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Friday Quiz: Calibration & Metrology
8/15/2014   9 comments
This week's questions test your knowledge of how well your measurements compare to actual values.
Betting Big on HD-to-Ultra HDTV Transition
8/14/2014   4 comments
Will the Christmas buying season starting on Black Friday this year be the start of HDTV's transition to Ultra HD? That's what Nanotech Entertainment Inc. in San Jose, Calif,. is betting big on happening.
Got Stackability?
8/14/2014   11 comments
Although older styles of test equipment were not designed to be stackable, this was an inherent attribute. Then, along came the aesthetic enclosure designers hired by marketeering managers with no brains.
5 Good Reasons to Cancel Your Project
8/14/2014   7 comments
Sometimes you just have to know when it's time to cancel and move on.
Really Annoying Music Suppressors
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/14/2014   34 comments
What do you do if you are on a road trip with someone who likes to play music really loud -- especially if it's a genre you don’t particularly like yourself?
Where Have All the (MCU) Outputs Gone?
8/13/2014   6 comments
In many systems, a high numbers of inputs and/or outputs are required, where this number far exceeds the available pin-count on a microcomputer.
Zapping Things With ESD – Just One More Service I Offer
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/13/2014   79 comments
While Max was mulling things over while driving into work, he had a simple yet (he thinks) brilliant idea...
EE Times Radio Friday: Do My Washer and Grill Have to Talk?
8/12/2014   11 comments
We are taking our "Convince Me Why Washer Must Talk to Grill" debate to an EE Times online Radio Show Friday, Aug. 15, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Join our interview with Rick Walker, senior product marketing manager for IoT and home automation for CSR, and Jim Reich, CTO and co-founder of the Internet-connected grill maker Palatehome.
Intel vs. Intel
8/12/2014   14 comments
Will Intel's 14nm process technology continue the historical cost reduction curve... or not?
Free Trial of Clock Domain Crossing & Metastability Analysis Tool
8/12/2014   1 comment
The Advanced Clock Environment (ACE) provides a graphical representation summarizing data paths between clocks, and it can make recommendations for grouping clocks into domains.
Experimenting With an XMOS Multi-Core MCU
8/12/2014   4 comments
Working with a multi-core device can be a daunting concept for a small-MCU jockey, but the xCORE system does a good job of mitigating the intimidation factor.
Researcher Finds Potholes In Vehicle Traffic Control Systems
8/12/2014   2 comments
Hundreds of thousands of road traffic sensors and repeater equipment are risk of attack, researcher says.
400 Gbit Ethernet: The Next Leap
8/12/2014   12 comments
Our insatiable appetite for network bandwidth will lead to the development of 400 Gbit/s data links.
ESC Brazil Prepares for the Robot Apocalypse
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/11/2014   25 comments
ESC Brazil 2014 is the place to "see and be seen" for any hardware designer and software developer of embedded systems based in South America.
Forget Bitcoin! Got Ripple?
8/11/2014   29 comments
Although you're unlikely to see "We accept Ripple" signs in the same way you see Bitcoin signs, you may still end up using the Ripple protocol.
What is STT-MRAM?
8/11/2014   1 comment
STT-MRAM can replace low-density DRAM and SRAM, especially for mobile and storage devices. But what is it and how does it differ from MRAM?
Will Google or Apple Disrupt Intel?
8/11/2014   20 comments
Google, Apple, or a smart startup could unseat Intel in microprocessors, the microprocessor design veteran Davd Ditzel said after an interview about his Hot Chips paper.
What if Gravitational Constant G Isn't?
8/10/2014   43 comments
We take this fundamental constant for granted, but determining its value with precision is surprisingly tricky -- and what if that value isn't truly constant?
BlackBerry Comeback Far From Certain
8/8/2014   2 comments
BlackBerry is finally ready to resume growth, says CEO Chen -- but first the company must overcome its crumbling device business.
Freescale Japan Chief Breaking Barriers, Storming Castles
8/8/2014   7 comments
Japan, once the leader in the high-tech world, has lost that distinction. “Japan needs to put that giant belt back,” says David Uze, president of Freescale Japan, “by leading the world in IoT.”
Cake-Cutting Technique for Mathematical Loners
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/8/2014   41 comments
This cake-cutting technique maximizes the amount of gastronomic pleasure one can achieve with a cake -- an achievement that is not to be sniffed at.
Friday Quiz: Machine Vision, RF, Semiconductor Processes
8/8/2014   Post a comment
Try your hand and the quiz questions originally published in Test & Measurement World.
All About Batteries, Part 10: Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2)
8/7/2014   6 comments
In this article, we focus on lithium sulfur dioxide (LiSO2) batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, and chemistry.
Intel's Embedded DRAM: New Era of Cache Memory
8/7/2014   26 comments
With SRAM so costly to make, Intel's Embedded DRAM is an intriguing option. Techinsights examines eDRAM and its potential.
Planning for Success
8/7/2014   14 comments
A formal verification signoff project on a design-sized block usually takes 3-6 months. A good plan can make the difference between success and failure.
Touring as an Engineer
8/7/2014   15 comments
No electrical engineer can consider his touring days complete until he has made a pilgrimage to Bletchley Park, and there are many more museums of interest around the world.
