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Escaped Russian Robot Faces Death Penalty
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/29/2016   7 comments
Russian robot makes a break for freedom from the facility where its capabilities are being evaluated.
A (Good) Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/24/2016   43 comments
At some stage, a cheap-and-cheerful camera coupled with a point-and-click technique fails to satisfy one's artistic urges.
Amazing: 3D Models Generated from 2D Photos
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/23/2016   3 comments
The mind boggles when you try to imagine combining deep neural network embedded vision systems with this 3D model extraction technology.
Hail & Farewell Summer Solstice 2016
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/21/2016   29 comments
Do you regard the arrival and departure of the Solstices and Equinoxes with joy, with equanimity, or with dread?
Ask Not What Max Can Do For You...
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/17/2016   8 comments
Do you have a favorite computer game you would like to revisit as a virtual reality experience?
Cunningly Creative Chart of Cosmic Exploration
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/13/2016   3 comments
This color-coded chart traces the trajectories of every orbiter, lander, rover, flyby, and impactor to ever slip the surly bonds of Earth's orbit.
Cutting a Dash with Amazon's Dash Buttons
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/9/2016   24 comments
Do these Wi-Fi-enabled buttons herald the dawn of a new golden age, or do they signify the beginning of the end of life as we know it?
Farberisms Rule, Spoonerisms Drool
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/6/2016   27 comments
Are Farberisms funnier than Spoonerisms, or are we bonking up the wrong tree?
Killer VR App + Killer VR Machine = Awesome VR Sauce
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/3/2016   13 comments
Combine the Oculus Rift with VR Games like Obduction and ZED, throw in a dedicated VR computer system, and prepare to have your mind boggled.
1st Prize in CircuitMaker Competition is Othermill Pro CNC Milling Machine
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/1/2016   3 comments
Can you imagine having an Othermill Pro CNC milling machine sitting on your desk, whipping out prototype PCBs whenever you need them?
New FPGA/SoC TFT LCD Display Controller IP Core
Max’s Cool Beans  
6/1/2016   4 comments
The DB9000 TFT LCD Controller IP core supports LCD panel resolutions from 240x240 up to 8192x8192.
Gululu Smart Water Bottle Keeps Kids Hydrated
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/24/2016   9 comments
Meet the Gululu, the spiritual descendent of the Tamagotchi, but one that is more suited to (virtual) life in the 21st Century.
My Genes Don’t Seem to Fit
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/24/2016   14 comments
Humans have somewhere between 20,000 to 25,000 protein-coding genes, which places us somewhere between a chicken (~16,500 genes) and a grape (~30,500 genes).
The Mover Kit: A Wearable Kids Make & Code Themselves
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
In addition to being an ideal toy to get kids up and moving and doing "stuff," it's also a wearable that's designed to take full advantage of their imaginations.
Have You Lost Your Marbles (and Magnets)?
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/17/2016   15 comments
Created out of marbles and magnets, this Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg-esque machine will have you exclaiming "No Way!"
Heartwarming & Inspiring Videos of Mars Landings
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/13/2016   2 comments
We can only imagine the feelings of jubilation to be on a team that sends a probe to another planet and to see the first images coming back from outer space.
Forlorn with Friggatriskaidekaphobia
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/10/2016   30 comments
It's been estimated that $800 or $900 million is lost in business in the USA on every Friday 13th.
Proceedings of the IEEE: Design Automation of Electronic Systems
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2016   3 comments
It may be time for digital designers to start boning up on analog lest they be trampled underfoot by rampaging hordes of their analog cousins.
Teaching 6-Year Olds Electronics with Squishy Circuits
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/6/2016   16 comments
The Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit could keep kids enthralled for months, which makes this little beauty worth its weight in gold for most parents.
Madcap Ultrasound Engineers Send FPGA to 103,000 Feet
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/5/2016   5 comments
A team of Ultrasound Engineers recently sent an FPGA to 103,000 feet in a High Altitude Balloon and just barely recovered it after three days in the wild.
Embedded Vision Summit: Selfie With Beam-In
Max’s Cool Beans  
5/3/2016   Post a comment
You can't be too thin, too rich, or have too much data.
MCU Guy, Meet FPGA; FPGA, Meet MCU Guy
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/26/2016   34 comments
If you have heard of FPGAs, Verilog & VHDL, but don’t really know "what lies beneath," or if you want to introduce someone to FPGA Space, then this column is for you.
Max Faces Cease-and-Desist Order
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/22/2016   97 comments
Alas poor exclamation mark, I knew him, Horatio
Time Portal Scenes of the Past, Present & Future
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/21/2016   31 comments
Wanted: Images showing things like alien landscapes, post-apocalyptic scenes, and weird, wonderful, and beautiful visions of the past, present, and future.
Where to Get Best (Cheap, Robust) Arduinos & Compatibles?
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/19/2016   14 comments
Do you have any suppliers for Arduinos that you would either recommend or advise others against using?
