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Content posted in January 2012
For those who don't think science is exciting...
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/30/2012   21 comments
In 1927 the world’s longest-continuously-running scientific experiment was kicked off, which means this little rascal has now been running for 85 years...
What's private anymore?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/29/2012   13 comments
I was reading this opinion piece in the NY Times today on "Privacy, Technology, and Law," and it wrestles with the question of what is protected as "privacy" in the US given the vast technological changes.
That Was Tricky! Where were our wireless packets?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/27/2012   2 comments
Why did the wireless network shut down when the production line started up?
Stand Back! I have a robotic ball (and I’m not afraid to use it)!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/26/2012   10 comments
Do you recall my recent column “I want robotic balls”? Well, I now have one of my very own (“…my precious, my precious…”)
How It Was: PDP and VAX computers
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/24/2012   14 comments
...we had a couple of PDP11/70’s ( I remember being told they cost $120,000 each), a PDP11/44, and a VAX 730...
Predictions: The bold prediction for EDA
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/24/2012   2 comments
So, my run of predictions for 2012 is over except for one. This one predicts what the EDA industry will look like, and it sure IS pretty…
Opinion: Bug Love
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/24/2012   3 comments
I love to see the look on fellow DV engineer's faces when I tell them "bugs screw up my productivity"...
Will robots soon be building houses using 3D Printing Technology?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/20/2012   3 comments
Within the next few years, 3D printing may have advanced to the stage that robots could “Print” a concrete house in a day…
Looking for some future geeks
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/19/2012   3 comments
The EE Times STEM education site is looking for student bloggers to take over the reins from Syleen and Katie.
I want robotic balls!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/19/2012   18 comments
It looks like there was a bunch of great stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but one product that really caught my attention was the smart robotic balls…
New Book “Advanced Verification Topics” published by Cadence
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/17/2012   Post a comment
The major EDA companies have been busy working on books recently, a trend that I love, and today I find out about a new book from Cadence…
Predictions for 2012: ESL
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/17/2012   Post a comment
In this episode of the 2012 predictions, I look at those related to the emerging field of ESL...
How It Was: My adventures with computers in 1970s England
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/16/2012   6 comments
Chris Lewis writes: "I was one of those kids who took everything apart to see how it worked, much to the annoyance of my parents..."
Streaming your iPad videos thru a "Henry"
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/16/2012   Post a comment
I just discovered Apple TV; There is so much going on these days that it's easy to miss something like this...
What were they thinking: Friday the 13th – unlucky?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/13/2012   4 comments
Superstition holds it that Friday 13th is an unlucky day, but why is it and where does this come from…
How do you manage the Internet of you?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/12/2012   21 comments
The world is at our fingertips, 24/7, but how do we manage our relationship with ubiquitous consumer electronics devices?
Guest commentary: CFLs and their "issues"
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/10/2012   59 comments
A newsletter reader responds with some thoughtful points about CFLs, reliability, and more
Predictions for 2012: Industry trends
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/10/2012   2 comments
What does 2012 have in store for the IP, EDA and semiconductor industries? See what people inside the industry have to say and we shall see if they are correct…
Did EE Times influence Legislation?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/6/2012   8 comments
I’ve written a few articles for EE Times recently about the problem the electronics industry faces with counterfeit parts. It’s serious, expensive, and by all indications the problem is getting worse.
Kodak's travails provide multiple lessons
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/6/2012   18 comments
Change is hard to stop, while hindsight is always so smart
Five important stories to track during CES 2012
Engineering Pop Culture!  
1/4/2012   3 comments
Here are the five new industry trends you need to watch out for at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

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