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GPS-Driven, FPGA-Decoded Nixie Tube Speedometer, Part 1
11/29/2013   13 comments
What can we say? Nixie tubes are vintage-looking and bring a warm fuzzy feeling to the party.
Monolithic 3D IC Technologies
11/28/2013   9 comments
In this installment of our 3D IC mini-series, we ponder the use of esoteric materials and monolithic 3D IC technologies.
Circuit Design in FinFET Technologies: Evolution or Revolution?
11/27/2013   6 comments
Will FinFET's benefits outweigh the costs of using the new process? Here are some things that could affect the learning and cost curve.
CAN Transceivers Meet Stringent EMC/ESD Requirements
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/27/2013   5 comments
Creating design industrial and automotive systems that meet or exceed EMC and ESD requirements without external noise filtering is a challenge -- but it just got easier.
What Do You Get When You Put a Sensor on a Simple Screw?
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/27/2013   7 comments
It’s the simplest of concepts, now that someone has invented it. While the headline sounds like a joke, this is anything but, and the potential for the invention is amazing.
On Space, Gravity & Gratitude
11/27/2013   20 comments
The movie Gravity is a decent two-hour diversion for the holidays, but there are more delightful distractions that are more science and less fiction.
The State of the Art in 3D IC Technologies
11/27/2013   6 comments
In this installment of our 3D IC mini-series, we ponder the current state-of-the-art 3D IC technologies.
Countdown: Top Industrial Control Blogs/Opinion/News Articles for 2013—Part 1
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Now that’s we’ve looked at the top feature articles on the Industrial Control DesignLine for 2013, it’s time to see the top blogs/opinions and news for the year.
The World Before 3D ICs
11/26/2013   3 comments
There's still a lot of confusion about 3D ICs. Let's start by considering the way of the world before they existed.
CMOS, CCDs Invade Space Imagers
11/26/2013   7 comments
Both CMOS imagers and charge-coupled devices have roles to play in the future of space imaging.
3D Stacks Need Lower Costs, Broader Backing
11/26/2013   13 comments
A recent gathering at Georgia Tech showed the emerging technology for 3D chip stacking needs to come down in costs and get broader backing from designers and managers.
Soldering Course & Competition at EE Live! 2014?
11/26/2013   51 comments
If we held a soldering competition, I'm sure that we could organize some sort of cool prize, but the real reward would be the bragging rights.
3D Printing an Itty Bitty Pen Plotter
11/26/2013   5 comments
This tiny pen plotter is not only adorable, it is cheap and easy to build as well.
What Do We Mean by FPGA Reliability?
11/26/2013   16 comments
Reliability is a multi-dimensional problem that can have some very unfortunate (possibly career-limiting) consequences when things go wrong.
Free Online Workshop – Fundamentals of MCUs – Starts Dec 2
11/26/2013   2 comments
The rapid rate at which MCU technologies are progressing is quickly tearing a chasm in knowledge base of many engineers. This course will help bring you up to date.
Earth to EE CEOs: Know When to Delegate
11/26/2013   4 comments
You're an electrical engineer turned entrepreneur morphing into a chief executive officer. Learning to delegate is a skill that may keep your business alive -- and you (and the people around you) out of the madhouse.
Live Chat Dec. 3: DesignCon 2014
11/26/2013   6 comments
DesignCon 2014 is coming in January. Let's chat all things DesignCon on December 3, 2013.
Whither My Solder?
11/25/2013   48 comments
I personally think that everyone in the industry should know how to solder, but I also agree that it's no longer a requirement.
Building a Pick & Place Machine At Home
11/25/2013   10 comments
Brian Dorey was sick of having to populate PCBs with surface mount parts by hand, so he did something about it.
Voltage Is Not Power (But We Still Need It)
11/25/2013   10 comments
You can't have one without the other. We need voltage to drive the current, and we need current to deliver power to a load. Higher voltage alone is nice but not enough.
PCB Designers Frustrated by Cost-Cutting Managers
11/25/2013   9 comments
Some of these tales of torment leave you not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
Circuit Scribe Draws Circuits Quick & Clean
11/25/2013   Post a comment
Draw circuits quickly and easily. No more waiting for globby conductive inks to dry.
Crusty Bits: Crusty on ICE (The Lattice iCEstick evaluation board)
11/22/2013   12 comments
Crusty's laptop is sprouting hardware in the form of an FPGA-based USB iCEstick from Lattice Semiconductor.
Building a Mind-Boggling Infinity Mirror, Part 1
11/22/2013   8 comments
Infinity mirrors can look incredibly cool, and they really aren't all that expensive or difficult to build.
Why We Need Big Data & Connected Cars
11/22/2013   16 comments
How we drive is set for major changes as the rise of advanced driver assistance systems, connected cars, and big data analytics make mobility quicker, safer, and greener.
