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What were they thinking: backups and patents
8/31/2012   4 comments
Do you know what patent #1 was about? Surprise there are two of them...
Best of the web – August 31st
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Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Great new products - bad timing
8/31/2012   2 comments
Just when it appeared the stars were aligning for a revolution in computing, the future became cloudy. The pending release of Windows 8 is set to usher in a new era of computing with an entirely new applications environment, touch interfaces for both desktop and mobile PCs, and the choice of processor architectures for PCs and mobile devices.
Silicon Valley Nation: What to say to your kids
8/31/2012   13 comments
Your kids are considering college and careers; your industry is challenge. What do you say to them?
Free Renesas from its golden cage called Japan
8/30/2012   33 comments
The crisis surrounding Renesas underscores the rut in which Japan has been stuck. Renesas was created by, for, and of Japan, and that's the issue.
How Intel can use wireless charging to attack ARM
8/30/2012   19 comments
Intel is gearing up to make wireless charging part of its mobile computing offering. Linking computers to mobile phones wirelessly could be used not only to charge up phones but also to supercharge Intel's mobile business strategy.
London Calling: Recore and
8/30/2012   6 comments
What do Recore Systems BV and William Adams, otherwise known as rap artist, have in common?
Invest in the future by investing in young engineers
8/29/2012   2 comments
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” To this idea, I would add, “And then you have to educate the next generation of inventors!”
what makes a great engineering space
8/29/2012   18 comments
Famous architect Frank Gehry is designing a new campus for Facebook, which raises the question: What's the ideal engineering environment?
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – August 29th
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Sonics, Intel, IMS, TSMC, Amkor, Bluetooth, Samsung, ASML, ARM, Synopsys, Altera, Xilinx, Delft, Open-Silicon and Evatronix made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Collaborative Advantage: How Apple-Samsung will impact standards development
8/29/2012   11 comments
The significant and relevant impact of this lawsuit on the development and adoption of standards has been widely overlooked...
7 reasons to file design patents, trade dresses
8/28/2012   37 comments
The Apple vs. Samsung case sent out two calls to action big as billboards along San Jose’s Highway 101: File more design patents. Register more trade dresses.
Opinion: Integrating power electronics design technologies
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The need to supply, modify and control the voltage, current or frequency of electric power creates some considerable challenges…
Yoshida in China: Fallout from Apple-Samsung lawsuit
8/28/2012   4 comments
While Apple’s victory in the Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit dominated the news cycle in the Western media, the story got a subdued, understated treatment in the China Daily.
Driving with Mario Andretti at 150 mph
8/27/2012   4 comments
Riding with Mario Andretti is one thing; thinking about whether the engineering will hold up at 150 mph is another thing all together.
Robo-chef cooks up a storm
8/27/2012   9 comments
China is building an army of robots - chef robots that is. In the face of rising labor costs, Chinese restaurateur Cui Runguan has cooked up “Chef Cui,” a robot chef that can slice noodles all day long without breaking a sweat.
Counterpoint: Apple scores a Pyrrhic victory
8/27/2012   19 comments
Apple triumphed over Samsung in its U.S. patent battle, but the buzz on the Web indicates many consumers aren't happy with the verdict.
Apple vs. Samsung questions on the Monday after
8/27/2012   26 comments
I suspect there will be a number of Monday morning phone calls, following the landmark $1.05 billion verdict for Apple in its suit with Samsung announced late Friday.
Neil Armstrong, First Man
8/26/2012   17 comments
Neil Armstrong, who died Saturday (Aug. 25), wasn't interested talking about himself. Like any good engineer, he was focused on working with unknowns and solving problems.
After Apple win, Droids should feel afraid
8/26/2012   65 comments
Apple is now armed with a handful of proven weapons it can wield against Android competitors in and out of court on the industrial design and user interface of the iPhone and iPad.
What were they thinking: sock wedgie
8/24/2012   6 comments
On Fridays, I love to find some humor for the week, and patents are often a source of inspiration. Here is one I found for a problem I didn’t know existed – a sock wedgie…
Startup spotlight: Verifyter
8/24/2012   Post a comment
I always love it when I get to learn about a new company, a start-up with a vision for the future, something that hasn’t been tried before…
Best of the web – August 24th
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Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Manufacturing and the thailand flood aftermarth
8/24/2012   6 comments
The electronics industry is rebuilding in Thailand after the massive 2011 floods nearly flatlined some companies. Why?
Yoshida in China: Does Apple need China Mobile?
8/23/2012   13 comments
The tech world is abuzz with speculation about a TD-SCDMA version of Apple iPhone. However, I don’t think now is the time for Apple to move into the TD-SCDMA market.
