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Land of the Rising Silence
5/31/2011   38 comments
The Japanese are great at achieving goals like that 15-percent cut of electricity use this summer. In contrast, they tend not to discuss, or make plans, or even face up to issues — like the nuclear mess in Fukushima.
Max meets Mini-Max (Sculpteo 3D models and printing)
5/28/2011   12 comments
There’s a really cool website from whence you can order a miniature replica of yourself. This is obviously very handy to keep around in case you forget what you look like…
Space exploration is a marathon, not a sprint
5/27/2011   9 comments
There is understandable anxiety about the future of U.S. manned space exploration, but we must consider the long view in order to explore the stars.
Zombie tales for people with brains
5/26/2011   7 comments
When I come to think about it, I’ve actually been seeing quite a lot of these little rascals recently, starting with The Walking Dead television series followed by all sorts of books…
JEDEC mobile memory standard unfolds
5/25/2011   1 comment
If you have a vested interest in the next JEDEC memory standard, consider attending one of its Mobile Memory Forum events in June
Got Discworld?
5/25/2011   24 comments
I am a HUGE fan of the author Terry Pratchett in general and of his Discworld books in particular. If you've not been exposed to these little rascals you are missing a real treat...
IMEC and the ARM connection
5/25/2011   6 comments
European research institute IMEC is holding its annual technology forum. It has one of those slides with more than a hundred partner logos and ARM's was nowhere to be seen. So what was ARM CEO Warren East doing at the event?
Widespread transition to services vexing electronics and high-tech firms
5/25/2011   1 comment
The rate of change in the electronics industry is bordering on frenetic. The industry is entering a juncture where transformational changes are needed. It will determine which ones succeed or fall out of the race.
My Geiger counter now counts (hurray)!
5/24/2011   12 comments
My Geiger counter is on its way back to me. Quite apart from anything else, I can’t wait to test the little rascal out with my two radioactive marbles…
Panel prescribes Rx for Toyota
5/24/2011   1 comment
More local management responsibility urged, along with listening to "external" safety and quality experts.
How technology is spurring faster product development in cleantech
5/24/2011   Post a comment
In this viewpoint, Eric Marks, analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers, focuses on smart technology initiatives and explains how manufacturers are taking advantage of technology to develop smarter products at a record pace.
National Instruments goes shopping
5/23/2011   2 comments
While there seems to be an abundance of great companies in this market, there are a few that stand out because they have been fortunate enough to gather some extremely gifted talent.
Microchip’s 32-bit Arduino clones are mega-cool
5/23/2011   15 comments
The whole Arduino concept has attracted a large following, but existing Arduino boards are based on relatively low performance 8-bit microprocessors, until now…
Living with the Volt
5/23/2011   32 comments
For the last 2 weeks what may arguably be the most significant car in the history of the U.S. auto history since the Model T has been sitting (and charging) in my garage.
Future of mobile 3-D is a two-way street
5/21/2011   3 comments
Audiences have been able to consume media in 3-D, with the aid of glasses and parallax filters, but they have not been able to communicate back with their devices in the third dimension.
The top 10 reasons to debug hardware using your OS and application software
5/20/2011   1 comment
Despite opinions to the contrary, it is clear that the best tool to debug new hardware is the Operating System and Application Code which will run on it.
Cool Beans! Does this mean I’m (almost) famous?
5/20/2011   11 comments
I just performed a search for *Cool Beans* in Google Images – you can only imagine my surprise to see my Cool Beans logo thingy prominently displayed…
Wearable rugged computers for dismounted soldiers
5/19/2011   2 comments
I just heard about a new commercial-off-the-shelf wearable rugged computer that set my mind buzzing with science fiction tales concerning wearable computers and body armor…
Intel: Under the smoke and mirrors
5/18/2011   23 comments
The contrast between what Intel was saying and doing at its annual analyst meeting was pretty revealing.
There's still a place for elegant, creative circuit design
5/18/2011   17 comments
ICs do a lot, but circuit design is still a needed art
Nominations open for the 2011 EDA Industry’s Phil Kaufman Award
5/18/2011   Post a comment
So who are you going to nominate for their services to EDA? Who? Me? No, you really shouldn’t… but who am I to deny you if you insist (said Max, humbly :-)
End of an era – Last mechanical typewriters are sold
5/17/2011   6 comments
This is a little sad in a nostalgic sort of way… not that any of us would ever again want to use a mechanical typewriter, of course, but still…
Prisons and cell phones
5/17/2011   7 comments
If you are following the issue of sniffing out mobile phones in prison, you might be interested in some news out of Berkeley Varitronics Systems.
Continuing its acquisition spree, Xilinx buys Sarance Technologies
5/17/2011   1 comment
The acquisition of this leading silicon IP provider bolsters Xilinx's capabilities for providing 40G, 100G, 150G and beyond Interlaken, Ethernet, and high-bandwidth bridges…
Brazil’s growing global profile - and the electronics opportunity
5/17/2011   9 comments
Brazil is no ordinary BRIC country but there are opportunities there, argues Nitin Dahad recently back from Sao Paulo.
