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Content posted in July 2010
Employers getting more picky hiring engineers
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/23/2010   41 comments
Engineering positions are getting even more specialized, which doesn't bode well for job seekers
How to get an "A" in music
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/18/2010   8 comments
An EE undergrad exploits his knowledge of engineering to meet girls, ace a class in analog synthesizers
Your security clearance is here somewhere
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/12/2010   17 comments
An engineer recalls the insanities of the security clearance procedures in place at the first company he worked for
Where are all the good machine designers?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/10/2010   9 comments
Engineers in India fret that younger colleagues are too focused on software, lacking the basic engineering knowledge required to be good designers
Design by dialogue: Soft skills for a hard world
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/7/2010   3 comments
When hardware and software engineers engage in good dialogue, they reduce the potential for friction and achieve better designs

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