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Altera's Mysterious MAX 10 FPGAs
5/30/2014   1 comment
The folks from Altera will announce comprehensive details on MAX 10 FPGAs once the devices and dev kits are broadly available in Q3 2014.
Circuit Reliability for the Auto Industry
5/29/2014   5 comments
Let's look specifically at the automotive industry, examine some of the circuit reliability challenges they must overcome to meet both industry quality standards and consumers’ expectations.
Red-Hot Emulation
5/29/2014   1 comment
The forthcoming Design Automation Conference (DAC) will be a prime venue to learn more about the varied uses of hardware emulation.
Achieving the Compute Performance of the Human Brain
5/29/2014   9 comments
Exascale processing using millions of connected computers might equal or exceed the human brain's processing capacity by the end of the decade.
Smart Way to Drive ECU Consolidation
5/29/2014   Post a comment
Many cars incorporate more than 125 ECUs. Consolidation is an obvious answer. We explore how to integrate more functionality on fewer ECUs without complicating the testing effort.
Papilio DUO: Arduino-Compatible MCU + FPGA + Drag-&-Drop Circuit Creation
5/28/2014   14 comments
There is so much going on here that it's difficult to wrap one's brain around all the possibilities.
Why Intel-Rockchip Tie-Up Matters
5/28/2014   11 comments
After Miya Kong discussed the latest Intel-Rockchip announcement with China's industry insiders, we know the two companies have agreed on three points: X86 architecture, 3G modem license, and 14-nm capacity support.
What About DC Power Integrity? Part 3
5/28/2014   5 comments
Thar she blows! (Thermal issues with printed circuit boards.)
Regulators May Stymie 60 GHz Use
5/28/2014   4 comments
Emerging 60GHz communications could be a prime example of how a market can be held back by subtle differences in government regulations.
Google’s New Car to Change Self-Driving Debate
5/28/2014   59 comments
Google has unveiled its design for autonomous cars. Big surprises include the absence of both steering wheel and pedals and a two-seat design that resembles a theme park ride.
Data Acquisition: From Plug-ins to USB to Embedded
5/28/2014   1 comment
Automated measurements have evolved from computer plug-in cards to external peripherals. Now the computer is being embedded into the measurement system, or is data-acquisition being added to embedded systems?
Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV: Cost Comparison
5/27/2014   8 comments
Can the two-year-old Apple TV product still compete with the 2014 Amazon Fire TV? prices it out.
Microsoft Surface Review
5/27/2014   4 comments
Aubrey takes his new Surface to a conference to see how it performs "on the road."
Live Chat Friday, May 30: Free DIY Tools for EEs
5/27/2014   4 comments
Don't miss our live online chat on Friday, May 30, 2014, at 1PM ET. This is your chance to meet the EETimes editors and discuss the topic of Free DIY Tools.
Taking the mikroC Toolchain for a Test Drive
5/27/2014   5 comments
For only $299 you get a perpetual, node-locked license that entitles you to lifetime updates and direct tech support.
Is $300 Snapdragon 801 Smartphone With CyanogenMod a Good Idea?
5/24/2014   7 comments
The OnePlus One phone offers a special CyanogenMod 11S Android KitKat version that, among other things, has better privacy features and SMS encryption between CyanogenMod devices. But does that put OnePlus One into a higher-end market?
Materials Hunt on for 10-5 nm Chips
5/23/2014   1 comment
Finding the right materials will be one of the keys to delivering chips from 5 to 10 nm, say researchers who will present at SemiCon West in July.
Phase Change Memory: From Multi-Level to Multi-Tasking
5/23/2014   5 comments
Here's a preview of what's in store for PCM at this year's VLSI Symposium 2014.
Break 'Introversion Glass Ceiling'
5/23/2014   10 comments
Can your innermost introvert stand the rigors of CEO-style schmoozing, evangelistic product marketing, and rallying the troops to get your tech startup thriving? You may be surprised.
Is Engineering Consulting Your Next Career Gig?
5/23/2014   13 comments
An engineering consultant shares advice and lessons learned in his 30+ years of experience.
HP's $99 Android Tablet
5/23/2014   3 comments
Tablet bargain seekers have another option in HP's new $99 Android tablet, but the device's specs and battery life disappoint.
Connectivity & Sensors: NFC, Humidity, Barometric
5/22/2014   1 comment
As the followup to a blog on essential smartphone sensors, talks about what Near Field Communications hardware and barometric and humidity sensors are found in today's smart devices.
'Must Haves' When Designing for the All Programmable Era
5/22/2014   7 comments
Today's designers need to seek next-generation development tools built from the ground up to address productivity bottlenecks in system-level integration and implementation.
PADS Supports Radial Grids
5/21/2014   3 comments
We now know that Altium Designer and PADs support the Radial Grid feature -- how many other PCB layout tools out there do this?
