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Who Needs 64-Bit or 8-Cores?
1/31/2014   3 comments
Spreadtrum's latest news shows there is still a great deal of growth left in 3G smartphones for cost-effective 32-bit SoCs.
Doing Math in FPGAs, Part 4 (Fixed-Point)
1/31/2014   8 comments
There are as many ways to implement fixed-point as there are people trying to implement it. This is Tom Burke's implementation.
Smart Nixie Tube Kickstarter Project to Drool Over
1/31/2014   11 comments
I just ran across an amazingly cool Kickstarter project that mixes two of my favorite things -- Arduinos and Nixie Tubes.
Management for Engineers: Don't Be a 'Pointy-Haired Manager'
1/31/2014   14 comments
Almost every engineer knows about the "Pointy-Haired Manager" and other management stereotypes.
How Not to Give an Insulin Injection to a Diabetic Dog
1/31/2014   28 comments
It's easy to become confused by what the vet tells you. The results can be disastrous.
Homemade Portable 8-Bit Computing
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/31/2014   2 comments
Missing the fun of programming a TI-84, but wanting something with a few more features, Jack set out to make something new.
Wearables Create Immersive Fiction
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/31/2014   Post a comment
The future of wearables just might not be exactly what most people think! What about entertainment and immersion?
Defensive Designing for Displays
1/30/2014   4 comments
Aubrey Kagan wants to reduce the probability of problems and ensure the system can recover gracefully if (when) they occur.
Cloud-RAN: Emergence in Heterogeneity
1/30/2014   Post a comment
Using programmable logic devices is the most effective way to address the fluid and continuously improving algorithmic and connectivity function requirements in Cloud-RAN.
The Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Meets Led Zeppelin
1/30/2014   14 comments
They don't make music like they used to.
3 Google Moves Signal End of Smartphone Era
1/30/2014   54 comments
Connect the dots among the three big moves Google made this month to dump Motorola, snatch up Nest, and make peace with Samsung, and what do you get? I see the end of the smartphone era.
Is It Time to Jump on the Graphene Bandwagon?
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/30/2014   3 comments
Yole is predicting that the market will move from $11 million in 2013 to $141 million in 2024 for opto and electronic use alone -- a pretty healthy increase.
LPC UARTS Reduce Board Space 8x
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/30/2014   Post a comment
If you’re looking for serial connectivity for factory automation, process controllers, network routers, and single board embedded computers, especially in a small form factor, look no further.
Robots, Jobs & Personal Responsibility
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/30/2014   12 comments
Is the rise of robotics really that much of a surprise?
EcoBot Turns Waste Into Power
1/30/2014   2 comments
This robot uses sewage waste as a fuel source and works to clear sewer blockages.
What They Didn't Tell You in Engineering School, Part 1
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/30/2014   19 comments
Surprisingly enough, engineering school doesn't teach you everything.
Building a Thermochromic Curved Display
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/30/2014   8 comments
An interesting homemade display takes a different path than usual with surprisingly good results.
Ideal Scope for Hacking PCBs at Home
1/29/2014   41 comments
Having one's own oscilloscope may cause pain for one's wallet, but it's a sacrifice we must make to get a fully functional laboratory at home.
A Kaleidoscopic View of Finite State Machine Design
1/29/2014   1 comment
This article explores an EDA tool that acts as a kaleidoscope for FSM designers, because it provides different views of an FSM design.
Cellular Controlled, 3D Printed, Rodent Chaser
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/29/2014   3 comments
Scratch scratch scratch... Are those rats? Better build a robot to go investigate!
Slideshow: LEDs Light Up Detroit Auto Show
1/29/2014   6 comments
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are chipping away at the century-old automotive lighting market in ways that no one foresaw even five years ago.
Shrinket, the DIY Trinket Clone
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/28/2014   Post a comment
Building a clone isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it is a fulfilling and fun project.
AMD Delivers With ARM
1/28/2014   11 comments
AMD announces its first ARM v8 server processor codenamed Seattle based on the ARM Cortex-A57 CPU core, from Open Compute Summit.
Power Tip 67: Improve Discontinuous Flyback Efficiency With Synchronous Rectifiers
Power Tips  
1/28/2014   Post a comment
You cannot make a self-driven synchronous rectifier for the discontinuous flyback converter. There are both current transformer-driven and semiconductor circuits to accomplish this. The latter have a size and cost advantage, but may need a buffer to properly interface with the high voltage and currents found in power supplies.
Datacenter Utilization Boosted
1/28/2014   1 comment
Stanford researchers create an automated tool for managing datacenter resources that can boost utilization 47 percent.
