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Content posted in June 2008
Home networks succeed despite fragmented standards and varying media choices
6/26/2008   1 comment
Home networks succeed despite fragmented standards and varying media choices
RFID Creates Potential Hazard in Hospitals
6/25/2008   Post a comment
Research published in JAMA suggests the RFID industry has work to do when it comes to supporting hospitals and asset tracking.
WiMAX woes
6/25/2008   Post a comment
An EU investigation and a bleak market report add up to trouble. But it's not just WiMAX.
FCC may make DVR design harder, and limit functionality
6/24/2008   Post a comment
The movie industry wants to create a new category of TV content that would lock out DVR recording in the U.S. It's a bad idea.
Communications goes green? Not yet.
6/23/2008   Post a comment
At NXTComm last week, I met with Edna Conway, Sr. Director of Advanced Compliance and Social Responsibility (quite a title), and I had my first glimpse into exactly what 'green' means to Cisco--and what it doesn't mean to many.
Commentary: The tough trade-offs of 'ease of use'
6/20/2008   1 comment
Everyone wants ease of use, but achieving it sometimes requires complex design, which in turn leads to operating issues. In short, nothing's easy.
M&M Would Be Sweet
6/19/2008   Post a comment
Cadence's hidden costs for the Mentor acquisition are too high. But Mentor has a viable defense move.
Commentary: Cadence-Mentor: facts vs. emotions
6/19/2008   2 comments
Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s offer for Mentor Graphics is generating strong emotions in the electronic design automation market but Mentor Graphics' directors must base their final decision on the financial merits and disadvantages of the offer.
Cadentor's Products
6/18/2008   3 comments
A discussion on the tradeoffs required by the Cadence acquisition of Mentor product families.
Tip of the Week---Simple power supply for FPGAs, Part 1
6/18/2008   Post a comment
DC/DC IC building-block systems such as Linear Technology's microModules are a good solution for simple and compact low-voltage, high-current power supply applications.
Multimode: The other missing piece
6/17/2008   Post a comment
Multimode may take a long time to happen but it is coming and it will have a big impact.
Cadence's Arrogance
6/17/2008   7 comments
Cadence bid for Mentor is similar to the Daisy acquisition of Cadnetix.
VIZIO facing MPEG music after competitors snitch
6/16/2008   Post a comment
VIZIO's patent problems come not from MPEG LA -- the patent pool licensing agency -- but from VIZIO's competitors.
Beating mobile Web's catch-22
6/16/2008   Post a comment
Providing a Web-like experience via mobile is leaving content providers struggling to provide rich content quickly, harried by wireless considerations and a tangle of devices and networks.
Achronix takes a new approach to FPGA startup problems
6/12/2008   Post a comment
Achronix Semiconductor Corp.'s founder and CEO says the start-up has adopted a new approach in dealing with customers in the FPGA market in a bid to avoid the high-failure rate new entrants into the sector have experienced as old business management processes fail to keep pace with rapid changes in technology developments.
Which cellular headset should I buy, and why?
6/12/2008   Post a comment
On July 1 this year, a California law goes into effect that says we have to use a hands-free device if we want to talk on the phone while driving.
HP Offers RFID Tag, Ship Service
6/12/2008   Post a comment
Consider Google Yahoo, Microsoft and other search engines. Digital ad networks that serve-up text and video ads on search engines.
Leading Edge Developments Face Old Problems
6/11/2008   Post a comment
The problem faced by leading edge development teams are often simular to those faced many years before.
WiMAX makes another right turn
6/10/2008   1 comment
Conspicuously missing from the Open Patent Alliance are the start-ups that have accounted for much of the innovation in WiMAX chips.
Target targeted by MPEG (Codec licensing roundup)
6/9/2008   Post a comment
A recent story about the Target retail chain being sued by MPEG LA for its "Trutech" store brand brought back memories of one of our first articles here, MPEG licensing basics, which pondered the question, "How can a $25 DVD player be legal?"
Commentary: Moore's vs. Newton's Laws
6/9/2008   1 comment
While Moore's Law liberates electronics engineers, Newton's Laws are a constraining reality for their colleagues in other disciplines, Planet Analog site editor Bill Schweber concedes.
The "What to see at DAC" List
6/5/2008   2 comments
Gary Smith will, once again, provide his "must see" list of DAC exhibitors to attendees.
6/5/2008   Post a comment
Cocaine, ecstasy, and stock option backdating don't mix, decided the U.S. Attorney's office as they pulled the rug out from under the playboy former chief executive of Broadcom.
Brain Control: This is great, but potentially scary
6/5/2008   Post a comment
No, it isn't someone controlling your brain, it's giving your brain the ability to control a machine--directly.
Mini Cooper
6/4/2008   Post a comment
Do you remember the creative . . .
Update: Why Atom may bomb
6/4/2008   7 comments
Intel Corp. and Taiwan Inc. still have not figured out how to replicate the iPhone phenomenon, except for the mobile mania.
Ozmo enters ultra-low power fray
6/3/2008   Post a comment
In wireless, competition is always a moving target and for the applications Ozmo is targeting (mice, keyboards, headsets etc.) plain vanilla Bluetooth is something of a paper tiger as well.
Fuller fill factor image sensors make sens(itivity)
6/2/2008   Post a comment
OmniVision has announced a manufacturing technique bringing backside illumination (BSI) to inexpensive cell phone size sensors. (See OmniVision adopts backside illumination technology for CMOS imager).
Addressing the 'cool' engineer
6/2/2008   Post a comment
Now I know that this is a site that is dedicated to helping you do your work and I think it does a mighty fine job at providing the type of content you need. Once in a while, however, I run across information that you might not need today--but that you really would like to have--or something that's downright fun.
Uncommon Market: Who leads Infineon, and where?
6/2/2008   Post a comment
It was oh-so predictable. The speculation that Infineon's leader Wolfgang Ziebart would go - being fed by whispering sources inside the company - had reached a level that could not be endured. According to those sources, quoted anonymously in the local German press, Ziebart had been too slow to offload Infineon's memory maker Qimonda and that eventually led to the clash between Ziebart and the company's supervisory board. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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