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New LCD Selection Tool Meets Caveman Time Portal
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/5/2016   Post a comment
This little beauty allows LCD designers and engineers to select the correct LCD technology for their new design and order samples with one click.
FPGA 2016 International Symposium Looms
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/4/2016   Post a comment
Will Intel's acquisition of Altera change the FPGA landscape? Addressing the complexity of FPGA design; new clocking and pipelining architectures; more...
Why Is My 3.3V Supply Only 1.5V?
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/3/2016   16 comments
How on earth can one have 3.3V at one end of a series of header pins and only 1.5V at the other end? Just where is the remaining 1.8V going to?
Outrageously Cool Nixie Tube Clocks
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/2/2016   20 comments
If someone offered you one of these masterpieces as a gift -- and you could choose only one -- which one would that be?
Could This Be The Hover Board?
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/27/2016   3 comments
It seems Max's dreams of riding his hover board around the neighborhood making even the coolest of cool kids turn green with envy may have to wait a while longer.
You Gotta See This!
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/26/2016   3 comments
One can only imagine their sense of wonder if young kids could see these projected animations with their own eyes.
Mind-Blowing Special Effects
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/25/2016   8 comments
When Max's dad was first exposed to modern special effects in movies, he came out of the cinema with his hair standing up on end.
Interesting Kickstarter: Electronic Hobby Projects Delivered to Your Door
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/22/2016   3 comments
Imagine each month an orange box arriving at your door containing the components and instructions to build that month's electronic hobby project.
Mind-Bogglingly Stupid Rumors & Websites
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/21/2016   49 comments
Are you aware of any websites that purport to tell the truth about something so outrageously stupid that it brings tears to your eyes?
Controlling IoT Devices with Mobile Platforms -- Creating Hierarchical Menus
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/15/2016   Post a comment
"In which we discover how to create a hierarchical GUI to be displayed on a mobile platform, where this GUI can be used to control a Simblee-enabled device.
The Loss of Innocence Wisdom (Teeth)
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/13/2016   33 comments
The medical profession has made tremendous strides with regard to anesthesiology in recent years.
UK Device Developers' Conference: Build Better Embedded Systems Faster
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/11/2016   Post a comment
In which we discover how to optimize our ARM Cortex-M code and build better embedded systems faster.
What's Best -- A Time Machine or a Time Portal?
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/8/2016   21 comments
On the one hand, it's nice to be able to relax in a comfy chair whilst travelling through time, but it's hard to ignore the convenience afforded by a time portal.
Best FPGA Tools on the iPad
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/7/2016   6 comments
Do you have any experience with iPad apps for VHDL and Verilog editing and FPGA design and verification?
How Did It Get So Late So Soon?
Max’s Cool Beans  
1/5/2016   26 comments
The back panel created by the Makerarm multifunction robotic arm for use on Max's Capriciously Cunning Chronograph makes people gasp with delight.
Caveman Christmas
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/30/2015   Post a comment
In this holiday round-up, Max brings us up to date as to the current state of play with regard to his ongoing Caveman Diorama project.
Who Am I? What Will a DNA Test Reveal?
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/22/2015   41 comments
What will a DNA test divulge about Max's ancestry? Does he have any Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, European, African, Middle Eastern, or Pan-Asian blood flowing through his veins?
Introducing the IoHT (Internet of Heavier Things)
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/17/2015   Post a comment
In the USA alone, there's around $6.8 trillion of fixed infrastructure and machinery that needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
Don’t Let I2C Pullup Resistors Bite You on the Bus!
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/17/2015   15 comments
Sometimes you are so confident of your abilities that you let the simplest things fall through the cracks.
The Changing Map of Israel 3000 BCE to 2015 CE
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/16/2015   1 comment
It's amazing to see the advance, ebb, and flow of civilizations as they surge back and forth across the landscape.
Creating IoT Devices & Controlling Them With Your Smartphone or Tablet
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/15/2015   7 comments
The teeny-tiny Simblee module allows you to create 'things' for use with the Internet of Things, and to then monitor and control these little scamps using your smartphone or tablet.
MKR1000 Combines Functionality of Arduino Zero and Wi-Fi Shield
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/10/2015   3 comments
The 1,000 people who submit the best project proposals to "The World's Largest Arduino Maker Challenge" will each win a newly-released MKR1000.
Shiny iPad Pro Meets Spiffy Saddleback Leather Case
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/9/2015   Post a comment
Backing an old iPad up into the cloud is relatively painless, but restoring a new machine from the cloud can make your eyes water.
Teeny-Tiny Mixed-Signal FPGA-Based Light-Tracking Device
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/9/2015   2 comments
Wojciech Rynczuk, an embedded software engineer with Rockwell Automation based in Poland, has created a light-tracking device using a GPAK4 from Silego.
Top 10 Articles on Programmable Logic Designline in 2015
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/7/2015   5 comments
It's always fascinating to see which stories attract the most readers. Some articles I expected to go like gangbusters attracted only a "ho hum," while others really hit the home run.
Save the Date (15 Dec 2015)! EE Times Radio Show: "Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle"
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/4/2015   25 comments
Here's the opportunity of a lifetime for you to pose questions to the System Manager for Flight Software Production for NASA's Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle.
