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Content posted in November 2009
Will you be at IP-SoC? IP? IP-ESC?
11/30/2009   Post a comment
Because IPs have become subsystems or platforms it appeared as a natural extension that IP09 would be combined with Embedded Systems Conference to become IP"ESC 2009 addressing a continuous technical spectrum from IP to SoC to embedded systems.
NEWS - ZigBee, DLMS user groups team on Smart Grid Metering Compatibility
11/28/2009   Post a comment
The two groups are cooperating on a way to guarantee power grid data compatibility as well as on defining a method to transport IEC standard DLMS/COSEM messages sending metering data through ZigBee Smart Energy networks.
ABV: Is there a there there?
11/26/2009   Post a comment
Despite good promises, wide-scale use of Assertion Based Verification (ABV) has not materialized because it is a difficult technology to implement and is perceived as marginally cost-effective. If it had been easy, everyone would have jumped on it by now, Howard Martin, Zocalo Tech president said.
A consortium to be Mentor'ed
11/24/2009   Post a comment
Two years after Cadence and Synopsys joined the SOI Consortium, Mentor Graphics has knocked on the door to provide EDA tool and methodology support for the SOI technology.
COMMENTARY: Mobile Handset Testing is Deeply Flawed and Increasingly Expensive
11/24/2009   Post a comment
An overhaul to the mobile device hardware and software development process is needed now
Ten technologies, seven predictions lead weekly story ranking
11/20/2009   Post a comment
Here are the top five online stories for the week beginning Sunday, Nov. 15, as ranked by EE Times readers, up to and including Friday, Nov. 20. The ranking is based on the number of reader "views" or "hits" on a particular article.
Analysis: Infineon not on safe ground yet
11/19/2009   Post a comment
Infineon has managed to conclude a profitable quarter, but this does not mean the company is out of the woods now. EE Times explains which challenges the company has to master in the year ahead.
MCUs: Microchip claims lowest sleep current in its new 16-bit MCUs
11/19/2009   Post a comment
Featuring USB and Touch Sensing, Two New PIC24F Families are targeting USB and General Purpose Applications
2020 Vision: Development tools key to SoC implementation
11/18/2009   Post a comment
A TI Fellow, Reid Tatge leads the development of TI's compiler technology infrastructure and products in the software development groups and gives his take on state of SoC development in the year 2020. Hint: Don't bet on 'magic' tools.
Ten emerging technologies to watch in 2010
11/18/2009   6 comments
EE Times has compiled a list of emerging technologies that we think will be worth watching out for in 2010.
Counterpoint: The case for 'telepresence' in space
11/17/2009   1 comment
The lack of funding for manned spaceflight has underscored the growing importance of unmanned probes and rovers. John Merchant makes the case for telepresence in space exploration.
Overheard: It's the LUV economy
11/13/2009   Post a comment
Paul Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Qualcomm Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) said he heard someone say it was a LUV economy. That is the European economy is performing in the shape of an L, the U.S. economy is performing in the shape of U and the Asian economy is performing like a V.
CEO's pay, SMIC, Zune lead weekly story ranking
11/13/2009   Post a comment
Here are the top five online stories for the week beginning Sunday, Nov. 8, as ranked by EE Times readers, up to and including Friday, Nov. 13. The ranking is based on the number of reader "views" or "hits" on a particular article.
Opinion: For designers, where does 'creative spark' originate?
11/13/2009   6 comments
How does the design process really work? Which mechanism enables the brain to come up with solutions to a design problem, and what is the source of the "creative spark"?
Analysis: Intel buys peace, AMD vindicated. Now what?
11/12/2009   2 comments
The deal settling legal and licensing disputes between AMD and Intel Corp. gives the companies a chance to begin a new chapter in their tumultuous relationship, but doesn't end of all challenges facing the rivals.
Join the conversation. NXP trading chip sales for royalties?
11/12/2009   1 comment
NXP BV continues to trade on its technology and the latest decision to license its Mifare technology to STMicroelectronics is as intriguing as any of the recent business moves that have gone before.
Comment: Is Abu Dhabi targeting Intel rather than TSMC?
11/9/2009   6 comments
With Waleed Al Muhairi, chief operating officer of Abu Dhabi government investment vehicle Mubadala Development Co., predicting Abu Dhabi would be making chips at home within four years, we are reminded that the Gulf states' aspirations to get into the chip business are long-enduring. But when Al Muhairi said Abu Dhabi wants to compete with Intel was that hubris?
What is a patent? Join the debate
11/6/2009   20 comments
The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday (Nov. 9) that go to the heart of what is a patent as it examines the case of Bernard Bilski.
Comment: chip company ranking points to post-crisis order
11/6/2009   Post a comment
The latest chip company top 20 ranking provided by IC Insights Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) has a topsy-turvy look about it — at least it does if, like me, you have been following the fortunes of chip companies for some time.
Comment: Suppliers and customers must work together to ease market chaos
11/5/2009   Post a comment
Writing for MarketEye, TTI’s online vehicle for providing accurate and up-to-date market information in the IP&E industry, Dennis Zogbi, president and owner of the Paumanok Group which specializes in providing market analysis on the passive components market, comments that for the year ending March 2009, the global market for passive electronic components, including fixed capacitors, linear resistors and discrete inductors, was worth approximately $19.6 billion representing an 18 percent year on
Comment: Online backup or cloud recovery?
11/5/2009   Post a comment
Backing up files and data online has been around for quite a while, but it has never really taken off in a big way for business customers. There is also a new solution coming onto the market which uses "the cloud" for backup and recovery of company data. While these two approaches to disaster recovery appear to be similar, there are some significant differences as well. So which one would be right for you?
Comment: ESIA exposes Chinese chip sales
11/3/2009   Post a comment
My support and congratulations go out to the European Semiconductor Industry Association for breaking out the Chinese semiconductor sales figures in its monthly reports.
DAC survey uncovers surprises
11/2/2009   Post a comment
At this year's DAC in San Francisco, EVE SA (Palaiseau, France) conducted a survey to determine preferences and prevalence of verification environments. In this guest blog, Lauro Rizzatti, general manager of EVE USA, presents the survey findings, bearing strong promises for hardware-assisted verification vendors.


What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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