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Content posted in April 2007
Video license plate surveillance: London, Singapore, New York and Your Town?
4/28/2007   Post a comment
New York would not be the first major city to install a network of video cameras to read vehicle license plates and check them against a database every time a car enters the "congestion zone". But it would be the first American city to do it.
Spring DTV introductions
4/27/2007   Post a comment
Spring is normally the season for product introduction, and this Spring is no different. This past week alone Samsung and Westinghouse Digital launched their new 2007 TV line. As well, Onkyo started shipping its first A/V Receivers that feature HDMI 1.3a bringing their audio products firmly into the high-definition TV universe.
Cooley's verification census is valuable but not scientific
4/26/2007   Post a comment
John Cooley's report on the Verification market segment is valuable in spite of not adhering to scientific methods.
Wireless nets take to the fields
4/24/2007   Post a comment
The news here is that Novazone, a provider of technology solutions for fresher food, will use Dust Networks as its wireless sensor network supplier.
Going to school on Electronic System Level (ESL) Design
4/24/2007   Post a comment
ESL Design and Verification is a new book published by Morgan Kaufam. In it Biran Bailey, Grant martin, and Andrew Piziali explore the methodology for System Level Design.
Two- year anniversary
4/20/2007   Post a comment
Next month commemorates the two-year anniversary of Digital TV DesignLine. The subject of Digital TV could not be timelier than it is today as the analog TV transmission cut-off date is less than two years away as manufacturers have to come up with new products and chipsets that accommodate a new high definition signal standard. And, this problem is not isolated to the U.S., but it's a worldwide concern.
WiMAX ups and downs
4/18/2007   Post a comment
The problem with trying to sort out WiMAX's future success in the 4G space is that it's difficult to tell who is hedging their bet and who is really committed to the technology.
Comment: 'No good reason'
4/18/2007   Post a comment
The massacre at Virginia Tech University again prompts us to say, "They died for no good reason."
Opinion: Cell phone cameras and pocketknife safety
4/18/2007   Post a comment
To cell phone designers everywhere, I have a suggestion: Allow users to operate the digital still camera and camcorder and media player, while turning off the microwave radio connection to the cell carrier. Not only will you make all the safety nuts happy, there's also a wonderful engineering benefit: Power savings.
RAD Contest
4/16/2007   Post a comment
Hear ye, hear ye! Yes, I know you all are engineers, but you must know a ton of communications, computer science, and engineering students (worldwide) that are up for a contest. It seems RAD Data Communications is launching an international prize competition. Here's the scoop:
On the eve of NAB2007
4/12/2007   Post a comment
It's that time of year again for the National Association of Broadcasters to hold their annual trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Billed as the world's largest electronic media show, it runs from April 14, 2007 - April 19, 2007. The NAB Show covers the entire spectrum of content creation, management and delivery.
4/11/2007   Post a comment
I have a new hero. She lives fairly nearby in Chico, CA. Elsie McLean made a hole-in-one on a golf regulation course--Bidwell Park. So, you might say why would that make her a hero? She happens to be 102.
Open systems: Nokia falls in line
4/11/2007   Post a comment
Symbian is still very much a part of Nokia's strategy despite recent overtures toward the Linux community.
Engineers respond to Gore's call for action
4/11/2007   Post a comment
Engineers, fistfights, and saving the planet--all in 90 minutes! What did engineers who saw Gore's speech at the Embedded Systems Conference think of it?
Is the annual growth 11% or 15%?
4/10/2007   Post a comment
EDAC's Market Staticstics Service (MSS) provides insights on the dynamics of the EDA industry.
Heeding the lessons of Whiskey Gulch
4/9/2007   Post a comment
What follows is an excerpt from a speech I gave last week at an event in Palo Alto, Calif.
Mobile TV and my addiction
4/5/2007   Post a comment
Buzzwords always fascinate me, and the recent buzz at Barcelona's 3GSM World Congress cell phone convention, "mobile TV" got me thinking: Why don't they call it "portable TV"? The answer, I think, is obvious: Because portable TVs have been around for decades.
Epson's new 1080p projector
4/5/2007   Post a comment
Yesterday, I spent time with Epson as they introduced their new Cinema 1080 projector with HDMI 1.3. According to Pacific Media Associates, Epson is currently the number-one selling brand of front projectors worldwide (based on Q4 2006 numbers), and this interesting new 3LCD 1080p projector builds on that leadership.
nVidia comes calling
4/4/2007   Post a comment
As the computing, consumer and communications worlds converge it is not surprising that companies that have been hyper-successful in the PC and consumer space are salivating over a handheld market that easily numbers in the hundreds of millions.
The IEEE Controversy
4/4/2007   Post a comment
The IEEE Standards organization has unwillingly been pulled into the tug-of-war between the Common Power Format (CPF) and the Unified Power Format (UPF). The former, you probably remember, is sponsored by Cadence under the auspices of Si2, while the latter, developed in an Accellera working group is favored by the other "big three" EDA companies.
Comment: Asustek dinged by Dell
4/3/2007   Post a comment
Michael Dell has given Taiwanese motherboard maker Asustek an ultimatum: Choose between its own-branded PC business or Dell, and pronto.
Comment: In China, always a quid pro quo
4/2/2007   Post a comment
There is an unwritten rule that multinationals must pay a hefty "cover charge" to do business in China. The latest example is Intel Corp., which last week confirmed it will build a $2.5 billion fab in China. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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