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Tool tackles hardware software codesign for ARM-based FPGAs
10/31/2011   2 comments
Hardware/software co-design available for ARM-based FPGA designers using Space Codesign…
Travel Nightmares: Propellors?
10/31/2011   Post a comment
David Ashton fights for seats - any seats as he hops around the world on staff tickets...
Judge sides with CTIA on cell phone warnings
10/28/2011   20 comments
Melodramatic cell phone safety risk warnings are a violation of the First Amendment, ruled U.S. District Judge William Alsup as he overturned most of a San Francisco ordinance mandating such warnings.
What were they thinking: Pizza cutters galore
10/28/2011   Post a comment
For some fun this week, I turn to pizza – one of my favorite weekend foods and look at ways to cut the pizza…
Sony and Ericsson divorce
10/27/2011   3 comments
Sony purchased Ericsson’s 50% share of Sony Ericsson for $146 billion today, ending the ten-year mega partnership.
Intel’s Mr. Touchy and Mr. Feely
10/27/2011   6 comments
When I was asked to meet with two Intel’s consumer gurus about a month ago, I gladly accepted the invitation; but I wasn’t quite sure if the meeting would yield a newsworthy story.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup
10/26/2011   Post a comment
OCP, Mentor, Synopsys, Open Silicon, NextOp, Numetrics and the Portland group made the lineup today. See here for their news…
First sighting of Cadence’s virtual prototype
10/26/2011   Post a comment
Cadence and Xilinx are teaming up to provide system-level verification via a virtual platform for the Zynq family of devices…
Guest Column: Amplifier Trends 2012 — the evolving op amp
10/25/2011   Post a comment
Amplifiers are the hidden heroes of any system, and often unappreciated even as their role changes and expands.
What part of Part 15 didn’t you read?
10/25/2011   20 comments
I saw the recent TI announcement of their 6LoWPAN series of products, and it got me thinking about Part 15 devices in general.
Rambus engineers author book on signal integrity
10/25/2011   Post a comment
New book by Rambus engineers covers high speed signaling, jitter modeling, analsysis, budgeting and more…
How it was: The inability to transition from one technology to another
10/25/2011   8 comments
Over the years I’ve met guys who grew up working with one technology who couldn’t make the transition to a new technology...
Atrenta and Cadence team up on high-level synthesis flow
10/24/2011   1 comment
Atrenta and Cadence team to provide a back-end rule set aimed at increasing the confidence in the quality of results produced from high-level synthesis.
Why Intel is not inside TVs, smartphones
10/24/2011   46 comments
I've got a theory why Intel is struggling to get a foothold in markets outside the PC—it's a lack of humility or, put less kindly, hubris.
Travel Nightmares: delays and the consequences
10/24/2011   1 comment
For this travel nightmares edition we have two stories about the impact that delays can have. In one case the bags and the people went by different routes and the other resulted in an extended trip…
EV, hybrid repair jitters
10/21/2011   17 comments
Survey shows technicians want better tools and information.
What were they thinking: Bird watchers paradise
10/21/2011   1 comment
For some fun this week, I have picked another patent. This time we look at a device for bird watching – up close and personal…
Travel Nightmares: Was that crunching sound my notebook computer?
10/21/2011   2 comments
…when suddenly, with a resounding “thunk” and associated “crunch”, my backpack hit the floor…
CyanogenMod releases Android port for TouchPad
10/21/2011   5 comments
Aftermarket firmware distributor CyanogenMod has released an alpha version Android port for the now discontinued HP TouchPad tablet after almost two months of development.
ARM unleashes Little Dog on Intels tail
10/20/2011   10 comments
While ARM is certainly making a rather big deal over its "big-little" A7/A15 core combo, its partners may not be completely sold on the idea.
According to George: The rules dont apply to us
10/20/2011   4 comments
Can we build quality into the chip design process in the same way that the automotive industry did? Use less inspection (verification) and build in better quality…
End of the free ride
10/20/2011   9 comments
The undeniable trend of venture capital shying away from chip start-ups is a trend that promises to reshape the semiconductor industry.
Guest Column: Smarter Converters — the 2012 trends in data conversion
10/19/2011   Post a comment
Understand the critical trends, from both the IC vendor and the user perspectives
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup
10/19/2011   Post a comment
There are often many news items that are not worth writing a full blog about, but may still be of interest to people. This is a roundup of those items…
Travel Nightmares: Up the creek without a passport
10/17/2011   3 comments
I find it interesting reading some of these travel nightmares and wondering what would have happened post 9/11. This is one of those...
