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ESIstream vs. JESD204B for Ultra-High-Speed Chip-Chip Communications
12/17/2014   6 comments
The open ESIstream protocol has less encoding overhead and higher data bandwidth than JESD204B. It's also significantly easier to implement ESIstream digital core.
IBM Says PCM Non-Volatility Not Essential
12/17/2014   2 comments
At IEDM 2014, IBM claims that for PCM, non-volatility/data-retention is no longer essential. Ron Neale takes a close look.
How New-Gen MCUs Handle Security in Cars
12/16/2014   1 comment
The incessant evolution of communication networks inside vehicles is quickly reducing the capacity of current security measures. Now on Fast Track
12/16/2014   2 comments
Chip vendors are gung-ho about, the standard that promises data delivered in 1 Gbit/s over existing cooper.
Internet of Things: Engineering for Everyone
12/15/2014   10 comments
The emergence of open-source development platforms, developed and maintained by dedicated volunteers, has effectively raised the level of abstraction to a point where nonexperts can now use these platforms.
Startup Claims to Speed Creation of Custom EDA Tools
12/15/2014   Post a comment
Startup Invionics says its custom EDA tools can be used to differentiate existing design and verification flows to speed the development process and/or producing higher-performance, lower-power devices.
Electro-Optical Circuit Boards & How They're Made
12/15/2014   5 comments
Photonics now run through cables, ICs, backplanes, and circuit boards.
8 Ways to Clarify Spurious Emissions
12/15/2014   Post a comment
Avoid confusion among engineers by defining terms such as carrier and bandwidth right up front.
Inside Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810
12/12/2014   5 comments
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 is not only a killer part, it has raised the bar on what a mobile SoC has to be in 2015.
A Copyright Mess in 3D
12/12/2014   5 comments
No longer just rapid prototyping for niche markets, 3D printing is now used for mass customization in regular production flows and could soon relocate the manufacturing industry.
Silego Introduces CurrentPAK Programmable Load Switch
12/11/2014   4 comments
Silego's CurrentPAK high-performance load switches boast efficient, high-accuracy current measurement coupled with a variety of advanced programmable features.
Pleasant Surprises for Field Programmable Radio Frequency Users
12/11/2014   1 comment
FPRF chips have the potential to revolutionize RF.
Silicon Photonics: What Are the Advantages?
12/11/2014   Post a comment
Panel will explain silicon photonics and offer "honest" debate of merits at DesignCon 2015 in January.
8 STEM Websites to Excite Kids About Tech
12/11/2014   Post a comment
Check out these cool sites for the future IT pros of the world.
Spice Models Add Flavor to SOI
12/11/2014   Post a comment
The Compact Model Coalition has released a variety of new models for SOI devices and announced plans for work on GaN HEMT Spice model standards.
Data Acquisition Is No Drag
12/11/2014   Post a comment
In-vehicle data acquisition can help you diagnose engine problems and improve performance in vehicles, from passenger cars to tractors to drag racers. Measurements can help in finding the right tradeoff between ease of engine cranking and kickbacks.
The Long Death of Project Hosting Sites
12/10/2014   2 comments
Even Microsoft and Google are posting major code projects on GitHub.
A Simple Measurement Mystery
12/10/2014   22 comments
Sometimes even data and modest, small observations don’t add up, and we have no way to knowing for sure where the problem lies, or if there even is one.
Creating Analog Meter Artworks: A Blast From the Past
12/9/2014   22 comments
As important as the quality of an analog meter's movement is to accuracy, equally important -- especially for high accuracy -- is the artwork on the meter's faceplate.
Use MRAM to Optimize System Energy Consumption
12/9/2014   1 comment
An investigation into whether the fast-write and power-up-to-write times for MRAM can significantly reduce total system energy consumption compared to either EEPROM or Flash.
Ethernet for ADAS: Solving Automotive Challenges
12/9/2014   4 comments
The adoption of ISO 13400 diagnostics over IP has made Ethernet common in today's cars. There remain challenges, however. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are one application where the industry is looking maximize Ethernet's benefits.
10 More Tricks to Extend Oscilloscope Usefulness
12/9/2014   Post a comment
Make yourself look like the company's oscilloscope expert with these 10 handy tips and tricks.
Design 2.0: A New Moore’s Law
12/8/2014   12 comments
Something I am calling Design 2.0 is bubbling up in the engineering community, injecting new energy into the profession. In many ways, it's the new Moore’s Law.
Potted Battery, Anyone?
12/8/2014   9 comments
Battery guru Ivan Cowie is faced with a rather difficult task involving potting (encapsulating) a lithium battery such that it can withstand shorting without breaking, exploding, or catching on fire.
7 Misconceptions About NFC Testing
12/8/2014   1 comment
Near-Field Communication is different from other wireless technologies, yet it's complex and requires production testing.
