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Hobby Engineering in Ubuntu Linux
8/30/2013   8 comments
An engineer considers the pros and cons of using Ubuntu for hobby engineering after 18 months of hands-on time.
China Plugs In to SDN Switch
8/30/2013   1 comment
China's top technologists gathered this week at an inaugural event in Beijing to discuss the mega-shift toward software defined networking.
Max's Cool Beans
8/30/2013   20 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
Ford Studying Space Robots to Master V2X
8/30/2013   10 comments
Why would Ford want to talk with robots in space? How would that be relevant to the future of V2X, which is taking place on earth?
IP Roundtable, Part 4: Standards, or the Lack of Them
8/30/2013   Post a comment
We listen in on the IP roundtable discussion that moves on to the topic of standards for IP.
Chip Market Back to Healthy Growth?
8/30/2013   10 comments
The analysts are getting bullish, but are they turning a blind eye to concerns over Q3 and the seasonal dip in Q4.
Feast Your Eyes on My ASR-33 Teletype Terminal
8/29/2013   63 comments
I just took possession of the most amazing ASR-33 Teletype Terminal that's equipped with a keyboard, printer, paper tape reader, paper tape punch, and copy holder.
Global M2M Interoperability Is Getting Closer
8/29/2013   1 comment
What will be involved in making machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and interoperability a reality? Players from industrial and communications segments sat down at the oneM2M panel at the M2M Evolution Conference. Here’s a recap of the discussion.
Graduate's Choice – Industry or More Academia?
8/29/2013   28 comments
Once you get your Master's degree, is it better to stay in academia and take a PhD, or should you move over into industry and start working on real-world problems?
Modifying a Playstation Controller for Muscular Dystrophy, Part 1: The Dissection
8/29/2013   16 comments
An in-depth look at customizing a game controller for someone with physical disabilities.
Mill, 3D Print & 3D Scan From 1 Machine
8/29/2013   34 comments
Is a CNC mill or a 3D printer more useful? Why not just have both and toss in a 3D scanner for good measure?
Power Week in Review: EV Fast-Charging, Solar Microinverters & MIPI RFFE Converters
8/29/2013   1 comment
New growth forecasts are out for electric vehicle fast-charging stations and solar microinverters. Product announcements include MIPI RFFE power converters, a magnetic ballast replacement IC, and a tiny 4A step-down regulator.
Your Product Names Suck
8/29/2013   30 comments
Just because you use computers to make and sell your products, you should not treat customers as if they are just the last part of the supply chain. It shows a lack of respect.
EE Times Week-in-Review Online Chat: The Demise of Moore's Law
8/28/2013   10 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
Pixy: A Simple Vision System for Arduino
8/28/2013   14 comments
Visually detecting items in your home projects has generally been an arduous task. Pixy makes it very easy.
IBM's Last Stand in CPUs?
8/28/2013   14 comments
It's not the end, but the situation looks pretty grim for IBM's storied silicon and processor technology, something Open Power hopes to fix.
Have Patents Run Their Course?
8/28/2013   20 comments
Does anyone believe innovation would cease if we eliminated patents and depended on trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks only?
White Spaces Require Heavy Lifting
8/28/2013   4 comments
Neul's goal of building an IoT network around white-space spectrum makes sense, but it will take major investments from heavy hitters to pull it off.
Lessons From Deep Space: Why Pioneer Is Important
8/27/2013   9 comments
NASA's Voyager spacecraft is not the only important deep-space mission to remember. The Pioneer spacecraft and the Pioneer Anomaly are part of a classic engineering story about good design.
ATX Power Supply Breakout Board Makes Benchtop Power Quick & Easy
8/27/2013   8 comments
Buying a devoted benchtop power supply might be a big step for a tinkerer and for a pocket book. Here's a nice halfway point to consider.
Verification Panel: Are We Done Yet? Not Even Close
8/27/2013   2 comments
Discussion panels held in public are often dull exercises in easy harmony. But get experts in a closed room and opinions can become more divided, or at least more vocal.
How to Solve 8 of 10 Design Issues
8/27/2013   9 comments
Steve Sandler finds that eight out of 10 design issues are due to a single problem that is easy to solve.
Looking Everywhere for IC Reliability
8/27/2013   3 comments
At the nanometer scale, engineers must not only design functionally correct circuits that can be tested and manufactured but also take extra steps to guarantee short and long-term reliability in the field.
A Tour of the Basics of Embedded NAND Flash Options
8/27/2013   Post a comment
The differences among single-, double-, and triple-bit storage in NAND flash are not just about density and price. There are also tradeoffs in reliability, speed, and the amount of error correction code logic needed.
The Explosion in LCD-Based Embedded Graphics
8/26/2013   9 comments
LCD panel costs continue to fall, while faster, more full-featured microcontrollers supporting graphical LCD controllers are readily available.
