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Top 7 memory news stories for 2012
12/29/2012   Post a comment
Mergers, maturing technologies, and manufacturing moves.
Top 10 engineering Kickstarter projects
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/28/2012   8 comments
Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has enjoyed yet another spectacular year of growth, with some incredible wins for engineering startups. Come and see some of the highest funded projects from 2012.
What were they thinking: changes to design patents
12/28/2012   14 comments
The US Congress loves to tinker rather than tackle big issues. This year they tinkered with design patent law...
A Christmas in the Sierras
12/28/2012   1 comment
A handful of peers from Silicon Valley were among the 56 souls with whom I spent the Christmas holiday in an old ski lodge in the snow-crusted Sierras.
Commentary: Electronics outlook seems dreary; in fact it's the opposite
12/28/2012   1 comment
Innovation-inspired confidence fuels the future, rather than pessimism.
Do you deserve a Christmas bonus?
12/24/2012   9 comments
Did you slave the year away and not get a bonus? Did you expect one?
Silicon Valley Nation: Five epic road trips
12/21/2012   1 comment
I spent most of 2012 on the road interviewing engineers. Here are five of the coolest stories.
Samsung and partners create 14nm FinFET test chips
12/21/2012   Post a comment
Samsung, Cadence, ARM, Synopsys and Mentor all work together to create 14nm FinFET test vehicles that will help to hone the process for production…
What were they thinking: Triskaidekaphobians prepare
12/21/2012   12 comments
Many people suffer from triskaidekaphobia and so this coming year is going to be very difficult for them, but there is good news…
Asian-Americans dominating tech?
12/21/2012   32 comments
After some dubious number crunching, the San Jose Mercury News claims Silicon Valley has been taken over by an Asian-American invasion.
Silicon Valley Nation: Processor speed kings crowned
12/20/2012   Post a comment
Want to know who's got the fastest CPUs and GPUs? Ask gamers. (Hint: AMD and Intel.)
Happy, inspiring video – "Bring Me Sunshine"
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
12/20/2012   4 comments
Someone just sent out a link to a really good video that made me feel really happy (I'm still smiling as I pen these words)
A look back on 2012: Semiconductor
12/20/2012   Post a comment
What advances were made in semiconductors and chips during 2012? This collection from my survey will fill you in...
System Hyper Pipelining = 16 MCU cores on a Spartan-6 LX9 FPGA
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
12/20/2012   11 comments
My friend Tobias has been working on a rather cool technology called System Hyper Pipelining in which he uses registers to multiply the functionality of IP cores.
Altium introduces “Ideas”
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
12/20/2012   1 comment
I just received news of a rather interesting offering from those clever guys and gals at Altium…
Energy harvesting + sensor network nodes = autonomous sensor network nodes
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
12/20/2012   2 comments
My friend Luiz would like to share his paper that introduces the non-specialized reader to two combined technologies: energy harvesting and sensor network nodes.
EE Life's year in captions
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/20/2012   1 comment
It's been quite a year! Here at EE Life, we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to show you some of the very best cartoons and captions from the past 12 months. Here's to more killer captions in 2013!
EE Times Pub quiz rocked the house!
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/19/2012   Post a comment
Engineers descended on Mountain View to drink beer, eat onion rings and answer some taxing trivia for EE Times' first pub quiz.
Is there a Verilog or VHDL online course?
12/19/2012   7 comments
Hmmm, this is an interesting question. It all started with that online FPGA course I gave last week…
TI and University of Florida student collaborate on FRAM research
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
12/19/2012   1 comment
I just heard about a rather interesting university research story that improved upon the FRAM technology used in TI’s MSP430 Wolverine platform.
A look back on 2012 - Verification
12/19/2012   Post a comment
What advances were made in verification tools and flows during 2012? This collection from my survey will fill you in...
EDA/IP weekly roundup – December 19th
12/19/2012   Post a comment
Agilent, CEVA, Gartner, M31, MIPS and Mentor made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Oregon courts Azalea project, says report
12/19/2012   3 comments
Oregon could be seeking to bid against New York as the site for a wafer fab, according The Oregonian newspaper. The publication reports that Business Oregon, the state's economic development agency, is working with a company under the codename Azalea.
The 'ponderous chain' that keeps jobs overseas
12/19/2012   21 comments
Resident Luddite David Benjamin ponders the parallels between the global supply chain and the Dickensian "ponderous chains" that Jacob Marley forged in life.
Silicon Valley Nation: Semiconductor jobs problem
12/18/2012   Post a comment
The clustering of semiconductor employment in the U.S. suggests larger problems.
A look back on 2012: Design tools and flows
12/18/2012   Post a comment
What advances were made in design tools and flows during 2012? This collection from my survey will fill you in...
"Twas the night before Christmas"
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/18/2012   2 comments
If you're into stuffing stockings with silicon, and lighting up your tree with LEDs, this engineering version of a Christmas classic is most definitely up your alley. Or down your chimney!
