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Friday Quiz: Bipolar Transistors
11/28/2014   16 comments
Remember basic transistor physics? Let's see if you really do.
Potential Pot of Gold in Mobile Marketing
11/28/2014   5 comments
Fasten your seat belts. Marketing via mobile devices will be $15 billion industry in 2019.
Nexus 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: Phablet Deathmatch
11/27/2014   1 comment
There's never been a better time to buy a big-screen phone. Here's how the Google Nexus 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus stack up.
Europe vs. Google
11/26/2014   28 comments
Google may not give much thanks for the gift Europe is about to hand it on Thanksgiving this year.
Stephen Hawking: How He Speaks & Spells
11/26/2014   16 comments
The technology that helped resurrect the life of Stephen Hawking after the physicist was stricken by Lou Gehrig's disease.
Book Review: Deadly Odds by Allen Wyler
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
11/26/2014   32 comments
This is a great read that will have you on the edge of your seat shouting things like "Don't answer that telephone!"
Supercapacitors: A New Hero in the Spotlight
11/26/2014   1 comment
Today’s supercapacitors are being used to replace rechargeable batteries in applications such as electric/hybrid vehicles, wearables, and more.
Your Part in the Recovery
11/25/2014   7 comments
Engineers and innovators are central to the slow but ongoing economic recovery, a top economist told a recent gathering of semiconductor executives.
It's Alive! The 3D Printing of Living Tissues
11/25/2014   6 comments
Within a generation, we likely will not just hear of things like 3D-printed hearts serving as models, but as real, functioning organs.
Curiosity Killed the Cat (Just Call Me Mr. Curiosity)
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/25/2014   30 comments
Max desperately needs a cat deterrent, but how should this work? A 50,000V electric shock? Vaporization by high-powered lasers? Teleportation to another dimension?
Reading Memory: Diagnostics, Datacenters & Failures
11/25/2014   1 comment
Here’s a roundup of recent design articles that are relevant to those working with or on memory technologies
Reduce Noise When Making M-PHY Measurements
11/25/2014   Post a comment
To make useful measurements on M-PHY Gear 3, you need a low-noise measurement system because of the low-amplitude signals.
Scaling Up Text Rendering on Scaled-Down Devices
11/24/2014   1 comment
The need to support a widening range of languages and font sizes is pushing the bitmap approach up against the tight resource constraints in low-end devices.
What Is Design-to-Cost & Why Does It Matter?
11/24/2014   3 comments
Design-to-Cost should be part of your design process. With a committed team and the right tools, you can reduce product costs and improve your competitive position.
The 10 Commandments of Electronics
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/24/2014   69 comments
Although these "commandments" are presented in a jocular manner, they also embody some useful advice.
Broadband Demand Hits the High Seas
11/24/2014   5 comments
Cruise ship operators Royal Caribbean and Carnival are exploring new ways to provide on-board Internet access, highlighting advances in remote connectivity.
Creating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: The Base PCB
11/21/2014   21 comments
Creating an 8x8x8 3D tri-color LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks, including designing the base PCB on which the cube will be mounted.
Allocating MCU Resources Accurately
11/21/2014   14 comments
When you need a new MCU and new I/O for a project, how do you choose among the many and confusing alternatives?
AMD Integrates X86, GPU & I/O
11/21/2014   Post a comment
Early next year, AMD will ship Carrizo, its most integrated x86 processor to date, combining I/O with -- in some versions -- new x86 and GPU cores.
Test Your Way to a Better IoT
11/21/2014   Post a comment
Better design and test procedures will lead to much lower maintenance costs than for systems where those precautions have not been taken.
How to Help STEM the Tide of Unfilled Tech Jobs
11/21/2014   18 comments
How do we inspire the next generation to be creators, not just consumers, of technology?
Culture Is King in Job Search
11/21/2014   15 comments
Programmers, web developers, and software engineers often assume that technical skills land jobs and lead to career success, but in today’s startup landscape, company culture is king.
Friday Quiz: More Radar
11/21/2014   Post a comment
An EE Times reader submitted our second Friday quiz about radar.
Want to Present a Paper at ESC Boston 2015?
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/20/2014   9 comments
If you are interested in presenting a paper on the technical stage or at the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation, here's how to submit an abstract.
The Messe U-Bahn Crush Business Indicator
11/20/2014   Post a comment
Electronica's healthy glow means good things for Europe's electronics sector.
What Are You Wearing?
11/20/2014   6 comments
The wearables market is at $6 billion this year and is expected to rise to $33 billion by 2019. What are you wearing? What will you be wearing soon?
Qualcomm Takes Aim at Servers
11/20/2014   8 comments
Qualcomm has become the sixth company to announce plans to build ARM-based server SoCs, likely focusing at least in part on opportunities in wireless infrastructure.