Why I'm Dumping Nexus7 & Android & Buying an iPad
8/26/2013   94 comments
I really want to love this Nexus7, but I didn't set out to buy a "fixer upper."
Soldering Practices Are Insane
8/26/2013   24 comments
Jim Smith from Electronics Manufacturing Sciences says most of the people who set industry standards don't know how to solder. They only know how to weld.
What Venture Capitalists Want: Engineers' Guide to Researching Business Opportunities
8/26/2013   8 comments
Engineers see opportunity in their customers' problems. How can the technologically gifted, but not necessarily business-savvy, engineer judge if a nascent opportunity is fundable and feasible? First, make a business plan.
Interoperability Testing Is Critical for LTE Success
8/26/2013   4 comments
Interoperability testing is proving crucial to maximize LTE performance in a complex mobile landscape.
Metcalfe’s Law & the Future of Driving
8/25/2013   24 comments
The automotive industry is moving into a new world where the network effect rules. The value of a car won’t be judged by your car alone, but by how many others also have cars like yours.
Max's Freaky Friday 3
8/23/2013   14 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
Drinking With Robots: 10 Amazing Robotic Bartenders
8/23/2013   10 comments
Drinking itself is a fairly analog pasttime, but the dispensing of these treats doesn't need to be.
Frankenstein's Fix: Share Your Repair/Redesign Tales & You Could Win a Tektronix Scope
Design Contests & Competitions  
8/23/2013   44 comments
Ending Oct. 26: A Tektronix oscilloscope may be your reward for telling us your story about fixing or improving something. For a chance to win a Tektronix scope, send us your story by Oct. 26.
Intel’s Bay Trail Is a Game Changer
8/23/2013   65 comments
I got an NDA pre-look at some of the aspects of Intel’s next generation Atom (code named Bay Trail) tablet processor.
What's the Most Popular MCU of All Time?
8/22/2013   17 comments
I don’t know about you, but I've certainly got some very strong opinions about this topic.
Probing Matters
8/22/2013   1 comment
During the design phase, efforts to optimize performance depend on the quality of your test. How do you ensure you've got the best probe for the job?
Outsourcing American Jobs: Where's the Debate?
8/22/2013   14 comments
Some say a real debate has not yet taken place on the outsourcing of American jobs. Is this really an issue of corporate greed, or are there multiple factors at work behind outsourcing? It’s time to give this your attention.
Slideshow: The Most Amazing 3D Holographic Watch in the World
8/22/2013   28 comments
Can you imagine owning a futuristic watch accurate to a billionth of a second that presents the time in the form of an incredible 3D holographic display?
The Serial Port: Never Say Die
8/22/2013   7 comments
The classic communications port has a huge installed base and new devices are still using it.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – August 19, 2013
8/22/2013   Post a comment
Verific's SystemVerilog parser is added to Stylus compiler; Agilent increases its tie with Gradient; Opera gets multicored, among other tidbits in EDA this week.
IP Roundtable, Part 3: Subsystems & Software
8/21/2013   2 comments
Does the integration of larger subsystems make your job easier or more complex? How are people getting on with software integration? Here's what some experts say.
Power Week-in-Review: Breakthrough Fuel Cell, PS Market, Nanopower Converter & More
8/21/2013   2 comments
Items this week include an affordable dishwasher-sized fuel cell that runs off of your natural gas line, a power supply market forecast for 2013, and an energy harvesting DC/DC converter.
Low-Cost Logic Analyzer's Got Game
8/21/2013   13 comments
Saleae's new Logic 16 is a well engineered, low-cost logic analyzer.
Week-in-Review Online Chat: Single-Board Computers for Under $100
8/21/2013   8 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
A Road Ahead for Connected Cars
8/21/2013   15 comments
The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution as wireless technology helps usher in the age of the connected car.
When Statistics Don’t Tell the Whole Truth
8/21/2013   8 comments
There are lies, damned lies, and statistics about how fast we're adopting code coverage, functional coverage, and assertions in our everyday work.
Back to Basics: Power Factor Correction
8/21/2013   1 comment
As greater attention is paid to the environmental and monetary implications of growing global power consumption, power system designers must place a greater emphasis on getting it right.
Are Implants a Hacker's Playground?
8/20/2013   14 comments
The medical electronics community needs to come to grips with security for implants and wearables, says a doctor and engineer working in the field.
How to Squeeze Energy out of HEV Batteries
8/20/2013   3 comments
For an electric or hybrid electric vehicle, or any high-power battery system, to compete with an internal combustion engine requires squeezing every bit of energy out of the batteries.
SparqEE: Cellular Development Made Easy
8/20/2013   2 comments
Developing cellular applications with cheap development boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi used to be fairly difficult. SparqEE aims to make it easier.
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Protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from voltage ...
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