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Silicon 60 Reveals Shifts in Technology Focus
7/15/2014   3 comments
Silicon Valley, while still dominant, is not the only center of startup activity in the electronics and semiconductor domain anymore.
Monolithic 3D: A Disruptive Approach for Further Scaling
7/14/2014   6 comments
Clearly, monolithic 3D integration has a very important role for the future of the semiconductor industry.
All About Batteries, Part 9: Sodium Sulfur (NaS)
7/14/2014   9 comments
In this article we focus on Sodium Sulfur (NaS) batteries, including their advantages, disadvantages, chemistry, and so forth.
Ethical, Autonomous Robots of the Near Future
7/14/2014   20 comments
Morally competent robots might be perfectly programmed to be "better moral creatures than we are" -- or at least better decision makers with fewer inconsistencies.
Open-Source Will Make Real-Time Measurements Affordable
7/14/2014   1 comment
Open-source hardware will reduce the cost of real-time measurement systems, making them more cost effective.
Testing ReRAM Structures
7/14/2014   2 comments
This article by Peter J. Hulbert addresses issues related to characterization and forming, as well as endurance testing for 1R ReRAM structures.
Convince Me Why Washer Must Talk to Grill
7/13/2014   84 comments
When I think about IoT devices at home talking to one another, doing stuff without my intervention, and talking about my habits to a total stranger behind my back, the very idea just creeps me out.
The Growing Popularity of Emulation Design Datacenters
7/11/2014   Post a comment
If loaded with enough resources, a modern emulator can be accessed 24/7 and shared among tens of concurrent users distributed on a vast territory covering multiple continents.
Friday Quiz: All Oscilloscopes
7/11/2014   4 comments
Test your oscilloscope knowledge with the five questions submitted by Arthur Pini.
Efficient Buildings to Be 100% Sensed
7/10/2014   3 comments
Sensing and control technology in the built environment will make for an energy-efficient future, says DOE researcher.
IBM Turns PCM Cell Into Nano-Sized Lab
7/10/2014   Post a comment
For the first time, researchers have provided actual crystallization and melting temperatures from inside the memory cell.
Menta's Embedded FPGA Fabric for SoC Designs
7/10/2014   13 comments
Using Menta's technology -- which is front-ended by Verific's parsers -- you can generate FPGA IP cores for use in your SoC designs.
Patented Software, the Supreme Court & Abstract Idea Hearings
7/10/2014   6 comments
The Supreme Court has just ruled on the patentability of software. Well, sort of. It's all very abstract. Here's a way to look at the problem.
Tackling the Racial Diversity Challenge in Tech
7/9/2014   12 comments
A notable expert in science and technology outlines his plan for encouraging inner-city kids of color to aspire to be the next Steve Jobs, not Jay Z.
Test Power ICs to Survive Radiation
7/9/2014   2 comments
In space, power-management ICs can be subjected to radiation. Testing can assure that a part will still function, even if the silicon structure is altered.
Resistive Memory Devices: Basics & Characterization
7/8/2014   Post a comment
This post addresses the basics of resistive random access memory (ReRAM) structures, as well as the test hardware available to characterize them, using examples from Keithley Instruments’ portfolio.
PC Market: Don't Call It a Revival
7/8/2014   Post a comment
Ultramobile hybrids and Windows XP upgrades have slowed the bleeding, but the PC slump hasn't ended.
802.11ac Test Challenges Take Off
7/7/2014   12 comments
802.11ac has seen a tremendous uptake in 2014 and the industry expects this technology to be adopted much more quickly than the previous standards.
Allowing Microcontrollers to Learn About Their Environments
7/7/2014   1 comment
Have you ever used your microcontroller's intelligence to self-modify its operation?
To Understand Smart TV, Follow the Money
7/7/2014   8 comments
Even before the smartphone first debuted, television began evolving. The best hope of understanding the disruption brought on by wired and wireless broadband is to follow the money.
Friday Quiz: Test Your Test Knowledge
7/4/2014   10 comments
Try your hand and answer this week's test & measurement quiz questions.
IBM Needs Custom Silicon Prowess
7/3/2014   19 comments
IBM needs its own unique silicon process technology to drive its server business, but few -- even within IBM's top ranks -- really appreciate that reality.
Mystery MOSFET Loads: All Is Revealed!
7/3/2014   6 comments
If you deduced that the FETs are connected to the ends of a center-tapped power transformer primary winding, you'd be absolutely right.
How to Make Holes in Things
7/2/2014   75 comments
There are a many different ways to make holes in things. Most of them involve drilling or cutting in some way, but there are other techniques.
Marketing Insights: When Engineers Say One Thing But Do Another
7/2/2014   32 comments
Engineers say that engineers don't fill out lead forms. But a technical marketer points out that they do, day in and day out. Why?
DDR4 & LPDDR4: The Race Is On!
