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When playing cat-and-mouse with Apple, it pays not to wait
2/28/2013   5 comments
Is jailbreaking Apple hardware worth it? The answer: probably not as much as it used to be.
Lessons from Boeing's Dreamliner supply-chain missteps
2/28/2013   6 comments
The battery issue will be resolved, and the Boeing will resume production. But what's the big lesson here?
Histogram measures jitter on the cheap
2/27/2013   Post a comment
Investigating measuring jitter using only a mid-range scope's histogram.
When is IP theft OK?
2/27/2013   23 comments
That the Chinese are hacking North American networks should surprise no one, especially in the electronics industry. We're all doing it.
Can engineers effectively design at home?
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
2/27/2013   38 comments
Yahoo's new policy against working at home wouldn't work for me. What do engineers think?
EDA/IP weekly roundup – February 27th 2013
2/27/2013   Post a comment
Accellera, Agilent, ASSET, Blue Pearl, KLA-Tencor, Mentor, Multicore, Oasys, OneSpin, Symtavision and Synopsys made the lineup today. See here for their news…
The storage tipping point is upon us
2/27/2013   10 comments
Keeping pace with the onslaught of Big Data requires a revolutionary approach to storage.
Your body as wiring in a communications system
2/26/2013   2 comments
Microchip Technology's blend of wireless and touch technologies uses the human body as wiring.
Advice to a young engineer
2/26/2013   7 comments
Stability and security are the least important career drivers when young. Go for the wild and crazy.
Startup devises liquid metal batteries for the grid
2/26/2013   Post a comment
Liquid-based heavy-duty battery technology could form foundation of the next-generation electrical grid in which alternative energy will play a key role.
VHF, VHF, wherefore art thou VHF?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
2/26/2013   39 comments
I want a small box that can connect via WiFi to the Internet on one side and stream live television (in the form of a VHF signal) out of the other side.
The smart watch is already here
2/26/2013   1 comment
Attention electronics industry and Apple iWatchers: Similar devices already exist and have been around for some time.
SoC Verification Growing Up Fast
2/26/2013   Post a comment
Just as with iPhamily of products -- where each new format was adopted more quickly than the previous one -- SoC verification will benefit from the lessons learned during the development.
Rise of smartphone reshapes cellphone IC rankings
2/25/2013   2 comments
The competitive landscape of the handset core IC market has shifted dramatically over the past five years (though Qualcomm is still on top).
SystemVerilog - It’s official and it’s free
2/25/2013   Post a comment
Accellera has announced that the revised version of the IEEE 1800™ "Standard SystemVerilog is now available through the IEEE Get Program…
Will cuts slam military electronics supply chain?
2/25/2013   2 comments
Doomsday scenarios are everywhere with sequestration cuts in the U.S. federal budget set to take effect Friday, March 1.
Will Android Out Cool Apple?
2/25/2013   8 comments
Is Samsung timely or simply lucky with Galaxy? And why can't Nokia's Windows Mobile phones catch fire?
Petition to legalize unlocking cellphones gets 100,000 signatures
2/22/2013   4 comments
White House expected to formally respond after petition to re-instate exception to Digital Millennium Copyright Act crosses key threshold.
Ethernet's 40th birthday sparks reunion at PARC
2/22/2013   4 comments
Bob Metcalfe returned to Xerox PARC to promote an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ethernet being defined there—and met an old pal in the process.
London Calling: Security technology takes time
2/22/2013   1 comment
Adding hardware-intrinsic security to a secure microcontroller takes time, but will be worth it in the end, according to NXP.
Anyone for a free breakfast next week?
2/22/2013   Post a comment
Next week will be an exciting week as I head down to San Jose for the functional verification event of the year – DVCon. Catch me moderating a breakfast panel on Tuesday 7:00am…
Emulation Whack-a-Mole
2/22/2013   2 comments
The FPGA prototyping and emulation market seems to be like Whack-a-Mole. As soon as one company is purchased, another one appears - this time Reflex CES...
What were they thinking: the iWatch is coming
Engineering Investigations  
2/22/2013   1 comment
OK, so perhaps that is a little premature, but Apple thinks the idea has enough merit that they have filed a patent about it. At the moment it has not be granted, but it does provide some interesting insights…
And that's when I said "Doh!"
Engineering Pop Culture!  
2/22/2013   24 comments
You would not believe the wonderful little retro portable TV I just discovered at Mock Electronics.
Yoshida in NY: Sony snaps out of NIH syndrome
2/22/2013   9 comments
For years Sony believed in the myth that the instinct to develop proprietary technologies or formats is deeply ingrained in the company’s DNA.
Apple iWatch, Google Glasses to lead wearable computing surge
Semi Conscious  
2/21/2013   6 comments
The rumored Apple smart watch and the augmented reality glasses being developed by Google are expected to be just the beginning for wearable gadgets.