My Favorite Troubleshooting Tools
1/28/2014   9 comments
TDRs rank high on Tom Burke's list, but simple tools also help.
DesignCon Revs to 28 G, Beyond
1/27/2014   7 comments
Here are eight hot sessions on high-speed design -- many driven by the move to 100G Ethernet -- at least some of which Rick Merritt hopes to see this week.
Automated Face Analysis Gets Real
1/27/2014   2 comments
Face analysis algorithms can now make a pretty good guess at age and gender, but face recognition is admittedly not yet perfect.
PCB/FPGA Power Architectures, Part 1
1/27/2014   Post a comment
The first stage in defining the power architecture of a system is a determination of all the voltage rails and the currents drawn by each of these rails.
Video: People Are Awesome
1/27/2014   4 comments
There are so many amazing clips that it's hard to choose among them, but one sequence did catch Max Maxfield's eye.
Nvidia’s G-Sync Nears Gamers' Nirvana
1/27/2014   11 comments
The Holy Grail in computer graphics and in particular games is the suspension of disbelief. If the graphics are good enough the player will become immersed and lose himself in the game.
Pain of MCU Software Development Stings Without a Process
1/27/2014   8 comments
You realize just how much your OJT (on-the-job training) in software engineering was lacking when a planeload of FBI agents comes to get stuff fixed.
Migrate a PCB Design to DDR4 SDRAMs
1/27/2014   1 comment
What are the challenges and best ways forward when migrating an embedded PCB design from DDR3 SDRAM to DDR4?
80s Wearables: Puma & Adidas Were Ahead of the Game
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/27/2014   9 comments
The concept of the wearable fitness tracker was already tried in the 80s but met with harsh criticism. What does this mean for the wearable future?
Spreading Microcontroller Love Through Free Blinky PCBs
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/27/2014   Post a comment
Giving away toys is always good, but giving away toys that can help you learn microcontrollers is great!
Starting a Company: A Great Adventure
1/27/2014   7 comments
Anyone who has ever started a technology company knows what it's like to design and assemble that first product.
Raspberry Pi Drives Lego Car
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/24/2014   2 comments
Lego and engineering crash together to create an amazingly fun toy yet again. This time, there's a Raspberry Pi in the mix.
IP Core Business Is Survey's Focus
1/24/2014   2 comments
The Global Semiconductor Alliance has opened an updated version of its survey of industry practices for licensing IP cores.
Profiles in Design: Thomas Pawlowski
1/24/2014   2 comments
"The most valuable people are the ones who can integrate the most different disciplines."
Video: Vacuum Tubes Lit With Tri-Colored LEDs
1/24/2014   9 comments
The latest experiments combining antique vacuum tubes with tri-colored LED strips are returning spectacular results.
A Few Good Bits
1/24/2014   3 comments
How many number-related jokes are there?
M2M Test Equipment Will Be Needed & Soon
1/24/2014   4 comments
The growth of machine-to-machine communications will force test-equipment manufacturers to develop new equipment, particularly for installation and maintenance.
6 Giant Spider Bots You Can Ride
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/23/2014   8 comments
One person's nightmare is another's wildest dream. If the thought of giant steel spiders piloted by peculiar individuals sounds good to you, check out these six eight-legged examples.
IBM Exits Hardware in 2020?
1/23/2014   27 comments
I project by 2020 IBM will sell off whatever remains of its semiconductor and server businesses to be a software and services company.
PegLeg, My First Robot
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
1/23/2014   3 comments
Jeremy learned a lot building PegLeg, and he ended up with a pretty neat robot in the end, too!
Using a ZedBoard, Part 1 (Opening the Box)
1/23/2014   3 comments
Adam takes delivery of his ZedBoard boasting a Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC and starts the process of getting it up and running.
Still Full of Spirit and Opportunity—10 Years Later
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/23/2014   Post a comment
Opportunity landed three weeks before its twin, Spirit. Although Spirit stopped communicating with Earth in 2010, Opportunity is still providing scientific results.
Homeland Security Not Amused by Zero-Day Researcher
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/23/2014   5 comments
An advisory was issued by IC-CERT to adopt a fix released for IntegraXor (IGX) industrial control software.
Feature Phones Are Back?
1/23/2014   30 comments
The mobile market has a strange way of refreshing old products and making them new. A case in point is the so-called Bluetooth dialer.
Manufacturing – Hiring or Firing? Is Misery Index Worst in 40 Years?
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
1/23/2014   8 comments
It boggles the mind, the different messages out there as to whether there’s health in the manufacturing job sector, or whether doom and gloom is rapidly gaining ground.
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