ASSET releases IJTAG tutorial
8/23/2012   4 comments
IJTAG could bring some standardization to the usage of on-chip instrumentation, a move that will help make this a much easier task in SoC design…
CommsDesign Week in Review
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This week, topics include Calix, Automotive Ethernet, Ethernet switch growth, Call for Papers, and wearable contest
solid state drives expand in computing
8/23/2012   4 comments
The demand for storage is far outpacing our production. That's a good thing.
The ultimate city vehicle?
8/22/2012   13 comments
Anyone who has ever attempted to find a parking spot in San Francisco during peak hours can tell you that a small car is your friend. And it doesn’t get much friendlier than the new Hiriko Fold, a car which slaughters any potential parking woes.
Jobs house burglarized
8/22/2012   25 comments
A very small area is home to some of the most important Silicon Valley innovators. Why?
Yoshida in China: Does China Mobile need iPhone?
8/22/2012   14 comments
China’s telecom market is showing signs of distress. Wireless carriers in China are beginning to see their growing handset subsidies to customers eating into profits, while they struggle to increase their ARPU (average revenue per user).
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – August 22nd
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ASSET, Synopsys, Sidense, Kilopass, Cypress, Mentor, EVE, Arteris and Avery made the lineup today. See here for their news…
September is National Preparedness Month
8/21/2012   1 comment
Are you ready for an emergency? This article provides a list of things you need to do or have ready…
Yoshida in China: Gap between rich, poor grows wider
8/21/2012   16 comments
There is one thing in common between the United States and China: Both nations are suffering from widening income inequality.
What's new in automotive electronics (August 20, 2012)
8/21/2012   Post a comment
Fisker on fire; VW expands technical reach in Calif., new materials for better batteries and the five most-stolen cars.
Book excerpt: Introduction to Open Core Protocol Part 3
8/21/2012   Post a comment
The Open Core Protocol (OCP) is designed to accelerate IP core-to-core interface design efforts and this book is designed to bring you up to speed faster…
Queen Elizabeth is looking for a few visionary engineers
8/21/2012   12 comments
The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering will recognize excellence in engineering with a 1 million pound award.
Big brother Wi-Fi
8/20/2012   5 comments
Is Wi-Fi a good thing for smartphone users? Is it a human rights question, where every one with a phone should be entitled to access Wi-Fi or should we avoid Wi-Fi and resist the mobile operators who are trying to offload us from their networks?
Blowing things up, and other reasons I love my job
8/20/2012   6 comments
I recently took a trip to Chicago to spend some time with engineers at Littelfuse and delve deep into the world of circuit protection. But along the way, I found out just what it was that made Littelfuse engineers tick, and how blowing stuff up is just one of the many perks.
Yoshida in China: Workers can't afford products they make
8/20/2012   22 comments
A government report says migrant workers living in any given Chinese city for a year spent an average of 1,761 yuan ($277), increasing to 2,609 yuan ($410) if they stayed for five years or longer.
Patent system on trial in Apple, Samsung case
8/19/2012   43 comments
The so-called iCourt case of Apple vs. Samsung may say more about whether the patent system serves today’s engineers than it does about who copied whom.
What were they thinking: Apple, Google, Oracle and Samsung dueling
8/17/2012   11 comments
The technology dueling continues between Apple, Samsung, Google and Oracle. Will anyone win...
Best of the Web, August 17
8/17/2012   Post a comment
Blogs from around the web that made my “best of the web” list this week…
Cyber safety—Will more advice to children work?
8/16/2012   5 comments
88% of consumers polled want more security advice to be given to children using social network sites. Will that work?
Delusions about 'conflict-free' minerals
8/16/2012   2 comments
A report touts progress in curbing the spread of "conflict minerals" in electronics supply chain but also highlights continued challenges.
Yoshida in China: Worries about declining U.S. investors
8/16/2012   14 comments
New data released by Chinese government shows that direct investment from the U.S. to China dropped by 3.2 percent in the first half of this year.
Does manufacturing create jobs, spur innovation, or both?
8/15/2012   22 comments
The primary focus of efforts to revive manufacturing has been job creation. But with many manufacturing jobs gone for good, innovation and the ecosystems they create may be the primary outcome.
Timing (to market) is everything
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You know that you need to get a quality product to market. What you may not realize is how much timing can impact profitability - and why choice of RTOS makes a difference.
Yoshida in China: If not China, there is always Indonesia
8/15/2012   14 comments
The pressure to build iPads and iPhones at even cheaper cost is prompting Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer, to look beyond China.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – August 15th
8/15/2012   Post a comment
ARM, Cadence, Globalfoundries, Verific and Aldec made the lineup today. See here for their news…
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