Startup Exit Strategy: Plan for the Unexpected Term Sheet
12/5/2014   2 comments
It's the startup CEO's job to make the inevitable exit a smooth one.
Debugging the iPhone 6
12/5/2014   6 comments
Verification consultant Lauro Rizzatti says that if he's correct in assuming Apple's using hardware emulation in its verification flow, the iPhone 6 should be completely debugged and working perfectly.
High-Performance Cars & FPGAs: More in Common Than One Might Think
12/5/2014   4 comments
In today's muscle cars, automatic shift transmissions can outperform their manual counterparts. With today's FPGAs, it's possible to hand code fixed-point representations or use automatic floating-point formats.
Sony Hackers Knew Details of Sony's Entire IT Infrastructure
12/5/2014   6 comments
While trying to simultaneously recover from a data breach and a wiper attack, Sony watches attackers publish maps and credentials for everything from production servers to iTunes accounts.
Friday Quiz: Bit Errors
12/5/2014   5 comments
Test your knowledge of bit errors in serial data streams.
20 Great Engineers of the Early 20th Century
12/4/2014   4 comments
Design News presents 20 well- and lesser-known engineers who made major contributions to 20th century technology.
Why Can't We Get Rid of Bugs in Our Designs?
12/4/2014   13 comments
Maybe, just maybe, we can dream about a day in the not-so-distant future when systems don't just look good, but also work beautifully without any glitches.
Review: Tektronix RSA306 Spectrum Analyzer, Part 1
12/4/2014   Post a comment
Let's check out the new Tektronix RSA306 spectrum analyzer and run it through its paces.
Qualcomm Ahead in Mobile GPUs
12/4/2014   9 comments
Qualcomm is the leader in mobile graphics cores, a market expected to see shifts among other players as China’s market for smartphones and tablets heats up.
ESD: Kill or Be Killed
12/4/2014   7 comments
You can either protect sensitive circuits from ESD damage or let ESD ruin your product, your day, and even your job.
Fast, Thorough Verification of Multiprocessor SoC Cache Coherency
12/3/2014   1 comment
Cache coherency, long regarded as one of the most complex verification challenges, is no longer an issue for CPU developers only.
What Fascinations Will 2015 Hold for FPGAs?
12/3/2014   9 comments
2015 promises to see initial FPGA product releases and (no doubt) a deluge of marketing claims and counter-claims. One thing is certain: 2015 will not be boring.
Do You Feel IoT Device Fatigue Yet?
12/3/2014   25 comments
After the novelty of the wearable device wears off, will consumers settle into device fatigue or out-and-out revolt? Who wants the whole neighborhood knowing you forgot to brush your teeth?
How Well Can You Work With Others?
12/2/2014   16 comments
Many of today's EDA tools allow multiple people to work on a design simultaneously. Have you ever used a collaborative approach to design anything? How successful was it?
Prepare for DDR Memory Testing
12/2/2014   Post a comment
A look at the first steps of DDR testing: generating DDR traffic and criteria for a proper read/write burst pattern that will gain good test results.
Long Live the News Release
12/2/2014   9 comments
EDA and Embedded PR guru Nanette Collins continues her quest to educate engineers about the value of good PR and marketing.
Dev Tool Knowledge: Must for Automotive Engineers
12/2/2014   Post a comment
Universities feeding automakers must get their students ready for new tools.
Catcher Drones to Geo-Fence Industrial Sites
12/2/2014   1 comment
Once more last October, drones were making the headlines in France, with unidentified units reportedly flying over the country's state-operated nuclear power plants.
LTE Test Market to Show Significant Growth
12/2/2014   Post a comment
Widespread deployment of VoLTE provides a significant opportunity for test-and-measurement equipment manufacturers to capitalize upon.
Deep Learning Is the Future of Automation & Robotics
12/1/2014   1 comment
Machines in automation are increasingly able to emulate human thinking, analyzing and then reacting to data.
Quo Vadis, Indoor Location?
12/1/2014   9 comments
Today, the majority of 911 (emergency) calls are made from cellphones, making it necessary to pinpoint indoor location, including floor level, with reasonable accuracy.
Magic Mirror on the Wall, How Do You Even Work at All?
12/1/2014   31 comments
The more one looks into it, the more one realizes that aspects of mirrors that initially appear to be intuitive are, in fact, extremely hard to explain.
The Spec Dilemma
12/1/2014   3 comments
Specifying a product may seem straightforward, but is it really?
Friday Quiz: Bipolar Transistors
11/28/2014   16 comments
Remember basic transistor physics? Let's see if you really do.
Potential Pot of Gold in Mobile Marketing
11/28/2014   5 comments
Fasten your seat belts. Marketing via mobile devices will be $15 billion industry in 2019.
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