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Legislation introduced to reject government control of open Internet
5/31/2012   Post a comment
A resolution rejecting the proposed international takeover of the Internet, was introduced today.
Caption Contest for June 2012: Crumb trail
5/31/2012   64 comments
What is this, a modern day tale of Hansel and Gretel? Give us your caption to explain the breadcrumb trail...
Opinion: Lifting the system-level fog with SoC verification
5/31/2012   1 comment
DAC begins in a few short days in Fog City, otherwise known as San Francisco. Gary Smith EDA has weighed in once again with a comprehensive list of what to see at this year’s conference…
Another reason not to join Facebook
5/30/2012   23 comments
Mobility is enabling a brave new world of social media applications, but making too much personal information available is a security risk.
Prototype glasses help visual handicaps
5/30/2012   3 comments
Google isn’t the only company working on glasses that can aid your day-to-day routine, because the researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have been working on a different type of headwear that helps the visually impaired see better.
Why chip makers are buying software firms
5/30/2012   2 comments
A look at acquisitions of embedded software companies by semiconductor firms over the past two years.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – May 30th
5/30/2012   Post a comment
OCP-IP, Silicon Frontline, Mentor, Tanner, Flexras, DDR, Synopsys, CAST and Xilinx made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Gearing Up for DAC – IP, Flows and Services
5/29/2012   Post a comment
This entry is the final entry in the what to see at DAC blog series. It includes listing about the demos that companies will be showing in the areas of IP, Flows and methodologies and services etc...
Catapult + Calypto = ESL power optimization
5/29/2012   Post a comment
After one year we see the first results of the transfer of the Catapult technology from Mentor to Calypto. ESL power optimization…
Opinion: What will change on the road to 3D ICs?
5/29/2012   4 comments
In the long term, getting to a full use of 3D stacking of homogeneous logic dies, perhaps in reaction to a final end to transistor scaling, will require more extensive changes to the design flow…
Solar gold in payment plans, not panels
5/29/2012   3 comments
Most of the earnings in the solar industry now and in the future are not in manufacturing hardware but in designing, financing and installing rooftop systems.
Slideshow: Rambus lights up GuitarMania
5/27/2012   3 comments
10-foot Fender Stratocaster guitars showed up in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland this Memorial weekend. Among them was a guitar illuminated with LED lights, developed by Rambus engineers.
Industry view: JEDEC on LPDDR3
5/25/2012   Post a comment
Hung Vuong, Chairman of JEDEC’s JC-42.6 Subcommittee for Low Power Memories to talk about the new standard, memory challenges, and what comes next.
'Berthing' a commercial space industry
5/25/2012   6 comments
The spectacular success of the first commercial cargo flight to the International Space Station ushers in a new era in spaceflight.
Tektronix believes in embedded instruments
5/25/2012   1 comment
On chip instrumentation is becoming a necessity as external observability declines and the uses for the technology grows...
EDA to private equity, part 2
5/25/2012   1 comment
The author attempts to answer a number of reoccurring questions from readers following his recent post suggesting that EDA firms would be better off in the hands of private equity firms.
Chromebox: Why it's unjustifiable
5/25/2012   3 comments
Samsung’s first ChromeOS desktop PC, the Chromebox, went on sale accidentally yesterday, but at $330, is it worth it?
Managing change
5/25/2012   4 comments
Entrepreneurs and seasoned executives need to learn to expect, plan for and manage change.
Bioplastics - cleaner world or bigger mess?
5/24/2012   6 comments
With energy resources dwindling and "sustainability" becoming a must-have word in the lexicon of almost every company in the developed world, the debate over the use of cleaner materials is intensifying, especially when it comes to plastic.
Failure to launch: Why Sony never got AirBoard off the ground
5/24/2012   24 comments
Life is full of coulda’s and woulda’s. Many engineers have stories to tell about their brilliant technologies (and products), but somehow the project got cancelled. Later on, their invention is often wistfully described as it was “before its time.”
Power optimization starts early in the process
5/24/2012   Post a comment
For many companies, power optimization starts at the RT level, but Docea Power attempts to take it to the ES level…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – May 23rd
5/23/2012   Post a comment
Corelis, Space Codesign, OCP-IP, Mentor, NanGate, Tanner, Aldec and Imperas made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Memristor is 200 years old, say academics
5/23/2012   8 comments
Professor Leon Chua, the originator of the term memristor, has joined forces with Professor Christofer Toumazou and Themistoklis Prodromakis, both of Imperial College London, to demonstrate that such variable resistance behavior has been observed for more than 200 years.
HTC dials in to Taiwan’s 4G battle
5/23/2012   2 comments
HTC launched its first WiMax phone for Taiwan, providing much needed ammunition for two service providers trying to make a go of the underdog 4G technology.
Towards a formal, automated chip design monitoring system
5/22/2012   Post a comment
Today’s projects are enormously complex. Just the silicon portion is now beset with complications like process variation, mushrooming design rules, and, soon, multiple patterning, just to name a few…
Fiat focusing on natural gas before electric cars
5/21/2012   12 comments
Though not the flashiest Italian car manufacturer, automotive firm Fiat has long been a staple of the country’s industrial sector, providing vehicles to a wider mass market than its local brethren: —the Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis that cater only to the elite.
