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Want Diversity? Look to New Power-Related ICs
9/20/2013   1 comment
The world of power-related IC controllers and regulators shows that things can be somewhat the same and very different, all at the same time.
3 Peculiar 3D Printer Designs: Delta, Scara & Polar
9/20/2013   5 comments
These unique 3D printer designs might surprise you with their new twist on the typical.
Russia Preens for Investors
9/20/2013   7 comments
A $2,000 heads-up display, a 3D competitor to Microsoft Surface computer, and a 90nm fab were among the jewels Russia showed off.
An Engineer's Progress, With Prakash Narain, Part 3
9/19/2013   Post a comment
The third part of an interview with Prakash Narain, CEO of the formal verification company Real Intent.
Power Week in Review: Microbial Battery, Li-Ion Cells in 2023, HVDC Stations & WPC Transmitter
9/19/2013   Post a comment
This week's roundup includes news of a microbial battery that recovers energy from waste water and predictions for Li-ion battery cells and high-voltage DC converter stations. New products include a WPC transmitter, a PSS controller, and power MOSFETs.
Histogram Basics
9/19/2013   3 comments
Looking for help using your oscilloscope? Art Pini has you covered with this article on how to apply histogram analysis to your waveforms.
Tethering a Quadcopter for Longer Flight Times
9/19/2013   12 comments
Quadcopters are great, but what if you wanted to do experiments with autonomy? Consider tethering it.
PCIe Ready for Datacenter Role
9/18/2013   2 comments
Today's datacenters would be better served with PCI Express inside the rack and Ethernet and Infiniband between them, says a PLX executive.
China Drives Upticks in Infrastructure
9/18/2013   2 comments
China was a source and benefactor of growth in recent sales in several communications markets, said market watchers at Dell'Oro Group.
NVIDIA Launches 2nd Mobile Entertainment Platform
9/18/2013   18 comments
Will $200 Tegra Note with Android fortify NVIDIA for the holiday season's tablet price war?
Embedded Systems Conference Looks for 2014 Speakers
9/18/2013   2 comments
Speak at the 2014 Embedded Systems Conference. This year, no paper is required. Do you have speaker potential? Here's how to apply. The deadline is Oct. 11.
IBM's Neuro-Synaptic Chip Mimics Human Brain
9/18/2013   7 comments
IBM's new device mimics the neurons and synapses in the human brain. A new programming paradigm facilitates the development of sensory-based, cognitive computing applications.
Researcher Steps Beyond Higgs Boson
9/18/2013   7 comments
Sean Carroll gave a layman's tour of the latest findings and frontiers in particle physics to an audience of wide-eyed electronics execs.
IP Roundtable, Part 6: Integration Issues Ahead
9/18/2013   2 comments
IP experts discuss why there are no tools and few standards for the integration of IP blocks and what it will take to force the adoption of a more top-down approach.
DIY Programmable Power Supply
9/18/2013   Post a comment
Build your own small programmable power supply by following these schematics.
World Maker Faire New York & the Spinning Beachball of Doom
9/18/2013   13 comments
I just can't go to Maker Faire empty handed, so I tossed together a silly LED project with an Adafruit Trinket.
Pure-Play Foundries Need the Leading Edge
9/18/2013   4 comments
There's a lesson to be learned from a market for 28nm and lower-geometry wafers from pure-play foundries that is set to triple in 2013 while the rest of the market shrinks, according to market research.
Paul Allen Makes Oren Etzioni New AI Chief
9/18/2013   2 comments
Artificial intelligence expert will head Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.
Stop Schlepping: Use a SchmartBoard
9/17/2013   35 comments
SchmartBoard specializes in catering to people who want to know how to hand-solder surface mount components but were too afraid to ask.
Why & How to Secure Medical Devices
9/17/2013   3 comments
Security is a bigger deal in medical devices than it might seem, and the steps to get there are significant but fairly straight forward.
FTC Action Should Make You Insecure
9/17/2013   8 comments
Recent actions of the US Federal Trade Commission are a wakeup call that it's time to make security a top design priority.
Snake Robots Slithering on Mars & the World’s Largest Fire-Breathing Robot Dragon
9/17/2013   7 comments
Imagine a snake robot slithering on the Martian surface connected to a rover buddy robot. A feasibility study is underway to see if a rover/robot snake combo makes sense. Also, want to see the world’s largest fire-breathing robot dragon? It’s all here.
A Charm of CPUs & a Deceit of DSPs
9/17/2013   93 comments
I was wondering about interesting collective names we could use for different types of silicon chips.
I Bet My 3D Holographic Watch Is Better Than Yours
9/16/2013   6 comments
Let's have a competition to see who can design the most amazing 3D representation of our holographic watch prop using the DesignSpark Mechanical 3D design and visualization platform.
Open Hardware Summit: The State of Open Hardware Entrepreneurship
9/16/2013   9 comments
Mathilde of delves into the current state of open-source hardware startups.
Do You Know the Next Rising Engineering Star?
