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Content posted in August 2003
Mixed results for EMPS in last quarter
8/25/2003   Post a comment
Recently, indicators have been pointing to the prospect of stronger economic growth. For example, consumer and business confidence is up, electronic equipment shipments and orders have improved, and GDP rose 2.4% in the second quarter.
Designing ICs for the Healthcare Market: Beyond Business Tools and Toys
8/20/2003   Post a comment
About 15 years ago, contributors to a special article section on the future of semiconductors were asked to speculate on what dramatic capabilities we were likely to see in the systems-on-a-chip on or about the turn of the century. One contributor thought we might see a "cure for aids on a chip." David Hightower's vision was unusual, but, as it turns out, he isn't the only one thinking about health care industry uses for semiconductors. Reno Rossetti, our trend spotter at Fairchild Semiconductor
Steady diet of small-fry helps industry balance its M&A metabolism
8/18/2003   Post a comment
Recent transactions by AMD and Nvidia have added to a busy summer on the merger and acquisition trail. Believe it or not, there have been at least eight deals struck since Memorial Day during what many consider a traditionally quiet season for M&A activity.
Electronics industry veering down long road to recovery
8/11/2003   Post a comment
Are we there yet? That's a refrain heard each summer by tens of thousands of parents as they traverse the country with kids in tow. It's also a question asked frequently by an industry badly in need of a vacation from poor corporate earnings and weak demand.
Interviewing 101 with today's twist
8/6/2003   Post a comment
In today's results-oriented business environment, it won't be your drippy nose or frayed cuffs the interviewer will be staring at. "What have you done for me lately?" applies to the job candidate as well as the 20-year employee. Our veteran analog recruiter suggests figuring out fast what a prospective employer really cares about, and control the interview by showing how you can accomplish just that.
It's Time to Return to 10x Passion
8/6/2003   Post a comment
As the leaders of the high-tech industry emerge from their bubble bust and lingering budget hangovers, they will once again start yearning for the good old days when their EDA suppliers were focused and were investing in the next 10x gain in productivity and predictability. The truth is that achieving the next 10x will take innovation and conviction.
Why We Don't Have IP Quality Yet
8/6/2003   Post a comment
IP quality has now become an overall issue in the IC industry, because the predictions that organizations like VSIA made back in the mid 1990s have become reality. The combination of the convergence of electronic products, coupled with the relentless march to chips that can contain tens of millions of gates today, is making the integration of internal and 3rd party IP the only economically viable way to create the next generation chips.
As manufacturing moves overseas, companies face a complicated procurement picture
8/4/2003   Post a comment
Recent reports that IBM Corp.'s top brass may consider shifting some of the company's IT jobs to overseas markets was a wake-up call for U.S. engineers.
Comment: For SMIC, the rumblings of an IPO
8/4/2003   Post a comment
Rumor has it that Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) has signed up Credit Suisse First Boston and Deutsche Bank for a $750 million IPO on the Hong Kong and New York Stock Exchanges in early 2004, if the markets hold up.
Tech-Toys: Will They Stand the Test of Time?
8/1/2003   Post a comment
Old toys have value beyond the dollar amounts the Antiques Roadshow experts might place on them. Are children still saving toys? And how do today's toys compare to those you cherished from your childhood? Parts Search

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