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What the English Say versus What the English Mean
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/17/2017   31 comments
Problems can ensue when someone from England is attempting to communicate with a non-native-English speaker, like an American, for example.
What's a Good Name for a Future Engineer?
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/16/2017   29 comments
The names Conrad, Montague, Montrose, Maximillian, and Tiberius all have a certain sense of gravitas about them ('Woody Words' as Monty Python would say).
Is 60 Really the New 40 or Am I Being Deceived?
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/14/2017   66 comments
Is 60 still so far in your future that you cannot even contemplate it, or is it now a receding memory in the rear-view mirror of your life?
Are Norberts and Norbertinas the Future of the Human Race?
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/10/2017   11 comments
Can you imagine a world in which personal artificial intelligence assistants prompt you with things to say and tell you how your audience is responding?
Are You Talking to Me (or to My Senstone Wearable)?
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/7/2017   13 comments
A Senstone is a rather stylish doohickey that can record spoken notes that are subsequently translated into text.
Want the Truth? Wear a Mask
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/6/2017   6 comments
Although simple in concept, creating one of these ventriloquist's masks will probably be quite tricky.
Hypnotically Captivating Chronographs
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/3/2017   7 comments
Designer Ben Rousseau has created a tantalizingly tempting temporal timepiece called Tempus.
Recreating Antikythera Mechanism: The Project Begins
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/1/2017   9 comments
A mechanical mastermind from the land down under is creating the antipodean apotheosis of the ancient Antikythera apparatus.
What Do You Do When Someone Says You Are a Waste of Time?
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/26/2017   14 comments
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a flame war? Or have you ever instigated a flame war you subsequently grew to regret?
Why Yes, that is my Bagpipe Backpack Case
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/24/2017   17 comments
Even if the people who know and love you forbid you to take up the bagpipes, surely there can be no objection to one's owning a bagpipe case.
It's Year Five of Paul Salopek's Round-the-World Walk
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/20/2017   Post a comment
Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is on the fifth year of his decade-long, 21,000-mile walk spanning continents, languages, and cultures.
Friday Feel-Good Video: A Wee Day Out
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/20/2017   9 comments
This video is a combination of "feel-good" and "awe-inspiring" and it will leave a smile on your face throughout (interspaced with "Oooh" expressions of surprise).
Virtual Reality Takes Zombie Shoot-'Em-Ups to Next Level
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/19/2017   3 comments
Arizona Sunshine plunges you into a blistering hot, post-apocalyptic Arizona where you must defend yourself against hordes of the gruesome undead.
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/18/2017   11 comments
Representing the famous Battle of Koom Valley between the dwarfs and the trolls, Thud is a favorite game of Lord Havelock Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.
AI-Enhanced Wearables Offer Personal Fitness Coaching
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/6/2017   5 comments
We could all benefit from having personal coaches to keep track of the food we eat and the exercise we take, to praise us for our efforts, and to cajole us into doing more.
Gecho Loopsynth -- a Theremin for the 21st Century
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/6/2017   2 comments
In unskilled hands, traditional Theremins can sound a bit like a cat being used as a set of bagpipes (don’t ask).
Power-Loader Robot Mimics Actions of Human Operator
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/5/2017   7 comments
Weighing in at 1.5 tons, this 13-foot bodacious beauty is scheduled to hit the streets running sometime in 2017.
Are You Ready for the Next Total Solar Eclipse?
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/4/2017   16 comments
The next total solar eclipse in America -- the first in almost 40 years -- will occur on Monday August 21, 2017.
Top 10 EELife Columns in 2016
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/26/2016   Post a comment
Do you have any favorite columns that appeared on EELife, but that didn’t make it to this Top 10?
Top 10 Programmable Logic Columns in 2016
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/26/2016   4 comments
Do you have any favorite columns that appeared on Programmable Logic Designline, but that didn’t make it to this Top 10?
Hello Oculus Touch Controllers; Farewell Breakfast Chandelier
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/20/2016   6 comments
Touch controllers take your virtual reality to a new level of immersive experience, but you have to make sure your play area is clear, otherwise...
Mechanical Mastermind Creates Horological Masterpiece
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/19/2016   16 comments
You won’t believe the attention to detail that goes into designing, modeling, measuring, cutting, grinding, polishing, and fitting the parts to realize this horological wonder.
I Got an Uber-Cool Badge and a Mega-Cool Idea at ESC Silicon Valley
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/16/2016   36 comments
Silego was giving away flashing LED badges based on its teeny-tiny GPAK mixed-signal FPGAs at ESC Silicon Valley.
DNA Test Reveals How Well You're Aging
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/1/2016   20 comments
Would you like to discover how the actual aging of your body compares to your chronological age, or is such knowledge best left unknown?
Half-Ton Megaprocessor is Finally Finished
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/29/2016   46 comments
Boasting 42,400 transistors, 50,500 resistors, 10,500 LEDs, and 272,300 hand-soldered joints, the Megaprocessor is a computer to be reckoned with.
