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Imagining What’s Inside 3D XPoint
8/14/2015   19 comments
With both Intel and Micron "keeping mum" on how they solved the 3D XPoint memory problem without using phase change memory, Ron Neale put on his inventor’s hat and offered some further speculation.
Friday Quiz: Eye Diagrams
8/14/2015   2 comments
The eye diagram is so often used in signal integrity measurements that it deserves its own quiz.
Pi IoT Users Get Windows 10 Core
8/13/2015   1 comment
Microsoft is aiming to get a piece of the IoT market, and made the Windows 10 IoT Core version to target devices like the Raspberry Pi.
Software-Defined Flash Anyone?
8/13/2015   4 comments
The migration from BCH codes to LDPC codes is going to enable a lot of great things inside SSDs, including better endurance and latency control
Hack-Proof Mobile Applications
8/13/2015   Post a comment
Application developers across all platforms are faced with the same problem: how do you protect your product after it has been released into the wild? Here are hardening tips from a security pro.
Qualcomm Tips Comeback Chip
8/12/2015   Post a comment
The specs on Qualcomm’s comeback chip look good to a veteran analyst who is particularly impressed by its graphics and imaging improvements.
Hacking: Part of the Tech Cycle?
8/12/2015   2 comments
It may be time to find a way to embrace hacking as another stage of the technology life cycle, says a veteran embedded systems designer.
When the AC line meets the CFL/LED lamp
8/12/2015   4 comments
Incandescent bulbs take direct drive from the AC line, but CFLs and LED lamps need an AC/DC driver with solid input and output regulation; while achievable, it can be squandered through inadequate design and use of substandard components.
The Wright Brothers: Test Engineers as Well as Inventors
8/12/2015   4 comments
The famous inventors were much more than just skilled mechanics; their efforts and notes show carefully planned, skillfully executed, and highly methodical scientific and engineering efforts.
STEM on Steroids Shows Hands-On Engineering Alive and Well
8/12/2015   Post a comment
Engineering is much more than just "coding", as the projects in the Texas Instruments college-level innovation challenge very clearly demonstrate.
Future Cars, Transport Demand Radical Interior Designs
8/11/2015   Post a comment
As we approach commercialization of autonomous vehicles, and as shared mobility car services expand, automakers are ushering in much more functional interiors for business and pleasure.
How Toyota Picks Software Tools
8/11/2015   2 comments
A paper published by Toyota's Technology InfoCenter is not only a good education on how to pick the right software code analysis tools, but when, where, and how to use them effectively.
WalkCar: More Than a Geezer Skateboard?
8/10/2015   9 comments
Just as mobile phones freed everyone from sitting by a landline phone at home, WalkCar, an electric portable transporter small enough to fit in a shoulder bag, frees the user from bus schedules, parking spaces and bicycle locks.
Design Rule Checking for SERDES PCB Layouts
8/8/2015   Post a comment
In addition to manual inspection to be sure the SERDES bus traces on a routed printed circuit board are error free, use of an automated design rule checker makes such tasks easier.
High-Tech Firms Driving 3D Printing Revolution
8/8/2015   Post a comment
Data from shipping firm UPS shows that 3D printers are integral to many high-tech supply chains.
IBM Wields Cloud Patents For Defense, Profit
8/7/2015   Post a comment
IBM is moving into cloud patents, but that's not necessarily going to upset established providers. In a pinch, they could end up as partners.
Friday Quiz: Signal Switching
8/7/2015   2 comments
Switching lets you automatically connect signals from test subjects to measurement equipment.
Marvell's Mobile Biz Might Merge, But Who With?
8/6/2015   4 comments
Marvell’s search for suitors for its mobile business unit illustrates a dramatic change in the global smartphone business. Nobody seems winning big. The irony is that the longer Marvell hangs onto its mobile division, the narrower the window gets.
Consumer Electronics: Health to Surpass Entertainment
8/6/2015   4 comments
As dramatic as shift to consumer entertainment electronics has been in the past decade, it will pale compared with the upcoming consumer health electronics revolution.
CEO-Worker Pay Gap Is Focus Of SEC Rule
8/6/2015   8 comments
CEOs at publicly traded US companies will soon have to announce how their own salary compares to median worker pay at their organizations. What will this mean for tech companies and IT professionals?
China's Stock Market Plunge & the Electronics Industry
8/6/2015   Post a comment
Big changes in China's stock markets aren't the end of the world. They may signal a new direction for electronics OEMs in terms of outsourcing choices, though.
Why 3D XPoint Isn’t Phase Change Memory
8/6/2015   10 comments
Since Intel and Micron are being rather tight-lipped about what’s actually under the hood of what they say is a new class of memory, the door is wide open for speculation as to what it might be
With Micron a Chinese Takeover Target, is Trade War Brewing?
8/5/2015   4 comments
Will Tsinghua Unigroup's $23 billion offer for Micron, hit or miss, add to growing tensions between the U.S. and China over semiconductor production?
Building a Mandolin-to-MIDI bridge with a PSoC
8/5/2015   3 comments
Running a 2,048-point FFT can be taxing for small microcontrollers; autocorrelation can provide a good alternative for many applications.
LTE Carrier Aggregation: Why Now?
8/5/2015   9 comments
The solution to increasing cellular wireless speeds is carrier aggregation (CA), the mechanism that expands operator capabilities and enhances subscriber mobile experiences and it paves the way to eventual 5G communication.
