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Content posted in February 2004
Your click counts
2/25/2004   Post a comment
Steve Ohr is nothing if not enthusiastic about publishing engineering design articles and showcasing new products on the web, and then counting the clicks they generate. "It puts you in touch with your readers," he suggests. But just think what an online product showcase can do in conjunction with a new tradeshow venue. Help us pick the most dramatic new product introductions, he bids.
Using S parameters for signal integrity analysis
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2/23/2004   Post a comment
S parameters aren't just for microwave engineers any more; they're becoming important for analog and digital design. In this feature, Optimal's Ching-Chao Huang (right) reveals methods that will help you get accurate S parameters for signal integrity analysis.
What's really expensive?
2/12/2004   Post a comment
In terms of cost, there is a middle ground between VxWorks and Linux.

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