Apple, Nvidia may stack graphics for Macs, iPads
12/18/2012   7 comments
Rumor is Apple is working with Nvidia on some chip stacks that could power novel iMacs, Macbooks and even iPads starting late next year.
Top 10 videos of 2012
12/18/2012   3 comments
Join us for a look at the 10 videos that rocked our engineering world here at EE Times this year.
Silicon Valley Nation: Innovation requires tight design chain
12/18/2012   Post a comment
Once voices in the wilderness, industry calls to bring manufacturing back home are gaining credence--and decibels.
400-Gbit Ethernet effort kicks off in March
12/18/2012   3 comments
I just made a request for an official Call For Interest on 400-Gigabit Ethernet at the IEEE 802 Plenary in March in Orlando, so come on down and make a vacation out of it.
Not the end of the world, says NASA
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/17/2012   19 comments
For those frantically stockpiling canned tuna in their underground bunkers or saying their final goodbyes, you're being a little melodramatic. Or just plain wrong, according to NASA.
Power Tip 54: Use 2-section filter for low-noise power supply
Power Tips  
12/17/2012   4 comments
Some low-noise applications may require the power supply output ripple voltage to be less than 0.1 percent of the output voltage. These low ripple requirements easily can translate into filter attenuations of significantly greater than 60 dB, which cannot be practically met with a single stage.
Yoshida in China: Demystifying Apple’s iPhone 5 launch
12/17/2012   13 comments
Apple CEO Tim Cook said iPhone 5 sales in the first three days were "the best first weekend sales ever in China." Let's analyze the numbers.
Connectivity solutions for next-gen industrial automation and control--sign up now!
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
12/17/2012   2 comments
If you are tasked with connecting power, signals, and/or data in an industrial environment, the Connectivity Solutions for Next Gen Industrial Automation and Control Webinar is for you.
Dublin Calling: Intel Labs drives Digital Europe
12/17/2012   Post a comment
Intel's network of research labs in Europe now embraces more than 4,000 R&D professionals and has more than quadrupled in size since its formation in January 2009. The question that remains is: where is the return on investment for Intel and the benefit for Europe?
Lithography experts remain skeptical about EUV
12/17/2012   Post a comment
Immersion lithography resurrects an age-old microscopy method to extend 193-nanomerter light down to the 7-to-8 nanometer circa 2024.
Silicon Valley pub quiz
Design Contests & Competitions  
12/14/2012   4 comments
Come pit your wits against silicon valley's greatest challengers!
Silicon Valley Nation: Intersil's Bell resigns, what's next?
12/14/2012   16 comments
How much blame should a CEO take, and how much should the company board?
The Sony Walkman, the best present I ever got
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
12/14/2012   10 comments
Just over a decade after the launch of the iPod, and a year after the decommissioning of the iconic Sony Walkman, I look back with nostalgia at the best Christmas present I ever got.
iPad stuffer - this is not an app - app
12/14/2012   Post a comment
Looking for a stocking stuffer. Well, if you looking for a rather unusual gift, this may be it – if you know somewhat creative and a little bit silly…
What were they thinking: Christmas patents
12/14/2012   12 comments
So, it is that time of year when many people have Christmas on their mind and to go with it there are many crazy people who think they have the new, best thing that everyone will want – not!
Hobbit pub? Now that’s snug!
12/14/2012   2 comments
A pub in New Zealand is cashing in on some of the Hobbit hype, with a new watering hole....for tourists.
Plugging the engineering gap
12/13/2012   6 comments
There's a delicate balancing act between making use of the engineering talent you have and filling the gaps.
The potential impact of an Apple TV
12/13/2012   9 comments
As more rumors of an Apple TV emerge, Jim McGregor looks at the impact such a device might have on the home entertainment industry.
Meeting Zuckerberg and Mr. EUV
12/13/2012   3 comments
I learned a little something in brief encounters this week with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and the man I think of as Mr. EUV—two very unique men in black.
Yoshida in China: Will MediaTek’s good luck hold in 2013?
12/13/2012   4 comments
While most mobile chip vendors saw their customer base shrink in 2012, MediaTek is talking about a ten-fold increase in its smartphone chip shipments.
Book review: Variation-Aware Design of Custom Integrated Circuits
12/13/2012   Post a comment
This book looks at the subject of variations in a chip’s operating conditions and random variations across the chip. Finding out if the chip will provide sufficient yield is paramount to business success…
A look back on 2012: Accellera
12/13/2012   Post a comment
Standards drive our industry and this past year was a big one for standards and Accellera in particular. Hear what they have to say about 2012…
London Calling: Could gate-switched FDSOI win?
12/12/2012   5 comments
Simulations from a Scottish EDA company show that fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator process technology is the way to go at 20-nm, but better put the metal-gate in last not first.
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