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Sensor and wireless charging technology could revolutionize sports
3/12/2013   Post a comment
Putting electronics inside the ball--the start of a technology combination that could have a dramatic effect on sports and sports training.
What Facebook really needs from the memory sector
3/12/2013   2 comments
Facebook’s VP of engineering Jay Parikh on storing 350 million images per day, the need for speed and the product he's waiting to buy.
OMG! Cadence to acquire Tensilica
3/11/2013   3 comments
EDA vendor will pay about $380 million to acquire dataplane processing IP firm.
Google is electronics supply chain's new kid on the block
3/11/2013   1 comment
Less than a year after Amazon shook up things in the business-to-business supply chain, here comes Google.
Will Moore's Law doom multicore?
3/11/2013   2 comments
Moore's Law means more transistors per chip, but will those power-sucking semiconductors doom multicore?
Integrated Instruments: Smart Synergy or Functional Hassle?
3/10/2013   Post a comment
Combining multiple, advanced instruments into a single integrated unit makes a lot of sense in many cases, except when it doesn't. Knowing which is the case for your T&M problem is a challenge.
Examining Qualcomm and Mediatek's different mindsets
3/8/2013   7 comments
Mediatek is shipping the world's smallest RF transceiver, but Qualcomm remains the technology leader by a considerable margin.
Making cities smarter
3/8/2013   3 comments
Shifting sands: Sensors, people and wireless technologies are going to make cities very interesting places.
Four from the Embedded World floor
3/8/2013   Post a comment
I went to Nuremberg for the big show and all I brought back were four vendor videos.
How do you show engineering can be cool?
3/8/2013   19 comments
High tech execs like Laura Mather are finding their own ways to polish the image of the American engineer, the root cause of low STEM grads here.
What were they thinking: Influencing Washington
3/8/2013   6 comments
How much do tech companies spend on lobbying Washington? No wonder politicians never bother listening to us...
Yoshida in Japan: Who's calling the shots at Sharp?
3/7/2013   6 comments
News about Sharp has been leaked in dibs and drabs over the past 12 months. It makes us all wonder who’s really in charge of the firm.
The new economics of offshoring
3/7/2013   3 comments
Is offshoring good or bad? Today, it's not quite so simple.
EDA Designline Editorial Calendar
3/6/2013   Post a comment
This is the editorial Calendar for the EDA Designline.
Will Microsoft Windows 8 tablets alter the supply chain?
3/6/2013   2 comments
Apple's iPad changed the supply chain, now MS Windows 8 tablets are going to do the same.
Yoshida in China: Beijing's misguided Android worry
3/6/2013   12 comments
China's government agency harbors deep uneasiness about its nation's industry becoming too dependent on the Android operating system, controlled by Google.
EDA/IP weekly roundup – March 6th 2013
3/6/2013   Post a comment
Carbon, DVCon, Kilopass, Mentor, Real Intent, Tanner and TechAmerica made the lineup today. See here for their news…
China's hollow cyber-espionage argument
3/6/2013   29 comments
China and the U.S. both engage in cyper-espionage on military targets, but so far only China has been accused of also hacking private companies.
It is time to take SoC verification out of the lab
3/6/2013   Post a comment
SoC verification overwhelms conventional logic simulation, yet the three widely-used hardware alternatives for accelerating SoC verification come with reliability issues and involve uncomfortable trade-offs.
White House backs legalizing cellphone unlocking
3/5/2013   6 comments
The Obama administration has voiced its support for a campaign to strike down a law that makes unlocking a cellphone punishable by fines and jail time.
Executive Focus: OneSpin CEO Brinkman
3/5/2013   Post a comment
Raik Brinkman, engineer at OneSpin, now leads the company and used 2012 as a time to reflect on industry changes and set a new course for the company…
Thailand's next crisis: Power generation
3/5/2013   Post a comment
Just when you thought Thailand's effect on the global electronics supply chain was a distant nightmare...
Was Brian Bailey right?
3/5/2013   1 comment
Several years ago Gary Smith declared that “Brian Bailey was right.” Recent events have made me conclude that the question was wrong. Now I think we know the question…
Memory markets gain steam
3/5/2013   Post a comment
Shortages, production reallocations and a changing cast of characters boosts contract pricing for NAND flash, mobile DRAM and another market that might surprise you.
Is Apple losing its cool?
3/4/2013   10 comments
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is concerned about Apple not being the "cool" computing system for too much longer.
Workaholism rife in electronics
3/4/2013   28 comments
Are you driven or stuck on overdrive? Check out where you fall on the spectrum of a survey that finds 41 percent of high tech managers are workaholics.
Capitol Connection: Research Cuts Would Erode America’s Strength
3/3/2013   Post a comment
Sequestration could very well shut off the engine that drives U.S. economic growth.
London Calling: Energy Micro recruit invests $2 million
3/1/2013   1 comment
Alf-Egil Bogen, a co-inventor of the AVR microcontroller, has not only joined Energy Micro as chief marketing officer but has also invested $2 million in the fabless MCU company.
London Calling: Forget wireless charging
3/1/2013   36 comments
Wireless charging; a solution looking for a problem? Or as natural as the change from wired to wireless communication? I am inclined to say forget it. Do the right thing and use a wired charger for reasons of ecology.
Who'll win the consumer video codec battles?
3/1/2013   2 comments
With many Internet Video designs debuting, where are Google's WebM and other open-source codecs?
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