7/2/2014   Post a comment
Creating the highest performance and lowest power DDR4 and LPDDR4 memory intellectual property (IP) is an extremely competitive field, but the race is on.
Are You a Gweep?
7/2/2014   42 comments
The term "gweep" (a nerd's nerd) originated at my undergraduate university to describe computer science majors.
Spectrum Sharing Omens Bode Well
7/1/2014   1 comment
Dynamic spectrum sharing is gaining momentum in five ways, says the leader of a consortium pushing for the policy changes.
Crossbar RRAM Aims for 1TB
7/1/2014   7 comments
Crossbar demonstrates pre-production 1 MB arrays using its new 1 transistor/n resistor's non-volatile RRAM, addressing “sneak path” current issues to enable high-density memory.
Creating an Open-Source Multiband RC Transmitter
7/1/2014   6 comments
This project for RC hobbyists is a reconfigurable open-source radio transmitter that can operate over multiple frequency bands using multiple protocols.
Moore's Law in Triage at Semicon West
7/1/2014   12 comments
Some of the world's smartest semiconductor engineers will gather at to discuss ways to keep Moore's Law alive.
EETimes Puzzle: Mystery MOSFET Loads
7/1/2014   26 comments
This circuit board plugs into something, but we know not what. Can you work it out from the clues?
Solving Connected Car's Privacy & Security Issues
7/1/2014   2 comments
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the privacy and security aspects of their digital lives. Vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is yet another form of digital data exchange. How are privacy and security guaranteed?
Bicycles, Circuits & Interactive Adjustments
7/1/2014   16 comments
When adjustments interact with each other, calibrating the system requires many iterative loops.
Teardown: BMW 3 Series Camera
6/30/2014   6 comments
The BWM 3 Series camera has components from Infineon and NXP Semiconductor and a CMOS image sensor from OmniVision.
Black Hat USA 2014: Breaking Stuff Is Fun
6/30/2014   1 comment
The Black Hat conference offers system designers and embedded systems engineers a chance to pick up the latest security information, marvel at hackers' ingenuity, and learn practical tips and tactics for beating them at their own game.
7 Surprising Technologies From World War I
6/30/2014   6 comments
WWI marked the first time technology was widely used in war. Look back 100 years at early drones, wearables, and other technologies that had lasting influence.
BlackBerry Swipes at Android Security
6/30/2014   1 comment
In response to Google I/O announcements, BlackBerry criticizes Android's lack of security. On point, or sour grapes?
Help Me Evaluate Test Equipment
6/30/2014   6 comments
Help aerospace engineer Adam Carlson evaluate a Teledyne LeCroy HDO6000 12-bit oscilloscope and a WaveStation 3000 waveform generator.
Wearable: Ask First 'Why Wear It?'
6/27/2014   32 comments
The most important part of the wearable debate shouldn't be "how" wearable devices look. More important is to understand "what" anyone would ever want to wear a device for -- close to or on their body.
Hallway Lighting Project: Controller & PSU
6/27/2014   32 comments
If you replicate this hallway lighting project, you will be the envy of your family, friends, and neighbors.
Exploring the PSoC 4: Implementing a 2-Channel Signal Converter
6/27/2014   11 comments
The PSoC architecture sits somewhere between an MCU and an FPGA. In addition to a processor core, it contains programmable analog and digital fabric.
Friday Fun: Instrumentation Challenge Questions, Part 3
6/27/2014   16 comments
Test your knowledge of test instrumentation.
Too Many IoT Standards, or Too Few?
6/26/2014   10 comments
Interoperability and the easy exchange of data are major concerns in the buildup of the Internet of Things. We need a set of commonly accepted standards, but which ones do we choose and how?
FPGA+ Multicore MCU = World's Most Energy-Efficient Quantum Simulation
6/26/2014   8 comments
This is the story of how a $99 embedded supercomputer can be used to perform state-of-the-art quantum physics simulations.
Google Wear Smartwatches Compared
6/26/2014   2 comments
LG and Samsung announce first devices with Android Wear, Google's platform for wearables. Understand the differences.
A Safe Level of Isolation
6/25/2014   Post a comment
Given the significantly increasing deployment of PoE in communication installations with power supply lines that traverse outside environments, could this mean the isolation voltage for telecom power generally increasing to 2250Vdc?
National Instruments + TechShop = Happy Maker Community
6/25/2014   22 comments
National Instruments (NI) has just announced a partnership with TechShop. As part of this, NI will provide TechShop with tool sand training.
Google I/O: Pressure Is On
6/25/2014   1 comment
Amazon, Apple, and Samsung all made moves this month to neutralize Google. Here are four things the Internet titan should do at Google I/O this week to fight back.
Hot Chips 26 Heats Up
6/25/2014   5 comments
Hot Chips, where the semiconductor industry struts new stuff, focuses on the IoT, with big announcements expected from Applied Micro, Nvidia, Oracle, and interesting smaller companies.
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