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Design West 2014: Big Shoes & Loud Shirts to Fill
9/30/2013   9 comments
We're now accepting submissions for papers for the Design West 2014 Conference and Exhibition.
I Can See Clearly Now: Add a Camera to Your System
9/30/2013   8 comments
You can give your system the power of sight by adding an eight-bit camera, controlled by a configurable timing mechanism, to your design.
Long-Range Affordable EV Won't Be Easy
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
9/30/2013   24 comments
Makers of electric vehicles are beginning to talk publicly about the next big step: building an affordable long-range car.
ReRAM Is Memory Focus at IEDM
9/30/2013   29 comments
Advanced memory research is focused on ReRAM, MRAM, and vertically stacked memory, to judge from the advance program of the International Electron Devices Meeting 2013. However, there is at least one NAND paper due to be presented that could grab attention.
Roll Your Own Instrument Cart
9/30/2013   25 comments
Learn how to build your won cart from product you may already have at home or can get from the local hardware store.
Maker Faire 2013: Josef Prusa's Food-Safe 3D Printer Nozzle
9/27/2013   10 comments
Josef Prusa's new nozzle pushes the boundaries of safety as well as capabilities.
Upverter & Sparkfun Release Over 500 Open-Source Designs
9/27/2013   1 comment
Over 500 open-source designs at your fingertips just waiting for you to edit, hack, and modify.
Fitbit Wearable Electronics: 1 Step at a Time!
9/27/2013   25 comments
My Fitbit Zip has got me performing significantly more exercise than I was doing before, but you have to be aware of a couple of things...
Tracking the 2003 Northeast Power Grid Blackout
9/27/2013   29 comments
A case study of the 2003 power blackout in the northeast US as tracked and monitored by a real-time power monitoring system.
Step Up to C for Embedded R&D
9/27/2013   6 comments
Working from C/C++ and via System C and TLM works, says Guy Bois, president of Space Codesign Systems Inc.
3D Sensing Gets Personal
9/27/2013   6 comments
Microsoft's Kinect is the most successful application of vision technologies applied in new types of user interfaces for the consumer market.
SDN, IoT Make 1 Soup
9/27/2013   9 comments
Software–defined networks are key cloud ingredients enabling the Internet of Things, says Joe Byrne of Freescale.
DOCSIS 3.1: Coping With Design Gotchas Before Rollout
9/27/2013   5 comments
While the D3.1 standard will boost capacity over existing D3.0 cable networks, the transition will have some speed bumps. Here's how the new standard may affect receivers.
Launching the Product
9/27/2013   4 comments
A well executed product launch may be almost as important as the product.
Is It Time for a Better-Than-JTAG Solution?
9/26/2013   5 comments
A lot of the bugs we see in deployed products slip through the net due to limitations in JTAG-based debugging and test systems.
Of Robo-Soldiers & Pizza Copters
9/26/2013   5 comments
Someday robot soldiers may decide when and whom to kill on the battlefield and pizzas may arrive via unmanned helicopters, says VITA's Ray Alderman.
Max's Cool Beans
9/26/2013   19 comments
In which we discover all sorts of weird, wacky, beautiful, and thought-provoking things.
Fitbit Wearable Electronics: What a Wonderful Motivator!
9/26/2013   18 comments
I have to say that I'm very, very impressed. My Fitbit Zip has got me doing significantly more exercise than I was doing before.
Maker Faire 2013: Synthetos 6 Axis CNC Controller
9/26/2013   6 comments
In the world of CNC machines, interfacing can be a bit archaic. Synthetos is helping overcome that.
AM335x SDK Delivers Industrial RTC via EtherNet/IP
9/26/2013   Post a comment
Texas Instruments just added EtherNet/IP to its Sitara AM335x SDK for seamless real-time communications in industrial applications.
Frankenstein's Fix: Dirty Signals
Engineering Investigations  
9/26/2013   16 comments
When a clock counts too fast, a dirty signal is to blame. How did Will Sweatman solve it?
Continued Professional Development in Engineering
9/26/2013   12 comments
Part of being a chartered (professional) engineer is keeping current and up-to-date by means of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
Power Week in Review: Solar Cell Efficiency Record, Molten-Air Battery & More
9/26/2013   3 comments
This week, a new solar cell efficiency record and development of a rechargeable "molten-air" battery. New products include a 330-uF MLCC, a smart data concentrator EVM, and multi-megahertz GaN power FETs.
Frankenstein's Fix: When in Doubt, Try Banging on It!
Engineering Investigations  
9/26/2013   13 comments
After all these years, at the height of our technology lies a simple solution to many problems: Blunt force.
Qualcomm Explains Wireless Charging Move
9/26/2013   5 comments
It's all about the proliferation of resonant charging technology, says Qualcomm.
