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Contract manufacturers are one key to innovation
11/21/2012   3 comments
Outsourced resources provide high skill for low cost. At the heart of those resources are contract manufacturers that are U.S.-based, highly competent and as entrepreneurial as their clients.
Synopsys rolls out upgrade to HAPS
11/20/2012   1 comment
HAPS is going back to its roots with a more modular architecture and takes advantage of some new features in the Virtex 7 architecture giving more capacity and performance…
Taser for kids
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/20/2012   14 comments
Specially engineered for children. Has a lower voltage output and smaller barbed spikes than the popular adult model compliance tool.
Qualcomm overtakes Intel in market capitalization
11/20/2012   1 comment
As Andy Grove famously said: "Only the paranoid survive."
Yoshida in China: China Mobile holds key to LTE winners
11/20/2012   3 comments
Qualcomm’s decisive lead hasn’t stopped companies like MediaTek, Marvell and Spreadtrum from going after the LTE market as the "Qualcomm alternative."
Silicon Valley Nation: Intel's next CEO? Warrior-poet
11/20/2012   4 comments
With Paul Otellini retiring as Intel CEO in May, Intel has an opportunity to make a statement about itself and the electronics industry.
Gene Frantz: Digital signal processing visionary
11/20/2012   4 comments
Gene Frantz and his colleagues realized that the DSP they had designed as a speech synthesis chip was being used in ways they had never imagined.
Slideshow: Looking back at early computers
11/20/2012   11 comments
Highlights from an extensive collection of early minicomputers, mainframes, and instrumentation remind us just how amazing smart phones are.
Fighting fires with fuses
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/20/2012   3 comments
Capdevielle’s day to day job consists of being on the front lines of circuit safety, answering scores of queries on a daily basis from engineers about product design, and where fuses fit in.
London Calling: Intel's 14-nm process delay
11/19/2012   7 comments
Intel Corp. reportedly sent home Irish staffers early from production training in the U.S. after deciding to delay the introduction of 14-nm process in Leixlip, Ireland. What are the implications?
Texas-sized supercomputer rising in Austin
Semi Conscious  
11/19/2012   1 comment
Stampede, featuring the first installation of Intel's Xeon Phi coprocessors, is the seventh most powerful supercomputer in the world.
Counterpoint: R&D tax credit spurs innovation
11/19/2012   12 comments
The U.S. R&D tax credit corrects a serious market failure and spurs U.S. companies to invest in more R&D, creating more jobs, more competitive companies and a stronger U.S. economy.
Dennis Carter: Behind the Intel Inside campaign
11/19/2012   1 comment
Engineer Dennis Carter, the first technical assistant to Intel chief executive Andy Grove, borrowed the consumer-goods industry’s cooperative marketing model to launch the Intel Inside campaign.
Yoshida in Japan: Can Wii U save Renesas?
11/17/2012   9 comments
I am keen to see how the upcoming launch of Nintendo’s Wii U will fare. Why should I care? Because Renesas Electronics has a lot riding on it.
Videoconferencing gets real
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/17/2012   18 comments
Panacast is a new system meant to emulate human visual perspective, in order to achieve real-time video streaming with a 200° field of view.
Silicon Valley Nation: Buckyballs, PCB scavengers and hypocrisy
11/16/2012   12 comments
Should we think more about the consequences of our designs even if it's not directly our problem?
EE Times University: Intel's intelligent systems explained
11/16/2012   Post a comment
Cloud computing has been getting a lot of attention, but it is just a small piece of a bigger trend – the Internet of Things and a new generation of embedded systems. Find out all about it in a series of upcoming webinars…
London Calling: Infineon prepares to hibernate
11/16/2012   4 comments
Like a cross between a German banker and a German bear chip maker Infineon Technologies, is turning down the lights, putting on his nightcap and preparing to go to sleep.
What were they thinking: more patent abuse
11/16/2012   19 comments
I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of the way that our industry is abusing the patent systems and as a result costing tax payers a huge amount of money...
Elon Musk: Gazing at the stars
11/16/2012   6 comments
Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk sold PayPal to eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion and used the funds to launch a batch of startups, including electric car maker Tesla and, grandest of all, Space Exploration Technologies Inc.
SPARC founder: Chip industry sorely needs innovation
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/16/2012   6 comments
All human progress depends on the unreasonable man, said Khosla, lamenting the lack of innovation in the modern chip space and imploring engineers to have the guts to go that one step further, beyond the logical, beyond the assumed possible.
Lincoln, Euclid and mechanical law
11/16/2012   7 comments
In the film, "Lincoln," the 16th president ponders the relevance of Euclid's mechanical law to the Civil War and human freedom.
Chip integration: solving duplicate name conflicts during file merging
11/15/2012   Post a comment
Layout merging is a routine practice in chip design. When this happens, cells from different layout files may have the same name. The choice of how to process these duplicate names depends on the situation.
Why do I need an RTL to GDS flow?
11/15/2012   Post a comment
Flows are a fact of life. You can’t get away with them, but what does a modern flow look like and how could it help your process? Read on…
Yoshida in Japan: Imagination reimagined in Asia
11/15/2012   Post a comment
With its deal to acquire MIPS Technologies, U.K.-based Imagination Technologies is looking to strengthen its position in the booming Asian graphics market.