The absent AFM
10/17/2011   6 comments
An atomic force microscope, a few dedicated students, an admiral and two generals combined to make one incredibly embarrassed lab director...
What were they thinking: Diet for people with no self-control
10/14/2011   4 comments
Patents are always a good place to look for humor, and that is where we go this week for What were they thinking? This invention is a cross between a diet and BDSM…
When we find life, what do we do next?
10/12/2011   5 comments
With dozens of extrasolar planets already identified, finding extraterrestrial life seems inevitable. What's our strategy?
The Secret Success of Steve Jobs: Wireless Internet
10/12/2011   6 comments
In the last few days, many have lauded Steve Jobs for his vision and leadership that changed how people use computers, how they consume personal media, and how they communicate with each other. Everyone knows about i-Books, i-Phones, i-Pods and i-Pads.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup
10/12/2011   Post a comment
There are often many news items that are not worth writing a full blog about, but may still be of interest to people. This is a roundup of those items…
Altera and Synopsys team up to provide a virtual platform for new SoC FPGA
10/12/2011   Post a comment
Altera is shipping Synopsys' virtual prototyping technology with their new ARM-based SoC FPGA offering, bringing state of the art capabilities to FPGA verification…
SoC conference tackles some meaty issues
10/12/2011   Post a comment
The SoCconference on November 2nd and 3rd has topics of interest to anyone developing complex systems-on-chip, including some interesting keynotes…
Amazing MEMS, now with TSV
10/11/2011   Post a comment
MEMS has come a long way from those tiny switches, and today STMicroelectronics says MEMS and TSV can be used together for even higher densities…
What I learned at the International Electronics Forum 2011
10/11/2011   2 comments
HP Labs says memristor is for real, and a semiconductor consortium is diving into 400-mm wafers. Here are the takeaways from Future Horizons forum.
Where are the jobs?
10/10/2011   111 comments
Where are the jobs? That’s the question of the year. It’s easy to blame the President, the Congress and Wall Street. In some way or another, they’re all complicit.
Travel Nightmares: Vertically challenged people movers
10/10/2011   3 comments
Traveling can always mean problems and in our continuing series about travel nightmares, David Leiss reminds me about the People Movers at Dulles - Washington.
What were they thinking: A trademark that doesn’t travel well
10/7/2011   7 comments
For fun Friday, I am going to concentrate on corporate blunders, trademarks, patents and other things that we just have to ask – what were they thinking…
Digital power system management speeds time to market; enables “green” systems
10/7/2011   1 comment
The benefits to designs and designers are tangible and significant
Thank you, Mr. Jobs
10/6/2011   18 comments
I never met Steve Jobs. Neither had any of my friends and I believe most of my co-workers. But I can say without a doubt that his legacy of work had impacted all of us in some way, shape or form.
Jobs: A flair for a little design magic
10/6/2011   16 comments
Steven P. Jobs had a knack for creating compelling products and a passion for communicating their greatness in ways that sometimes smacked of a bit of magic.
The speaker that wouldn’t stop
10/6/2011   10 comments
Looks like the mechanical engineers trumped the EEs this time...
Shorting the party
10/6/2011   2 comments
Party kept them from studying, until they put a few kitchen appliances to work...
Honking your brakes
10/6/2011   3 comments
A few friends "felt obligated" to mess with their buddy's car wiring, and his mind...
E.T. phone home?
10/5/2011   2 comments
It’s said that for any sufficiently complex product, 80 percent of the users use only 20 percent of its features. I’d be willing to wager that’s true for Keithley Instruments’ products and plenty of other test and measurement instruments as well. Only problem is, how can I collect on that bet?
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup
10/5/2011   Post a comment
There are often many news items that are not worth writing a full blog about, but may still be of interest to people. This is a roundup of those items…
Apple iPhone 4S: Beginning of the end?
10/4/2011   75 comments
Apple has reached a summit in a maturing smartphone market, so its biggest issue now is whether the rest of the journey is all downhill.
Money for memory
10/4/2011   Post a comment
Memory is the bottleneck in many systems and Memoir claims to have a solution. One VC is getting behind it as well…
Does NXP need two executive vice presidents for sales and marketing?
10/4/2011   3 comments
NXP Semiconductors didn’t exactly share the full story of its appointment of Loh Kin Wah as NXP’s executive vice president, sales & marketing. Most of the media believed Mike Noonen had the title at NXP.
Engineering practical jokes: A shocking trick
10/4/2011   5 comments
A college engineering student helps keep a colleague in his dorm room.
A Ham’s Eye View: Ham radio, Engineering, and Scouting
10/3/2011   8 comments
A very unique opportunity to pay it forward is coming up on the weekend of October 15-16.
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