Frankenstein's Fix: The Tricky Toroid
Engineering Investigations  
9/26/2013   3 comments
Using a logic analyzer to investigate the problem, an engineering technician finds a simple way to meet the design requirements for an early RF device.
Oscilloscope Mistakes, Part 4
9/26/2013   2 comments
Avoiding common pitfalls will get you better data with minimum effort. Steve Sandler takes a look at four common scope mistakes and shows how to avoid them. This part considers the time scale.
Maker Faire 2013: Tiny Oscilloscopes With OLED Screens
9/26/2013   15 comments
These itty-bitty scopes are simply fantastic. You just have to see them to understand.
After Arduino, Working With ATtiny
9/26/2013   4 comments
Many engineers go from working on PLC at work to prototyping on an Arduino at home. There's a next step though, that many are ready to take.
Frankenstein’s Fix: The Haunted Radio Station
Engineering Investigations  
9/25/2013   12 comments
An engineer struggles through the night to fix a radio station's transmitter as the townspeople begin gathering, pitchforks at the ready.
For Embedded Engineers, the IoT Is Not Yet Here
9/25/2013   17 comments
The Internet of Things is supposed to describe a world where connected devices improve our lives. But an embedded engineer finds crippling tradeoffs in every solution today.
Frankenstein’s Fix: Up the Creek With a Useless Product Manual & No Code
Engineering Investigations  
9/25/2013   2 comments
Buying used signs online seemed like a good deal, until engineers realized there were no instructions included.
IP Roundtable, Part 7: System-Level Prototypes
9/25/2013   Post a comment
The concluding part of this experts' roundtable on IP cores looks at the issue of system-level modeling.
Plan for High-Speed Test During Design & Development
9/25/2013   1 comment
There are a number of considerations for design and development teams when dealing with high-speed test. This article will focus on overall high-speed test capabilities.
Samsung Heads Off MediaTek With Octa 'HMP'
9/25/2013   12 comments
Samsung is making heterogeneous multiprocessing software available that allows all eight cores in its Exynos 5 Octa application processor to operate at the same time, when necessary.
How Reusable IP Helps Reduce Product Design Cycles
9/25/2013   4 comments
In the long run, designing for reuse helps bring products to market faster and with higher quality.
Ham Radio: A Hacker's Paradise
9/25/2013   6 comments
Bill Meara explains how ham radio is a perfect fit for the tinkerer or hacker in anyone.
Golden Apple of China: iPhone 5s
9/25/2013   24 comments
Since last Friday when Apple released its two new phones, early results show the more expensive iPhone 5s is by far outselling iPhone 5c globally, including China.
Astronaut Attacks Asteroid Threat
9/25/2013   6 comments
Former astronaut Ed Lu told Silicon Valley investors about his non-profit startup, which is raising funds to protect the Earth from asteroid collisions.
Maker Faire 2013: Glove-Controlled 3D Printed Robotic Hand
9/24/2013   5 comments
3D printing is allowing for faster and cheaper robot prototypes. Check out this nice arm and hand that is controlled wirelessly via a glove.
What? DARPA Does Open-Source?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
9/24/2013   13 comments
How to weed through a growing number of vision algorithms, to best to aid the time-consuming task of generating test objects necessary for better vision algorithms, has been DARPA’s focus in recent years.
Is It Time to Rethink the Digital Revolution?
9/24/2013   23 comments
Moore's Law and Murphy's Law may very well be crashing right before our eyes. Are our tools serving us or are we serving them? Maybe it is time to talk about these things.
Maker Faire 2013: Singing Tesla Coil Kits
9/24/2013   12 comments
Ever wanted a high-voltage, lighting-powered speaker? Your time has come.
Maker Faire 2013: The Orbital Rendersphere
9/24/2013   6 comments
This giant globe display really gathered a crowd!
An Engineer's Progress, With Prakash Narain, Part 4
9/24/2013   Post a comment
The fourth part of an interview with Prakash Narain, CEO of the formal verification company Real Intent.
Things That Go 'Meep' in the Night
9/24/2013   40 comments
You stand around waiting... waiting... waiting for the dreaded "meep." But, when it finally arrives, you cannot tell from whence it comes.
iPhone 5s Innovates Beyond A7
9/23/2013   3 comments
Apple changes the iPhone NAND flash and combo radio connectivity device.
Whither Electronic Development With Windows 8?
9/23/2013   14 comments
Will software and hardware design tool developers migrate their offerings to Windows 8? If not, what will we do?
Free Online Course Targets SoC FPGAs
9/23/2013   1 comment
Are SoC FPGAs appropriate for your designs? This free course will explain all.
Oscilloscope Mistakes, Part 3
9/23/2013   3 comments
Avoiding common pitfalls will get you better data with minimum effort. Steve Sandler takes a look at four common scope mistakes and shows how to avoid them. This part considers scope analytics.
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