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Aloha from EEWeb
Maxís Cool Beans  
8/10/2017   Post a comment
New content is posted on daily, so please take the time to visit. Don't be shy. Sit down, pull up a chair, and say 'Aloha.'
EEWeb's August Cartoon Punchline Competition
Maxís Cool Beans  
8/10/2017   Post a comment
The winner of this month's contest will receive a full-size copy of the original cartoon, adorned with his or her caption and signed by the artist.
Beware Online Hotel Booking Scams
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/6/2017   40 comments
When you set about booking a hotel online, make sure you are using the hotel's own website and not an intermediary site with nefarious intentions.
A Hearty Hello from EEWeb
Maxís Cool Beans  
7/5/2017   2 comments
New content is posted on daily, so please take the time to visit. Don't be shy. Sit down, pull up a chair, and say 'Hello.'
A Big Howdy Doody from EEWeb
Maxís Cool Beans  
6/8/2017   6 comments
New content is posted on daily, so please take the time to visit. Donít be shy. Sit down, pull up a chair, and say 'Hoody Doody.'
Crazy Cartoon Punchline Competition on
Maxís Cool Beans  
5/9/2017   10 comments
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to propose an appropriate punchline for the final frame of the cartoon.
Webinar: What's Happening in Embedded Space?
Maxís Cool Beans  
4/13/2017   4 comments
Some of the answers that will be revealed in the forthcoming Embedded Markets Study Webinar may surprise you.
Who, What, When & Where at ESC Boston 2017?
Maxís Cool Beans  
4/7/2017   8 comments
Over the years, a tradition has been established of meeting up the evening before ESC to grab a bite to eat and share tall tales.
Papers invited for ESC Minneapolis and ESC Silicon Valley 2017
Maxís Cool Beans  
4/7/2017   Post a comment
The 'Call for Papers' portals are now open for ESC Minneapolis in November and ESC Silicon Valley in December.
Surprising New Information re World's Oldest Computer
Maxís Cool Beans  
4/3/2017   12 comments
On the one hand, this is really rather cool; on the other hand, it makes you shake your head in disbelief.
In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream for Ice Cream
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/27/2017   17 comments
The phrase 'I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream' could have been written with the Handel's Homemade Ice Cream emporium in mind.
Want More Pi?
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/24/2017   13 comments
Are there any imponderable that you find you cannot stop pondering?
Networking Furiously at ESC Boston 2017
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/23/2017   3 comments
Do you live in the Boston area? If so, you really should attend the Embedded Systems Conference to network furiously with your peers.
It's Raining Americans (Better Take an Umbrella)
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/22/2017   14 comments
If you take a relaxing stroll in the woods, be prepared to dodge hunters as they plummet out of the sky and become one with Mother Earth.
Renting/Leasing Electronic Test Equipment
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/21/2017   2 comments
What do you do if you find yourself needing test equipment? Have you tried renting and/or leasing?
Revel in Thought-Provoking Presentations at ESC Boston 2017
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/16/2017   Post a comment
ESC boasts a bodacious bunch of great speakers and we can expect myriad amazing, mind-expanding, thought-provoking presentations.
Shoot! What's the Dash Cam Say?
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/16/2017   31 comments
Higher or lower resolution, wider or narrower field of view -- there are so many Dash Cam options to choose from.
Who's the Man Behind the Mask?
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/14/2017   2 comments
It turns out that creating a ventriloquist's mask isnít too difficult, but implementing the articulation can be a tad tricky.
Aqua Landscapes and Terrific Terrariums
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/10/2017   5 comments
In regular fish tanks, the plants play a secondary role to the fish; in aqua landscapes, itís the other way around.
Now I'm Lusting Over a Laser Harp
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/9/2017   5 comments
When you see a laser harp, several; thoughts spring into your mind, including 'Ooh, Shiny' and 'I want one!'
The Power Just Went Out
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/8/2017   16 comments
In the not-so-distant past, if the power went out, you were never sure if it was just your house or the entire neighborhood that was affected.
One Metallic Step Closer to the Robot Apocalypse
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/8/2017   Post a comment
For anyone contemplating a new career, working with robots can be fun, interesting, challenging, and rewarding, until...
Independent Tool Vendors Form Alliance
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/8/2017   Post a comment
A group of embedded tool vendors has formed the Embedded Tools Alliance (ETA).
Manufactured in a Facility that uses Eggs and Peanuts
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/6/2017   26 comments
Have you ever looked at the ingredients that go into a modern food product and thought 'I'm not eating that'?
Cool Beans -- Electric Surfboards
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/2/2017   14 comments
These electric surfboards boast watertight 5 kW jet propulsion units that allow them to reach speeds of 35-40 km/h (21-24 mph).