Deep Thoughts Regarding the Bodacious Brain
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/23/2016   29 comments
There's more to building a brain than one might think. Should each cell reside in blissful ignorance or have some level of spatial awareness, for example?
The Time Has Come to Build My Own Electronic Brain
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/18/2016   28 comments
Can you imagine a tall glass dome jam-packed with a three-dimensional array of LED-based neurons frantically flickering away in response to sound?
What Are the Coolest Engineering Gifts?
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/16/2016   47 comments
What products or DIY creations do you think techno-weenies would most appreciate as gifts this coming Crimble?
Dual-Port 2A USB Chargers Only $1.95
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/14/2016   34 comments
These chargers really do produce 2A as claimed; they have two USB connectors, a power indicator, foldable prongs, and they’re UL listed.
Who Wouldn't Want a Big Hex Computer?
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/10/2016   27 comments
The Big Hex Computer is complicated enough to be interesting while remaining small enough to be presented on a single panel.
Rad-Tolerant Lockstep Quad Core 8051 Uses Only 12% of FPGA
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/8/2016   29 comments
This rad-tolerant Lockstep Quad Modular Redundancy (Lockstep QMR) system can rebuild itself after experiencing a variety of soft errors, including SEUs and SETs.
AI-Controlled Chessboard for the 21st Century
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/8/2016   4 comments
Using the associated app, you can play against the app's AI or against another human, who could be located anywhere around the globe.
Kickstarter Offers Novel Way of Presenting Electronic Components
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/4/2016   21 comments
This way of presenting electronic components could be incredibly useful for high schools and electronics kits targeted at kids and young adults.
Underwhelmed by "Mind-Boggling" Invention Claims
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/2/2016   9 comments
Portable water-powered generators and finger-tip phone calls may be interesting, but they fail the mind-boggling test.
Thank Goodness for Makers
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/28/2016   27 comments
Did you ever fear that hobby electronics was fading away, and were you surprised by the emergence of the Maker Movement?
$22 FPGA-Based Logic Analyzer Packs a Punch
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/27/2016   3 comments
The FPGA-based SUMP2 logic analyzer is useful for large FPGA development, but is also able to scale way down to work on a $22 Lattice iCEstick FPGA+USB board.
Zynq Goes Pynq
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/25/2016   5 comments
The PYNQ-Z1 allows you to create embedded systems using the Python language and associated libraries in conjunction with the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC FPGA.
Ladybird and Enid Blyton Books for Grown-Ups
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/25/2016   12 comments
A bevy of books spoofing classic characters and genres are leaping into the limelight to tumultuous applause.
Oculus Touch VR Controllers Available for Preorder
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/11/2016   Post a comment
Tightly integrated virtual reality controllers add a whole new level to the overall immersive experience.
Caveman Diorama Appears in Modelling Competition
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/6/2016   4 comments
On Saturday September 24, 2016, Max and Mike presented their caveman diorama at the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society's annual competition.
Why, Windows 10, Why?
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/30/2016   68 comments
Does your computer run the Windows 10 operating system? Have you noticed that it always seems to be busy when you aren’t doing anything?
What's the Best Way to Depict 1-to-5 in PY (People Years)?
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/29/2016   25 comments
Can you think of a suitable graphic to contrast the life of a 20-year-old student with a 100-year timespan?
Free Webinar: Introducing the XLR8 FPGA-based Arduino Uno Clone
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/29/2016   Post a comment
The FPGA-based XLR8 has the same footprint as an Arduino Uno, but it runs like an Arduino Uno on steroids.
Virtual Reality-Capable Notepad Computers
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/28/2016   10 comments
The folks at MSI have introduced some drool-worthy virtual reality-capable notepad (laptop) computers and PC backpacks.
Energy Huntsville Summit Promises to be a High-Energy Event
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/19/2016   2 comments
Want to learn a lot of thought-provoking stuff, meet a bunch of interesting folks, and be introduced to a wide variety of fascinating companies?
Caveman Diorama Meets Huntsville Modeling Competition
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/16/2016   1 comment
If you live anywhere near Huntsville, Alabama, you may wish to attend the modelling competition on Saturday September 24 and see the caveman diorama in person.
To Sleep, Perchance to Lucid Dream
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/15/2016   2 comments
In a lucid dream, the dreamer writes the script and becomes the lead actor, director, and special effects technician.
If all else fails, iPads have a hard reset (who knew?)
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/7/2016   27 comments
Did you know that pressing-and-holding the iPad's Home and Power buttons together for at least 10 seconds forces the hardest of hard resets?
Small/Home office? Computers down? Who ya gonna call?
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/6/2016   Post a comment
Do you work from home or for a small company? Do you manage your own systems, do you outsource said management, or are you thinking of doing so?
Virtual Worlds Defy Description
Max’s Cool Beans  
9/1/2016   2 comments
In terms of the sumptuous graphics and awesome backing soundtrack, Obduction truly is -- as folks claim -- the spiritual descendant to Myst and Riven.
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Protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from voltage ...
Watch as a web server authenticates or rejects a water ...
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