9/16/2013   Post a comment
Design News is on the hunt for design engineers who are making a growing impact.
Raspberry Pi Doorlock Uses USB Keys
9/16/2013   12 comments
At the Makers Local 256 hackerspace in Huntsville, Ala., you can unlock the front door with your USB "key."
Oscilloscope Mistakes, Part 2
9/16/2013   3 comments
Avoiding common pitfalls will get you better data with minimum effort. Steve Sandler takes a look at four common scope mistakes and shows how to avoid them. This part looks at problems with probes.
Apple Begs the 64-Bit Question
9/16/2013   40 comments
With its iPhone 5S, Apple begs the question of what a mobile handset can do with 64-bit addressability. I suspect the answer is, "Not much."
Learning Sign Language to Talk to Your Cadillac
9/16/2013   14 comments
Nailing down the perfect human/machine interface is an eternal quandary for every serious consumer technology developer.
An Engineer's Progress, With Prakash Narain, Part 2
9/16/2013   Post a comment
What do you do when nobody wants to be CEO of the company you have founded?
TI Unveils Inductance-to-Digital Converter
9/16/2013   3 comments
It's not often that a new technology category is created, but TI has pulled it off by announcing the industry's first inductive-to-digital converter. The possibilities for its use are wide open.
Allied Who? RS Who? DesignSpark What?
9/13/2013   13 comments
Allied Electronics? RS Components? Who are these heroes providing industrial-strength 3D design software for free?
Mil/Aero Test Challenges
9/13/2013   3 comments
Marvin Test Solutions' CEO Steve Sargeant talks about test challenges, surprises, and his advice for new engineers.
Verification Panel, Part 3: Stretching Formal
9/13/2013   2 comments
The discussion turns to the how far formal methods can go in addressing the challenges facing SoC design.
Are Technology Leaders Doomed to Fail?
9/13/2013   12 comments
It seems that every high-tech company that has ridden a wave of innovation to industry leadership eventually faces a cliff that leads to doom and gloom.
EE Times Week in Review Online Chat: iPhone 5x, 3D Design & more
9/13/2013   5 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
Collaborative Advantage: Blocked From Designing 3D Circuits?
9/13/2013   Post a comment
There is a cloud hanging over the prospect of 3D circuit design that could prevent engineers and EDA companies from coming to the rescue of Moore's Law. Can you guess what it is yet?
An Engineer's Progress, With Prakash Narain, Part 1
9/13/2013   1 comment
In a multipart interview we examine the world of EDA and verification through the progress of Prakash Narain, the founder and CEO of Real Intent.
Startup Cuts Through Lack of IoT Standards
9/13/2013   2 comments
Seecontrol is taking a smart approach to the Internet of Things, where connectivity standards are still sadly lacking.
China’s Take on iPhones: It May Surprise You
9/12/2013   28 comments
Never underestimate China, or prejudge the taste of the Chinese consumer.
Industrial Espionage: From Dumpster Diving to the NSA
9/12/2013   6 comments
A far cry from the dumpster diving in Silicon Valley for trade secrets, the Internet has provided opportunities and mechanisms that boggle the mind – and it seems that no major country is immune to attack, or to accusation.
3D Printing With Two Extruders? Why Not Four?
9/12/2013   9 comments
An interesting new 3D printer extruder aims to let you print four filaments.
Oscilloscope Mistakes, Part 1
9/12/2013   4 comments
Avoiding these common pitfalls will get you better data with minimum effort. Steve Sandler takes a look at four common scope mistakes and gives details on how to avoid them. This particular mistake focuses on bandwidth and sample rates.
Dialog's CEO Lays Ambitious Plans
9/12/2013   Post a comment
From domestic lighting control to wireless charging, CEO Jalal Bagherli sees nothing but opportunity for Dialog Semiconductor, one of Europe's leading fabless chip companies.
Silicon Valley Must Reinvigorate the Semiconductor Industry
9/12/2013   14 comments
Capital-lite funding may be just what the semiconductor industry needs. Here's how it works.
Power Week in Review: Remote Wireless Power Demo, Faraday Cage Breakthrough & EV Charging Diodes
9/12/2013   Post a comment
A new wireless power technology delivers power to devices up to 10 feet away. Elsewhere engineers have developed a way to transfer power and data electromagnetically through a Faraday cage. New products include SiC-replacement diodes, high-reliability double-layer capacitors, and a PAR38 spotlight reference design.
A Dual-Head Personal 3D Printer: Tasty
9/12/2013   10 comments
Having two print heads means you can use one to print the object while the other can print support structures that can later be dissolved away.
Open-Source Hardware: Copy & Paste Empowerment
9/12/2013   7 comments
Exceeding even our own expectations, the open-source community is making a big impact on the lives of people who have physical disabilities by empowering them.
My Unsung Role in the Foreign Legion
9/11/2013   4 comments
Walker Knight, author of the "America's Galactic Foreign Legion" science fiction series has given yours truly a cameo role in his latest book.
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