Intel Nears Foundry Inflection Point
11/22/2013   15 comments
With revenues flat, capex expenses near historic highs and no hot smartphone chips in 2014, Intel faces a pivot point in foundry.
Building Circuits in Augmented Reality
11/21/2013   6 comments
A video demo of an augmented reality circuit design system has swept us off our feet. We're in love.
Engineering Is Much More Than 'Engineering Decisions'
11/21/2013   32 comments
Gaining a better understanding of business will make you a better engineer. It may lead you to new fields or help you define a new product for your company.
Raspberry Pi & Arduino Save Goldie the Goldfish
11/21/2013   Post a comment
An engineer uses Raspberry Pi and Arduino to conquer his poor pet management skills.
Stop Losing Time Tuning PID Controllers
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/21/2013   4 comments
If you're wasting time tuning PID controllers, here's a time-saving single-tuning parameter covering both position and speed.
What Batteries Should Power My Arduino Robot?
11/21/2013   18 comments
In the process of designing my robot I'm discovering more and more things I don't know. My latest area of confusion involves the batteries used to power my platform.
GertDuino: An Arduino for Your Raspberry Pi
11/21/2013   11 comments
Gert Van Loo, one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi, is back with another fantastic add-on that will prove invaluable to many.
60% of Industrial Control Industry Fails Miserably at Security
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/21/2013   1 comment
The industrial sector fails miserably at risk-based security management.
Countdown: Top Industrial Control Articles for 2013, Part 3
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
11/21/2013   2 comments
Here are the top four feature articles of 2013. As you'll see, some have been popular for years.
Qualcomm Ups the Mobile Ante
11/21/2013   10 comments
Mobile processor leader Qualcomm used its analyst day to rev its product line, upping the ante on competitors angling for the hot smartphone market.
Can Embedded Development Work in the Cloud? Come Chat About It
11/20/2013   9 comments
Cloud-based development tools are common for web applications, but could they work well for embedded systems development? Join our live chat to offer your opinions and insights.
DIY First-Person Camera for R/C Planes
11/20/2013   Post a comment
Commercial first-person view kits exist, but we certainly can all learn from Oscar Liang's experiment building one.
Power Tip 65: Power Supply Implications of Envelope Tracking
Power Tips  
11/20/2013   Post a comment
Envelope tracking requires a high-bandwidth power supply with the ability to source and sink current, which complicates the design.
Where Are All the Medical Breakthroughs?
11/20/2013   7 comments
Innovation in medical electronics is hard due to technical, legal, and financial conditions, but new regulatory structures could help.
The Mill: Ivan Godard Explains a Revolutionary New CPU
11/20/2013   4 comments
Not everyone working on CPU architecture is with one of the big manufacturers.
Wrapping One's Brain Around Metastability
11/20/2013   2 comments
Design expert Adam Taylor explains the mysteries of VHDL-based FPGA design. In this column, he explores how metastability can be triggered in registers.
An LED Cube Build, in Pictures
11/20/2013   9 comments
If you've seen an LED cube, you've only seen half the fun. In this picture series you can follow along with the construction!
Mars Explorer MAVEN Makes Picture-Perfect Launch
11/20/2013   4 comments
NASA is Mars-bound again. Eric Bogatin describes the atmosphere at a MAVEN launch event and the instruments, now hurtling toward Mars, that will collect data on atmosphere.
Strange Brews: Designs That Shouldn't Involve a PCB, but Do!
11/19/2013   12 comments
Here are some designs we were not sure should involve a PCB, but they ended up doing so.
Is White House Executive Order on Cybersecurity Enough?
11/19/2013   4 comments
Can private industry effectively manage itself in regards to maintaining cybersecurity, or is The White House Executive Order on Cybersecurity enough?
ARM's Got Leverage in Intel Battle
11/19/2013   16 comments
ARM currently has an edge over industry heavyweight Intel in a battle of architectures and ecosystems that is reshaping mobile and server industries.
11/19/2013   4 comments
If the rest of the world can have tweets of first-world complaints and problems, why not engineers?
Embedded Vision: Who's Watching Whom & Why
11/18/2013   24 comments
Imaging technology is no longer just about the never-ending megapixel race among CMOS image sensors. As market focus shifts to "vision" processing, the industry has drawn a new battle line.
Eeek! UK Newspaper Says I'm 'The World's Go-To Techno Guy'
11/18/2013   31 comments
It constantly amazes me how many people my mother knows. When you couple this with the fact she is a diva on the iPad, you never know what's going to happen next.
Speaking on IoT & Hardware at EE Live
11/18/2013   1 comment
Share your knowledge with the design community. Submit your speaking proposals for two EE Live Summits -- Hardware Startup and IoT -- by November 26.
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