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Why I ignore most "extrapolations"
3/31/2011   12 comments
It's a lazy technique, and ignores reality and limits
Thoughts on Japan
3/30/2011   3 comments
News of the unfolding disaster moved me, but not to write. Just to think. And more often than not, I sat transfixed by the resolve of the people of Japan.
Space Log: First orbital images from Mercury
3/30/2011   8 comments
The remarkable Mercury probe called Messenger has recorded the first ever orbital images from the innermost planet.
New 3PLD company Tabula secures $108 million in funding
3/30/2011   1 comment
This funding – the largest awarded to a private semiconductor company over the last decade – to support rapid customer adoption of the industry’s first 3D programmable logic devices.
The politics of productivity
3/29/2011   Post a comment
Politics and productivity seem to go hand-in-hand in semiconductor R&D organizations, so it's hardly surprising that ostensibly poor performers use politics to avoid scrutiny.
Yes! FPGAs with optical interfaces are on the way...
3/29/2011   1 comment
Copper PCB interconnect is becoming problematical at higher data rates – the solution FPGA packages with GPIO on the bottom and optical I/O ports in the side…
Swap design stories for an iPad?
3/28/2011   1 comment
I just heard from my contacts at AWR about their Stop Waiting and Start Designing challenge.
Bridging the gap between RTL development and design implementation
3/28/2011   4 comments
For the gigascale systems-on-chip, Eyal Odiz, VP of engineering, RTL synthesis and test automation, Synopsys, Inc. outlines the importance of improving predictability of outcomes across the flow to achieve faster design convergence.
Standards for 3D?
3/28/2011   1 comment
18th Electronic Design Process Symposium is a good venue for discussing the need for 3D ICs standardization.
Some April 1 products I'd like to see
3/26/2011   12 comments
Use your imagination and think up some realizable yet offbeat products
‘Dear God…’ (From the Dog)
3/26/2011   9 comments
Over the years I’ve seen a lot of ‘Diaries belonging to the Cat’ and ‘To-do lists for the Dog’ type messages going around the Internet, but this was a new one for me and it made me smile so I thought I’d share it…
New digital camera whitens teeth, erases wrinkles, and applies makeup
3/25/2011   1 comment
This really is rather amazing. I just saw an article on the website about a digital camera that essentially “Photoshop’s” images on-the-fly…
Is that a Geiger counter in your pocket (or are you just happy to see me)?
3/24/2011   9 comments
I was just looking at a really interesting Radiation Dose Chart on the website, which bills itself as “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”
EE Times Special Edition – Engineers' Career Guide and Salary Survey
3/24/2011   1 comment
OK, who’s not interested in comparative salary studies? For myself, I’m always keen to see how well I’m doing compared to everyone else (so long as I’m not at the bottom of the pile [grin])
History's lessons on quakes and the semi industry
3/24/2011   5 comments
Historically, major earthquakes have not been very disruptive to the semiconductor industry on an annual basis.
The quietly heroic
3/23/2011   1 comment
The sacrifices of Japanese engineers and technicians in fighting their nuclear crisis are truly noble.
Error messages we can all understand
3/23/2011   14 comments
Have you ever been working with a computer when something goes ‘pear-shaped’ and you receive an error message that might be written in Martian for all the good it does you?
What’s the best time-travel book/film ever?
3/21/2011   42 comments
I guess I should really start off by being honest and letting you know up front that there’s an underlying motive for this blog, which is…
May you live in interesting times…
3/21/2011   1 comment
When change happens, it usually hurts somebody, and that is why the expression ‘May you live in interesting times’ is usually seen as a curse, but I see this as an opportunity for EDA…
Compete for the world cup
3/21/2011   5 comments
The Bluetooth SIG will start accepting entries for 2011 Innovation World Cup on May 1.
Smarter solutions for in-vehicle signage and infotainment
3/21/2011   Post a comment
This white paper at the Intel Embedded Community looks at an example using the Intel Atom E600 of how an industrial-grade solution can be deployed with in-vehicle digital multimedia applications to provide rich multimedia content for instant information and entertainment delivery.
Good timing: Memory IP
3/21/2011   1 comment
It seems that one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in memory is the controller.
Video: A ballad for the outsourcing blues
3/21/2011   6 comments
A veteran duo of folk protest music wrote and performed a song in a Silicon Valley café recently decrying the practice of outsourcing.
Why engineers love/hate; embrace/shun reference designs
3/20/2011   29 comments
Reference designs serve an important purpose, but can also incite misgivings
Space Log: Messenger arrives at Mercury
3/18/2011   13 comments
Mercury now has a mechanical moon called Messenger.
Putting a face on the Anonymous 50
3/18/2011   22 comments
Despite media’s blanket coverage on Japan’s runaway nuclear disasters, there is one thing that still remains invisible: Who are those 50 nameless people risking their lives while working around the clock on a radioactive tinderbox in Fukushima?
