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Enter the EE Life September 2010 Cartoon Caption Contest
9/8/2010   271 comments
Flex those little gray cells and pen an amusing caption for our newest cartoon!
Portable test instrument battery life drops precipitously
Engineering Investigations  
9/8/2010   1 comment
It worked on the test bench, what now was draining the instrument's NiCad batteries?
Are FPGA tools dumb?
9/7/2010   4 comments
In a recent discussion about the necessary differences between tools for ASIC developers as compared to the needs of FPGA users, one expert called it 'a dumbing down,' but guest blogger Brian Bailey says 'that is just wrong.'
What's the latest in non-volatile memory?
Memory Designline Blog  
9/7/2010   3 comments
If you are wondering what's the latest news in the non volatile memory market, then the folks at Web-Feet Research have something worth a closer look.
RFID Europe stokes momentum
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
9/6/2010   1 comment
So, now that RFID is packed into US passports and the Chinese ID card, what new high-volume applications are next?
How to train your boss in the proper bug etiquette
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/3/2010   8 comments
An engineer gets back at a boss butting in.
DAC attendees reinforce need for industry events
9/3/2010   3 comments
If exhibitors are looking ahead to DAC 2011, they are likely wondering how to connect better with designers and understand how they can better help them. At Magma, we decided the best approach was to ask them, and what we learned in our post-DAC survey of attendees will (we hope) serve as a useful guide to planning. We’ll share what we learned –– well, some of what we learned.
Space Log: Test new rockets, not old
9/3/2010   5 comments
Why is NASA wasting money testing outdated rocket technologies?
The non-gas car: bounded by physics on one side; the harshness of the road on the other
9/3/2010   25 comments
Dreams are good, but it's important to keep these barriers in mind as well
Europe's NXP pay out misses the PE point
9/3/2010   5 comments
I don't agree with the European Commission's justification for putting up 1.8 million euros of European tax payers' money to support the former NXP workers.
How set-tops got stuck in a TV transition
9/3/2010   22 comments
When Steve Jobs held up his $99 AppleTV box most people applauded it as a dirt cheap deal, but Ira Bahr got excited because he thought it was relatively expensive.
SD goes high speed
Memory Designline Blog  
9/3/2010   Post a comment
I just heard some interesting news out of the SD Association. What will be the impact of their new dual-row pin design for SD cards?
New techniques for PDN modeling promise more accurate power noise predictions
9/3/2010   3 comments
The bad news is that power distribution noise requirements will be getting more difficult to meet, but the really bad news is that the actual on-die power noise you currently have is probably much larger than you think.
X-10 weakness
9/2/2010   Post a comment
A brief examination of the inherent weakness of X-10 switches.
The mysterious case of the microprocessors memory errors
Engineering Investigations  
9/2/2010   12 comments
Something lurking out there among the African Violets was wreaking havoc with the greenhouse control system
Book Review: The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/2/2010   11 comments
This little scamp is jam-packed with interesting nuggets of knowledge and tidbits of trivia about the periodic table and the elements it represents – it's way more interesting than I would ever have imagined.
The second climber: Darren Wenn
9/2/2010   Post a comment
The second member of the Extreme Low Power team does it because it's there.
Winning caption for August 2010 cartoon contest
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/2/2010   5 comments
Congratulations to Alan Gibson, winner of our latest cartoon caption contest
Kinky coax and a jerry-rigged reflectometer
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/2/2010   7 comments
A young engineer gets more practical hands-on transmission line training in ten minutes than from all his fancy textbook education
In-vehicle Internet grows slow and steady
9/2/2010   13 comments
The popularity of smart phone apps is driving demand for in-vehicle Internet connectivity.
The first climber: Chris McAneny
9/2/2010   Post a comment
Accepting the challenge of scaling Kilimanjaro... and raising money to fight male cancer.
The end of the standard scientific method?
9/2/2010   4 comments
Does Sergy Brin's search for a cure mean the Internet will kill the scientific method?
Engineer investigates line-powered device synchronization problem
Engineering Investigations  
9/2/2010   6 comments
An EE shows his bosses the project he's been working on for weeks... only to have it fall flat at the moment of truth.
Man pays bill with drawing of spider
9/1/2010   2 comments
I just discovered a really interesting website; the first story to tickle my fancy was about an Internet prankster who attempted to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider.
Send us your engineering investigation!
Engineering Investigations  
9/1/2010   3 comments
Have you solved a perplexing engineering problem? Inquiring minds want to know!
New edition of 'Top-Down Network Design' still relevant
9/1/2010   2 comments
The ink is dry on Priscilla Oppenheimer's updated book, 'Top-Down Network Design.' Have a look at the book excerpt on Communications Designline and post questions to the author, who has agreed to respond.
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