Hello? It’s Marty. Can you hear me?
11/15/2012   4 comments
Forty years ago, Martin Cooper, a Motorola executive, stood on a street corner in Manhattan and pulled off one of engineering’s biggest public relation coups ever: he made the world’s first call on a handheld, mobile cellular phone—in public—to a colleague at AT&T, a rival in the high-stakes race to develop the technology.
Silicon Valley Nation: Sell your startup or stay?
11/15/2012   5 comments
You're an engineer, you start a fine company and have fun doing it for many years. When do you sell?
EDA Designline blogs and blog roll
11/14/2012   Post a comment
This is a pointer to past EDA Designline commentaries and blogs contained within it.
Collaborative Advantage
11/14/2012   Post a comment
This is a listing of all blogs published under the name of Collaborative Advantage
Company Perks; important or trivial?
11/14/2012   9 comments
Free gourmet food, plush offices, personal training sessions at the corporate gym and time off to develop pet projects; more and more firms are upping the stakes to win potential employees over. But do the perks really matter? And more importantly, do they matter to you?
EDA/IP weekly roundup – November 14th
11/14/2012   Post a comment
Altera, ANSYS, Atrenta, Berkeley, Everspin, Freescale, Imperas, Mentor, Synopsys, X-FAB and Xilinx made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Inside Intel’s Haswell with tour guide David Kanter
11/14/2012   13 comments
Microprocessor analyst David Kanter makes some educated guesses on how Intel's 22-nm Haswell will perform based on an in-depth tour of the architecture.
IP integration is hard
11/14/2012   2 comments
“Integrating IP is hard” explains Atrenta’s Manoj Bhatnagar. That is why TSMC asked for our assistance in creating a set of rules for their IP qualification program…
Sinofsky: Ambitious, abrasive, out of work
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/14/2012   7 comments
While some mourned the loss of a figure dubbed "Microsoft's Steve Jobs" by the press, others claimed it was precisely Sinofsky's Apple-style arrogance that brought him down.
Silicon Valley Nation: Cars in the cloud
11/14/2012   4 comments
What happens when apps surge into automotive electronics? Nervousness, opportunity and innovation.
Munich Calling: Quiet, engineers at work?
11/13/2012   5 comments
The biennial Electronica exhibition and conference got off to a quiet start here on Tuesday (Nov. 13). While the "A" halls, that are home to the semiconductor exhibitors seemed busy enough, certain key indicators, such as the crowds on the subway and in the atrium area prior to the initial opening of the show, seemed smaller than in previous years.
The interoperability model works
11/13/2012   2 comments
Demonstrated interoperability leads to confidence, which leads to deployment, volume and cost reductions.
Yoshida in China: Spreadtrum girds for margin woes
11/13/2012   1 comment
Despite solid Q3 results reported by Spreadtrum, a technology analyst has lowered his rating for Spreadtrum to "hold" from "buy".
Wolfe's Den: Maxim's Heartbeat T-Shirt
11/13/2012   3 comments
Sensors and a mixed-signal-equipped module combine to showcase next-gen medical apps at Electronica 2012.
Virus killer? Manhunt for McAfee founder
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
11/13/2012   6 comments
McAfee's founder is wanted by Belizean police on suspicion that he murdered an American expatriate.
Teacher's corner; circuit building for kids
11/13/2012   4 comments
Finding ways to help young future engineers work with all of this new, inexpensive, very cool technology has become a full time job and not always an easy one.
Circuit protection; shock tactics in real time
Engineering Investigations  
11/12/2012   2 comments
When you’re dealing with something as volatile as electricity, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. At least, that’s what fuse maker Littelfuse believes, and the reason why the firm is putting its not so little weight behind an initiative that promises to deliver rapid responses, in real time, to engineers working on designs requiring circuit protection.
Silicon Valley Nation: Immigration do-over?
11/12/2012   3 comments
Old engineering immigrants may be asking themselves, "Would I do it the same way all over again?"
Man-from Mars Radio Hat
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/12/2012   17 comments
Back in the 1950s, the Radio Hat was a portable radio built into a pith helmet that would bring in stations within a 20 mile (32 km) radius.
Stability at last in DRAM market?
11/12/2012   4 comments
A tectonic shift from PCs to mobile devices is remaking the DRAM market, moving a historically volatile business onto firmer, safer ground.
When you walk through a storm, bring a domain expert
11/12/2012   2 comments
Our colleague and Long Island resident Diana Scheben describes how she and her neighbors survived Hurricane Sandy.
Consumers staying away from high-end PCs
Semi Conscious  
11/9/2012   25 comments
More bad news for the PC industry: Consumers think low-end and mid-range models will do just fine.
Silicon Valley Nation: Intel's Itanium-Xeon conundrum
11/9/2012   Post a comment
Will the processor giant merge two high-end CPUs or stay the course?
Geek Hat competition at Design West 2013
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/9/2012   10 comments
How exciting! I just heard that there is to be a Geek Hat competition at the Design West 2013 Conference and Exhibition.
What were they thinking: Christmas in October
11/9/2012   8 comments
I was dismayed the other day when I went into a department store and they were playing Christmas music. It almost made me want to leave the store...
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As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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