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Content posted in August 2008
Reading the tea leaves
8/29/2008   1 comment
The EDA industry is in the process of changing from focusing mostly on technology leaders to providing support to hte majority of IC designers.
iPhone’s insecurity
8/28/2008   Post a comment
It seems there's a bit of a flaw in the iPhone that enables easy access to such private information as emails and contacts. 'Lock the device,' you may say. Ah, well, it happens when it is locked.
Medical Cabinet Takes Inventory
8/28/2008   Post a comment
It's really not such a far-fetched idea. For years, hotels have had a sensor-based application that records when someone removes a product from the mini bar.
3-D Television: 15 articles on 3-D display design and technology
8/27/2008   Post a comment
A roundup of some recent articles covering 3-D display technology and developments
Okay so this puzzle is easy
8/25/2008   Post a comment
I had only one winner for Wireless Words 3 Crossword Puzzle. What happened? Okay so if that one was way to difficult for most of you--except for my winner, David N. Springer--you're at least going to have to show some speed to finish Wireless Words 4 on time to win.
Opinion: The electronic car's the star
8/25/2008   Post a comment
In times when the public rages over skyrocketing prices for gasoline and diesel, a segment of the electronics industry hitherto working unseen and disregarded by most users suddenly finds itself in the glare of public interest: automotive electronics.
Commentary: Carbon credit trading, the green movement and the demise of Milton Friedman
8/25/2008   2 comments
The green movement, though, is challenging free-trade notions by incorporating the idea of social responsibility on the part of individuals and corporations.
Commentary: Is Internet TV yet another would-be wedding?
8/25/2008   Post a comment
A marriage of TV and Internet has been on the minds of many for more than 15 years. Why should we believe Intel's Canmore is better positioned than others to solve the fundamental Internet TV problems the CE industry couldn't figure out for years?
Mentor acceptable results, more speculation on Cadence
8/22/2008   Post a comment
Mentor and Cadence continue to give us things to ponder, but their roads are diverging in more than one way.
FCC Chairman continues free broadband wireless push
8/22/2008   2 comments
Going back to the 700-Mhz wireless spectrum auction earlier this year, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has made it clear that he views free broadband wireless service as critical to the future of the US. He defines the need for free broadband as a "social obligation." But how often is the access as opposed to a good PC the problem?
Bring back sprocket holes
8/20/2008   Post a comment
The A/V sync problem...
Shhhh..It's just a Dream
8/19/2008   Post a comment
The FCC bestowed approval for HTC to meet iPhone on its turf--the U.S.--with Android-based Dream smartphone.
Laptop case rules will lengthen security waits
8/18/2008   Post a comment
New TSA rules may allow encased laptops through airport security. I couldn't visualize a suitable laptop case design when I read that an acceptable case must have a dedicated compartment for the PC, and that the case could have no pockets inside or outside that compartment. It sounded to me as if the rules describe a simple sleeve that certainly wouldn't serve the way my Swiss Army backpack serves.
Spotlights, Excerpts and Wireless Words
8/18/2008   Post a comment
As you know, I publish a wealth of book excerpts--chapters from recently published gems that run the gamut from a tutorial to solving a tough design challenge.
Analysis: A different kind of day at Cadence
8/18/2008   Post a comment
August 15 was not supposed to turn out the way it did, if you were a member of the Mentor Graphics executive team.
A different kind of day at Cadence
8/18/2008   Post a comment
Cadence abandons its effort to acquire Mentor.
Commentary: If less is more, then zero is everything
8/17/2008   Post a comment
Driving a component spec down to zero is an ongoing engineering challenge, but one that has esthetic and customer benefits
No Winners?
8/14/2008   Post a comment
I think that I've finally stumped you. I have not had one entry for this week's Wireless Words Crossword Puzzle 3. What's up?
Apple iPhone 2-D Barcode App
8/14/2008   Post a comment
Scanbuy, a mobile marketing solutions company, made its ScanLife 2-D barcode application for iPhones available free Wednesday at the iPhone App Store.
Video over Internet stealing headlines (and Olympics audience!)
8/13/2008   Post a comment
What do Paris Hilton, the Olympics, and "The Dark Knight" have in common?
Will the mobile modem become the computer?
8/12/2008   Post a comment
It wouldn't surprise me to hear Qualcomm state something akin to "the mobile radio is the computer." Of course computer is probably the wrong word there because the object of the sentence is really the all-everything wireless appliance that plays music, displays electronic books, plays interactive games and runs productivity applications.
Wireless Words #3
8/11/2008   Post a comment
I'm really having fun creating these crossword puzzles for you.
Codecs: 24 design ideas for video and imaging
8/6/2008   Post a comment
Codecs are essential to video and image processing. Here's a roundup of codec-related design articles.
News Around the Net
8/6/2008   Post a comment
Students create a virtual world in Second Life where they test RFID and other technologies. ThingMagic opens an online store where you can purchase a RFID reader development kit, RFID Revolution designs an online game to test your RFID knowledge.
Remote DVR ruling is great, but what about home servers?
8/6/2008   Post a comment
A number of news outlets reported in the last 24 hours on the fact that the U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that cable companies can offer DVR-like services with the video stored in the company's network rather than on a DVR hard drive. Certainly the ruling is correct. But I want the industry to take the next step. What about tying DVRs to home network storage?
Looking for opportunities
8/5/2008   2 comments
When looking at the near future of the semiconductor, and thus by implication the EDA industry, most people cite the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) report, but I think I found a more appropriate indicator: work on developing EDA standards.
Blu-Ray Struggles outside the Sony PS3
8/4/2008   4 comments
According to ABI Research, more than half of consumers surveyed have no plans to buy a Blu-ray player, and 23% more won't buy one this year. That leaves a total market of about 25% of the consumer base that might buy. The ABI report does point out that Sony PS3 (Playstation 3) is a bright spot for Blu-ray. But I think the researcher missed on the cause and effect.

As data rates begin to move beyond 25 Gbps channels, new problems arise. Getting to 50 Gbps channels might not be possible with the traditional NRZ (2-level) signaling. PAM4 lets data rates double with only a small increase in channel bandwidth by sending two bits per symbol. But, it brings new measurement and analysis problems. Signal integrity sage Ransom Stephens will explain how PAM4 differs from NRZ and what to expect in design, measurement, and signal analysis.

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