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New Common Parts Library Supports Connected Device Design
9/30/2014   9 comments
Online sourcing site Octopart inaugurates a Common Parts Library (CPL) for OEMs.
Let's Talk About Open-Source Hardware
9/29/2014   14 comments
Although the meaning of open-source in software is quite old, the use of the open source-term relating to hardware is more recent.
DDR Memory Testing: Best-Practices
9/29/2014   1 comment
The strict control of clock and data timing leaves little margin for error in a DDR SDRAM interface. Testing of these interfaces demands adherence to some important best-practices to ensure accurate and repeatable results.
The Other Tesla
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/29/2014   6 comments
This Indiegogo fundraiser is for a Tesla museum in the inventor's decaying lab in Shoreham, N.Y.
The Zen of Spin
9/29/2014   40 comments
The concept of spin is ground-zero in relativistic quantum mechanics -- further removed from intuitive macro behavior than other behaviors we consider quantum.
All About Batteries, Part 11: Lithium Sulfur (LiS)
9/29/2014   3 comments
In this article, we focus on lithium sulfur (LiS) batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, and chemistry.
Do Results Matter?
9/29/2014   3 comments
Sometimes you have to look past your enthusiasm for developing a new product and look at reality.
IoT Calls for Simpler Protocol
9/29/2014   13 comments
Chirp is a simplified messaging scheme geared for the Internet of Things where many basic devices will not have the muscle to process traditional protocols such as IPv6, says author Francis DaCosta.
Feast Your Orbs on My Jiggly Exercise Machine
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/26/2014   108 comments
This isn't your mother's jiggly exercise machine. This new incarnation performs its wonders in a completely different way.
iPhone 6: Comparing InvenSense & Bosch Accelerometers
9/26/2014   5 comments
Why two accelerometers in iPhone 6? Chipworks attempts to get to the bottom of it.
Ignore Marketing at Your Own Peril
9/26/2014   11 comments
Marketing is an important element of your company's growth and a significant means of building brand identity. Don’t neglect it.
Friday Quiz: Data Acquisition
9/26/2014   9 comments
Test your knowledge of data converters, filters, and cable connections.
The Humble, Yet Mighty, Resistor
9/25/2014   185 comments
In which we discover the various types of resistors, and the ways these components have evolved over the years.
Missing Datasheet Details Can Cause Problems
Engineering Investigations  
9/25/2014   3 comments
A lack of information on a datasheet lead to system crashes from a hot-swap controller.
ScratchDuino Magnetic Robotics Kickstarter Project
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/25/2014   4 comments
The combination of easy-to-attach magnetic sensors with a graphical programming interface makes the ScratchDuino ideal for teaching younger kids about computers, robots, and programming.
7 Alternative Hacker Boards
9/24/2014   5 comments
Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great, well-utilized DIY boards for hacking just about anything you want to design. But if you're looking for an alternate hacker board, here are seven presented at this week's Designers of Things conference.
iSilly People Should Not Use Wave for iOS8
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/24/2014   21 comments
The Wave hoax currently circulating online tells people they can charge their iPhones and iPads by placing them in a microwave oven.
Carriers Define the Virtual Network
9/24/2014   Post a comment
The ETSI network functions virtualization (NFV) group is extending its efforts another two years as it makes progress toward defining a virtualized network for telecom carriers.
Tiny Kickstarter MCU Board Provides 'Smart Fusion' for IoT Systems
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/23/2014   21 comments
The LPLC TOO is a tiny, low-power microcontroller board designed to act as intelligent glue logic on your next Internet of Things (IoT) project.
Is IP Cooperation the Way Ahead?
9/23/2014   2 comments
Algotronix and Adaptive Micro-Ware say they will work together to deliver unique secure video IP cores for FPGAs.
Putting the 'Wear' in Wearables
9/23/2014   5 comments
Wellograph wants to create a stylish activity tracker that you will want to wear proudly to an important business meeting or a first date.
Talking to Our Tech
9/23/2014   1 comment
Nuance is a leader in speech and imaging applications and is reinventing the relationship between people and technology.
A Taste of LabVIEW
9/22/2014   8 comments
I attended an introduction to LabVIEW workshop to get some hands-on experience with graphical programming.
Designing for Wearables: Tremendous Opportunity but Not Without Challenges
9/22/2014   Post a comment
The wearables space is wide open and exploding with opportunity, but that comes with design and sourcing issues, which some believe could be alleviated in part by the strength of the maker community and an open-source approach to this segment.
Memory Product Round Up: September 2014
9/22/2014   1 comment
Summaries of memory products making news this month, including SD card controllers, SRAMs, RDIMM, LRDIMM, and RAM.
Some Days You're the Pigeon, Others You're the Statue
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/22/2014   61 comments
Are cities still commissioning new statues, or is this practice a thing of the past?
