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Content posted in May 2009
Go to summer school at DAC
5/30/2009   Post a comment
A number of EDA professors have organized a Design Automation Summer School that is supported by donations from government and industry, to be held in conjunction with DAC.
Opinion: Wash-outs and other minor complaints
5/29/2009   Post a comment
These days, the European automotive industry is spellbound by its internal overcapacity problems. Thus, no-one sees the Tsunami approaching at the horizon.
Apollo forum: The epic that launched a generation of engineers
5/28/2009   43 comments
On the 40th anniversary of the first manned landing on the Moon, EE Times will celebrate the voyage of Apollo 11 through the stories of those who helped send human beings to another world. We want to hear from readers about how Apollo 11 and the five other lunar landings inspired them to become engineers and problem solvers.
Opinion: TI is scrambling in MCUs
5/27/2009   7 comments
I think Texas Instruments Inc. is still unhappy with its position in microcontrollers (MCUs) and needs to do more to expand its wings in the arena.
Digital Videos
5/27/2009   1 comment
Do people really use "legal" digital downloads of video content or am I the only one who has not embraced this yet?
Transportation Sector looks to Battery Power
5/26/2009   Post a comment
Owen Glubiak guest blogs about the rising importance of batteries to the automotive sector and how, despite the battery being an efficient solution, one must look at the effects this additional draw will have on the electric grid.
ESD keeps EDA tools hopping
5/26/2009   Post a comment
Potential catastrophic failures from ESD can have large positive effects on yield and performance but at the same time complying with new verification rules is difficult and time consuming using conventional approaches.
3G vs. USB vs WiFi Coming
5/25/2009   1 comment
In the new tests I'm going to look at how long it takes to download content across different. I'm going to test downloading on a 3G network, USB and WiFi across three different phones - the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerries Storm and Bold. Not only am I going to look at the amount of time it takes, but also which is easiest. There is definately something to be said about the portability of being able to download content on the go with wireless standards, but are they going to be fast enough to m
Fiber vs. satellite for long links: what's your pick?
5/23/2009   Post a comment
We use both types of long-distance connectivity techniques, and there are good reasons for doing so.
Product planning critical to high-tech success: Siemens' Maurer
5/21/2009   Post a comment
As a percentage of sales, high tech manufacturers often spend more than companies in other industries on R&D activities but the payoff is typically delayed so maximizing investment using product lifecycle management tools is extremely important especially in the current economic environment.
HDMI v1.4 Really? Why?
5/20/2009   Post a comment
Leaks have come out about the next version of the HDMI standard. There are a few interesting additions that have been made, but many of them are a bit confusing as to the real benefit that they will offer.
Executive viewpoint: Why Microsoft is investing in Russia
5/20/2009   1 comment
Despite the global economic downturn, Microsoft's perspective on Russia has not shifted. Microsoft, for its part, will continue to invest in Russia and is committed to supporting sustainable economic growth and social development, in line with government priorities.
The thing about Aart
5/18/2009   Post a comment
Synopsys' Aart DeGeuss could not pass up adding analog IP to his intellectual property stable that has revenues reported to be $100 million.
Cell Phone Driving Bans
5/18/2009   Post a comment
A look at cell phone driving bans throughout the world, and specifically laws for each US state.
Risk-reward structures in EDA
5/15/2009   Post a comment
Events in recent months have highlighted to all of us the perils of miscalculating risk. In most facets of our lives, outcomes usually match incentives. So, it's worth thinking about the behaviors that are incented by risk-reward profiles in EDA today.
Opinion: Setting the record straight on Intel
5/14/2009   17 comments
There's no question Intel Corp. has made great contributions to the industry with its technology. Now it's time to make an equally great contribution with its honesty.
Satellite vs. Wireless Audio
5/13/2009   1 comment
There are countless other alternative available for streaming audio. My question to you is "Is there still a place for satellite radio"?
NXP Releases First NFC Industry Chip Standard
5/13/2009   Post a comment
Will near field communications (NFC) technology and the applications it support become a commodity?
A matter of recognition
5/12/2009   Post a comment
IEEE has designated May 13, 2009 as Engineering the Future Day marking the culmination of IEEE's 125 years of "engineering the future".
CC'd but not copied
5/12/2009   Post a comment
This has to be the most stylish (and stealthy) VW ever.
Unlimited Data Plans Going Away?
5/11/2009   1 comment
There was an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal called Demands on Network Are an iPhone Hang-Up. The article talks about the bandwidth demands of smart phones, in particular, the iPhone. While AT&T charges the same amount per month for iPhone users that they charge for other smart phone users, the amount of bandwidth used by iPhones is considerably higher, leading to increased costs for AT&T.
Commentary: When's the color Kindle?
5/8/2009   Post a comment
My beef with Jeff Bezos is his assertion is that ALL content is better on black and white E-Ink screens than on a full-color printed page.
Fixing Fiats again in the U.S.
5/6/2009   Post a comment
Who could have imagined Chrysler Corp. being rescued by Fiat? When Fiats last appeared in the U.S. automobile market, they were viewed by most American drivers as quirky little cars from Italy with maintenance problems.
3D Coming Soon to a TV Near You
5/6/2009   Post a comment
I have to admit that I am intrigued with the concept of a 3D TV. I have fond memories of watching King Kong with blue and red glasses as a child, and seeing the Star Wars ride on a trip to Disney Land. And the technology has come a long, long way since then.
Do you use your phone for more than calls?
5/4/2009   Post a comment
There was an interesting press release from PopCap Games that finds that 57 percent of AT&T wireless customers play mobile games on their phones. The survey consisted to more than 1,100 people.
Opinion: Nokia vs. Nokia
5/1/2009   1 comment
What's next for Nokia? Nokia's biggest enemy is Nokia itself. And it's about time for the world's largest mobile phone vendor to address the issue. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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