The DAC theme for 2011 will be…
5/16/2011   6 comments
For this year, one area that is definitely going to be a theme is FPGA-based prototyping. This is heating up into a must have tool in everyone’s arsenal…
Three screens, keyboards, and mice – but one small fly in the soup
5/16/2011   16 comments
I’ve long referred to my office as “the pleasure dome” in jest – but recent developments really have made it a pleasure to go to work...
Embedded security, telehealth, ESC top picks & Chrome OS anyone?
5/16/2011   Post a comment
Several recent interesting and relevant blog/community posts here and elsewhere are of note this week.
The changing face of power density
5/16/2011   Post a comment
Here's a view on how power-supply density has increased and how this has affected size and thermal support
SanDisk to swallow Pliant
5/16/2011   4 comments
Today, SanDisk announced its plans to acquire Pliant Technology, known for its enterprise SSDs.
Hear the silent members of our ecosystem
5/16/2011   12 comments
A documentary and other reports are helping bring to light the unglamorous struggles of workers who make the gadgets we love.
Icera exit is good news for startups
5/16/2011   10 comments
Overall Icera's sale to Nvidia is good news for semiconductor startups, particularly in the U.K., argues Rick Clucas.
Is there a standard formal verification language?
5/13/2011   1 comment
If you are a formal verification hero, then the plethora of languages and other “stuff” will not be confusing at all, but for the rest of us…
Hindsighting the Space Shuttle program
5/12/2011   21 comments
As the program comes to an end, how do you view it?
Quaffing a beer with The Father of EDA
5/11/2011   4 comments
I must admit that I was a little nonplused when one of my friends asked “Would you like to chat with The Father of EDA?”
NXP: No-big-chip-in-the-middle strategy
5/11/2011   16 comments
Mike Noonen, NXP's senior vice president for global marketing and sales, describes his company's strategy as "no big chip in the middle"--a handset or media tablet without that big fat SoC hogging all the real estate.
SoC realization: Finally the “Killer App” that will allow EDA to grow again?
5/11/2011   5 comments
In this viewpoint, Dr. Ajoy K. Bose, Atrenta's chairman, president and CEO, explains that SoC Realization represents the next natural and necessary step up in abstraction from existing EDA methodologies and is a necessary bridge from the more abstract world of system-level design that is helping drive SoC-enabled products.
Right-sourcing electronic designs
5/10/2011   7 comments
In the world of system design, nothing is more critical than experience, which cannot be acquired overnight.
Death of the SoC
5/10/2011   12 comments
Are rumors of the SoC's impending death exaggerated? Not entirely.
This is the FUNNIEST video – the ultimate dog tease!
5/10/2011   6 comments
My friend Alex in Atlanta just pointed me at one of the funniest videos I’ve seen on YouTube…
Big brain radio, part 1
5/8/2011   2 comments
My friend keeps empty boxes. His basement electronics lab is filled with them. Frayed and old, they once held things like radios, power supplies, and parts.
What are you searching for at Google I/O?
5/7/2011   8 comments
Help me do a little crowd sourcing in my reporting on the annual developer conference for the Internet search giant.
The beat goes on…
5/6/2011   2 comments
There is quite a bit going on in the Ethernet Watch, including IEEE 802.3 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Study Group is pushing forward with the hope of becoming an official task force and much, much more.
What goes around comes around – Mosquito Ringtones
5/6/2011   21 comments
A few years’ ago I ran run across a device called ‘The Mosquito’ that uses ultrasonics to get rid of unwanted groups of teenagers; now the teenagers are fighting back…
Cool robot and design challenge from Freescale
5/5/2011   1 comment
Participants in Freescale’s Make It Challenge will develop embedded system designs for the chance to win cash prizes and a motorsport VIP weekend.
Men are just the happier gender!
5/5/2011   1 comment
Here’s an oldie but goodie… I’ve seen some of these before, but others are new and there are a few chuckles to be had…
Oscium’s iMSO-104 – a very cool iPad-iPhone-iPod-based oscilloscope
5/5/2011   4 comments
This very cool oscilloscope for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices would have come in very useful for debugging my Geiger counter kit…
Intel putting fins on at 22 nm
5/4/2011   6 comments
Intel announced another milestone in semiconductor technology as they demonstrated a production-ready 3-D transistor technology for 22 nm called Tri-Gate.
If Intel wins Apple, becomes leading ARM maker
5/4/2011   9 comments
Interesting times: if Intel Corp. wins foundry business making chips for Apple it would become a leading, if not the leading, manufacturer of ARM-based processors.
Two myths: "there is a Santa Claus"; and "ESC is only about software and tools".
5/4/2011   4 comments
Embedded Systems Conference is getting into analog functions and "real" hardware.
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