DIY Bacon Jam (It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas)
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/4/2015   6 comments
Jars of homemade bacon jam may make the ideal Christmas present for that certain someone...
Book Review: The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse by Simon Monk
Max’s Cool Beans  
12/2/2015   11 comments
When dropping a microwave oven on a zombie's head, tie a rope to it first so you can reel it back in. In a post-apocalyptic world, it's even more important to recycle.
PowerPoint Presentations: One Chance to Make a First Impression
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/30/2015   14 comments
People are often blissfully unaware that they are presenting a mish-mash of clip-art and random images munged together with a visual assault of text fonts, sizes, and colors.
Want to Share Humongous Files with Friends? Here's How
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/24/2015   Post a comment
If you need to transfer humongous files to your friends, then WeTransfer.com offers a surprisingly pain-free experience.
Ooh Shiny! The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/24/2015   10 comments
With Christmas drawing close, you may be searching for gifts for family, friends, and colleagues, in which case the folks at iFixit have a few tasty items available.
Using a 3D Printer to Create Prototyping Jigs
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/23/2015   4 comments
Steve Manley is creating mega-useful jigs to facilitate the construction of his hobby projects using his new 3D printer.
iPad Pro, We Have a Problem
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/20/2015   29 comments
The folks at Saddleback Leather had better get a move on, because daddy wants to start playing with his iPad Pro!
Here's How to Acknowledge Your Rising Engineering Star Employees
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/19/2015   2 comments
This is a wonderful (and free) way for companies to recognize their exemplary employees and for individuals to acknowledge their praiseworthy colleagues.
Easily Migrate Apps + Docs from Windows X to Windows Y or Z
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/19/2015   1 comment
Zinstall WinWin provides the ability to migrate from any Windows OS to any Windows OS (any edition, 32-bit and 64-bit) and from any PC model to any PC model.
What Are the Odds? Red Traffic Lights for Life!
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/17/2015   21 comments
Could it be that one poor soul out there always experiences red traffic lights -- that each and every light transitions to red as our sad friend approaches?
Cunning Chronograph: Awesome Audio Display Alternative
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/16/2015   4 comments
There are many different ways of doing things, such as presenting audio spectrum data on a NeoPixel-based clock, for example.
XLR8 FPGA-Accelerated Arduino Clone Kickstarter is Live
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/12/2015   4 comments
You won't even know you're running your sketch on an FPGA until you fire up one or more of the accelerated functions... and then the magic happens.
Welcome to the Future -- Dynamic Adverts
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/12/2015   3 comments
It may be that -- in the not-so-distant future -- everyone watching a TV program in the comfort of their own homes sees different advertising objects seamlessly embedded in the scenes.
Programmable Logic Meet-up Met-up at ESC Minneapolis
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/10/2015   3 comments
The programmable meet-up at ESC Minneapolis was so successful that we'll definitely be doing this sort of thing at future ESCs, starting with ESC Boston 2016.
ESC Boston 2016 -- Call For Speakers Extended Until 20 Nov
Max’s Cool Beans  
11/5/2015   Post a comment
Happy Dance! The gate keepers have been instructed to re-open the submissions portal for ESC Boston 2016, so you have two more weeks to collect your thoughts and submit a proposal.
Robotic Arm Gives Max a Hand
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/30/2015   3 comments
When Max ran into a little problem, he contacted the founders of the Makerarm robotic arm and asked if they could... wait for it... lend a hand.
NASA's Darrel Raines to Give Keynote at ESC Minneapolis
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/30/2015   Post a comment
Darrel's keynote -- Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Overview: Embedded Flight Software -- will take place on Wednesday, November 4, from 12:00 to 12:45 p.m
Cunning Coding Tricks for LED Ring Lighting Effects
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/22/2015   11 comments
If you are a hardware hero who only occasionally dips your toes in the software waters, then these coding tips and tricks may prove to be jolly useful to you.
'Arduino on Steroids': FPGA-based XLR8 at ESC Minneapolis
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/19/2015   15 comments
Even with the same clock frequency as a regular Arduino, the FPGA-based XLR8 can accelerate things like floating-point math and perform other tasks much better.
ESC Minneapolis Hosts Programmable Logic Meet-up
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/16/2015   Post a comment
This informal networking session is open to anyone who is in any way interested in, or involved in, programmable logic -- from designers to vendors to service providers.
Cryptex Steampunk USB Memory Sticks
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/13/2015   7 comments
This USB flash drive is presented in a Steampunk-esque container boasting a mechanical combination lock of a type used hundreds of years ago to keep secrets.
Fabulous Flaming Flanges to Drool Over
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/12/2015   4 comments
Much like your humble narrator, the fully-assembled proto-flange is bright and shiny, as light as a feather, and awesomely good looking.
Is this the Coolest Ruler Ever?
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/9/2015   13 comments
This really is a cool ruler, but maybe we could add some additional "stuff" (what should that "stuff" be?)
Cunning Chronograph: Tricky Timing Troubles
Max’s Cool Beans  
10/9/2015   14 comments
One Arduino library leaves the interrupts enabled and consumes less memory but it's slower; the other disables interrupts but executes faster. Which one should we use?
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As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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