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Content posted in February 2009
Counterpoint: Twitter, or fritter?
2/27/2009   9 comments
The smart set insists that social networking is hot, but the author is skeptical that engineers will buy into it.
Listening to engineers can keep researchers in the shadows
2/25/2009   Post a comment
National's approach to power optimization promises to make life easier for installers by giving them more flexibility and that should pay dividends for end users too.
Viewpoint: Standard FPGA-based emulation will prevail
2/24/2009   1 comment
Moving forward, the standard FPGA-based emulator will ultimately prevail. If nothing else, for economical reasons.
COMMENTARY: Got Configuration Management?
2/24/2009   2 comments
Companies that don't adopt appropriate configuration management technology will fail and fall by the wayside!
UWB outlook certainly isn't positive
2/24/2009   3 comments
Wireless LAN took more than a decade to reach mainstream. But it did so out of the spotlight and without hype. And just maybe the technology that became 802.11 was more stable that the technology base for UWB.
A quest to keep kids engaged
2/23/2009   Post a comment
Perhaps because they don't see how engineering and science are used in real life, kids often become disenchanted with those subjects at an early age, which can severely limit their career options as an adult.
RFID Creates Long Beach Port Traffic Jam
2/20/2009   Post a comment
An estimated 15% of drivers were denied access to the ports.
Viewpoint: Staccato CEO on the future of UWB
2/20/2009   2 comments
Staccato CEO Marty Colombatto asserts that UWB technology will thrive, and offers predictions for 2009.
Feedback loop: Wasteful 'soft' switches, invest in 'green' energy
2/19/2009   Post a comment
Feedback loop: Wasteful 'soft' switches, invest in 'green' energy
Why can't U.S. citizens buy hi-def DVD recorders?
2/19/2009   1 comment
Blu-ray recorders are sold in Japan, but not in the U.S.
Counterpoint: Stimulus package faces technology headwind
2/19/2009   Post a comment
The Obama administration's economic stimulus package may help by lending capital to tomorrow's innovators. But throwing money at the economy is how we got into this mess in the first place.
Counterpoint: Is the Internet impeding innovation?
2/18/2009   4 comments
The structure of innovation has changed dramatically in the last decades; is the Internet to blame, or are there other structural reasons?
Viewpoint: Consolidation is all about timing
2/18/2009   Post a comment
It's time to shift the thought paradigm from "What fabs do I have today, and how do I fill them?" to "What fab base do I need five years from now and how do I get there?"
Confusion begets correction
2/17/2009   Post a comment
The case of the disappearing and then reappearing picture.
P&G Ends RFID Tagging Displays
2/12/2009   Post a comment
Robert W. Baird Analyst Reik Read said P&G has terminated its RFID display tagging project with Wal-Mart, citing a memo to P&Gs contract manufacturers.
60GHz unbound
2/12/2009   Post a comment
IMEC research consortium delivers true, single-chip, 60GHz receive chain at ISSCC
Counterpoint: After Woz 'dances with the stars,' what's next?
2/11/2009   Post a comment
It's nice to be invited to join the "in crowd" for a visit, but will they come over to our house as well?
Macrovision, TV Guide, and "Gemstar patents": Yes you can!
2/11/2009   Post a comment
What has become of the notorious Gemstar EPG patents after Macrovision's recent sales of TV Guide's assets?
Opinion: The illegitimacy of electronics
2/11/2009   2 comments
What do Leica, Olivetti and the Swiss watch industry have in common? All these companies and industries encountered difficulties in achieving the technological shift from mechanics to electronics, despite recognizing the threat at an early point.
EDA news and rumors
2/10/2009   Post a comment
The week offered a number of news about EDA.
Counterpoint: Illusions of immunity
2/9/2009   Post a comment
The industry has been asleep at the wheel. More than a year after the U.S. economy officially slid into recession, high-tech companies are suddenly discovering they're not immune to the now-global downturn
Environmental commitment improves when the boss is on board
2/6/2009   Post a comment
Management needs to lead by example, including in environmental practices. A UK survey finds bosses that practice what they preach encourage greater commitment by among their staff.
Updated: Readers respond to Obama outsourcing column
2/5/2009   6 comments
Readers respond to our guest column on the Obama administration's early moves on outsourcing.
3-D "Chuck" & Super Bowl recap
2/4/2009   1 comment
What happened during NBC's 3-D presentation of "Chuck" Monday night in the U.S?
Opinion: The Obama administration promotes outsourcing
2/4/2009   19 comments
Despite its campaign rhetoric, the Obama administration appears willing to continue offshoring U.S. engineering jobs. That means engineers must organize to save their careers, guest columnist Ron Hira asserts.
Some more top analog engineers
2/3/2009   Post a comment
I promised an update to the 'ADLE Top 10 analog engineers' list a few weeks ago. As hoped, it generated some much-needed discussion and suggestions following publication on Analog DesignLine Europe and PlanetAnalog.
Does Moore's Law still matter today?
2/3/2009   Post a comment
The move to 45-nm processes is great for segments such as FPGAs, but typical ASSP vendors would fair better with mature processes and a slower ride down the process-technology ramp.
Counterpoint: $20 laptop a dubious solution to India's education woes
2/3/2009   8 comments
The $20 laptop introduced by India's Tata this week is so symbolic at so many levels of both the opportunity and the problem with "designing for India" that it's hard to know where to begin in weighing its chances for success.
EDA bashing
2/2/2009   12 comments
EDA bashing is a sport that requires an enlarged ego, little initial investment, a small amount of skill, and a considerable lack of creativity.
3-D on NBC continues Monday night with "Chuck"
2/2/2009   Post a comment
A specially created 3-D episode of the "Chuck" TV series airs Monday at 8pm in the U.S. Parts Search

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