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Content posted in December 2011
A toast to our readers (in verse)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/30/2011   13 comments
We celebrate the contributions of EE Life readers and EE Times editors in 2011 in verse.
Engineering simulators for the iPad
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/22/2011   21 comments
My old chum Alvin just emailed me to tell me about a bunch of iPad apps that have only recently been released...
A really useful (free) tool for the severely disabled
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/20/2011   11 comments
I've talked about this before... and doubtless I will talk about it again...
Get the fuzzies Encourage an engineer to be
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/15/2011   1 comment
We’ve gathered a bunch of eager kids and had them write about science, now it's your chance to tell them what you think...
Key to survival: Manage your career
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/14/2011   37 comments
With so many engineers out of work for far too long, Norm Morin offers an optimistic tale of transformation.
Discovering my inner geek with a robot vacuum
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/8/2011   4 comments
If you’ve been wondering which robot vacuum to purchase as a gift for yourself (or for your “significant other”), then wonder no more because all is revealed…
Color my lab - A 2011 caption retrospective
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/8/2011   Post a comment
From a wrangler to a flightless bird, our cartoons are designed to confuse. See the 2011 winners' color prints and send pics of your pinups.
Amr Mohsen stirs up more controversy
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/6/2011   2 comments
Amr Mohsen was a leader in our industry and a founder in both Actel and Aptix. But what about his management methods? That seems to make for some interesting tales…
Accellera + OSCI = what exactly?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/6/2011   Post a comment
What does the merger between OSCI and Accellera really mean and how will it affect people who use the standards and work in their creation...
Life is a mosaic of pleasure and pain…
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/5/2011   14 comments
As if I didn’t already have enough hobby projects … I just decided that I want to recreate The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh in mosaic…
Quality and expectations
Engineering Pop Culture!  
12/1/2011   15 comments
How much quality should we expect in products and what can we do when they don’t live up to our expectations? Car troubles get me thinking…

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