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Content posted in October 2008
Experiment with power-saving LED lighting with engineering kit
Power DesignLine Blog  
10/29/2008   1 comment
LED lighting, used in widely-ranging applications from flashlights to sports fields, offers many advantages including long life and perhaps most importantly power savings.
So-called vampire power boosts power bills
Power DesignLine Blog  
10/22/2008   6 comments
My family is indicative of the general public. We take one step forward and two steps back. I no longer allow a desktop computer to be left running 24/7, but we continue to add rechargeable battery-powered devices such as the recent addition of a weed whacker and leaf blower.
Vibration-based energy harvester delivers 60 μW
Power DesignLine Blog  
10/15/2008   Post a comment
The harvester can be fabricated in a standard CMOS and works at a relatively low frequency range that's typical of target applications such as tire pressure sensors.

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