The IoT Generation Will Need 5G
8/5/2015   2 comments
The next generation of cellular communications (5G) will facilitate the free flow of diverse information upon which a mauture IoT depends.
What Will Make Wearable Technology Take Off?
8/3/2015   1 comment
Wearable technology will take off when people can wear it, not when the technology wears people, as it mostly does today.
Expansion of Information Technology Agreement Big Deal for Semiconductor Industry
8/3/2015   Post a comment
The recent ITA deal is a huge shot in the arm for the global economy and the semiconductor industry, eliminating tariffs on more than $1 trillion in global yearly sales of tech products.
Agile Design for Hardware, Part III
8/3/2015   4 comments
In the final installment of a three-part series, two Berkeley professors describe Chisel, a new programming tool suitable for Agile hardware development.
Silicon Valley’s Longest-Serving CEO Beginning New Chapter
8/1/2015   Post a comment
With the impending close of Microchip’s $840 million acquisition of Micrel, Ray Zinn, Micrel’s CEO for the past 37 years, looks to a future that includes mentoring high-tech U.S. startups.
IBM Takes A Second Turn at PCM Drift
7/31/2015   Post a comment
Another approach taken by IBM and Macronix to address phase change memory drift was to find a means of the reducing the statistical spraed of the resistance levels of MLC
The Next Big Thing Is The Continuum
7/31/2015   5 comments
What will come next for us? Internet of Everything, wearables, the smart car, smart home, smart city, 3D printing, quantum computing, robotics, the cloud, Big Data, the maker movement, drones?
Making EDA Exciting Again
7/31/2015   4 comments
There are still plenty of exciting challenges out there for companies or individuals who are not yet locked into the quarterly revenue drumbeat.
Patent Search Supports View 3D XPoint Based on Phase-Change
7/31/2015   9 comments
Is 3D XPoint non-volatile memory really just a version of phase-change memory? A patent search support the idea.
Friday Quiz: Oscilloscopes
7/31/2015   1 comment
So, you use an oscilloscope every day? Well then, you should have an easy time with this week's quiz.
Patents: Exercises in Futility and Incomprehensibility?
7/30/2015   8 comments
Learning anything from patent documents has to be one of the world's least productive endeavors. But there are a few techniques by which you can squeeze out what useful information may be hidden there.
Test Is Not Someone Else’s Problem
7/30/2015   Post a comment
You can reduce production time and cost if you create the test plan before the design.
Independent Board Members: The Outsiders With an “In”
7/30/2015   5 comments
Being a member of the board of a hot young tech startup can be a heady experience and one few of us will experience. While thrilling, a board seat can bring unexpected challenges for independent (or outside) board members.
CERN Taps Brocade For SDN
7/30/2015   Post a comment
The legendary particle physics lab will use Brocade's OpenDaylight-based SDN controller to build out its SDN strategy.
Agile Design for Hardware, Part II
7/30/2015   12 comments
In the second of a three-part series, two Berkeley professors suggest its time to apply Agile design techniques to hardware.
Windows 10 Mobile: Why Microsoft Is Confident
7/29/2015   1 comment
Windows 10 for smartphones is essentially feature complete, says Microsoft, and will make its official debut with a new flagship phone soon.
There’s No Shame in ReRAM
7/29/2015   4 comments
Intel and Micron say they’ve developed a new class of memory technology, but there’s more talk about all of the things 3D XPoint memory might be able to do, and little detail of what it actually is. Speculation is inevitable.
Multi-layer security needed for Industrial IoT
7/29/2015   1 comment
Industrial networks are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Their security requires a multi-layered approach.
What's Next for Wearables?
7/29/2015   Post a comment
Wearables have the power to transform the world around us--to interact on our behalf with other 'smart' devices that are increasingly common.
Chips in Space -- MacSpace, A Record Throughput Multi-Core Processor for Satellites
7/28/2015   1 comment
MacSpace is a collaborative R&D project aiming to research and develop a many-core DSP chip and computer for use in space.
7 Tips for Overcoming PCB Electromagnetic Issues
7/28/2015   8 comments
Faced with the challenges of new materials and new components, PCB designers must also deal with continuing electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems.
5 Biggest IoT Security Blunders
7/28/2015   Post a comment
A Bluetooth expert debunks myths and untangles messy methodologies that have resulted in security snafus in the Internet of Things
Software IP Protection in a Complicated World
7/28/2015   Post a comment
With software becoming a competitive differentiator even in hardware designs, it is important to use behavioral analytics tools that protect proprietary software IP from theft.
The Intelligent Soldier System: Military Wearables
7/27/2015   Post a comment
When it comes to wearable technology for military applications, the needs of the users equate to life-or-death situations.
Hats Off to Hynix: Inside 1st High Bandwidth Memory
7/27/2015   2 comments
TechInsights reveals the innards of SK Hynix's high bandwidth memory, in AMD's Radeon 390X Fury X graphics card.
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In conjunction with unveiling of EE Times’ Silicon 60 list, journalist & Silicon 60 researcher Peter Clarke hosts a conversation on startups in the electronics industry. One of Silicon Valley's great contributions to the world has been the demonstration of how the application of entrepreneurship and venture capital to electronics and semiconductor hardware can create wealth with developments in semiconductors, displays, design automation, MEMS and across the breadth of hardware developments. But in recent years concerns have been raised that traditional venture capital has turned its back on hardware-related startups in favor of software and Internet applications and services. Panelists from incubators join Peter Clarke in debate.
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