M2M & IoT Meet Asset Tracking
9/22/2014   Post a comment
The advent of highly integrated and low-cost Field Programmable Radio Frequency (FPRF) chips has provided the solution to many wireless issues.
Where's the Silicon in Silicon Valley?
9/22/2014   22 comments
An engineer who has experienced firsthand the changes that the engineering profession has undergone since the days of Bill Hewlett and David Packard argues that the loss of innovative capacity is the direct result of a vacuum in American business thought leadership. Analysis: Apple iPhone 6 Plus
9/22/2014   Post a comment
Qualcomm appears but not as RF, and the A8 is smaller than its predecessor, among other surprises: dissects the iPhone 6 Plus.
Why You Can't Judge a Company by Its Version 1.0 Product
9/22/2014   2 comments
You really don't need to spend your valuable time fighting an aggravating interface or wading through bizarre logic laid out by an accountant, but...
Inside Intel's Gen 8 GPU
9/22/2014   10 comments
Intel recently gave a tour inside the workings of its latest graphics processors, and here is what analyst Jon Peddie found out about the x86 giant's latest GPUs.
Secure WiFi Shield for Arduino Platforms
9/19/2014   3 comments
The Arduino WiFi Shield 101 is designed to enable rapid prototyping of IoT applications on the Arduino platform.
Digital Level Shifting
9/19/2014   26 comments
Do you need to take your signals to the next level? What techniques do you use?
Steve Wozniak Reacts to Latest iPhone
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/19/2014   18 comments
Being presented with his very own iCups communications system certainly brightened Steve Wozniak's day.
Five Challenges to FPGA-Based Prototyping
9/19/2014   Post a comment
The state of the art has progressed spectacularly since early forays into FPGA-based prototyping, but there are still challenges to be overcome.
Making The Internet of Things 'Easy Stupid'
9/19/2014   Post a comment
IoT companies need to provide a positive user experience that drives value, which is exactly the focus for home automation and business monitoring company GridConnect.
Friday Quiz: Units of Measurement
9/19/2014   40 comments
The ways we express units of measurement should be perfectly clear, but they aren't.
Nvidia’s Maxwell Lights Up Voxels
9/18/2014   Post a comment
Nvidia’s Maxwell, its new high-end graphics processor, opens up a door to real-time voxel processing, an enhanced method of lighting, says veteran analyst Jon Peddie.
Training Opportunities Abound at ARM TechCon
9/18/2014   2 comments
ARM TechCon is only a few weeks away, and if you're doing any ARM-related development it will be the place to be to expand your knowledge and skills.
10 Top Video Parodies on User Interfaces
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/18/2014   58 comments
There have been some interesting videos of "user interface parodies" over the years -- some that are "old chestnuts," some that deserve to be called "classics," and some that have only recently appeared on the scene.
Making Wearables Personal
9/18/2014   Post a comment
Wearables should be as unique as the person who wears them. The NEX Band is a modular wearable device that changes its look and functionality based on the charms selected by the user.
Infographic: A History of Wearable Tech
9/18/2014   Post a comment
Take a stroll down wearable memory lane in this great inforgraphic from Mashable.
Rube Goldberg Rocket Launch
9/18/2014   2 comments
For their first real-world project, a group of budding young embedded engineers decided to create a Rube Goldberg rocket launcher and use it to fly some rockets.
Technology You Can Sink Your Teeth Into
9/17/2014   4 comments
Thanks to 3D imaging software and a special milling machine, dentists can create and install caps in a single visit. That's got to be worth a toothy smile.
Does Reducing Power Consumption Actually Save Energy?
9/17/2014   41 comments
It's the law of unintended consequences again, as regulations to reduce energy consumption by reducing power ratings may actually have the opposite effect.
Local Motors Succeeds in Test Driving First 3D-Printed Car
9/17/2014   3 comments
3D-printed car has successful test drive!
Designer of Things Keynote Speaker: Gadi Amit
9/17/2014   Post a comment
EETimes is pleased to announce that Gadi Amit will be a keynote speaker at the Designer of Things conference. Gadi shares his passion for bucking technology trends and implementing beautiful design through international talks.
Dr. Duino Diagnostic Shield Deduces Dilemmas in Arduino Shield Stacks
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/17/2014   13 comments
When sandwiched between an Arduino Uno and a shield -- or between two shields -- jumpers on the Dr. Duino can either pass signals between the boards above and below or route them to test points and other components.
Open-Source Hardware Circa 1920
9/17/2014   17 comments
An engineer discovers amazing schematics and documentation pasted to the back of a 92-year-old organ originally installed in a San Francisco vaudeville house.
Intel Core M vs. Pentium M
9/17/2014   7 comments
A comparison of Intel's recent Core M to its original Pentium M from a decade ago provides some perspective on how far the company and the semiconductor industry have come, says analyst Nathan Brookwood.
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