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Content posted in December 2001
Closer Look: The industry's crystal ball is broken
12/28/2001   Post a comment
With such widely varying estimates, what 2002 market figure is one to believe? Probably the one true answer is that no one really knows. The days of relatively predictable customers and measurable increases in chip supply may be over. The market collapse in 2001 caught forecasters and everyone else in the chip industry by surprise, and its turnaround is just as uncertain.
Closer Look: A holiday thanks for those who help
12/22/2001   Post a comment
September 11 gave new meaning to the outreach of high tech industry volunteers. In 32 years of this annual Christmas column recognizing corporate Good Samaritans, rarely has charitable service gotten such widespread public attention. I couldn't begin to list the myriad selfless deeds that industry workers rendered to aid victims' families and rescue teams in both New York and Washington. Just one accolade to the legion of corporate volunteers who came after work hours to Ground Zero to staff f
Closer Look: What will happen to Hynix Semiconductor?
12/19/2001   Post a comment
Now that the fate of Toshiba's DRAM operations appears to be settled, the next question is: What happens to Hynix Semiconductor?
Distributors are the contractors of the supply chain
12/19/2001   Post a comment
Supplier-authorized distributors will always have a vital role in the electronic component supply chain. No other entity combines the services, resources, experience, and expertise to manage the complex role of connecting product with customers at the right time with the right quantity and the right part. The events of Sept. 11 demonstrated the pretenders to this role are like the emperor with no clothes.
Closer Look: The sun is setting on Japanese fabs in the U.S.
12/12/2001   Post a comment
It's sayonara for Japanese fabs in the U.S. Once they sprung up as profusely as bamboo shoots. Now, emblematic of the Land of the Falling Semiconductor, most Japanese chip makers have closed or severely cut back their vanguard American fabs.
Closer Look: Here comes yet another DDR memory
12/5/2001   Post a comment
Get ready for the DDR-IIa 600-MHz SDRAM -- if Intel Corp. and a few memory chip makers have their way. The next generation baseline DDR-II memory chip isn't on the market yet, but a higher speed version for servers and workstations is being aggressively pushed this week at an industry JEDEC meeting in Hawaii.
Executive Comment: The search for the perfect MCU
12/4/2001   Post a comment
Unlike most technology products, the history of the 8-bit embedded microcontroller has been surprisingly stable.
Opinion: Avoiding the fee-for-services squeeze
12/3/2001   Post a comment
Distributors are understandably enthusiastic about new fee-for-services pricing models. Their business exists to solve the problems customers have in sourcing, acquiring, handling and using products. Historically, they have been "paid" for these specific tasks and functions in a marketing channel or supply chain in the form of gross profit. But electronic components distributors have fallen into a trap by providing services beyond product fulfillment "for free" to generate competitive advantag

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