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Content posted in May 2017
Intel to Strike Thunderbolt in CPUs
5/31/2017   12 comments
Thunderbolt is finally on the path to mass adoption thanks to Intel’s move to integrate it in future processors and make licensing it easier.
SCOTUS Ends Texas Patent Craze
5/31/2017   5 comments
The Supreme Court struck a death blow to East Texas as a major patent litigation forum in a decision that could see patent filings overall decrease.
What’s Driving Automotive Storage?
5/30/2017   Post a comment
In addition to rapidly changing infotainment systems, more connected cars, ADAS and autonomous cars are drastically altering automakers' requirements for local on-board storage in the vehicle.
Wanna Cry Exposed Heathcare's Ills
5/30/2017   2 comments
The crippling software attack on the British National Healthcare Service could put information sharing standards back by ten years.
Robo-car Redraws Auto Landscape
5/26/2017   2 comments
We can count at least 10 ADAS/autonomous vehicle platforms. How will these hardware and software platforms overlap, interact and compete?
Chip Design Takes on Functional Safety
5/25/2017   Post a comment
To design chips meeting Functional Safety requirements is no cakewalk. What designers need is an automated end-to-end flow to take the guesswork out of Functional Safety design.
Sony Launches First Three-Layer, 960 fps Camera with Sandwich-Stacked DRAM
5/25/2017   2 comments
Details given in an ISSCC conference paper looked like the real thing; this caught the attention of our image-sensor experts inside TechInsights.
The Competitive Advantage of NVMe SSDs in the Data Center
5/25/2017   Post a comment
The real improvements have been with solid state drives (SSDs), which are based on NAND flash memory.
Qualcomm Takes on the World, in Court
5/18/2017   1 comment
When Intel and Samsung joined the fray last Friday by filing amicus briefs in support of the FTC’s complaint against, matters went from bad to worse for Qualcomm
AMD Goes Epyc for Data Centers
5/18/2017   17 comments
So far AMD is making good progress in its return to profitability, but it’s too early to raise the “mission accomplished” banner.
Li-ion Battery Pack Tests: Easier Said Than Done
5/16/2017   3 comments
The challenge of testing and assessing a battery’s internal state and structure while it is being used, even in a lab setup, is formidable — but a new approach may offer an opportunity.
Waymo-Lyft Tie Opens Door to 5 Questions
5/16/2017   9 comments
What we don't know about Waymo-Lyft partnership includes when and where they plan to start “ride hailing” operations, and which self-driving car platform Lyft might eventually use for its autonomous driving services.
Optical Industry Needs Automation
5/15/2017   1 comment
For many years, the optical communications industry has been getting by with artisan techniques, but we are approaching a time when vendors must automate.
Oscilloscopes and RF Test at ESC Boston 2017
5/11/2017   1 comment
ESC Boston 2017 featured numerous oscilloscope exhibits for debugging analog and digital circuits in embedded systems and IoT.
Neural Nets Need Some Translation
5/11/2017   Post a comment
Data scientists and engineers are invited to provide feedback on an emerging standard that aims to bring unity to the fragmentation in machine learning formats.
Arrow launches free overnight shipment for all products in stock
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5/11/2017   Post a comment
$20 of components automatically qualifies for free overnight shipping.
Infineon Leads Pick-and-Shovel Market
5/10/2017   Post a comment
In an analysis produced for EE Times, Semicast Research has identified Infineon as the leading vendor overall for the combined automotive and industrial semiconductor market.
Qualcomm Poised to Become MCU Sales Leader?
5/9/2017   Post a comment
Unprecedented consolidation continues to redraw the semiconductor industry's vendor rankings, and nowhere is that more evident than the microcontroller segment.
Crazy Cartoon Punchline Competition on
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/9/2017   10 comments
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to propose an appropriate punchline for the final frame of the cartoon.
Smart Cities Need Smart Partners
5/9/2017   1 comment
The time is now to make every city a smart city.
FPGA-Based Functional Safety for Industrial Applications
5/9/2017   Post a comment
For industrial applications, the overall average lifetime of manufacturing equipment is growing, and designers need to utilize and deploy components that will work reliably for decades.
Radar Expands Automotive Senses to Power Active Safety
5/8/2017   Post a comment
Car OEMs and Tier One companies are learning to use sensor technologies for active safety systems that act on behalf of and in unison with the driver. What's the role of radar?
China Expands Data Export Restrictions
5/8/2017   3 comments
New rules proposed in China will create significant hurdles for big data companies with international operations and their customers who use their data.
Second Chance for Rick Tsai
5/8/2017   2 comments
Former CEO of TSMC Rick Tsai will have the opportunity of a lifetime when he takes over at the helm of MediaTek in July this year.
Macron, Innovator Beyond Politics
5/7/2017   20 comments
Macron, who ran on a business-friendly, big-tent centrist platform, is also an avid promoter of the digital economy, enthusiastic about tech startups in France.
Radio Shack: Gone From Where It Started
5/5/2017   9 comments
More Radio Shack stores are closing or have recently closed. The chain of electronics stores has run its course. Game over.
Connected Lights Create IoT Links
5/5/2017   Post a comment
Collaboration among lighting, semiconductor and computing industries on standards and test beds is essential to realizing the full potential of connected lighting systems.
After Moore’s Law — What?
5/5/2017   3 comments
The semiconductor industry must, at last, outgrow its obsession with pitch shrinkage, and go creative with the “heterogeneous integration of different technologies” to push economic growth.
Re-Thinking Supply Lines for Long-Overdue PCB Modernization
5/4/2017   4 comments
By modernizing the supply chain, printed circuit board makers can improve efficiency, quickly adopt new technologies, and capture lower costs.
Optane and the Specification Game
5/2/2017   1 comment
The introduction of Intel's latest Optane-based product offers an interesting play on the specification game.
Engineering Ed Stuck in the Past
5/2/2017   25 comments
Curriculum modifications and forum replacements must be made in the engineering and computer science education system if we want to equip future generations.
Finding Flash: A Look at Today’s Memory Shortage
5/1/2017   Post a comment
SSD drive prices have risen between 10% and 20% and suppliers are extending lead-times to distributors out into the 20+ week range. Here's a look at the current state of the flash memory market.
Home Alarms Ring Up Sales
5/1/2017   Post a comment
Alarm systems are becoming more valuable as products expand to include detection of fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks, as well as home automation features such as smart plugs, locks, cameras, lighting and thermostat control.

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