My hat's off to Toshiba
Engineering Pop Culture!  
2/21/2013   12 comments
So many product test videos show the products only in a good light, so the fact that some of these videos show the products failing puts an interesting spin on things.
Firmware developer's essential reading list
2/21/2013   1 comment
Plenty of great sources exist for information on firmware design. Here are some of the best.
Do people matter anymore?
2/21/2013   16 comments
In a recent post in The Atlantic, a capital- and derivatives-markets lawyer concludes that people are becoming less valuable to companies.
Power Tip 56: Estimate PWB interconnect inductance
Power Tips  
2/20/2013   3 comments
Having a ground-plane layer reduces trace inductance and is critical for optimal performance in power supplies. Here's why.
Ultrabooks to the rescue?
2/20/2013   5 comments
IHS iSuppli expects sales of Ultrabooks and other ultra-thin notebook PCs to save the day for notebook sales after a tough start to 2013.
Does the U.S. lag in technology adoption?
2/20/2013   10 comments
The U.S. may be home to mammoth technology brands like Apple, Intel, and Google, but when it comes to adopting new media technology, it's lagging behind other countries.
LSI transforming itself again
2/20/2013   1 comment
The best companies are always ahead of the curve and survive the changes. LSI is making another change by switching its processor supplier…
Be a reality star—apply for extreme engineering show
2/20/2013   2 comments
Studio seeks to build elite team of engineers for show on the development of extreme prosthetics.
EDA/IP weekly roundup – February 20th 2013
2/20/2013   Post a comment
Agilent, ARM, Breker, CEA-Leti, Ceva, EMA, GlobalFoundries, Mentor, NanGate, NXP, Sagantec, Sensory and ST made the lineup today. See here for their news…
London Calling: FDSOI clocks at 3GHz
2/20/2013   2 comments
ST has obtained application processor engines that can operate at clock frequencies in excess of 3GHz providing a boost to the performance claims for the process.
Collaborative Advantage: 2012 in the rearview mirror
2/19/2013   Post a comment
2012 was a tumultuous year for our industry as explained by Steve Schulz - president and CEO of Si2...
The birth of a new hashing standard: SHA-3
2/19/2013   Post a comment
A cryptographic hash function converts an arbitrary-length message into a fixed-length digest, and it is a fundamental step in the efficient implementation of electronic messages. One one function gets cracked a new one must be found...
London Calling: Intel Israel lobbies to get 10-nm node
2/19/2013   4 comments
Intel Israel is lobbying to try and ensure that Israel gets a chance to show what it can do at the 10-nm node after it lost out to Ireland in the last internal manufacturing competition.
Mock Electronics: An Eclectic Emporium of Electronic Elements
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
2/18/2013   42 comments
After complaining for years that there's nowhere to purchase electronic components locally, I've just been introduced to the most amazing electronics shop...
Pounds, Shillings, and Pence
2/18/2013   16 comments
I was just reflecting on the fact that things are so much easier these days now that there are only 100 pennies in the English pound.
Book: Practical Applications in Digital Signal Processing
2/16/2013   1 comment
A good working knowledge of applied DSP algorithms usually comes from word of mouth, design mentoring, and design experience that are a product of years of long hours, a lot of sweat, tears, successes, failures, hand-wringing, and a fair amount of banging one’s head against the wall…
What were they thinking: heated glasses
Engineering Investigations  
2/15/2013   19 comments
I love it when something thinks they are being really clever and yet it is also clear that they don’t have a clue. How many ways would this invention not work…
What do you know about PCBs?
Social Mania  
2/15/2013   Post a comment
When I was a young lad just starting out in electronics as a hobby, pretty much the only circuit boards I personally got to work with were those that came with do-it-yourself kits.
Would you marry an engineer?
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
2/15/2013   12 comments
Would you make a life-long commitment to someone in the same field, with the same sort of thinking, and the same general tendencies?
The Jazz Age – Mega-Retro Roxy Music
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
2/14/2013   13 comments
Very "Cool Beans" – I just heard about a new instrumental album called "The Jazz Age" from Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music fame.
Making use of advances in the integrated engineering desktop
2/14/2013   Post a comment
The availability of integrated, sophisticated and easier to use engineering tools on the desktop has far-reaching implications for most industries…
Is HP developing Android tablets?
2/14/2013   10 comments
The wobbly PC king is reportedly preparing to launch its first tablets based on Google's popular operating system.
The Beeriodic Table
Engineering Pop Culture!  
2/14/2013   15 comments
My old chum Jack Olsen just sent me a really interesting image titled "The Periodic Table of Beer Styles".
London Calling: Mobile phone sales fell in 2012
2/14/2013   4 comments
Mobile phone sales fell in 2012 although smartphone sales continued to grow rapidly, according to market research firm Gartner.
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