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Hurray! My 3D Printer Has Arrived!
9/11/2013   16 comments
People keep on asking me: "What are you going to print with your 3D printer?" Well, all sorts of things keep on popping into my head.
Electric Bus Recharging on the Go: Good Idea or Just Too Limiting?
9/11/2013   8 comments
Can the dream of powering vehicles from cables buried under the roadway become a reality, at least in limited applications?
It's Crunch Time for Me to Learn the Arduino
9/10/2013   23 comments
Max Maxfield has been meaning to learn the Arduino for ages. Every time he's been poised to leap into action, something has distracted him, but now it's crunch time.
Warming Your Derriere With an Arduino
9/10/2013   2 comments
Not every project gets to be a noble experience. Sometimes you just don't want your seat to be too cold in the morning.
In Embedded Vision, Sensors Rule, Part 2
9/10/2013   Post a comment
Lately I’ve realized that new image sensor capabilities (such as 3D, higher resolution, faster frame rates, and increased dynamic range) are having a dramatic impact on system architecture and algorithms.
New Twist on RF Production Test
9/10/2013   Post a comment
Peter Sarson and Andreas Wild of ams develop a standard test routine to alleviate the aggravation added to the testing process when RF filter characterization requirements are changed late in development.
Wanted: Link Between EVs & the Grid
9/10/2013   23 comments
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants you to foster connections between EVs and the electric grid.
The Awesome Art of Bodacious Breadboards
9/10/2013   32 comments
I think of a well laid-out breadboard or printed circuit board a little like a piece of art.
Modifying LED Strips to Drive Motors
9/10/2013   7 comments
Creating new and interesting interfaces sometimes requires thinking outside the box.
Winbond at a Crossroads
9/10/2013   4 comments
Winbond is a Taiwanese memory maker that has weathered the economic storms of the last few years. Krishna Shekar, director of strategic marketing at Winbond, spoke to me about how the company is moving forward.
Pass Me a Can of Jinx Remover Spray!
9/9/2013   25 comments
I think I could do with a can of Jinx Remover spray. I wonder where you get them from.
Women in Engineering: The Balancing Act
9/9/2013   8 comments
What motivates women to become engineers? Here's a piece from Shamree Howard offering one woman's reflection on her path.
What's Microsemi Done With Actel's IGLOO Product Range?
9/9/2013   1 comment
Microsemi has recently released IGLOO2 to address new designs. This is the second new FPGA family since Microsemi acquired Actel.
Using MCUs: Intelligent Digital Power Outputs
9/9/2013   25 comments
It is possible to design your own current sense mechanism in the output path, but integrated "intelligent" solutions are also available.
A Peek at the Open Hardware Summit 2013
9/9/2013   7 comments
The Open Hardware Summit has just ended, and you probably didn't even know it was happening.
What on Earth?
9/9/2013   20 comments
It's not often that you see one of these little beauties, but what on earth can they be and what might they be used for.
Qualcomm Not Big on Big.little
9/9/2013   8 comments
Don't expect Qualcomm to use ARM's big.little or off-the-shelf cores – it aims to lead at the risk of tripping on not-invented-here syndrome.
Sticking to the Startup Plan
9/6/2013   8 comments
Devils will sit on founders' shoulders tempting them to keep updating startups' products and services to recapture that "latest thing" status. Most of the time those founders should resist.
Power Week-in-Review: Solar PV Modules/Inverters, Power Seminars & Mini AC/DC Modules
9/5/2013   Post a comment
Solar PV modules and inverters see bumps in the road while a series of all-day technical power seminars get underway in Europe. New products include SiC Schottky diodes, miniature SIP AC/DC modules, and a 2.25-MHz synchronous dual-output buck regulator.
Nuke Fatigue & the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
9/5/2013   33 comments
People and the media in Japan would rather talk about something else, like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as they look past the still unfolding nuclear crisis in Fukushima.
TI’s RS-485 Transceiver Delivers Fast Cross-Wire Immunity
9/5/2013   Post a comment
TI has an RS-485 transceiver that automatically corrects for reversed connections.
ISA99 Rolls New Industrial Security Standard
9/5/2013   2 comments
Industrial security is particularly difficult to implement, because there’s a divide between securing processes, machines, etc., and securing IT assets. Now there’s a standard that combines the two and defines key requirements for security.
Top 8 Tools for Building a Personal Prototyping Laboratory
9/5/2013   139 comments
For any beginners out there, here's a list of tools and equipment I have found to be important when building a personal prototyping laboratory, along with some of the mistakes I've made along the way.
IP Roundtable, Part 5: Is EDA Unfair Competition?
9/5/2013   Post a comment
Multiple instances of EDA tools are essential for IP core development. Do Cadence and Synopsys have an unfair advantage in developing IP cores?
Qualcomm Toq Is Engineer-CEO's Tick
9/5/2013   19 comments
The much ballyhooed Qualcomm smart watch was a pet project of engineer-turned-CEO Paul Jacobs meant to demo the company's parts.
EE Times Week in Review Online Chat: Tiny $8 Development Board
9/5/2013   7 comments
Join the EE Times editors to chat about what's been happening in electronics and engineering this week.
Patents as Commodities
9/5/2013   9 comments
No matter what you think about trolls, patents have value. Companies need not be in financial distress before choosing to market their patents.
Tiny $8 Dev Board Packs a Punch
9/4/2013   26 comments
Adafruit's Trinket is a tiny $8 development board that packs a punch.
Building a Large-Format Photo Scanner Using Arduino & a DSLR
9/4/2013   2 comments
Large-format scanners come with an incredible cost and maintenance issues. Consumer flat-bed scanners won't cut it. A DIY solution is hoping to fill the gap.
August Caption Contest Winner!
9/4/2013   3 comments
Bob's attempt at floating-point computation was a megaflop.
3D Scanning on Your Desktop: 5 Exciting Examples
9/4/2013   3 comments
3D printing has been in the news pretty steadily for the last couple years. 3D scanning is about to make some waves.
What on Earth?
9/3/2013   21 comments
Knut Hegna from the Informatics Library at the University of Oslo has finally identified its unknown artifact.
Microsoft Is Not the New Apple
9/3/2013   25 comments
With its $7 billion bid for Nokia, Microsoft has crossed the Rubicon into being a vertically integrated mobile computing company with a hard road ahead.
Is Nokia Headed for Troll Country?
9/3/2013   18 comments
The sale of the its handset business to Microsoft provides Nokia with the cash for yet another reinvention of itself, but it presents the Finnish company with a fundamental choice.
Back in the Test Game
9/3/2013   Post a comment
After a year doing other assignments, Senior Techical Editor Martin Rowe is back in the test game. Help him catch up.
Liquid Nitrogen Experiments With Arduino
9/3/2013   2 comments
Many people use liquid nitrogen when overclocking computers, but it may be overkill in the case of an Arduino.
Verification Panel: It's More Than the Hardware
9/2/2013   1 comment
In the second part of a panel discussion on SoC verification, Gary Smith raises flags and warnings with industry experts about how complexity now bridges hardware and software, and how continuity is breaking down.
Build Your Own Development Board for $5
9/2/2013   12 comments
The MC HCK costs $5 to build, and you can make it in your home.
Test Production AOC Cables
9/2/2013   Post a comment
Active optical cables (AOCs) have, in many places, replaced electrical cables for 10Gbit/s and higher applications.
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