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London Calling: Are ARM's core days numbered?
1/11/2013   27 comments
What happens when everyone is designing their SoCs with cores licensed from ARM? Where's the differentiation?
Moore’s Law seen hitting big bump at 14 nm
1/11/2013   11 comments
Who is correctly predicting the future of chip making? IMEC's Luc van den Hove or Intel's Mark Bohr?
Hogan says retooling underway for custom 2.0
1/11/2013   Post a comment
The time has come to re-architect both the environment and the simulators to meet the challenges confronting custom design today. The semiconductor industry is now facing a major retooling for “Custom 2.0” for 2013 and beyond...
What were they thinking: Attack by memo
1/11/2013   1 comment
This week in what were they thinking, I go back to looking at some crazy patent filings that just provide some fun and make you scratch your head a little…
Silicon Valley Nation: Patent frenzy picks up pace
1/11/2013   2 comments
What's the most innovative industry to be in? Hint: It's not garden tools.
Five intellectual property trends to watch in 2013
1/11/2013   1 comment
Watch for non-practicing entities to extend their reach into medical and automotive industries and a handful of Greater China firms to show IP leadership.
Collaborative Advantage: CES - All about software and standards
1/10/2013   2 comments
The Consumer Electronics Show illustrates an important trend. While software means nothing without hardware to execute it and interact with the real world, the value of that hardware is now being defined primarily by software -- and standards…
Predictions for 2013 – EDA/IP
1/10/2013   Post a comment
What do people in the EDA and semiconductor industries expect to happen in 2013? This clearly establishes the directions that they intend to focus on and where they will place their dollars…
Patents in EDA
1/10/2013   Post a comment
How many patents do EDA companies hold and how useful are they? A recent IEEE Spectrum article tells us the winners…
Silicon Valley Nation: What should your EV sound like?
1/10/2013   43 comments
Federal regulators want electric vehicles to make noise at low speeds. We want to hear from you about what EVs should sound like? Top nominees get a prize.
London Calling: Globalfoundries behind 'Project Azalea'?
1/10/2013   3 comments
Was Globalfoundries behind "Project Azalea" all along? Or has that shoe yet to fall with another announcement that would boost New York State's technology momentum?
Qualcomm’s mess of a CES keynote
1/9/2013   6 comments
How do you offset a CES keynote with very little news? By falling back on a long list of celebrities and cliches.
What Facebook is building may be just…a building
1/9/2013   6 comments
Here are my hunches about Facebook’s "big news" for its Jan. 15 press conference will be. What are yours?
EDA/IP weekly roundup – January 9th 2013
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Atrenta, EDAC, Freescale, Globalfoundries, IPextreme, Mentor, Oasys and SATA-IO made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Panasonic spotlights Newark HQ move at CES
1/9/2013   Post a comment
Panasonic executives keynoting CES were having a tough time selling their message of putting "people over products" until Newark Mayor Cory Booker showed up.
Silicon Valley Nation: Robot ethics or ours?
1/9/2013   8 comments
Driverless cars are raising the volume about the need for robot ethics. The arc of technology complicates the need for machine ethics.
Yoshida in Vegas: Can green tech save Panasonic?
1/9/2013   8 comments
Panasonic chief Kazuhiro Tsuga, girding for another year of huge losses, must find a way to return Japan’s largest consumer electronics company to profitability.
Yoshida in Vegas: Windshield camera for the wary driver
1/9/2013   2 comments
Video pioneer Ambarella has rolled out reference designs for full 1080p30 HD single and dual-view cameras. They may come in handy after an accident.
Windows 8 – what’s all the fuss about?
1/8/2013   19 comments
This is a first hand account with bringing a Windows 8 system up. What went right and what went wrong...
Wired, wireless home nets branch out at CES
1/8/2013   2 comments
Various home networks claimed advances in technology and adoption at CES, but Wi-Fi clearly remains in the lead with expansions in 5- and 60-GHz support.
Top 5 memory trends for 2013
1/8/2013   4 comments
Changing markets, new standards, and maturing technologies
Silicon Valley Nation: Techs you won't see at CES
1/8/2013   3 comments
These three wouldn't see the light of day in Vegas, but what about other curious concepts that should?
Forget the iWatch, get ready for Apple iWear
1/7/2013   15 comments
Expect an Apple wrist device in 2013, an iPhone companion with a curved display, gesture recognition and maybe even using solar power or energy harvesting.
CES: Three reasons why Ultra HDTV is a non-starter
1/6/2013   27 comments
UHDTV, designed to deliver video with four times the resolution of current HDTV will be hyped, dissected and debated at the CES this week.
Intel Simmers Social's Secret Sauce
1/4/2013   2 comments
Wolfe's Den went to Intel Labs to learn about Emotions through Images and Displays without Walls.
What were they thinking: Games tied to player
1/4/2013   5 comments
Well, the New Year is off to a great start – at least in terms of patents being published that get my craw. In this case, it is a game maker who has decided they want to control who can play their games, who can sell them and if they can ever be resold...
MEMS, iPhone mics, and impressive growth
1/4/2013   Post a comment
MIG managing director Karen Lightman reveals the secret about who's supplying MEMS microphones to Apple.
Prediction for 2013 – Technology
1/4/2013   2 comments
What do people in the EDA and semiconductor industries expect to happen in 2013? This clearly establishes the directions that they intend to focus on and where they will place their dollars…
Be a mentor for a maker
1/3/2013   8 comments
With maker faires springing up across the country, electronics teacher David Peins suggests more engineers get involved in mentoring young DIY enthusiasts.
A Clean Slate for CES
1/3/2013   2 comments
What does the lack of hype around CES 2013 indicate?
Wolfe's Den: Will Complexity Kill CES?
1/3/2013   10 comments
I went to the 2013 consumer electronics show and all I got was another lousy remote control.
Yoshida in China: Managing Sino-U.S. disconnects
1/3/2013   7 comments
If you work for a "U.S.-China" semiconductor company, a new book on managing such multinational enterprises may be considered required reading.
Amazon spinning out Kindle’s Lab126?
1/3/2013   8 comments
The secretive R&D group behind the Amazon Kindle has nearly 250 positions open, including many senior management jobs -- if its Web site is to be believed.
London Calling: A northern light startup
1/3/2013   3 comments
The far north has the aurora borealis and, in the winter, a need for controllable lighting. So it should be no surprise that a Finnish cluster of expertise is developing around the topic of solid-state illumination.
Analyze This: Electronics winners & losers in 2012
1/2/2013   21 comments
A look back and a look ahead at the top trends in the global electronics industry.
Wolfe's Den: Sony Streams with Style
1/2/2013   7 comments
Move over, Apple TV and Roku, because Sony's got the best streaming entertainment play no one's heard of.
EDA/IP weekly roundup – January 2nd 2013
1/2/2013   Post a comment
Analog Bits, Mentor, Tanner and Xilinx made the lineup today. See here for their news…
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