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Content posted in February 2005
Frozen by the heat
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2/23/2005   Post a comment
The great thing about my job is that I get to see a flood of information cross my desk that may seem disparate, but when you step back and look at the information as a whole you start to see the connections. Several approaches are being taken to either inch our way to a solution while others are being developed to completely change how we develop ever faster computing designs that don't get frozen by the heat.
Voltage Choice in a Distributed Power Architecture
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2/18/2005   Post a comment
Telecom power supplies use a nominal -48 V distributed bus. However, the increasing number and complexity of loads has driven a system-level change known as the Intermediate Bus Architecture, which is fed to the Intermediate Bus Converter. Mr. Greenland tells us what's happening here and why there is talk of using an even lower voltage range.
Report from the Trenches
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2/16/2005   Post a comment
Soaring at 20,000 feet above the sea doesn't get Dr. Frank far from his passion of reversible computing. He attended an industry sponsored meeting that focused on reversible computing and wrote down his thoughts. You need to read this if you don't want to see your designs come to a grinding halt because of the laws of physics. Dr Frank gives you an honest, down-to-earth, observation about the state of reversible computing, what needs to be done, and what the critics say about it. Onward to zetta
From ISSC to Ischia
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2/9/2005   Post a comment
A hot topic in the news recently revolves around the problems with heat dissipation for all new designs. Dr. Michael Frank takes a look at some of them and tells you what he thinks. Interesting reading.
Dear Joe Power Supply
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2/3/2005   Post a comment
Don Alfano, Director of Applications Engineering at Silicon Labs tells a story from the point of view of - the power supply - and you get to see what pressures are placed on these almost invisible products, and what Joe Power Supply needs to keep up with technology changes.
Y Not?
Power DesignLine Blog  
2/1/2005   Post a comment
Dr Frank talks about the beginnings of reversible computing. He tells us about Helical Logic or reversible computing at the nanoscale, a controlled-fork or switch gate, and power dissipation of attowats. Frank gives us the background and who did the pioneering work in these areas including Y branch circuits, which could wipe out the limits of today's MOSFET technology. It's possible but some work needs to be done. Y not do it?

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