Apple, RIM duke it out over 4FF nano-SIM
5/21/2012   4 comments
Engineers aren’t strangers to conflicts in design, and just like Linux, everyone thinks their ‘flavor’ is best. With the new 4FF nano-SIM being proposed by Apple, several manufacturers feel it’s their duty to butt in with advice, which 80 percent of those whose opinion matters, don’t agree with. RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia are all arguing in favor of different designs, but specifically, all against Apple’s.
Indy 500 drivers sweat the tech details
5/21/2012   Post a comment
This year, when Indy 500 teams search for a competitive edge, they're going to have to dig deeper into the mechanical aspects of the car than ever before in the history of the race.
Great support is a great product differentiator
5/17/2012   Post a comment
Best-in-class niche software products are integrated into EDA flows to meet specialized needs; but what, exactly, is a “best-in-class” product?
Electric Imp compared with Neul
5/17/2012   9 comments
Comparing a couple of leaders in the Internet of Things domain - Electric Imp Inc. and Neul Ltd. - shows the same bases get covered but with different radio and product strategies. Which is best? There's only one way to find out.
Power Intent Standards
5/16/2012   Post a comment
This is an entry in the EDA DesignLine power archive related to power intent standards...
Industrial control systems—Thwarting attacks
5/16/2012   Post a comment
The Department of Homeland Security put feelers out to other governments in the hope of bolstering the safety of industrial control systems (ICS) and created a venue to brainstorm solutions.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – May 16th
5/16/2012   Post a comment
Mathworks, MIPS, Imperas, Cadence, Sigrity, Kilopass, EVE, Carbon and ams made the lineup today. See here for their news…
New Companies at DAC: Esencia Technologies
5/16/2012   Post a comment
Esencia has just announced the EScala design platform which is primarily aimed at audio and video applications that have compute intensive algorithms...
Will China hit a (great) wall? Don’t bet on it
5/16/2012   26 comments
Some naysayers argue that China can't innovate and that the Chinese economy is bound to "hit the wall" like Japan's export-driven economy did in the 1990s. The "hit-the-wall" proponents are wrong.
Test equipment market snapshot
5/15/2012   1 comment
Grab your lunch and head to Frost&Sullivan’s webinar tomorrow, May 16th on the test equipment market.
802.11ac Wi-Fi: Benefits of a Revolutionary Technology Leap
5/15/2012   3 comments
With the new 802.11ac standard, we’ll be able to give the smartphones, tablets and notebooks we use everyday more breathing room through Gigabit-capable Wi-Fi networking. Get ready – it’s happening sooner than you think.
Indy engines still pack a 700HP punch
5/14/2012   5 comments
This year, when the Indy cars line up in the grid at the "greatest spectacle in racing," they'll be using engines with less displacement than that in a Volkswagen Golf or a Toyota Camry.
Reversal from the foundry model back to IDM?
5/11/2012   12 comments
One can't avoid the question: Are we facing a dramatic reversal of the trend from the Foundry model back to the IDM model?
What were they thinking: copyrighting APIs
5/11/2012   3 comments
In the epic battle between Oracle and Google over the Java API, the jury questions fair use...
Why China?
5/10/2012   32 comments
We all pay abject lip service to China. The business community and the media are equally in thrall to the world’s second largest – and fastest growing economy. But China’s also a handy device for fear mongering.
Interconnect modeling at 20nm – more of the same or completely different?
5/10/2012   Post a comment
If you've been following any of the industry discussion about double-patterning, you know that words such as coloring, colorless, cutting, stitching, and anchoring are now part of the vocabulary for 20nm design...
Weigh in on the greatest hits in electronics
5/9/2012   85 comments
This fall, EE Times will kick off a yearlong celebration of its 40th anniversary year. Through coverage and various activities online, in a special digital edition and at events, we plan to honor 40 visionaries, technologies and disruptions that have rewritten the rules—of technology, of the industry, sometimes of society—over the last four decades.
Open source robotics foundation formed
5/9/2012   1 comment
Willow Garage, a robotics research lab and technology incubator, announced the formation of The Open Source Robotics Foundation
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – May 9th
5/9/2012   Post a comment
PLDA, TSMC, CriticalBlue, S2C, Jasper, Tensilica, Synopsys, EVE, Vennsa, Verific, VWorks and Excellicon made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Driving a stake into the heart of the 3-D packaging hype
5/9/2012   15 comments
Much of the wishful thinking around 3-D packaging technology, hyped by commodity memory manufacturers, can be attributed to the old adage that "those who do not learn from history shall be compelled to re-live it."
To mine the stars, hire a mining engineer
5/8/2012   10 comments
Coal miner's son and ex-NASA engineer Homer Hickam is skeptical of plans to mine asteroids but thinks we can mine the moon for elements like Helium-3.
Enough of the sideshows – it’s time for some real advancement in functional verification!
5/8/2012   7 comments
Functional verification has become the congestion point for many designs and the bane of many companies trying to sell their IP...
Google blocks Oracle's punch in Round 1
5/7/2012   13 comments
Google appeared to block what could have been a devastating punch against its Android operating system in the legal suit brought by Oracle, but this battle is far from over.
Tale of the tape: How IBM ushered in the age of digital storage
5/4/2012   1 comment
It's fair to say that the digital storage industry as we know it today would not have occurred without an innovation created by a team of IBM engineers 60 years ago this May.
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