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Content posted in July 2009
A real digital home
7/31/2009   3 comments
I have to be honest. I have never seen a place that takes advantage of available digital home technology. Sure, I've seen demonstrations at conferences and in stores, and I know a few people that have implemented a few aspects, but none that have an extensive amount of the technology that someone was actually living in. That was, until the other day.
Surveillance video standards promise easier entry
7/28/2009   1 comment
Two new security video standards are not technically in conflict with each other, but reflect very different visions of the future of security video.
The 'big three' EDA execs speak in 'one voice'
7/28/2009   Post a comment
EDA industry's "big three" held a panel session at DAC on the future of EDA and agreed that this is not "your father's recession." They offered some food for thought.
The TSMC Tsunami at DAC 2009
7/28/2009   Post a comment
In a well-orchestrated and clearly scripted show of force, the CEOs of the three "largest" companies in EDA appeared together under the Big Top at the 2009 Design Automation Conference in San Francisco on Monday, July 27th, for a highly touted afternoon keynote panel purportedly addressing "Futures for EDA."
How small is too small?
7/27/2009   8 comments
Are we at a point where we have to say "stop" to the ever increasing shrink of products, or should we keep designing to see how far we can push the envelope?
Blog: Hearing Wednesday for IBM exec as PTO head
7/24/2009   2 comments
Here's a briefing dossier for the confirmation hearings Wednesday of IBM's David J. Kappos as head of the beleaguered U.S. patent office.
The business of IP: it ain't a bake sale
7/22/2009   3 comments
IP vendors have long maintained that theirs is a product business model. In the face of rising complexity and shrinking geometries, however, selling IP may no longer be about baking up a plate of brownies, sealing it in shrink wrap, and putting it out there for sale.
Engineering lessons from Apollo, and for the future
7/21/2009   1 comment
Engineering lessons from Apollo, and for the future: There are a few broad takeaway lessons from the success of the Apollo project and the space program, plus a few severe downsides.
Reduce, reuse, return
7/20/2009   Post a comment
People are switching the cell phones more often today. In the past, prices and contracts had made it difficult for a person to decide to change their cell phone for a newer model, but with the quick changing in technology, a newer, better cell phone with must have features can be in the market only months after you made your purchase.
Appreciation: Portrait of the astronaut as an artist
7/17/2009   Post a comment
Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean is the only artist who paints the surface of the moon based on personal experience.
EDA design in the cloud
7/16/2009   Post a comment
Apollo 11 landed with the first humans on the moon forty years ago July 20. The same year, in 1969, CAD industry pioneer Computervision took it first steps in computer-aided design.
Surround sound search begins!
7/15/2009   Post a comment
The start of the set up was quite painful, but only because it took me 3 hours to find a flashlight so that I could run the 14 gauge wires through the walls.
EDA and the financial meltdown
7/14/2009   Post a comment
Patrick Groeneveld, Technical Program Co-Chair of this year's DAC, thinks the EDA industry can learn a few things from the ongoing meltdown in the financial community.
Netbooks taking on smart phones with wireless access
7/13/2009   Post a comment
Over the past little while wireless carriers have started subsidizing netbooks in conjunction with a data plan on their network. AT&T are offering service on 3G networks. And now even Rogers in Canada is offering HP netbooks. Is there a competition between the smart phone industry and the netbook?
Parasitic extraction: 3D or not 3D, that is the question
7/13/2009   Post a comment
Designers should have two extraction tools in their toolkits for today's advanced nodes: a field solver and a pattern-matching tool. Here's a review of these technologies and how they apply to advanced nodes.
It's staycation time for U.S. electronics industry
7/13/2009   Post a comment
The dog days of summer are at hand, and we remain under the unhealthful haze of a recession that has lingered like a stalled air mass over the economy.
RF links come home
7/11/2009   4 comments
Even simple wired links in the home are succumbing to the lure and benefits of basic RF connectivity
Opinion: Applying the lessons of Apollo
7/10/2009   2 comments
We must muster the political will and the technological innovation to apply the organizing principles of the Apollo program to today's problems.
7/8/2009   17 comments
So my question to you is "Will LEDs replace plasma and LED TVs in the near future, are they going to co-exist, or is something else going to come in and take over the industry?".
Opinion: In 'phoney war' Intel attacks ARM at home
7/8/2009   Post a comment
Nokia’s strategic relationship with the world’s largest chip maker Intel, announced last month, may be very forward-looking and not about to worry any incumbent wireless chipset suppliers, but it is nonetheless threatening to Europe’s local hero, ARM Holdings plc (Cambridge, England).
SemiSerious Blog: Getting to the bottom of TSMC's 40-nm issues
7/7/2009   Post a comment
Reports of low yields on its 40-nm process technology have placed TSMC in the technology spotlight.
Comment: Nokia calls it right denying Android connection
7/7/2009   Post a comment
Nokia put out an unusually stern and definitive denial after reports suggested it is readying a smartphone or mobile Internet device that would work on the Android operating system.
2020 Vision: Transistors a buck a billion
7/7/2009   3 comments
By 2020, a billion transistors will cost a single US dollar: TI Fellow Gene Frantz ruminates on what that means for designers in terms of design opportunities, functionality, power consumption and performance, as well as on how it may unlock creativity. Or not.
HP meets iPhone with the 15C
7/6/2009   3 comments
The calculator that comes with the iPhone is pretty basic okay, very basic. And for most people that is all they need. Simply something to do rudimentary calculations. But that does not suit the needs of all people, particularly engineers. For us, we need a scientific calculator, and for years many of us have turned to HP.
Recovery readiness
7/6/2009   Post a comment
A crisis should never go unused and is an opportunity to put incremental changes to one side and think fundamentally about how to change things for the better, to rethink everything for recovery readiness.
Hybrid truckin'
7/5/2009   Post a comment
Chevy successfully adapts hybrid bus technology to pickup trucks.
Letter to the editor: more support for 8-bit MCUs
7/3/2009   Post a comment
Another reader response to a question on 8-bit vs. 16-bit vs. 32-bit microcontrollers.
The ESL battle for hearts and minds
7/1/2009   1 comment
Things have turned deadly serious this week between two major players in the ESL market, Mentor Graphics and Forte Design Systems.
Opinion: LTX-Credence unlikely to reach ATE medal round
7/1/2009   Post a comment
There is one company in the automatic test equipment business that reminds me of the Olympic Games. Every four years or so, they announce a new strategy after the previous one fails. Parts Search

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