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A Sensor for All Seasons
10/31/2013   23 comments
Ultrasonic range sensors, infrared reflectance sensors temperature and humidity sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes -- you name it, and Max Maxfield's robot will sense it.
Crashing to Your Destination
10/31/2013   6 comments
Often, the focus is on obstacle avoidance. With this bot, the obstacles are just accepted.
October's Caption Contest Winner!
10/31/2013   3 comments
October's caption contest was an absolute blast! Here is the winner!
ARM Servers Face Long, Winding Road
10/31/2013   24 comments
ARM's hopes of making a major incursion on Intel's dominance of cloud computing are getting dialed back by ARM and its partners.
3 Things to Consider for Your Prototype
10/30/2013   10 comments
The cost of implementing fixes increases as the development progresses, so you need to think about how you will test your hardware from day one.
DesignCon 2014: Test & a Lot More
10/30/2013   3 comments
The DesignCon 2014 technical program is available online and through the DesignCon mobile app.
Surprise: Aereo's Biggest Woe May Be Power, Not Legal
10/30/2013   11 comments
The legal battle between Aereo and traditional broadcasters is getting all the attention, but the power and dissipation challenges may be even bigger.
Hurray! My Robot's Motors & Wheels Are Heading My Way!
10/30/2013   8 comments
Max has selected the tastiest motors and the most delectable wheels for his ongoing Arduino-powered robot project.
Join EETimes for ARM TechCon Wrap-up Chat, Friday Nov. 1, 9am PT.
10/30/2013   8 comments
ARM TechCon runs this week. Join the EETimes editors for a live-chat wrapping up the event, on Friday Nov. 1 at 9am Pacific time.
Mobile Phones Too Crowded: Nobody Goes There Anymore
10/29/2013   14 comments
More than 3.4 billion people -- nearly half the world's population -- own mobile phones, a Worldwatch Institute study.
Join EE Times Live Chat During ARM CEO's Keynote, Wed. Oct. 30, 9 AM PT
10/29/2013   Post a comment
Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Rick Merritt will be live blogging at ARM CEO Segars's keynote at ARM TechCon. Please join in the conversation.
Introducing... Me
10/29/2013   3 comments
New EE Times Blogger Alvaro Lopes (a.k.a. Alvieboy) introduces himself and explains how, even though he's a software guy, he designs hardware for fun.
I Cannot Wait to Be Obducted!
10/29/2013   8 comments
Suffice it to say that Max can barely restrain himself from squealing in anticipation!
EE Times Live Online Chat: Wednesday, Oct. 30
10/29/2013   8 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering.
How Important Is Error Detecting & Correcting RAM?
10/29/2013   5 comments
Toyota's story is a cautionary tale to all involved in safety-critical development.
Altera's Secret Processor Unveiled: a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53
10/29/2013   11 comments
Equipped with 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor subsystems, Stratix 10 SoCs look set to be a game-changer.
Flash Is the Present, Not the Future, of Enterprise Storage
10/29/2013   1 comment
While innovative upstarts expand and raise financing, established enterprise storage vendors are updating their architectures to leverage flash, through both partnerships and acquisitions.
Google Can Win Over Apple, Samsung
10/29/2013   14 comments
Despite the gutsy drive it showed at its developer conference this week, Samsung lacks a cohesive software strategy to win the software war ahead.
Toyota's Killer Firmware: Bad Design & Its Consequences
10/28/2013   9 comments
Unintended acceleration: A textbook study of how not to develop software and hardware, especially in safety-critical designs.
Resigned to AO (Acronym Overload)
10/28/2013   16 comments
Acronyms just keep piling up. Sometimes there are just so many that we're no longer even speaking in words!
Get the Circuit on Temperature Measurement
10/28/2013   12 comments
An EDN article about a measurement circuit shows one way to measure temperature. What do you think of the design?
A Guide to Low-Cost PCB Tools
10/28/2013   51 comments
Many PCB tools are now available to the home user. Each tool has a different set of strengths and weaknesses.
Computer Graphics: Power-Efficient Rendering
10/28/2013   4 comments
Today’s mobile processors are improving at an astonishing rate – and consequently delivering visually stunning user experiences at less than 3 watts of power consumption.
Can Hydraulic Hybrids Compete With Electric Hybrids?
10/28/2013   5 comments
The little-known and largely undervalued hydraulic hybrid could play a role in heavy-duty trucks over the next 10 years and may even find application in next-generation cars, a new study says.
Programmable Logic Designline Welcomes All Programmable Planet
10/28/2013   68 comments
Hello APP -- it's wonderful to see you over here -- welcome to your new home. Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, and make yourself comfortable.
