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Content posted in October 2008
Awesomely funny...
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/30/2008   Post a comment
It's the entire mix (video clips, background music, and sound effects) that makes this video such a "must see" experience...
It's not the size of your...
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/30/2008   Post a comment
In which we discover some amazing images that will boggle our minds...
Great minds... and a cool 3D Web Cam
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/29/2008   Post a comment
I'm racing around doing "stuff" at the moment, so here are two quick blogs for the price of one...
Amazing 3D Animation-Music DVDs
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/28/2008   Post a comment
I was just watching two of the most amazing 3D Animation-Music DVDs I've ever seen ... and the best thing is that I have a spare pair for one lucky winner...
Competition: Win 1 of 10 Actel IGLOO Icicle FPGA development kits
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/27/2008   18 comments
We're just giving all sorts of mega-cool stuff away at Programmable Logic DesignLine these days; will you be one of our ten lucky winners?
5 x 14 = 25
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/24/2008   Post a comment
Maybe this explains the current financial crisis and the way the government's bailout plans are supposed to work...
Is the universe really expanding or is it actually contracting?
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/24/2008   3 comments
A friend just posed two questions that I'm finding difficult to answer... perhaps you could help...
Halloween Project
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/23/2008   Post a comment
For your edification and delight, I thought I'd share something I just made with my son...
Seeing Red
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/22/2008   Post a comment
New research shows that synaesthetic experiences (where one sense triggers the involuntary use of another) can be induced by hypnosis.
Beyond Touch
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/22/2008   Post a comment
Is this a glimpse of user interfaces to come?
Dreadful Puns
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/22/2008   Post a comment
Don't blame me... it's not my fault.. the person responsible for all of this is...
Programmable Logic DesignLine and Altium are holding a Design Competition
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/21/2008   Post a comment
Do you want a free super-cool Innovation Station (a US$9000+ value including a perpetual software license)? If so, I'm the man you need to be talking to...
A message from the Queen
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/20/2008   Post a comment
Here's an "oldie but goodie" that made me chuckle...
John Cooley to take over Cadence?
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/16/2008   Post a comment
You never know what's going to happen in EDA Space ("where no one can hear you scream").
Amazing invention
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/15/2008   1 comment
This really gets the creative juices flowing and makes you want to build one of your own.
Banjo used in brain surgery
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/14/2008   1 comment
Now, here's something you don't get to see every day...
A video, a book, and a whachamacallit
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/14/2008   Post a comment
In which we find a couple of things to amuse ourselves for a few minutes.
A tower of light
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/13/2008   1 comment
The strength, intensity and brilliance of this light sculpture continually change with the prevailing weather and atmospheric conditions unique to Iceland.
We (almost) have a ternary Gray code solution
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/9/2008   4 comments
I just heard from a reader who has come up with a ternary Gray code and associated binary mapping that (almost) does everything we need...
The 2008 Ig Nobel awards are out
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/8/2008   Post a comment
The 18th "First Annual Ig Nobel Awards" ceremony honors the best (weirdest) scientific research.
"n-ary" (non-Boolean) Gray codes (Part Deux)
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/7/2008   16 comments
I've been pondering this topic some more, and now I can't get it out of my head...
Simultaneous parabolic approximation of sin and cos
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/6/2008   Post a comment
Here's a useful "DSP Trick" that is sure to come in handy one day.
Feel the (dark) flow
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/3/2008   1 comment
First we had "Dark Matter," then came "Dark Energy," and now we find "Dark Flow" ... sometimes I wish scientists would simple leave me in the dark...
Michael Palin for President!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/2/2008   Post a comment
As this video shows, Monty Python's Michael Palin is better qualified for executive office than is Sarah Palin.
"n-ary" (non-Boolean) Gray codes
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/1/2008   Post a comment
A reader poses a pert and perky problem for us to ponder; to cogitate, consider, and contemplate; to reflect, revolve, and ruminate...
Free FPGA Fundamentals Online Course
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
10/1/2008   1 comment
Hurrah! My FPGA Fundamentals course went live just a few seconds ago as I pen these words...

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Max Maxfield

Want to Present a Paper at ESC Boston 2015?
Max Maxfield
I tell you, I need more hours in each day. If I was having any more fun, there would have to be two of me to handle it all. For example, I just heard that I'm going to be both a speaker ...

Martin Rowe

No 2014 Punkin Chunkin, What Will You Do?
Martin Rowe
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American Thanksgiving is next week, and while some people watch (American) football all day, the real competition on TV has become Punkin Chunkin. But there will be no Punkin Chunkin on TV ...

Rich Quinnell

Making the Grade in Industrial Design
Rich Quinnell
As every developer knows, there are the paper specifications for a product design, and then there are the real requirements. The paper specs are dry, bland, and rigidly numeric, making ...

Martin Rowe

Book Review: Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design
Martin Rowe
1 Comment
Controlling Radiated Emissions by Design, Third Edition, by Michel Mardiguian. Contributions by Donald L. Sweeney and Roger Swanberg. List price: $89.99 (e-book), $119 (hardcover).