Say Hello to an Engineer of the Future
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/8/2016   12 comments
Some things that mark Ashton Richards as a potential future electronics and computer engineer are his boundless enthusiasm and his willingness to experiment.
EETimes Radio Presents "Embedded Vision: How a Car Sees"
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/5/2016   Post a comment
The emergence of powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient processors has made it possible to incorporate practical computer vision capabilities into embedded systems.
Secrets of the Homemade Nixie Tube Clock
Max’s Cool Beans  
4/4/2016   3 comments
Here's the latest in Max Maxfield's how-to-make-your-own Nixie Tube DIY project. The secret to a homemade Nixie Tube clock is to buy it from a professional.
Caveman Diorama: Quest for Fire
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/30/2016   Post a comment
If all of the other elements forming the diorama turn out as well as the fire, then it looks like we're going to have something spectacular on our hands.
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, Perchance to... Dream?
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/25/2016   35 comments
Have you ever dreamt that you were awake? How do you know that you're not dreaming now?
Hate Telemarketers? You'll Love the Jolly Roger Telephone Company
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/18/2016   24 comments
When you receive a telemarketing call, simply conference in this number and let the Jolly Roger automaton converse with the telemarketer.
Is that the (daylight saving) time?
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/18/2016   Post a comment
We derive an algorithm to determine whether to display Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time.
Is this the Best "Tech Support" Video Ever?
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/17/2016   8 comments
There's a veritable cornucopia of "Tech Support" and "Call Center" related videos out there, but which one is the funniest?
Have You Got the Plaques? (No, I Always Walk This Way)
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/16/2016   Post a comment
A small brass plaque attached to your project can be "the cream on top of the cake," but only if the plaque exudes quality and style.
Chronograph Inspired by 1960s Ford Mustang Dashboard
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/15/2016   Post a comment
In which we are introduced to another mega-cool cunning chronograph project and we discover a problem with Daylight Saving Time.
Cunning Low-Cost Dual-Rail Breadboard Power Supply Kickstarter
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/14/2016   18 comments
This is one of those things you'll end up using almost every day, and it's a bargain at only $9 US dollars.
Hello Flying Cars!
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/11/2016   8 comments
A Jetsons-like future where we all fly to work in the morning may be closer than you think.
Magnificent Magical Marble Music Machine
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/9/2016   6 comments
This bodacious beast employs 2,000 marbles to work its magic. It also demands a significant amount of hand-cranking effort on behalf of its operator.
Nighttime Aerial Drone Ballet
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/8/2016   12 comments
This is one of those feel-good videos that makes you gasp "Ooh!" and "Ah!"
MIT Media Lab Entrepreneur to Discuss Makers' Role in U.S. Innovation, ESC Boston
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/7/2016   Post a comment
One of Maker movement's most passionate proponents -- entrepreneur, technology consultant, and educator Kipp Bradford -- talks about importance of makers at ESC Boston.
First sighting of ESC Boston 2016 "Hello There!" Robots
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/4/2016   Post a comment
In which we discover how simple hand gestures can send the robots scurrying to obey their owners' commands.
I Love My 4-Port Beast of a USB Charger
Max’s Cool Beans  
3/1/2016   22 comments
Are you still living in the past, staring balefully at a single-port USB charger sitting on your desk with your lower lip quivering and a little tear rolling down your cheek?
Max's DNA Results Are In -- It's Worse Than We Feared!
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/26/2016   31 comments
According to the ethnicity estimate from, Max's DNA shows him to be...
STEM Gets Steamy
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/25/2016   33 comments
There's a move to add the Arts (A) to the existing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math domains, thereby evolving STEM into STEAM.
First "PCB of the Month" Project is Poised to Roll
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/24/2016   9 comments
This project is based on the LM331 voltage-to-frequency converter chip that was designed by the late, great Bob Pease.
Latest Atlas Humanoid Robot Frighteningly Lifelike
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/24/2016   9 comments
Still don’t believe in the robot apocalypse? We'll see who is laughing when you hear the metallic stomping approaching outside your office door.
Amazing T-Rex Illusion Video
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/23/2016   Post a comment
When all is revealed at the end, you will be "blown away" in astonishment.
Cycle-Accurate 8088/8086 Soft Processor Core Consumes Only 308 FPGA LUTs
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/18/2016   17 comments
Using a micro-sequencer-based implementation, the designer achieves a cycle-accurate core that's less than one tenth the size of comparable x86 soft cores.
Vera Lynn Meets the Dark Side of the Moon
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/18/2016   14 comments
Dame Vera was trilling away at full throttle just 30 years before we were feasting our orbs and auricles on Pink Floyd's offerings at Knebworth Park.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Max’s Cool Beans  
2/17/2016   15 comments
What do you do if you wish to go to the movies, but your spouse favors historical dramas while you feel zombies are the order of the day?
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Protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from voltage ...
Watch as a web server authenticates or rejects a water ...
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