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Content posted in March 2012
April Fool’s Day pranks
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/30/2012   3 comments
There must be so many pranks that people can pull on Sunday. Care to add one to the list?
Fundamentally Powerful
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/30/2012   2 comments
Monday is the start of something new and powerful. It is the start of a major experiment within the EDA Designline that could have big ramifications…
Forecasting tech's future: How high can we go?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/29/2012   2 comments
Forecasting the future of the high tech market is always a tricky undertaking. Customers never want to hear that the industry is going to stall or even contract. Unfortunately, all business markets go through lifecycles. In consumer electronics (CE), there are some products that go through very brief lifecycles before being replaced by another technology, such as personal data assistants (PNDs), and others that have demonstrated extremely long lifecycles, such as set-top boxes (STBs) and TVs.
DESIGN West: Girls have more fun with engineering
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/28/2012   3 comments
Wayne Rust thinks girls enjoy engineering more than boys because they come at it with fewer preconceptions.
SparkFun’s introduction to microcontrollers for K-12 educators
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/23/2012   1 comment
SparkFun Electronics to host Continuing education class in conjunction with the Colorado School of Mines
Book Excerpt: FPGA-based Prototyping Methodology Manual
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/22/2012   1 comment
This book collects the best practices FPGA-based Prototyping of SoC and ASIC devices into one place for the first time...
What should you do if attacked by a group of clowns?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/22/2012   14 comments
Here’s some helpful advice from EDA Analyst Gary Smith…
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/20/2012   5 comments
Scrapyard Challenge Jr. puts art and design in STEM and makes musical teddy bears...and little children love it.
If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/19/2012   33 comments
It’s strangely entertaining watching the republican candidates popping up and down like some bizarre reincarnation of Whac-A-Mole…
What were they thinking: Full Body Teleportation
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/16/2012   15 comments
This patent describes a pulsed gravitational wave wormhole generator system that teleports a human being through hyperspace…
For the love of STEM
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/15/2012   3 comments
Talk to a room full of teachers and they're bound to teach you something.
Engineering the next generation DESIGN West meet-up
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/15/2012   Post a comment
Mentoring seems to be a natural instinct for engineers. Engineers see someone in need of a helping hand and step in, just like they would if a design needed help.
Meaningless surveys drive me crazy--and diminish real science
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/15/2012   17 comments
So many "studies" are nothing but dressed-up junk, but they still do harm to genuine investigations
Paying It Forward
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/14/2012   5 comments
Bob Chesla's mentor didn't hire him for what Bob knew, but for what his mentor thought he could learn. Now he can repay that belief in the future.
Which are the best wireless iPad speakers?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/12/2012   22 comments
After listening to Supertramp on my iPad with headphones, I started pondering the idea of wireless loudspeakers, but which ones shouls I choose?
Intel's anthropologist discusses the secret life of data
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/9/2012   10 comments
Intel’s anthropologist, Genevieve Bell, has been doing a lot of deep thinking about big data recently, and what the phenomenon actually means – both literally and figuratively.
Japan earthquake, one year later: Reflections on unity
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/8/2012   7 comments
Looking back, I am still struck by the unbelievable spirit of unity and camaraderie that brought Renesas together, the sheer scale of the support we received, the level of coordination we were able to achieve.
drinking beer in the workplace
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/8/2012   35 comments
It's time to bring beer out of the closet in engineering offices.
A code of ethics
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/8/2012   25 comments
What is ethics? Does it have anything to do with engineering? Should you care?
What were they thinking: Patents for Humanity
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/2/2012   7 comments
My search for humor turned up something more important, and I hope the EDA industry can participate, but then I get back to humor…
Book Review: The Art of Hardware Architecture by Mohit Arora
Engineering Pop Culture!  
3/1/2012   5 comments
Although this book is primarily targeted at the designers of ASICs / ASSPs / SoCs, quite a few of the topics are also applicable to FPGA designers...

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