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Dizzying Heights of Trump Tower
12/16/2016   26 comments
The reality distortion field Steve Jobs once deployed looks like a tiny Star Wars hologram projected by R2D2 compared to what’s on the horizon.
Manifesto: Why We Do Research
12/16/2016   3 comments
Core of CEA Leti CEO Marie-Noëlle Semeria’s keynote speech at IEDM was her convictions about why we do research. She presented a “manifesto” for scientists, researchers and engineers, laying out their moral and ethical obligations of engineering.
Star Engineers Are Made, Not Born
12/16/2016   3 comments
Instead of pursuing visions of all-star engineers, managers need to develop an atmosphere that promotes autonomy, mastery and purpose
Friday Quiz: Electrical Definitions
12/16/2016   2 comments
So, you think you know a few things about electrical and electronic definitions? We'll see.
Programmable Power Supply/Management ICs Save Time & Money
12/16/2016   Post a comment
These new ICs may be thought of as analog FPGAs for power, which is ironic since the power market is 6X larger than FPGA market.
Xilinx Introduces the Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack (A View from the Trenches)
12/15/2016   Post a comment
The Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack is going to have a significant impact upon the programmable logic market and its applications.
Switching Is Boring but Essential for Automated Testing
12/12/2016   2 comments
CEO of test company Pickering Interfaces gives an insider's look into the state of automated test, the need for switching, and how the test industry reflects the electronics industry as a whole.
Friday Quiz: Time Sensitive Networks
12/9/2016   1 comment
TSNs are gaining traction of automotive, industrial IoT, and audio/video applications.
Scotus Apple v. Samsung Ruling, Just the FAQs
12/8/2016   1 comment
With its decision in the Apple v. Samsung case, the Supreme Court made a narrow ruling on the issue of how to value damages in cases of products like smartphones made up of many components.
Trump Needs to Embrace Industrial Revolution
12/7/2016   5 comments
Industrial jobs policy is important for many millions of Trump supporters, especially those who lost jobs when factories downsized or closed. But can Trump's U.S. really compete with Asia and Europe?
VR, AR, and Cognitive Capabilities in Embedded Systems Get Real
12/7/2016   7 comments
2017 will see the beginning of VR, AR, and cognitive system technologies being combined in exciting, and sometimes unexpected, ways.
PXI Week: Just in Case You Missed it
12/5/2016   Post a comment
The end of November/beginning of December saw a run of new PXI test products.
Amazon Go: RFID Wins, Google Loses
12/5/2016   18 comments
Amazon Go is a heck of a good move in the game of artificial intelligence that is driving the tech sector.
Can FPGA Fabric and an SoC Co-Exist on the Same Chip?
12/5/2016   9 comments
Now that three vendors are chasing the embedded FPGA market, potential customers will have a wider choice, which has to be a good thing.
Is Mobileye-Intel New ‘Wintel’ of Auto?
12/2/2016   11 comments
What technologies do Mobileye and Intel offer to autonomous driving? And what’s the division of labor between Mobileye’s EyeQ chip and Intel’s yet-to-be-announced automotive SoC?
No, The Sky Is Not Falling
12/2/2016   2 comments
If Apple is slashing semiconductor orders, TSMC would bear the most impact. Is this what's happening?
Friday Quiz: Current Sensors for Energy Measurement
12/2/2016   3 comments
Do you know the different types of sensors for measuring electrical current?
Will China Grab ARM Servers?
12/1/2016   2 comments
China’s data center giants have become the next big hope to give traction to ARM’s server initiative.
Power Management: Electronica's Not So Hidden Subtext
12/1/2016   Post a comment
Power management devices, though, remain a strong interest item at the biennial tradeshow. Here are some of the interesting power developments from Electronica 2016.
Tomatoes: A Viable IoT Test Bed
11/30/2016   4 comments
We read so much about sensors, measurement, big data, and big IoT, but there's lots of good and useful work being done on a much smaller scale.
Predicting Semiconductor Industry Growth: Drop the Crystal Ball and Use the Gompertz Curve
11/29/2016   Post a comment
By using the well-tested Gompertz function, semiconductor companies have a way to determine areas in which to focus their attention and investments.
Inside SK Hynix's 3D NAND
11/28/2016   1 comment
TechInsights explores SK Hynix's U-shaped NAND cell architecture.
Apple's T1: A Chip With Room to Grow
11/28/2016   Post a comment
Touch screen or no touch screen the Apple Event brought us another, new Apple IC; the T1, which might be part of the groundwork for things to come.
The Algorithm Ate My Homework
11/28/2016   10 comments
Algorithms are useful tools. But who’s watching how they’re used?
Ray Tomlinson, the @ Sign, and Technical Progress
11/27/2016   7 comments
It may take a committee and years to develop standards, but sometimes the most pervasive ones are the result of one person's quick decision.