An Invitation to be the Inimitable Me
Maxís Cool Beans  
3/1/2017   10 comments
IOT Day in NC will boast a full day of tutorials presented in three tracks: IoT at 'C' Level, Engineering the IoT, and Making the IoT.
Evolution of Microcomputers: Personal Histories
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/28/2017   49 comments
It's easy to forget how fast things are moving and how (relatively) pathetic were the computer and networking systems of yesteryear
The (Electronic) Pencil is Mightier than the Keyboard
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/24/2017   24 comments
The combination of the Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro-based note-taking app like MyScript Nebo can provide a major boost to one's productivity.
The 2017 Embedded Markets Study Needs You
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/22/2017   Post a comment
The portal just opened for this year's survey, so this is your chance to contribute your hard-earned knowledge regarding what's really going on in Embedded Space.
Are Kids No Longer Learning Multiplication Tables in School?
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/22/2017   46 comments
Have you heard anything about schools in your corner of the globe no longer teaching students to memorize their twelve times tables?
Three Cheers for Engineers... Hip Hip Hooray
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/20/2017   14 comments
Based largely on the labors of engineers, we are currently living in a Golden Age, so a little appreciation might be in order.
What the English Say versus What the English Mean
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/17/2017   51 comments
Problems can ensue when someone from England is attempting to communicate with a non-native-English speaker, like an American, for example.
What's a Good Name for a Future Engineer?
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/16/2017   49 comments
The names Conrad, Montague, Montrose, Maximillian, and Tiberius all have a certain sense of gravitas about them ('Woody Words' as Monty Python would say).
Is 60 Really the New 40 or Am I Being Deceived?
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/14/2017   70 comments
Is 60 still so far in your future that you cannot even contemplate it, or is it now a receding memory in the rear-view mirror of your life?
Are Norberts and Norbertinas the Future of the Human Race?
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/10/2017   11 comments
Can you imagine a world in which personal artificial intelligence assistants prompt you with things to say and tell you how your audience is responding?
Are You Talking to Me (or to My Senstone Wearable)?
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/7/2017   13 comments
A Senstone is a rather stylish doohickey that can record spoken notes that are subsequently translated into text.
Want the Truth? Wear a Mask
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/6/2017   14 comments
Although simple in concept, creating one of these ventriloquist's masks will probably be quite tricky.
Hypnotically Captivating Chronographs
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/3/2017   7 comments
Designer Ben Rousseau has created a tantalizingly tempting temporal timepiece called Tempus.
Recreating Antikythera Mechanism: The Project Begins
Maxís Cool Beans  
2/1/2017   9 comments
A mechanical mastermind from the land down under is creating the antipodean apotheosis of the ancient Antikythera apparatus.
What Do You Do When Someone Says You Are a Waste of Time?
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/26/2017   14 comments
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a flame war? Or have you ever instigated a flame war you subsequently grew to regret?
Why Yes, that is my Bagpipe Backpack Case
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/24/2017   17 comments
Even if the people who know and love you forbid you to take up the bagpipes, surely there can be no objection to one's owning a bagpipe case.
It's Year Five of Paul Salopek's Round-the-World Walk
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/20/2017   Post a comment
Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is on the fifth year of his decade-long, 21,000-mile walk spanning continents, languages, and cultures.
Friday Feel-Good Video: A Wee Day Out
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/20/2017   9 comments
This video is a combination of "feel-good" and "awe-inspiring" and it will leave a smile on your face throughout (interspaced with "Oooh" expressions of surprise).
Virtual Reality Takes Zombie Shoot-'Em-Ups to Next Level
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/19/2017   3 comments
Arizona Sunshine plunges you into a blistering hot, post-apocalyptic Arizona where you must defend yourself against hordes of the gruesome undead.
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/18/2017   11 comments
Representing the famous Battle of Koom Valley between the dwarfs and the trolls, Thud is a favorite game of Lord Havelock Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.
AI-Enhanced Wearables Offer Personal Fitness Coaching
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/6/2017   5 comments
We could all benefit from having personal coaches to keep track of the food we eat and the exercise we take, to praise us for our efforts, and to cajole us into doing more.
Gecho Loopsynth -- a Theremin for the 21st Century
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/6/2017   2 comments
In unskilled hands, traditional Theremins can sound a bit like a cat being used as a set of bagpipes (donít ask).
Power-Loader Robot Mimics Actions of Human Operator
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/5/2017   7 comments
Weighing in at 1.5 tons, this 13-foot bodacious beauty is scheduled to hit the streets running sometime in 2017.
Are You Ready for the Next Total Solar Eclipse?
Maxís Cool Beans  
1/4/2017   39 comments
The next total solar eclipse in America -- the first in almost 40 years -- will occur on Monday August 21, 2017.
Top 10 EELife Columns in 2016
Maxís Cool Beans  
12/26/2016   Post a comment
Do you have any favorite columns that appeared on EELife, but that didnít make it to this Top 10?
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