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IoT: A Return to Our Favorite EDA Requirements
4/18/2014   Post a comment
For the electronic design automation (EDA) industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) could represent both a technology advance and a technology reversal.
Will ‘Makers’ Help Chip Guys’ Bottom Line?
4/18/2014   16 comments
Are you seeing this newborn love among "makers," board vendors, and chip companies? What mystifies me is not so much the love part, but how anyone could eventually mistake this infatuation for good business.
Where Are DRAM Interfaces Headed?
4/18/2014   1 comment
What comes after today’s fastest interfaces? Jim Handy talks about Wide-IO, hybrid memory cube, and high-bandwidth memory.
Patent Lessons From Apple v. Samsung
4/18/2014   10 comments
The Apple v. Samsung case exposes vast gray areas in today's patent laws and practices in high-tech.
Fitness Wearables Lack Accuracy
4/18/2014   8 comments
A new generation of wearable fitness sensors is needed to enable consumers to become their own fitness coaches.
A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words – So Add One to Your Profile Already!
4/17/2014   7 comments
My personal preference is that I like to know who I'm talking to, especially on community-orientated websites like EETimes.
The Big Fat Indian Election
4/16/2014   6 comments
Technology and data analysis have come to play a crucial role in India's national election where 815 million eligible voters will cast their vote in more than 930,000 polling booths.
Are PCB Layout Designers an Endangered Species?
4/16/2014   35 comments
Are PCB layout designers as a group poised to fade into the sunset? If so, can design engineers pick up the slack, or are we all doomed to failure?
Motorola People, Products Remembered
4/16/2014   22 comments
As some of the remaining elements of Motorola are being absorbed into companies such as Lenovo and Zebra, I thought it was a good time to talk about people and products we remember.
Correlated Electron Memory Claims From 4DS
4/16/2014   1 comment
Ron Neale takes a closer look at 4DS Inc.’s reported progress in its development of metal oxide hetero-junction operation (MOHJO) non-volatile memory.
Galaxy 5 Shows Innovation Slowing
4/16/2014   1 comment
Samsung's Galaxy 5 shows innovation in smartphones is shifting from revolutionary to evolutionary improvements and value is shifting to software.
Faster Cryptocurrency Mining With Digital Power
4/16/2014   Post a comment
Mining for digital currency has created the latest race for computing power. This new contest will ask much of microprocessor and ASIC designers and power system architects.
Networking for the Internet of Things: Not so Fast!
4/16/2014   1 comment
Today's engineers are trained and prepared to tackle the challenges, but the IoT just may not happen as quickly as the pundits say.
Can Cities Really Be Tech Centers?
4/16/2014   5 comments
It depends on how you define technology. That is, from software apps to circuits.
Bad Assumptions & Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Still Catch Fire
4/15/2014   13 comments
Some charging systems have good temperature accuracy, but no cell-balancing capability. Others have good cell-balancing capability, but poor temperature accuracy.
All About Batteries, Part 6: Zinc-Air
4/15/2014   2 comments
In this article, we focus on zinc-air batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, and chemistry.
EE Live! Conference a Big Splash in Silicon Valley
4/15/2014   Post a comment
A blogger went to EE Live this month, and this is what he saw.
Minimize Unknowns in ESD Tests
4/15/2014   5 comments
Pass/fail tests don't tell you why a system passed or failed. TLP, now used for system-level ESD, can help.
Connectivity & Sensors: Smartphone Essentials
4/14/2014   Post a comment
What brands of accelerometers, e-compasses, and gyroscopes are in today's smart devices? keeps score.
Is Internet of Things Hype 'Stuck on Stupid'?
4/14/2014   7 comments
Don't be fooled by Internet of Things hype, says Kurt Shuler of SoC IP company Arteris. He argues for more compute power on edges using SoC IP.
Scaling the 100 GbE Memory Wall
4/14/2014   Post a comment
It's time to consider a new architectural approach that shifts the traditional relationship between memory and the packet processor.
Hooked on Science & Engineering
4/14/2014   12 comments
What inspired you to study engineering?
Obokata Scandal Puts Research in Peril
4/12/2014   29 comments
The STAP stem cell research scandal has exposed a number of important issues fundamental to science and the politics of science. Critically, it poses questions about the apparent lack of research rigor in Japan.
SSDs are a Short-Term Phenomenon
4/11/2014   4 comments
I know this sounds like a sacrilege so early in the frenzied adoption of SSDs, but this format is a clumsy kludge driven by the industry’s fixation on the fact that flash is persistent
Huawei Tries to Overcome ‘Fear of Huawei’
4/10/2014   14 comments
Despite difficulties in the US and other markets, Huawei is looking to mend some of the fences. However, spying allegations continue on both sides.
