU unless they show the CE marking, which is simply a manufacturer's self-declaration that the product complies with the relevant European legislation.
Make Field-oriented Motor Control Affordable
4/24/2015   5 comments
Shaft sensors and their wiring make field-oriented motor control pricey, but sensorless alternatives are available.
Why Connect Cars?
4/24/2015   22 comments
Join Junko Yoshida and EE Times for a radio show on "Why Connect a Car?" at 1:00p.m. eastern, May 11. Submit questions to executives from NXP, Cisco and Siemens.
Time Flies Like an Arrow & Fruit Flies Like Bananas
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/24/2015   18 comments
Using a computer to translate something like a technical article from a foreign language into English can result in complete gobbledygook.
Basic University Research Key to Industry Progress
4/24/2015   1 comment
A basic, precompetitive research base is required to continue to advancement of the semiconductor industry, says SRC president.
MEMS Seeks its Moore’s Law
4/24/2015   Post a comment
MEMS provide an alternative route to scaling technology beyond Moore’s Law that could have benefits in markets such as the Internet of Things.
Friday Quiz: EMI and EMC
4/24/2015   2 comments
EDN's Designer's Guide to Electromagnetic Compatibility, written by Bill Kimmel and Daryl Gerke, provides many tips for minimizing emissions and immunity. It's also a great source for quiz questions.
Wave of 100th Birthday Celebrations Rolls Around the World
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/23/2015   2 comments
Following the party Max's family held to celebrate what would have been his dad's 100th birthday, a number of other people have decided to host similar events.
Electricity, Energy and Global Warming By the Numbers, Part 2
4/23/2015   6 comments
Numerous factors contribute to climate change. In Part 2, we explore remedies, and the merits of each.
Minimizing Standby Power Consumption
4/23/2015   Post a comment
AC/DC adaptors spend most of their life plugged into a wall socket with no external loading. It has long been recognized that the cumulative effects of millions of adaptors tax the power grid and have a significant impact on the environment.
“Booting Up” California Computer Efficiency Standard
4/22/2015   Post a comment
In March, the California Energy Commission (CEC) published their proposed minimum energy efficiency requirements for computers and displays.
Sensor-Heavy Capriciously Cunning Chronograph
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/22/2015   34 comments
I'm going to augment my capriciously cunning chronograph with so many sensors it will make your head spin; and when it does, my clock will detect it!
Medical Device Implants: Wireless Charging Makes Sense
4/22/2015   1 comment
Wireless charging may be ideal for medical devices.
Cold Fusion: Alive & Kicking Without the Fusion
Engineering Investigations  
4/22/2015   1 comment
The history of scientific discovery is littered with examples of "pathological science." Just because we want something doesn't make it so.
We Are Not Them
Break Points  
4/22/2015   3 comments
IT people live in a different world from firmware developers.
Electricity, Energy, and Global Warming By the Numbers, Part 1
4/22/2015   43 comments
Measurement data shows a correlation between carbon dioxide emissions and a rise in temperatures. We will review the problem, by the numbers, and in Part 2 discuss possible solutions and their merits.
Remove the Moore's Law Blinders
4/21/2015   2 comments
The best is yet to come as new materials, logic architectures and software portend to deliver performance gains far beyond Moore’s Law scaling limits.
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Why Connect a Car?
May 11, 1pm EDT Monday
Overview: Battle-hardened veterans of the electronics industry have heard of the “connected car” so often that they assume it’s a done deal. But do we really know what it takes to get a car connected and what its future entails? Join EE Times editor Junko Yoshida as she moderates a panel of movers and shakers in the connected car business. Executives from Cisco, Siemens and NXP will share ideas, plans and hopes for connected cars and their future. After the first 30 minutes of the radio show, our listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions via live online chat.
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