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Book Review: The Flyers In Search Of Wilbur & Orville Wright by Noah Adams
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
4/30/2012   4 comments
I've been fascinated by flight since age seven when I saw a statue of the Wright brothers in the main concourse at Jan Smuts airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Amazing time-lapse shots from Cassini and Voyager
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/30/2012   6 comments
Words like mesmerizing, stunning, inspiring come to mind watching this time-lapse video of images from the Cassini and Voyager space probes.
Java's father says Oracle is “in the right”
4/30/2012   13 comments
James Gosling, the father of Java, publically came out in favor of Oracle in its suit against Google’s Android, igniting a lively debate
Power 108: Powering forward
4/30/2012   Post a comment
In this blog, we take a look at where people think power will be in three years and ten years time. What do you think?
Win a pit walk at the Indy 500
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
4/28/2012   3 comments
Or at four other IndyCar races.
Check out MAKE's Hardware Innovation Workshop!
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
4/27/2012   Post a comment
I just received an email from Sherry Huss, who is Maker-in-Chief over at Make Magazine and Maker Faire.
Engineer down! Someone needs our help!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/27/2012   33 comments
I just received an email from someone who we will call Dave (because that's his name). Dave says...
Music out of the blue
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
4/27/2012   3 comments
I love Bluetooth. Little did I know, seventeen years ago when I was assigned my first project to write about the origins of Bluetooth and the viking that inspired the name that it would bring so much joy and convenience to my life
A/D Converter -> FPGA -> D/A Converter: The JESD204/A/B Standard – “Where the rubber meets the road”
4/27/2012   10 comments
JESD204B will create opportunities for a wide range of data-crunching systems that require high throughput and on-the-fly processing flexibility.
Adafruit announces prototyping Pi Plate kit for Raspberry Pi
4/26/2012   1 comment
Electronics DIY firm Adafruit is adding its own special twist to the coveted $25 Raspberry Pi computer, announcing its own Prototyping Pi Plate Kit, to enable tinkerers to try their hands at home-made embedded projects.
Google drive: I wish I could drive them out of town!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/26/2012   21 comments
Google continues to make unreasonable claims with content on the Internet. Once the heroes of the Internet, they have turned into the “evil empire”…
Book excerpt: Signal and power integrity – simplified (second edition) - part 2
4/26/2012   Post a comment
This book offers a framework for understanding the electrical properties of interconnects and materials that apply across the entire hierarchy…
Samsung announces quad-core Exynos processor
4/26/2012   13 comments
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced that it is manufacturing a quad-core application processor for smartphones and tablet computers built on a 32-nm CMOS manufacturing process with high-k metal gate transistor stack.
Tech that stole the show at Coachella
Social Mania  
4/25/2012   5 comments
Coachella music festival may be the premiere place to see great live acts, but there were more than just living legends roaming the Empire Polo Grounds at this year’s event.
Picoprojectors: the road back to the past, or enabling new paths?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/25/2012   3 comments
I'm having a "back to the future" sense here, but the reality will likely be quite different
Where are you with multicore?
4/25/2012   6 comments
In a recent discussion with Sven Brehmer, president and CEO of PolyCore Software, I asked him where does the adoption of multicore stand today?
University of Florida may gut computer science program
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/25/2012   52 comments
The battle over preserving funding for University of Florida's CS program raises the question of what's more important: sports or academics?
Seeing is believing, but vision isn't video
4/25/2012   6 comments
The son of Shooter in the film, "Hoosiers," said to Gene Hackman, "Coach, I'm not seeing it." I know how the kid felt. I've always had the same problem distinguishing —in technology terms — between "vision" and "video."
Power 107: Power Delivery Networks
4/25/2012   1 comment
Optimizing power in a chip is one thing, but you still have to get power to where power is needed and that is the difficult job of the power delivery network…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – Apr 25th
4/25/2012   Post a comment
Symtavision, I love DAC, Mentor, ResearchandMarkets, Renesas, Si2, IPextreme and Synopsys made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Book Review: The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
4/25/2012   2 comments
This is like no other Zombie book I ever read.The ending was completely unexpected and left me gasping.
Grudge match: MacBook versus iPad
Semi Conscious  
4/25/2012   14 comments
After another stellar Apple report card, analysts pressed Tim Cook on convergence between the PC and tablet markets.
Nvidia to unveil double Kepler GPU card?
4/24/2012   1 comment
Nvidia will be launching a new high-end GPU at the GeForce LAN / NVIDIA Gaming Festival (NGF) 2012 in Shanghai on April 28.
What's the best (and worst) name for a politician?
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
4/24/2012   28 comments
My mind is currently spinning along thinking up good names for politicians, like...
Intel exec says fabless model “collapsing”
4/24/2012   42 comments
Intel’s top process technology exec deserves kudos for excellent work to date, but he goes too far when he says the foundry model is collapsing.
