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Content posted in December 2004
Welcome to the beehive
12/22/2004   Post a comment
Page Views are a measure of an article's popularity and utility. These are the contributed articles that generated the most page views during 2004. These articles will be acknowledged and supported by print exposure in this week's Planet Analog magazine supplement. Congratulations and thanks to our authors (and the companies who support them).
The edge of technology
12/20/2004   Post a comment
The Microventures conference, which features hordes of startup CEOs pitching their companies to bored-looking venture capitalists, is a great place to check out the leading edge of chip technology.
Le secteur des semi-conducteurs en pleine évolution est soumis à de nouvelles forces
12/16/2004   Post a comment
La décision d’IBM de se retirer des activités PC via la Chine a fait peu de remous chez les observateurs aguerris du secteur de l’électronique. Cela n’a rien de surprenant. Les activités qui concernent les grands volumes n’ont jamais beaucoup intéressé la Silicon Valley et les experts du secteur des semi-conducteurs prédisent depuis longtemps que le PC a déjà atteint son apogée, bien avant que la chute récente de Comdex vienne le confirmer.
ZigBee will require patience
12/14/2004   Post a comment
Design challenges and slow vertical sector implementation should force ZigBee developers to keep their expectations in check.
Intel optimiste quant aux perspectives technologiques lors de la réunion des analystes
12/13/2004   Post a comment
Comme si son entreprise n’avait pas eu sa part de revers ces derniers mois, le président du conseil d’administration sortant d’Intel, Craig Barrett, a exprimé sa confiance et s’est même montré quelque peu suffisant à la conférence d’analystes de la société, qui s’est tenue à New York, le mardi 7 décembre, en annonçant que les atouts technologiques du géant des semi-conducteurs lui permettraient de distancer ses concurrents.
Rebound without the bounce
12/13/2004   1 comment
Even as hiring rebounds, 2004 will stand out as a year of recovery that didn't feel like one. For workers, "dry promotions" (with no pay raises) and declining bonuses and benefits took the shine off. But some recruiters say hiring may soar right after Christmas, as comp
But was it all worth it?
12/13/2004   Post a comment
This marks my last column in this format. But my tiny fan base will be relieved to know I'll still provide rants and tirades irregularly in EE Times.
IP protection vs. EDA innovation
12/13/2004   Post a comment
Did they or didn't they? We're apparently not going to get a court verdict on whether Nassda's founders stole Synopsys trade secrets, and we're left with lingering questions about how to protect intellectual property without discouraging startups.
Report from another Planet
12/7/2004   Post a comment
Conference points out the amazing breadth Wi-Fi has achieved and upcoming technological challenges.
A tale of two WiMAXes
12/6/2004   Post a comment
Let's drop the "Wi-Fi on steroids" talk; it's time for a WiMAX reality check.
Bits of wisdom
12/6/2004   Post a comment
Often, the answers to life's great mysteries lie right under our noses, and we don't even realize it. Consider the innumerable problems I've been able to solve simply by trolling the EE Times Crosstalk e-mail folder, which has become a magnet for a host of sages willing to share their wisdom-but not necessarily in letters to the editor.
Memory interface package woes
12/6/2004   Post a comment
Previously, I have addressed the component packaging problems found in FPGAs and perhaps given the impression that other packages were OK.
A new role for configurability
12/6/2004   Post a comment
When configurable processors first became an item of discussion in system-on-chip circles a few years ago, their promise seemed straightforward.
Structured und Platform ASICS sind nicht mehr wegzudenken
12/6/2004   Post a comment
In der Elektronikbranche zunächst mit Skepsis beäugt, haben Strukturierte und Plattform-ASICSs mittlerweile einen festen Platz erobert. Vor allem ihr Preis-Leistungsverhältnis macht sie attraktiv.
Looking back and looking ahead
12/1/2004   Post a comment
Happy Holidays. With winter fast approaching and the year winding down, it's time to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to 2005.
Suppliers are not your partners!
12/1/2004   Post a comment
highly respected school of thought teaches that everyone in the supply chain, from the harvester of raw materials to the ultimate consumer, is inexorably linked in an unbroken continuum of mutual dependence and rivalry. If this is true, it means everyone involved in the process is in competition to secure the largest possible piece from a single, fixed-size pie.
Holiday Nightmares
12/1/2004   Post a comment
Last night I dreamed I was Santa Claus, which is more than a little odd, since I'm Jewish, thin and not particularly jolly. In the dream, leaders of our industry, candy canes dangling from their mouths, waited in a long line to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for the holidays. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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