How Do You Scale/Score a Scoville?
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/19/2014   87 comments
How do you actually determine how hot a pepper is? What is a Scoville when it's at home, and how do we set about measuring one?
No 2014 Punkin Chunkin, What Will You Do?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/19/2014   2 comments
The annual competition where machines hurl pumpkins didn't happen this year, but it should return in November 2015.
FPGA-Based Prototyping: Big Design – Small Budget?
11/19/2014   Post a comment
Recent advancements in partitioning, debug, and scalability have made FPGA-based prototyping the ideal solution for even the largest ASIC/SoC designs.
H-1B Visas: What to Expect in 2015
11/19/2014   12 comments
Demand for new H-1B visas will continue to outstrip supply -- likely by an even wider margin -- in 2015. Here's guidance for employers and employees.
Secure Software Needs a Process
11/19/2014   5 comments
Processes exist but have yet to be broadly applied for developing reliable and secure software, says Dave Hughes, founder of HCC Embedded.
Pico Computing Takes SC14 by Storm With HMC-Based Products
11/18/2014   12 comments
The big thing in the Hybrid Memory Cube space that Pico Computing is unveiling at SC14 is the EX-850, which includes a single Xilinx UltraScale device and 8 HMCs.
The Phoenard Arduino-Compatible Prototyping Gadget
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/18/2014   3 comments
Though it's based on the same eight-bit Atmel MCU as the Arduino Mega, the Phoenard boasts so much additional functionality that it makes your head spin.
UWB Returns as a GPS for IoT
11/18/2014   Post a comment
Ultrawideband technology (a.k.a. impulse radio) is staging a comeback as a technique to add localization for a wide range of uses in the Internet of Things.
RTL Power Estimation: The Pursuit of Perfection
11/18/2014   3 comments
Getting to really useful RTL power estimation is hard work and requires constantly refining correlation at the component level, at the module level, and at the detailed architectural level.
Het Nets, Indoor Coverage Drive LTE-A Test
11/18/2014   Post a comment
As demand for mobile data increases, LTE-A is being deployed to meet that demand, but it will need help from small, local cells.
The Role of QA
Break Points  
11/17/2014   Post a comment
Delivering high quality doesn't mean leaning on QA to find your errors. Quality assurance is not supposed to find bugs.
Ethernet Revs Base-T Rates
11/14/2014   Post a comment
A standard in the works called Enterprise Access BASE-T is meant to support next-generation WiFi access points.
Stuxnet 'Patient Zero' Attack Targets Revealed
11/14/2014   Post a comment
Researchers name five Iranian industrial control systems companies attacked in 2009-2010, and they question whether USB sticks were really the method of infection.
Gimme an MMU!
Break Points  
11/14/2014   11 comments
Software is inherently fragile. A memory management unit can prop it up.
Friday Quiz: Eye Diagrams & Jitter
11/14/2014   11 comments
DesignCon 2015 is coming. It's time to learn about oscilloscopes, jitter, and signal integrity.
Happy Dance Around a Volcano
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/13/2014   56 comments
Max is now the proud owner of a 50-year old Sirram Volcano Kettle, which is impervious to the wind and rain and therefore ideal for holidaying in England.
Why Samsung Dragged Nvidia’s Customer in GPU Fight
11/13/2014   12 comments
The Korean electronics giant countersued Nvidia in graphics IP fight, and dragged Nvidia customer Velocity Micro into the fight.
Not-Spots Now... Really?
11/13/2014   3 comments
The Battle of Britain: Political attempts to stamp out the not-spot run afoul of the Home Office.
Plunify's InTime Now Supports Altera FPGAs & SoCs
11/13/2014   Post a comment
InTime is design optimization software that harnesses computing resources and machine learning to rapidly generate optimized strategies for solving FPGA design problems.
That Simple Sense Resistor Isn't So Simple
11/12/2014   18 comments
Using a low-value sense resistor is a common technique for measuring current through a load, but applying even this simple component for such a basic, straightforward application has its subtleties and tradeoffs.
Making the Grade in Industrial Design
Engineering Investigations  
11/12/2014   16 comments
Commercial, industrial, and military-grade designs are about more than paper specs. They're about human nature.
Rosetta & the Comet Landing
Engineering Pop Culture!  
11/12/2014   54 comments
The Rosetta spacecraft has a landing craft, Philae, which is today leaving the mother ship and making a 7 hour, 1 km journey to land on comet 67P.
Book Review: Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
11/12/2014   1 comment
This near-classic EMC book, now in its third edition, keeps pace with today's radiated emissions problems using easy-to-understand examples.
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