Receiver protection: a game-changer
4/24/2012   5 comments
Receiver protection is a pretty important issue in radio transceivers of all kinds. Think about it…the receiver front-end is built to amplify very small signals – fractions of a microvolt – and needs to be protected from the output of the transmitter.
Algotochip – part tools, part service
4/24/2012   4 comments
Algotochip is a startup that has been around since 2009 and is a tool developer and service company, but they have no plans to sell their tools…
In search of a power model
4/24/2012   Post a comment
Last April, at EDP 2011, I began a search for a power model. Power models existed but they were for high performance, GHz based designs...
The best book on Fuzzy Logic?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/23/2012   36 comments
I'm looking for a book from which I can get a good grip on Fuzzy Logic – sufficient to allow me to capture and implement a simple algorithm on an MCU or in an FPGA.
Power related papers – DVCon 2012
4/23/2012   Post a comment
There were several papers presented at DVCon this year that had to do with power. This contains a synopsis of each and download links…
Adobe Photoshop CS6
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
4/23/2012   6 comments
I got a preview of the latest version of Photoshop the other day and I have to say I am impressed, but this blog will be controversial...
Power 106: Verification
4/23/2012   Post a comment
Power adds another layer of complexity which has to be verified and requires additional tool support...
Auto industry rebounds?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
4/21/2012   1 comment
Well, sort of.
Auto industry rebounds?
4/21/2012   2 comments
Well, sort of.
Design, process and test to break the 2 billion access per second barrier
4/20/2012   Post a comment
MoSys has created a new serial memory—the Bandwidth Engine IC—that leverages a highly efficient 10G serial interface and innovative architecture to perform over 2 billion memory accesses per second.
How to build a successful software technology company
Social Mania  
4/20/2012   Post a comment
The first in a series of conversations will outline the critical milestones which must be conquered to take a start-up from early stages to a strong, growing, sustainable business.
Time for a return to the customer-backed JV foundry?
4/20/2012   18 comments
Qualcomm and some other companies are leaving money on the table because they can't get enough 28-nm chips to meet demand out of foundry TSMC. That has driven companies into the arms of other foundries but could it also prompt a return the customer-funded joint venture fab designed to guarantee IC supplies for the backers?
Power 105: Estimation
4/20/2012   Post a comment
How accurate can power estimation be? Well that depends on a number of things and not all tasks require the same level of accuracy…
Three things are clear in Oracle vs. Google
4/20/2012   19 comments
Oracle’s Java patent infringement suit against Google’s Android will likely drag on for years, poses a great but remote risk to developers and makes for fascinating reading.
Multi-Platform Integration
Engineering Investigations  
4/19/2012   8 comments
Balloons, they seem like a simple product ... that’s what I use to think before I was asked to build a machine to make foil balloons.
Crab computing: building a biological machine
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/19/2012   5 comments
The buzz around cloud computing is oh so 2011! That’s because the latest and greatest in terms of computational advancements (or should we say "sidesteps") is a sort of biological concept "computer" based on swarms of soldier crabs.
Survey: Project Planning in Hardware and Embedded Systems Development
Social Mania  
4/19/2012   Post a comment
You are being asked to help in a survey about project planning in hardware and embedded systems…
Pre-DAC – EDAC Event – Emerging Companies
Social Mania  
4/19/2012   Post a comment
Do you want to learn how to navigate through the stages of a startup company and the changing business climate? This may be the event for you…
What do you think of your job?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/19/2012   43 comments
We all show up every day for work and nurture our careers, but what do we really think about engineering?
Book Excerpt: Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified (Second Edition)
4/19/2012   Post a comment
This book offers a framework for understanding the electrical properties of interconnects and materials that apply across the entire hierarchy…
Inward looking Renesas needs to spin outward
4/19/2012   14 comments
Whatever happened to the proposed merger of Japan’s chip vendors reported earlier this year? If you’ve been thinking that this big deal was idle, media-led speculation, I beg to differ. This baby’s still in the womb.
Muddy mobile graphics waters dead ahead
4/19/2012   3 comments
No doubt graphics are in the spotlight in mobile systems these days, but that bright spot is unfortunately pretty dark in terms of its technical clarity.
Protect and share your data – SafeSync for Home or Business
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
4/18/2012   7 comments
I recently saw a live (over-the-web) demonstration of SafeSync, and I have to say that I was very impressed
Guest editorial: Low power is everywhere
4/18/2012   11 comments
Design for power extends beyond mobile applications. This article show what the industry is doing and where they are having the greatest problems…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – Apr 18th
4/18/2012   Post a comment
iSuppli, RF Monolithics, CEVA, Mentor, ARM, IROC, Atrenta and Mathworks made the lineup today. See here for their news…
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