Video: Test Apparatus Uncovers the Flaws of Football Helmets
8/7/2014   Post a comment
Using sensors and a specialized test stand, engineers are discovering that the root causes of head trauma may lie in a complex pattern of forces that today’s helmets aren’t equipped to handle.
RISC-V: An Open Standard for SoCs
8/7/2014   65 comments
Just as Linux has become the standard OS for most computing devices, Berkeley researchers envision RISC-V becoming the standard ISA for all computing devices.
Engineering for the Next-Generation Network Base Station
8/6/2014   Post a comment
The base station and the hardware inside have the chance to make or break the effectiveness of an IoT.
Building a Low-Cost Theremin
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/6/2014   19 comments
The Theremini looks uber-cool -- truly a Theremin for the 21st century. The only problem is the $299 price tag.
The Increasingly Interconnected Datacenter
8/6/2014   Post a comment
To understand the challenges posed by an IoT within the datacenter one needs to appreciate where the value of an IoT is generated. To facilitate the need for high bandwidth, low latency, and energy efficient interconnect within a datacenter, AMD's SeaMicro SM15000 servers incorporate state-of-the-art Freedom Fabric.
RC Receiver Project: When & How to Access/Measure a Signal?
8/6/2014   4 comments
While working on his RC submarine project, Adam Carlson has run into a problem. He's hoping other members of the EETimes community will share some suggestions.
Programmable Wireless Systems Set to Change the Landscape
8/6/2014   Post a comment
Combining an FPRF with an FPGA that has on-chip processors and high-speed serial transceivers provides a powerful solution to small-cell design challenges.
Energy Harvesters Still Ripening
8/6/2014   3 comments
Vibration-based energy harvesters are among the few energy harvesters beyond small solar cells now becoming ripe for commercial use, says an Imec researcher.
Creating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: Straightening the Wire
8/6/2014   28 comments
Creating an 8x8x8 3D tri-color LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks, not least of which is straightening the tinned copper wire used to connect everything together.
What Next? Robot Cemeteries?
8/6/2014   15 comments
Japan daily discovers more unintended consequences associated with the aging population of pet robots. It's hard enough to see your parents age. It's equally hard to see your pet robot grow old.
PSoC 4 Emulation of a MSGEQ7 Audio Spectrum Analyzer
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/5/2014   11 comments
Applications engineer Sree Harsha Angara has used a programmable SoC to create an exact replica of a MSGEQ7 audio spectrum analyzer IC.
Revisiting a 1980s iPad
8/5/2014   34 comments
Back in the 1980s, a well-dressed man-about-town might have been carrying a simple digital diary like a CASIO SF-7500.
Watch & Learn: Reducing Time-to-Support
8/5/2014   1 comment
If you are a chip designer trying to find answers about how to use EDA tools to solve a design problem, then time is of the essence, especially if your questions are pertinent to your own design flow.
IBM, GF Explore New Partners
8/4/2014   5 comments
Globalfoundries is focused on getting to 14 nm as fast as possible, so reports that it turned down a deal to buy IBM's two fabs for $2 billion make sense.
The World's Most Hackable Cars
8/4/2014   1 comment
Researchers find 2014 models of Dodge Viper, Audi A8, Honda Accord are the least likely to be hit by hackers.
MSGEQ7-Based DIY Audio Spectrum Analyzer: Software & Timing
Max’s Cool Beans  
8/4/2014   6 comments
In which we discover some potential "gotchas" with regard to constructing a simple 14-band (2 x 7) audio spectrum analyzer using two MSGEQ7s and a chipKIT or Arduino microcontroller development platform.
EV Battery Management Gets More Intelligent
8/4/2014   Post a comment
The EV battery management system is being more broadly redefined, so that it can be responsible for battery fault detection and reaction, control and monitoring, system-level thermal management, and security/brand protection.
Don’t Trust the Indicators
8/3/2014   3 comments
LEDs on fiber-optic connectors falsely indicated good links.
Whisper Shouts Flexibility Sacrificed in Pursuit of Volume
8/1/2014   4 comments
Imagination is moving away from software defined radio and back to a more traditional approach with its Whisper radio processor unit.
PCIe Disk Drive Needs New Tests?
8/1/2014   Post a comment
On the edge of deployment, it's time to create a new test environment for new PCIe technology.
The Coming Revolution in Desktop Pick-and-Place Machines
8/1/2014   9 comments
For today's super-small components, hobbyists desperately need a Maker version of an assembly robot -- a 3D printer-type device that makes and assembles circuit boards.
Emulation: Have It Your Way
8/1/2014   2 comments
"Have it your way" seems like just the right strategy to get a chip design verified correctly.
Engineers Solve Analog/Digital Problem, Invent Creative Expletives
Engineering Investigations  
8/1/2014   11 comments
An analog engineer and a digital engineer join forces, use their respective skills, and pull a few bunnies out of a hat to troubleshoot a system with which they are completely unfamiliar.
Friday Quiz: EMC & ESD
8/1/2014   3 comments
Get your EMC/ESD head in gear for the 2014 EMC Symposium with these questions.
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