Seven trends to track in mobile handset market
3/18/2011   Post a comment
One reason for the mobile market’s exceptional growth potential is that the fastest growing segment of the mobile handset market is higher priced, feature-rich smartphones.
Supply chain: Too lean, too mean, too late
3/18/2011   2 comments
As a result of the devastating earthquake in Japan it is becoming increasingly clear that the world will now be asked to pay a price for the past globalization of the electronics industry.
Meandering musings re my Heath Robinson Rube Goldberg (HRRG) Steampunk Computer
3/17/2011   1 comment
Good grief. Since I posted Part 1 of my Heath Robinson Rube Goldberg (HRRG) Steampunk Computer project a couple of days ago, I’ve been buried in messages asking as to what is to come…
Industrial Control Systems and FPGAs
3/17/2011   1 comment
Hurray! A new Fundamentals course written and narrated by yours truly has just become available – The Fundamentals of Industrial Control Processing…
A joking matter
3/17/2011   12 comments
Time to vote for best engineering practical joke of the first quarter
Report from Japan – Quake Brings New Perspective on 'Power'
3/17/2011   Post a comment
Pete Hardee joined Cadence in 2010, after 16 years in EDA including time at Synopsys and CoWare and currently he has marketing responsibility for Cadence's low power solution. He was in Japan when the earthquake struck and has written a blog on his experience.
DATE 2011: SoC realization, the elephant in the room
3/17/2011   9 comments
Designing emerging chips requires advanced methods and flows, which include the utilization of IP blocks and interoperable EDA tools.
Relax, and read a non-fiction book
3/17/2011   9 comments
Paper or e-book, there's lots of great historical and hands-on technical material out there
A human and economic tragedy unfolds in Japan
3/15/2011   3 comments
The scale and scope of the disaster unfolding in Japan following last week's earthquake and subsequent tsunami is heart wrenching, turning out to be one of Japan's biggest natural disasters ever.
UVM—the star of DVCon 2011
3/15/2011   Post a comment
What's all the buzz about Universal Verification Methodology?
Connected home, digital signage & app security
3/14/2011   Post a comment
A variety of content on topics including the connected home, digital signage and application security is available in recent digital editions of EE Times and EE Times Europe.
Don't call Japan, the line is busy
3/13/2011   11 comments
For as long as the first 18 hours after I learned about Japan’s tsunami, I was unable to track down my own family members back in Japan, find out where they were, and whether they were safe.
Technical Computing Languages as Enablers for Parallel Computing
3/11/2011   2 comments
Multi-core processors, HPC clusters, grids, clouds, and GPUs grow in popularity and availability. However, examine the software in the market and it is the ‘worst of times’.
Inspiring commercial makes you want to cry
3/11/2011   3 comments
Every now and then you see something that makes you stop and pause for thought. Sometimes it brings a tear to your eye. But it’s not often that a commercial for a bank has this effect…
Some (components) do like it hot, and that's good for extreme designs
3/10/2011   11 comments
If you have to stand the heat, and can't get out of the kitchen, there are some new IC options
Two amazing Heath Robinson / Rube Goldberg videos
3/10/2011   6 comments
I was just revisiting two of my favorite Heath Robinson / Rube Goldberg videos – the famous Honda Accord (“Cog”) advert and the *This Too Shall Pass* video by the rock band OK Go.
Funny video from Lattice - 'Houston, we have a pickle'
3/9/2011   2 comments
The guys and gals at Lattice are really tickling my funny bone these days – for example they just released another amusing video about their Power Manager II chips...
Book Review: FPGA-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual
3/9/2011   7 comments
Synopsys, in cooperation with Xilinx, ARM, LSI and nVidia, has just released a new book on the subject of FPGA-Based prototyping – one of my favorite subjects.
Silicon Valley's rise in wireless
3/8/2011   1 comment
With the value of smartphone sales poised to surpass that of personal computers around the globe, Silicon Valley has emerged as a major center of influence for wireless.
Major changes expected for physical verification tools as designs move into 28nm and below
3/8/2011   Post a comment
Vlad Marchuk, CTO and founder of PolytEDA Software Corp., discusses the changes in design tools and techniques for physical design.
Remote systems require system recovery features
3/7/2011   Post a comment
In this blog post at the Intel Embedded Community, Maury Wright looks at some examples of how system reliability features have been added to systems designed for remote applications.
Space Log: Astronaut joins SpaceX
3/4/2011   Post a comment
Astronaut Garrett Reisman is joining commercial space company SpaceX.
You say you want a revolution?
3/3/2011   1 comment
Quick thoughts on the Ethernet Technology Summit, OFC and other items...
Boycotting CableLabs Winter Conference
3/3/2011   Post a comment
News organizations are not allowed to attend CableLabs conferences. This has been an ongoing irritation for the press.
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