Creating an Inexpensive Pressure Gauge
4/8/2014   Post a comment
It's possible to create a cheap and cheerful pressure gauge by placing a strain gauge on a disk that has been welded to the end of a pipe.
Breaking the 100A Barrier in POL Converters Requires Fresh Thinking
4/8/2014   Post a comment
Exceeding 100A will take many new strategies, including the development of new topologies, new control strategies, and even new physical orientations if the challenge of high-current POL power delivery is to be met.
When Should We Go Open Source?
4/8/2014   3 comments
One of the many issues facing us as both companies and individual engineers is how and when to use open source hardware and software.
Vision: Promise & Challenge of Heterogeneous Processing
4/8/2014   Post a comment
Guest blogger Vin Ratford returns to highlight the opportunities and challenges for heterogeneous processors.
Startup Unveils CPUs for Wearables
4/8/2014   5 comments
SoC startup Ineda targets wearables with a new SoC and backing from others, including Imagination, Qualcomm, and Samsung.
Watching the Hardware Emulation Market Take Off
4/7/2014   1 comment
With an expanding ecosystem to support hardware emulation coupled with a powerful new SoC verification solution, the prospects for the hardware emulation market look bright.
Continuity: So Easy to Check, Except When It's Not
4/7/2014   26 comments
I'm still looking for a test unit which solves my one-wire continuity problem.
Ford: Where Makers & Engineers Meet
4/7/2014   6 comments
Many of us in the electronics industry are still scrambling to locate the turf where amateur hobbyists/tinkerers find common ground with professional engineers. Ford recently developed its Open XC platform. But what's in it for Ford?
‘Social TV’ Talks Back to Smart TV
4/7/2014   Post a comment
Smart TV is a product in search of a market rather than the other way around. Left with no direction, the market is beginning to define the television and its usage model.
A Startup Needs a Good Board of Directors
4/7/2014   3 comments
Most startups fail because of poor execution. An experienced board member can make all the difference.
Phones Irk Apple v. Samsung Judge
4/7/2014   2 comments
The judge in the Apple v. Samsung case threatened to have phones removed from the courtroom due to interference on the court's WiFi network.
20nm Dilemma Explained
4/4/2014   23 comments
Semiconductor makers should shift from FinFETs to fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator technology, according to analyst Handel Jones.
When Will NAND Flash Be Replaced by an Alternative Technology?
4/4/2014   14 comments
Quite a few people think that NAND flash is about to fall off the edge of the earth, and that some new technology is just about to take its place. Here's Jim Handy's take on that thought.
Internet, Apps & Now Hardware
4/3/2014   8 comments
Web designers, software developers, and non-engineering professionals with no prior experience in designing a system are turning their attention to hardware, Marvell's Kinoma vice president says.
A Future Engineer's Vintage Test Equipment
4/3/2014   5 comments
This high school junior has a better collection of vintage test equipment than you do.
Olympic Biathlon Can Teach Us About Product Requirements
4/2/2014   12 comments
Engineers must make tradeoffs between time-to-market and detailed product requirements.
Apple Launches iTrial 2
4/1/2014   3 comments
Apple's second major patent infringement trial against Samsung is starting off much like the first one 18 months ago when it won a $1B decision.
10 Must-Attend Sessions at EE Live! 2014
4/1/2014   6 comments
Here are 15 of my favorite sessions in addition to the C++ tutorial that compel me to attend EE Live 2014!
The Gradin-Kagan Effect
4/1/2014   12 comments
In the absence of clear, unambiguous, nonconflicting, and attainable goals, the Gradin-Kagan Effect will manifest itself.
Supreme Court Hears Software Patent Case
4/1/2014   10 comments
The Supreme Court justices signaled Monday that, just like the rest of us, they are at a loss as to where to draw the patentability line for software.
Dead Code, the Law & Unintended Consequences
3/31/2014   6 comments
Dead code can have unintended legal consequences. Here's what shows up in court.
IoT Faces 4 Key Challenges
3/31/2014   21 comments
Wearables need to become independent of smartphones, find alternative power sources, ride the flood of data, and tap new sources of innovation, says an exec from a startup accelerator.
Nvidia Scales Up, Down & Out
3/28/2014   1 comment
Nvidia developed a cluster-gathering scheme called IndeX. But they didn't stop there. Nvidia now lets you gang up multiple GPUs within a cluster. This GPU-to-GPU inter-linking connection is called NVlinks.
Bluetooth Smart's Rise From Obscurity to Mainstream
3/28/2014   8 comments
Bluetooth Smart has gone from obscurity to mainstream in mobile devices and become a standard in wearable and wellness. TechInsights' reveals intelligence on Bluetooth Smart from nearly 400 devices.
DOJ on Toyota Software Problem: No Comment
3/28/2014   14 comments
A letter to the Department of Justice about Toyota judgement asks why not mention of software?
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