Home Health Devices to Double by 2018
5/20/2014   7 comments
An aging population, the proliferation of connected devices, and the growing need to contain healthcare costs will produce a spike in the global market for home health technologies in the coming years.
Eliminating DRAM From Graphical Interfaces
5/20/2014   4 comments
A new webinar from Renesas shows how to create high-resolution graphical interfaces quickly while eliminating external memory.
Live Chat Friday, May 23: Augmented Reality
5/20/2014   16 comments
Don't miss our live online chat on Friday, May 23, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. This is your chance to meet the EE Times editors and discuss the future of augmented reality.
Radial Grids in PCB design? Who’d Have Thought...
5/19/2014   11 comments
Traditional rectilinear grids become an issue when you have to design a round PCB, including placing components and routing tracks in circles!
Tech Insight: Free Tools for Offensive Security
5/19/2014   Post a comment
A professional penetration tester offers a look at the latest free and open-source tools available for pen testing and offensive tactics.
Solid Conference: Software & Hardware Everywhere
5/19/2014   Post a comment
The stellar list of speakers and session abstracts appears to be straight out of the singularity.
Over-the-Top TV Rises at the Expense of Broadcast/Cable TV
5/19/2014   16 comments
The over-the-top (OTT) media battle is about acquiring and maintaining subscribers by offering increasing amounts of third-party and original content while providing the hardware to play it.
28nm FD-SOI: Samsung & ST's Major Opportunity
5/19/2014   26 comments
Samsung Electronics has a major opportunity with its large wafer capacity to support low-leakage products with its 28 nm FD-SOI process.
GPIB Won't Die, Sorry About That
5/16/2014   4 comments
The venerable instrument bus keeps going, no matter who wants to kill it.
Photons Coming Down Cloudy Path
5/16/2014   8 comments
Systems designers see high-speed optical interconnect between chips coming soon, but there’s little agreement on how best to do it.
Smart Grid Needs Uncle Sam... a Bit
5/15/2014   5 comments
The US government has a vital but limited role in fostering the transition to the smart grid, according to the head of the Zigbee Alliance.
The Arduino Zero Is Unveiled
5/15/2014   19 comments
The first prototypes of the Arduino Zero will be on display at the Maker Faire May 17-18 the San Mateo Event Center.
Home App to Control Competitors' Appliances
5/15/2014   1 comment
Bosch’s Home Connect app will control appliances, not only from Bosch and Siemens but from other brands as well.
Test Capacity Management Chronicles, Part 1
5/15/2014   Post a comment
Managing test capacity is easy in low volume production, but gets complex as volumes increase.
Is There Gold for EEs in Silicon Valley’s Hills?
5/14/2014   5 comments
After years of software domination, there might now be gold in Silicon Valley's hills for electrical engineers.
Stepping Down From the 380V DC Line
5/14/2014   1 comment
There are questions concerning the many step-down options and/or intermediate bus voltages.
10 Tricks That Extend Oscilloscope Usefulness
5/14/2014   1 comment
Get more out of your oscilloscope with these handy tips and techniques.
NVMe Emerges as Memory Independent
5/14/2014   Post a comment
The first of a planned series of Tech Talk presentations by Intel focused on NVM Express and was given to a worldwide web audience by Amber Huffman, senior principal engineer and NVM Express Workgroup chair.
LEDs at Forefront of Reshoring Movement
5/13/2014   2 comments
Last year, as many manufacturing jobs returned to the US as left. Reshoring is a thing now.
Managing Vehicle Networking
5/13/2014   1 comment
The AUTOSAR alliance has been changing the way vehicle networks and ECUs are designed. Different domains in the car have different safety and performance requirements, and the in-vehicle networks must have predictable and secure performance.
Implementing a Custom Serial Bus
5/13/2014   3 comments
Sometimes the best solution is to implement your own communications protocol from the ground up.
Artificial & Machine Intelligence: Future Fact, or Fantasy?
5/13/2014   26 comments
While a warning about the application of AI and intelligent machines (IMs) in the area of military application might be appropriate, what if they're just a natural branch on the the tree of natural evolution?
Should Reference Designs Be Free?
5/12/2014   26 comments
If using a reference design involves your purchasing that vendor's components, should there be a cost involved with the reference design? Is it more appropriate for the design to be provided for free?
It's Never Too Early to Study Engineering
5/12/2014   9 comments
Just because tiny tots aren't ready to solder or code is no reason to assume they're not ready to learn about engineering and technology.
Teardown Compares Combo Sensors
5/12/2014   3 comments
The latest nine-axis combo sensors from Bosch, InvenSense, and STMicro have similar costs despite different designs, according to a System Plus Consulting chip teardown.
Slow SIM Security Delays NFC Mobile Payment Programs
5/10/2014   6 comments
Using SIM cards as a secure element for NFC mobile transactions is too slow for public transportation authorities such as Transport For London (TFL).
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