Alliance Revs Up Cloud Computing Research
10/25/2013   10 comments
A new effort promises to meet the need for performance per Watt gains in cloud computing at a time when advances in CMOS are slowing.
Why Toyota’s Oklahoma Case Is Different
10/25/2013   37 comments
If you are an engineer or a Toyota vehicle owner, you owe it yourself to remain open-minded and read the followup story we just posted on, Toyota Case: Single Bit Flip That Killed.
Beyond the Myth of the Artificial Pancreas
10/25/2013   8 comments
The buzz around the artificial pancreas sometimes neglects the realities around this medical device.
GNU Octave – a Great Time Saver
10/25/2013   23 comments
Adam is always on the lookout for good, low-cost tools that make prototyping easier. GNU Octave is one of them.
My Arduino Robot Bites the Dust! Oh, the Horror…
10/25/2013   61 comments
If I ever have occasion to meet anyone from socially, I fear I shall be obliged to give them a most disapproving glare.
No Test Equipment Companies? Impossible!
10/25/2013   3 comments
Thomson Reuters 2013 Top 100 Global Innovator program list is out. Clearly, they don’t understand the value of test.
Make The World: Live Online Hangout Tonight With Leaders in Prosthetics
10/25/2013   1 comment
In a few hours, you can watch a live discussion with leaders in creating prosthesis from Inmoov, 3DP PVD, e-NABLE, and Makerbot.
Arduino Adventures: Does 255/256 = 0 or 1?
10/24/2013   28 comments
Max Maxfield tries to wrap his brain around the problems associated with truncating the results from integer division operations.
How Semiconductor Technology Is Enabling a Digital Revolution in Medicine
10/24/2013   3 comments
Digital medicine will be in focus at Semiconductor Industry Association's Nov. 7 event. Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, will speak, and Applied Materials executive chairman Mike Splinter will receive the 2013 Robert N. Noyce Award.
Court Finds Against Samsung in Leukemia Death
10/23/2013   3 comments
It seems that a Samsung-commissioned health study denied a scientific link to leukemia cases in their factory workers -- but cited “trade secrets” as a reason not to release data supporting their findings.
How Would You Categorize PCB Tools?
10/23/2013   28 comments
It would be useful to have a way to compare and contrast the various PCB tools from different vendors at a high-level of abstraction.
Design the Right High-Speed ATE Hardware
10/23/2013   6 comments
Don't let temptation push you; ATE hardware isn't a place to save money.
Oscilloscopes Need More Speed, Better Experience
10/22/2013   8 comments
A market presentation by Frost & Sullivan calls for a better user experience and new features to keep up with technologies.
Bluetooth Conversion for Classic NES Controller
10/22/2013   Post a comment
With a few quick modifications, you can fit a bluetooth module into a classic NES controller.
EDA Tool Chain Too Complex
10/22/2013   9 comments
Forte Design Systems founder and CTO John Sanguinetti sees an EDA tool chain that's too complex.
Google Car Director Tamps Down Safety Expectations
10/22/2013   32 comments
"Safety" is the strongest argument the automotive industry has trumpeted in its case for autonomous cars. The question is how truly effective we expect Google cars to be in terms of saving people's lives.
Tektronix Scope Contest Is Nearly Over!
10/21/2013   3 comments
Hurry and get your entries in! This contest is ending soon.
Engineering, Security & Privacy
10/21/2013   6 comments
Searching for answers in this time of secrets and technology.
Nice Circuit, Ugly Schematic
10/21/2013   35 comments
The wiring schematic is a standard part of a design’s "reveal." When it is done with the right engineering esthetic, it reflects well on the design and the designer.
EV Battery-Maker A123 to Focus on Micro-Hybrids
10/21/2013   10 comments
A123 Systems LLC, which opened North America’s biggest electric car battery factory in 2010, is retargeting its lithium-ion technology toward the fast-growing micro-hybrid market.
Tech Forms Backdrop for Comic Thriller
10/21/2013   3 comments
If you could use a few laughs, a virtual romp around Vegas and Paris, or ever considered killing your spouse, you might check out Three's a Crowd.
Probing the PICAXE, Part 1
10/18/2013   14 comments
Although the PICAXE has limitations from the viewpoint of professional applications, PICAXE platforms are pretty much ideal for the kind of stuff David gets up to in his workshop.
Be an Atmel AVR Hero & Win $1,000
10/18/2013   2 comments
Are you great with a glue gun, awesome at Arduino, or super with a soldering iron? If so, this competition is for you!
Parastaltic Worm Robots Mesmerize
10/18/2013   3 comments
Biologically inspired snake bots are always fun to watch, as long as they're far away.
Get to the Root of Network Problems
10/18/2013   3 comments
You only need a few measurements to determine the health of a network.
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