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Are you designing projects for 5G yet?
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5/1/2017   Post a comment
Are you working on projects for 5G yet -- are you designing electronics that destined for use on a 5G network?
How optimistic are you about job prospects in US electronics industry?
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2/28/2017   Post a comment
How optimistic are you about job prospects in US electronics industry?
What good can politicians be to engineers?
Flash Poll  
1/27/2017   4 comments
What is the one best thing politicians can do for engineers?
How autonomous do you really want your car to be?
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10/22/2015   Post a comment
EE Times Radio's Oct. 26 show panel will discuss unintended and intended consequences of self-driving cars, we ask What's Your Definition of 'Autonomous' Car? Better yet, how autonomous do we really want our cars to be?
What is the proper level of ethical behavior for engineers?
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10/9/2015   Post a comment
VW engineers are on the hot seat for some pretty sneaky behavior. What exactly are the ethics engineers should follow? Here are some choices, but feel free to add to the list by entering your comments at end of the poll (go to poll archive page, click the poll, and enter your comments at bottom of poll).
Which HDL Coding Style is Best?
Flash Poll  
9/25/2015   5 comments
When capturing ASIC/SoC/FPGA designs in Verilog or VHDL, different people prefer different coding styles. Some prefer to have keywords in uppercase and user-defined signals and variables in lowercase; others prefer things the opposite way round. Which is the best coding style to use?
Will Semiconductors Last Forever?
Flash Poll  
9/14/2015   2 comments
The end of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors is nearing. What then? Pick one of the choices below.
What stops you from launching your startup?
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9/5/2015   Post a comment
As we reveal 2015 EE Times Silicon 60 startup list, tell us why you are or aren't involved in your own startup. Drop your questions for our live radio show (Sept. 8) as we talk to venture capitalists about current environment for hardware startups.
Niche memory? Winners, losers
Flash Poll  
8/11/2015   1 comment
Which niche memory has the most potential for more widespread application in the next five years?
Intel and Micron's 3D Xpoint memory
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8/5/2015   Post a comment
Intel and Micron announced their 3D Xpoint memory to great fanfare last week. But what really is 3D Xpoint?
Are you in your dream job?
Flash Poll  
7/22/2015   Post a comment
How happy are you with your work? Are you in your dream job?
IoT Network Horse Race
Flash Poll  
7/15/2015   1 comment
What horse are you betting on winning the race to dominate future metro or national IoT networks?
Is the Drone an "Everyday" Object Now?
Flash Poll  
7/2/2015   Post a comment
How many drones do you have contact with daily?
What value do test equipment workshops have?
Flash Poll  
6/12/2015   2 comments
Have you ever attended a workshop given by a test-equipment company? If so, what value do they have?
Which bandwidth of oscilloscopes do you have in your lab?
Flash Poll  
6/5/2015   1 comment
Which bandwidth of oscilloscopes do you have in your lab?
Which communications buses do you use in your lab or in production?
Flash Poll  
5/29/2015   8 comments
Which communications buses do you use in your lab or in production?
Which programming environment do you use when automating measurements?
Flash Poll  
5/22/2015   11 comments
Everyone needs to automate a measurement sometime. Which programming environment do you use when automating measurements?
Where will the growth be in IoT?
Flash Poll  
5/14/2015   2 comments
GSA published a report Internet of Things, where 48 percent of the CEOs interviewed thought IoT would be one of the top three growth drivers for the semiconductor industry and 17 percent ranked it first. What do you think will be the top driver of semiconductor industry in near term (5 years)?
Consumer deal breakers for connected car
Flash Poll  
5/3/2015   Post a comment
Which of these is the deal breaker for consumers considering driving a connected car?
What is the one best reason to drive connected cars?
Flash Poll  
4/28/2015   4 comments
What will the best benefit be to having a connected car?
Which miracle materials are the most promising?
Flash Poll  
4/2/2015   Post a comment
Which materials from this short list are the most promising for the electronics and semiconductor industries? Select one or more.
What Is Most Influential Trend at Mobile World Congress 2015?
Flash Poll  
2/26/2015   Post a comment
Which trend do you think will be the most influential coming out of Mobile World Congress 2015. Two trend stories layout 5 different top trends. EDN and EE Times.
What does US need to do stay competitive in tech and sciences?
Flash Poll  
2/6/2015   2 comments
The United States may be slipping behind other countries in technology research and sciences. What should we do to increase our competitiveness. Vote for one answer below and drop us a comment about you think we should really do.
Is Internet of Things an Economic Bubble?
Flash Poll  
1/28/2015   Post a comment
Is the Internet of Things creating an economic bubble along the lines of the boom and bust of 10 years ago?
CES 2015: Year Of The What?
Flash Poll  
1/6/2015   1 comment
Having trouble deciding what to call CES this year? This poll may help you decide.
Connectivity in Your Embedded Design
Flash Poll  
12/5/2014   Post a comment
Adding connectivity to an embedded system can turn it from a standalone device to part of something much larger. It all depends on what you are using connectivity to achieve.
Industrial Grade
Flash Poll  
11/11/2014   4 comments
Engineer nightmares
Flash Poll  
10/17/2014   6 comments
When did your parents first suspect you were going to be an engineer?
Flash Poll  
10/3/2014   11 comments
Most engineers exhibit signs of a knack for engineering early in life. How did your parents or other adults around you first know you were headed for a career in electrical engineering?
Most Pressing Issues for Electronics Industry to Rally Around
Flash Poll  
9/15/2014   Post a comment
If the electronics industry could mobilize itself and work together to tackle one issue, what issue should that be? Should we think globally or put our country first?
Designing for Power Savings
Flash Poll  
8/27/2014   1 comment
Saving power, using less power -- it's all an important part of modern computing. Help us understand what techniques engineers expect to be using in the near future to produce the most power savings.
Power Sources for Wearables
Flash Poll  
8/8/2014   1 comment
How do you keep a wearable product up and running without creating just another cursèd device to plug in every day? Obviously, power efficiencies will be designed into devices, but what power source will help untether device owners from daily plug-in chores?
Desktop Pick-&-Place Machine
Flash Poll  
7/16/2014   3 comments
Help us decide what board size to support for the proposed EE Times Community Project to build a Desktop Pick-&-Place Machine that can assemble your boards -- and possibly even reflow them -- while fitting in a space smaller than 11 x 17".
What Is an Embedded System?
Flash Poll  
6/20/2014   2 comments
Is End of Windows XP Support the End of the World?
Flash Poll  
6/13/2014   6 comments
As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. What effect does this have your product development and test equipment, and what are you doing to remedy it?
Involvement in Internet of Things
Flash Poll  
5/27/2014   Post a comment
Whether you are a engineer designing electronic devices or creating and selling the building blocks of devices, you may find your work shifting more toward the IoT’s low-power, connected devices. How deep is your present involvement in IoT development?
The Future of Software Patents
Flash Poll  
4/15/2014   Post a comment
With Apple and Samsung reprising their patent fights and the Supreme Court planning on hearing Alice v. CLS Bank, do you think software patents are useful or a hindrance to the electronics industry?
When will Moore's Law end?
Flash Poll  
3/28/2014   16 comments
As we get closer to the limits of what physics and lithography tools will allow, here's your chance to see what your colleagues think will happen with Moore's Law.
Best Free Circuit Sim
Flash Poll  
8/7/2013   Post a comment

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