Weighing China’s 1.1 Million Patents
11/25/2016   6 comments
U.S. innovators should not misconstrue the higher absolute number of patents filed in China in 2015 to imply anything about the strength of U.S. innovation or the U.S, IP marketplace.
Friday Quiz: Wescon Test Products
11/25/2016   Post a comment
How well do you recognize these test instruments from Wescon 1991?
M&A Takes New Twists
11/25/2016   8 comments
The M&A frenzy in semiconductors seems to have entered a bold new phase that arguable leads to less competition.
Wireless Charging Market Still Seeks Use Cases
11/25/2016   5 comments
Outside of cell phone users, the user base for wireless charging has not grown. Is this a lost opportunity?
China’s Patent Record Won’t Travel
11/24/2016   4 comments
China hit an impressive but limited milestone in intellectual property.
Where are the FPGA Architectures for the 21st Century?
11/23/2016   9 comments
Are there any weird and wondrous technologies waiting in the wings, or can we expect only bigger, better, faster, and shinier versions of traditional FPGA fabrics?
Project volume hides India’s solar reality
11/23/2016   7 comments
All is not well with the Indian solar industry. When US-based SunEdison declared bankruptcy on April 21, wiping out nearly $10 billion in market value, a pall of gloom descended over the industry.
Prime Your Brain for Brilliant Ideas at ESC Silicon Valley
11/22/2016   3 comments
This keynote introduces the neural processes that percolate insights into consciousness and explains how your brain selects and rejects ideas before you're even aware of them.
Smart Home Needs Data Standards
11/21/2016   Post a comment
There is a compelling need for companies to come together to develop and enforce a system of ethical data collection and processing in the smart home.
IoT Networks Start to Sprout
11/18/2016   Post a comment
The rise of multiple types of LPWAN networks, each with its own competing network protocol, has complicated the IoT picture.
Friday Quiz: Oscillations in High-Speed Op-Amps
11/18/2016   3 comments
Why do feedback amplifiers sometimes oscillate? These questions from a 1991 Jim Williams article ask you to answer.
Virtual Reality Will Stay Hot
11/17/2016   Post a comment
Virtual reality could be a killer app in more ways than one.
15 IoT Devices Running on 7 Apps?
11/17/2016   1 comment
At Embedded Technology conference here, NXP executive broached the touchy topic of “smart home delays.”
Four Reasons to Drive Growth by Saying "Thank You"
11/17/2016   Post a comment
New research shows that engineers prefer to be in control when it comes to buying parts and equipment.
Taming erratic cellular latency with "extreme asynchronous" IoT firmware design
11/17/2016   Post a comment
Incorporating a self-contained cellular module into an IoT device's design has many advantages, but the inherent delays in the cellular network need to be addressed to avoid jitter in sensor readings and erratic interaction with the user.
Integrated Resistors for an Advanced Node CMOS
11/16/2016   Post a comment
New process flows adapt to HKMG and FinFET technologies while maintaining resistor performance.
NASA's Alice Bowman to Give Keynote at ESC Silicon Valley
11/16/2016   Post a comment
The Mission Operations Manager describes the challenges associated with piloting the New Horizons spacecraft through the solar system for nearly a decade.
Manufacturing PCBs: Ensuring Global Consistency
11/16/2016   1 comment
If you prototype printed circuit boards in the U.S., how can you ensure that laminates and prepregs you used will match those used in offshore volume production?
Time-Sensitive Networks Find New Applications
11/15/2016   1 comment
The well-respected independent test lab UNH-IOL has added three new consortia--automotive, industrial, and audio/video--for compliance and interoperability testing of time-sensitive Ethernet.
3D XPoint – Reality, Opportunity, and Competition
11/15/2016   10 comments
3D XPoint was debuted with big claims in 2015. However, there are many wild guess and speculations because details have not been shared in public domain
The Future of Fingerprint Scanning
11/15/2016   1 comment
What happens to fingerprint sensing, when a physical home button is replaced with a virtual or “soft” button under the glass?
Fully-Programmable SoCs -- New Breed of Devices
11/15/2016   Post a comment
Embedding FPGA fabric in the heart of an SoC offers operational advantages and application performance benefits.
Engineers Power Electricity’s Future
11/14/2016   Post a comment
The electrical power engineering profession plays a critical role in enabling the widespread use of clean power to advance technology for the benefit of humanity.
Next-Gen Programmable, Cognitive Military Radio Systems
11/14/2016   Post a comment
Cognitive radio is the next major advance in wireless technology, holding out the tantalizing promise of significantly greater spectrum use.
Power Tips: How to Power the Internet of Things
11/14/2016   Post a comment
The Internet of Things (IOT) has provided an opportunity for power supply designers to be creative and to develop power solutions for a new market segment.
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Protecting sensitive electronic circuitry from voltage ...
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