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DoD's dubious achievement awards
6/29/2012   20 comments
The Pentagon has announced its "value engineering" awards. The F-35 fighter program was not among the winners.
Slideshow: Grenoble is tech R&D hot spot
6/29/2012   8 comments
We attended Leti’s Annual Review and toured the Minalogic competitiveness cluster dedicated to nanotechnologies and embedded software in Grenoble, France. The two-day session lifted our spirits.
What were they thinking: covering a bald spot
6/29/2012   7 comments
Back to the pool of crazy patents this week and this is one for those with that dreaded bald spot that needs to be covered…
Best of the web -– June 29th
6/29/2012   Post a comment
Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Who recovers first? Panasonic, Sony or Sharp?
6/29/2012   6 comments
Recent reports from Japan on new CEOs at Japan’s two consumer electronics behemoths – Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. – should make you feel both hopeful and weary at the same time.
Future of CMOS hinges on mobile apps
6/29/2012   18 comments
This year's VLSI symposium took a hard look at the future of CMOS chip technology and concluded that its future course depends on mobile applications.
Google tries 'Made in the USA'
6/28/2012   17 comments
Google says it is not making a political statement, but the company's decision to "design and manufacture" the Nexus Q in the U.S. will sound like a call to arms as it stakes out numerous fronts in an intensifying war for market share in the wireless devices market.
Mr. GPS leaves CSR
6/28/2012   6 comments
When an executive resigns from a company, it is announced in a dry press release in which it says that Mr. XYZ “is leaving the company for personal reasons to spend more time with his family.”
On Qualcomm manufacturing options
6/28/2012   12 comments
Paul Jacobs doesn't rule out Qualcomm owning a wafer fab. But don't expect Qualcomm to go IDM any time soon. There are a few other options to be tried first.
Turning the speed dial
6/28/2012   3 comments
With all the standards activity focused on making all sorts of electrical interfaces run faster and use less power, cost less and enable higher density, is it time to turn the speed dial up on the process?
China speed vs. China quality
6/27/2012   30 comments
Many of my friends, colleagues and readers told me that a flood of comments posted by EE Times community members’ after each of my China stories is more revealing than my reporting.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – June 27th
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Mentor, Synopsys, SMIC, Infineon, Cadence, Ambarella, Analog Devices, National Instruments and Xilinx made the lineup today. See here for their news…
White knight or asset stripper?
6/25/2012   4 comments
Reports are coming out of Japan that private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. LP is being asked to invest in struggling Japanese chip company Renesas Electronics Corp. Potential savior or destroyer; you decide.
A passionate teacher with good chemistry
6/22/2012   18 comments
It's no picnic these days being a high school science teacher. It requires commitment and passion, two attributes personified by Wisconsin chemistry teacher Kara Pezzi.
Demise of analog is exaggerated
6/21/2012   14 comments
Analog technology has plenty of gas left in the tank, a Texas Instruments executive argues.
What's really missing from the Surface PC
6/21/2012   23 comments
While many of the technical reviewers are still undecided about the potential of Microsoft's new ARM and x86-based tablet/PC hybrid because of the limited specifications provided, there are still several glaring issues that many continue to neglect.
Best of the web -– June 22nd
6/21/2012   Post a comment
Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Wireless usage predicts Presidential election?
6/20/2012   2 comments
A mobile intelligence research company, Validas, just announced the results of what they call a dramatic study linking politics and wireless data consumption habits.
What were they thinking: Verification levels
6/20/2012   2 comments
I know it is not Friday, but I will be off on vacation for a couple of days and did not want to deprive you of some fun, so here it is a couple of days early...
Changing business models as Atrenta buys NextOp
6/20/2012   Post a comment
With the big three no longer buying many startups, it open the way for the emerging middle class of EDA…
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – June 20th
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Tanner, Tower Jazz, Dolphin, Shocking, Research and Markets, Altera, TI, On Semi, Cypress, Sand 9, and MIPI made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Zzzz…Microsoft 'Surface' tablet for the U.S. market is a yawn
6/20/2012   32 comments
As I see a lot of ink spilt in the media over Microsoft’s upcoming tablet dubbed “Surface,” I can’t help but wonder where on earth Microsoft plans to sell this product.
All pass filter phase shifters
6/20/2012   Post a comment
We're all familiar with low-pass filters, high-pass filters, band-pass filters, band-stop filters and other filter types, but the all-pass filter is perhaps less well known.
Why Intel and AMD's departure from WSTS harms the SIA and the U.S. semiconductor industry
6/20/2012   2 comments
The decision by AMD and then Intel to pull out of the WSTS is to the detriment of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry, including both microprocessor vendors.
Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator devices
6/19/2012   2 comments
Bulk silicon may be nearing the end of the line as scaling becomes more problematic, FD SOI gives it a kick in the pants, possibly down to 11nm…
Et tu, Ballmer, or M’soft’s stab at tablets
6/19/2012   33 comments
Pre-announcing your own Windows 8 tablet a few months before your OEM customers is not gutsy, it’s just gross.
TF2012 Day 1: Tech fest, new QorIQ processor and wireless on display
6/19/2012   Post a comment
Day 1 of the 2012 Freescale Technology Forum kicks off with tech fest to highlight theme of Power Innovation, including new QorIQ processors, sensors and wireless. Other, sub-theme, is coming out party for new CEO, Gregg Lowe.
Cool old microwave test equipment
6/18/2012   3 comments
I'm on the ground here at IMS2012 and found a neat historical display. Here are some photos for your amusement.
Keep the focus on requirements
6/18/2012   11 comments
Mission creep, getting distracted, and what the heck a keyboard needs with an LCD clock, anyway.
Experiencing the Chinese supply chain, up close and personal
6/18/2012   3 comments
It's buyer beware when shopping for electronics in Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei district.
Europe asks if it is time for an Airbus of chips
6/18/2012   35 comments
Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner responsible for digital matters, used the opportunity of a keynote speech provided to the IMEC Technology Forum, held in Brussels last month, to ask whether Europe should consider the creation of an Airbus of chips.
China’s social media:'Warp speed, Mr. Sulu!'
6/17/2012   7 comments
The speed of revolution among Chinese Internet social sites is so fast that it makes Google, Yahoo and Amazon look molasses in January on the Siberian border.
The fabless-foundry model will survive (at least through 14-nm)
6/15/2012   10 comments
In a rebuttal to comments made earlier this year by Intel's Mark Bohr, Handel Jones of IBS argues that the fabless-foundry model will be around for a while.
Best of the web -– June 15th
6/15/2012   Post a comment
Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Photovoltaics market outlook until 2016
6/15/2012   Post a comment
The European Photovoltaic Industry Association assesses the European and global markets for PV in 2011 and presents forecasts for the next five years.
A new way to design and build electronics?
6/14/2012   13 comments
The democratization of electronics; why open source, Kickstarter, and Shenzhen will change the world of electronics.
Nokia job cuts don't and won't impress anyone
6/14/2012   26 comments
The 10,000 jobs Nokia plans to cut will ease cash flow pressures but they won't cure the firm or improve its competitive position.
Largest mobile conference in Asia comes to Silicon Valley
6/14/2012   Post a comment
The first Global Mobile Internet Conference, Asia’s largest mobile event, is coming to Silicon Valley on October 19th – 20th.
Where’s your mobile video viewing frustration level?
6/14/2012   3 comments
When do you finally throw your hands in the air and abandon video viewing and downloads?
AMD joins ARM forces
6/13/2012   1 comment
Building on yesterday’s announcement with ARM and other ARM partners on GPU Acceleration, AMD announced an even greater partnership with ARM to develop processors using ARM cores.
Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse – I am not alone!
6/13/2012   11 comments
And you all thought I was being silly... well, shame on you! (grin)
B&B Electronics purchases IMC Networks, third major acquisition in 9 mos.
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Making headway on its goal of becoming a single point-of-support for connectivity solutions for industrial networks, B&B Electronics just bought IMC Networks.
Companies with Power/Thermal related products
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Part of the EDA Designline Power archive. Contains listings of companies and power related products plus links to their articles...
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – June 13th
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Freescale, GEO, STMicro, Globalfoundries, Altera and SEMI made the lineup today. See here for their news…
AMD looks smart in the brain engineering era
6/13/2012   7 comments
The formation of the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture group by AMD and friends and AMD's announcement of its licensing of an ARM core looks like a good start to a neuromorphic era.
Green aviation weekly roundup - June 1st
6/13/2012   Post a comment
See here a brief collection of last week's news items on the green aviation front.
Is there a mobile hybrid in our future?
6/12/2012   8 comments
A recent in-depth review of Asustek’s PadFone is a good jumping off point for a broad and significant question—is there a hybrid in our mobile future?
AMD announces HSA foundation and industry partners
6/12/2012   Post a comment
At the Fusion Developer Summit, AMD announced the formation of the HSA Foundation in conjunction with ARM, Imagination, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments (TI).
Chevy boosts 2013 Volt electric range more than 8%
6/12/2012   12 comments
Battery capacity and chemistry changed.
Verizon gives boost to mobile devices
6/12/2012   2 comments
The US carriers have discussed data sharing plans for the past few years, but Verizon finally took the step to implement a plan that will allow users to share data between multiple users and devices.
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